(Stanroph So What Will Be JW (ai) x Glenrioch Goosebumps)
Born 14th October 2006

Clear Eye Certificate
Elbows clear
Hips - A/B

"Lord Wincent" now lives in Sweden with the Sundland Family of the Kapplandet affix
Aged just 12 months and 6 days gained his first CC in Norway

CC number two was gained at SSRK Boden under Tarja Hovila
CC number 3 was gained at SSRK Umea Under Marjo Jakola                       CC number 4 was gained in Rovaniemi, Finland. Judge is Hannele Jokisilita.

Wincent delighted his owners by coming first in the retriever mastership 2007 (brains as well as beauty)
Wincent has competed at Eight Shows in Sweden and one in Norway has won Best Puppy in Show at seven of them and Reserve Best puppy at one!

Wincents Pedigree