Glenrioch Jock O The Glen At Beckbridge

    (Moloko Mtoto JW x Glenrioch Goosebumps)

25/01/08 - 8/07/09

Tragically Jamie was Killed by a Farmer on a bit of Marshland even although there were no sheep for miles around.   Such a beautiful young boys life wasted.

Jamie lived and loved by the Fowler family in Stoneybridge

Crufts Qualified   2 championship show firsts

Best Puppy Award     Qualified for Midland pup of the Year

Jamie did it again!!! Best Puppy in Breed at Manchester Championship Show this is the second show he has been to!!!

Jaimie surprised us by not only qualifying for Crufts but also winning Best Puppy Dog at his first ever show  - Gundog Breeds Championship Show!

 Glenrioch Jock O The Glen at Beckbridge, this puppy immediately caught my eye when ever he moved, such a free sound mover, with such good extension & drive, lovely head & dark eye, excellent topline, good bend of stifle, nice bone & feet, well handled. BPD  Judge Isobel Cuthill 

 Fowler's Glenrioch Jock O The Glen at Beckbridge, just short of 12 months, really good mover with a long powerful stride & plenty of rear drive, pleasing to go over with a clean well balanced head, dark eye, pleasing construction & general balance. BP