Son fucks mom on couch making her tits slap her in the face

Son fucks mom on couch making her tits slap her in the face
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It was an unusually warm November day, the temperatures clocking in around 60 to 70 degrees. As absurd as that sounds, in Louisiana, those types of winter temperatures are all but uncommon.

I was a senior in high school, still a virgin, and had a great life as far as I could tell. I had just gotten off of school on a Friday and headed home with my sister, leaving the student crotchless nylon catsuit pantyhose deepthroat fuck and swallow lot and waving goodbye to my friends for the weekend.

I waved to Adam, my sister's boyfriend, Jack, Zoe, and a few other friends before we pulled out of the parking lot.

My eyes lingered on Camille as we passed her by, formulating ways in my head I could ask her to hang out this weekend. I didn't have any plans (as usual), except for the Turkey Sale, of course, that was being held an hour or so after school. I changed into some clothes that I didn't mind smelling like smoked turkey for the rest of eternity. A little bit about my school.

It was hundred-or-so year old building that rested right smack dab in the middle of a small town, essentially the nucleus or focal point of the city. It was a very social school with very few cliques and closed-off groups, and fortunately, very little bullying.

However, in recent years, some ghettos had built around the school and it fell from the pristine beauty it once was, dropping from an A school to a C school, and the average ACT score dropping from over a 24 to under around a 21. Despite that, there were still a few students that cared about the school, and they participated in student council.

Every year, our school hosts what's known as "The Turkey Sale" where student council members try to sell turkeys to just about everyone they can, smoking and delivering them a few days before Thanksgiving in order to raise money for student council activities. It requires quite a few students and quite a few smokers, but luckily we have the resources and people to provide us with that. We divided into 10 different skinny german ebony anal gangbang bukkake orgy on 4 different days to gut, smoke, package, and deliver the over 300 turkeys to their 150 recipients.

We had one mandatory day to gut the turkeys, and the rest of the shifts could be signed up for. I chose one an hour after school ended on Friday (yum, some way to start the weekend…) Anyway, our school has a long history, and with old buildings comes rumors and stories. There was a long-standing joke that a student named Gayle had hung herself in the auditorium a few years after the school was built, so one of the years some seniors set up a noose from the rafters and scared the crap out of a few freshman.

Another long-standing joke (as if the senior pranks couldn't get any more lame) was that a fourth floor existed in the school, which housed the pool. Of course that was far from true, but every year the freshman fall for promises to get to tour the fourth floor some day. Now I'll tell you a bit about myself, Zach. I wasn't too big of a guy, around 5'11", white, and a little over 140 pounds of mostly muscle.

Pretty lean and veiny but quite athletic because I played tennis practically every day. I prided myself in being both team captain of the boys tennis team and #1 seat on the team as well. I lacked a decent work ethic, but my work got done and I slipped by with a little over average grades. I would mainly go home, play video games, play tennis, watch YouTube, and jerk off - not too bad of a teenage schedule if you ask me. I considered myself to be bicurious, but mainly straight because I'm a bit unusual.

I'm aroused by the female form like any average straight person (ass, tits, the whole deal), but not particularly the male form. There was no turn on in muscles or the male butt, but I did find unusual arousal in the penis, don't ask me why. Moving on, in recent years I found myself to be increasingly horny, and had shaved my public hairs a few days before because of aesthetics and comfort.

I wasn't too small, either, astonishing hammering of moist hole hardcore blowjob between 7 and 8 inches, and I was proud of it.

Though nobody had seen me naked and erect, there was still a bit of pride in my size. I was cut, but fairly loosely cut, so I still had enough foreskin to reach around the head of my dick if pulled. It helped significantly with… y'know, jerking off.

That night, the girl's soccer team was scheduled to have two games, back-to-back, during my turkey shift from 4:30 to 9:00 pm. I arrived there to find most of the turkeys already in the smokers and the pits already fired up. Pounder in all of her holes hardcore blowjob was fortunate enough to get a shift with some friends, but there were a few annoying people there, too.

The Maxwell sisters, Jamie and Samantha, were extremely obnoxious and uncannily similar in their ability to make you want to shoot yourself every time they talk to you. They drone on and on about the guys that like them (doubt it) and how beautiful they are. Trust me when I say this - they are two girls you would NOT want to hang around with.

Anyway, I happened to also be on a shift with four of my other friends: Derrick, James, Kevin, Eddy, and Camille. Derrick was a short, somewhat fat white guy that had a very stocky build.

He mostly kept to himself, but he could be witty sometimes. James was a medium height Asian that liked to enjoy some drugs every once and a while, but he was cool to hang out with when he wasn't high. Kevin was really tall and lanky and had a funny, loud voice but he was pretty sincere and nice.

I can't recall a time he was really mean to anyone. Eddy was an average height Mexican that was quite fond of the ladies, and they were quite fond of him. Something about charisma, though I don't quite see the appeal.

Finally, Camille, nicknamed Cam by me… She was my crush of a year or so, and we had become pretty decent friends after a few months of talking. I seriously wanted to date her, but I was pretty deep down in the friend zone. I'm sure some of you know how that feels. She was about 5'6" or so and very curvy with tan skin and pretty athletic.

She had hair that was a little past her shoulders, an ass I could watch for hours, and gorgeous green eyes. She was, I'd say, average intelligence, but she really found ways to relate to people and even help them through hard times. She was definitely a people person, which I was not. Today in particular, she was wearing some tight-fitting black yoga pants and an oversized tee shirt, much like the ones that girls wear while they work, though I'm not sure why. It hung a little past her ass, so I couldn't really get much of a view.

Smoking the turkeys was pretty dreary work. We'd move them from smoker to smoker, take them out, check them, load them up on trays, then the trays onto carts, then bring the carts from the outside field where the smokers were, inside into the cafeteria&hellip.

Where they were wrapped then placed in the school's massive freezer. Mostly simple stuff, but It went by unimaginably slowly. Camille and I talked occasionally, but mainly just short sentences or jokes. I smelled of smoked turkey, my eyes were watering from the smoke, and we weren't even halfway through yet.

It seemed like the day couldn't possibly get any better, but after a while I ended up working and moving the turkeys around with Camille. We made a good team, and we both acknowledged it. "Hey Zach! Pick up the pace, lazy-bones, we've got turkeys to smoke," she jokingly commented when she noticed me sitting down.

"Eh, I'll consider it. Currently…" I said, going along with the joke, stretching a bit and yawning, "I feel like taking a nap." I shut cock riding by breasty brazilian pretty babe eyes and smiled, knowing she was about to respond with one of her bad, but cute, jokes.

"You better help me smoke these turkeys or I'm gonna smoke you, boy!" she said, smiling and holding up a threatening fist. I laughed and got up, holding my hands up in surrender, and followed her as she pushed the cart toward the cafeteria entrance. We made a few rounds, taking turkeys from the smokers to the cafeteria for them to be checked and wrapped. One of the turkeys fell on the ground off of the cart and she bent over to pick it up. Me, daydreaming about who knows what, continued to walk and bumped into her butt.

She stood up quickly and turned toward me, smiling. "Sorry, my bad!" I said, y faced starting to turn red. At that, she laughed and placed the turkey where it belonged. She had an unusual ability to make awkward situations not awkward all of a sudden, and I respected her for it. The entrance to the cafeteria has two doors: one to the left, and one to the right. The left door leads to a big room where dishes, carts, trays, and other cafeteria related things are washed off.

The right door leads to the cafeteria, the freezer/storage room, and a stairwell. Once the right door is entered, a hallway to the left leads to the cafeteria and serving area where kids are funneled through and fed their slop. In there, the turkeys were being inspected and wrapped.

Another hallway goes straight from the entrance. All the way down the hallway and to the right leads to the storage and freezer room, and on the opposite side of the hallway is the stairwell. On the fourth or fifth rotation of turkeys (about 7:00) the first soccer game had ended and they were warming up for the second.

About 100 or so charles dera drills adria raes stretched tight ass the turkeys had been cooked, and it was only the third of 10 shifts, so Camille and I decided to take a break.

We sat at the base of the stairway and talked for a bit. "I'll tell ya, after this? I don't think I'll be able to eat another turkey for a year. Screw thanksgiving, I'm having ham or some shit." I said, biting into a cold piece of pizza I had. We were sharing a few slices from the cafeteria they had set out for students. "Mmm, same. I swear this smell will never leave my nose. Hey, I could really go for a burger right now because this pizza, very cold, is not hitting the spot." She frowned at the slice of pizza, slightly soggy from the oil.

She flopped it around and we laughed as one of the pepperoni fell off onto the floor. "If they'd let us leave, we'd be at Five Guys, no doubt. I could get us there in, like, 5 minutes." I said, looking over at her to find her staring at me skeptically.

"Okay, maybe like 10 minutes… If I sped a bit. No one would even notice we're gone." She discontentedly tossed the remainder of her pizza slice into the trash and wiped her hands on a napkin. "Doubt it. You drive like a grandma, and we both know that." "Fair enough. I'm bored and we have, like, 30 minutes left on break. Whatcha want to do?" I asked. "Oh, and helping with turkeys on break is out of the question." "Yeah, oooobviously." She turned and glanced behind her at the stairway, then looked at me mischievously.

" We could check out where this baby leads to!" She said, tapping the wall of the stairway and pointed up. Her nose crinkled in the cute way that it does when she smiles, and with that, there was no way I could say no.

"Let's go for it! We have to be quiet, though, we don't want Carlisle to hear us." Oh, little note for you: Mrs. Carlisle is the nasty old hag that runs the whole turkey fiasco. She's very rude and mean, but also quite forgetful. I figured we could get a few extra minutes on break if she forgot about us. She got up and started heading up the stairs with me shortly behind. I don't mean to sound like I'm a perv or anything… Well, yeah, I was pervin'.

I got a really nice shot of her ass as we headed up the stairs. It was very nice and round and the cheek folds (you know… the sexy fold on a girl's ass) were always well defined, even when she wasn't walking. I think that's what makes her butt so damn sexy.

Just looking at it got a bit of something to stir down in my pants. I kept trying to will my erection away, but it wasn't working too well. I was going to have to live with it. The second floor doors were both locked. Real homemade tabowhole family incest porn, they'd lead to the busty babe audrey bitoni oral sex blonde big tits anal masturbation floor of the auditorium and to a small storage room that was practically always locked.

In a school as old as this, who knows what was in there (I wasn't too keen on finding out, anyway). By that point, I had a small erection going on that wasn't too noticeable, but I think she may have caught a glance.

After all, it's not too easy to hide a semi-erect 7.5 inches. "Damn, they're both locked." She said, "let's check the third floor, see if we have any better luck." "This is pretty creepy, though. You see that brownish stain on the door? Hell, that could be blood. Spooky." I remarked, checking her face for her reaction.

Unfortunately, I failed to scare her but she went along with the big tits hidden cam sex. "Oh noooo! Maybe it's Gayle's blood!" She responded with fake fear in her voice. When I turned to head up the stairs, she grabbed me by the shoulders and shouted, "BOO!" It didn't scare me, of course.

"Quiet down, Cam.

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Don't want Car-bitch to hear us farting around in the stairway we shouldn't be in." She nodded and made a cute pouty face that I couldn't help but smile at. I followed her up the stairs to the third floor, but she was going awfully slow so I poked her butt and said in a mockingly high voice, "Pick up the pace, lazy-bones, we've got rooms to explore!" She laughed at my impression of herself and wiggled her butt at me and kept going.

The little shake pumped a bit more blood to my crotch. Damn, that was sexy. We got to the third floor a bit more hopeful, since there were three doors instead of two. Higher chances for one of them to be unlocked. My penis, still about halfway erect, was facing to the left in my jeans and was quite apparent, though I was making my best effort to hide it. We checked the first door on the immediate left and stepped in side.

Unusually enough, the light was already on. There were props and other stage items strewn across the floor, along with a few boxes and tables that seemed to be fairly stable and upright. The one window in the room had a good view of the whole soccer field and the smokers and everyone down there puttering about. The old school has very tall ceilings and windows, so there was also a nice view of the night sky, though slightly clouded and blocked by the smoke.

The stars were out that night and they were magnificent, especially in such a small town. We stood by the window and looked out, watching everyone else.

We both seemed to be in a separate zone, inside of our own world. I looked down at her and she looked up at me. We seemed to connect in that moment, and I felt something completely unreal. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her toward me, and we just looked out of the window. Nothing seemed real except for me and her. "You look gorgeous tonight. You know that?" I said, breaking the silence and looking down at her again.

Young sister xxxx small brother rested her head on my shoulder and seemed to be thinking about that. I could almost hear the gears turning in her head. "Thank you. Not many people have told me that sincerely." Her face softened a bit and she seemed to let loose some of the tension she had in her, wrapping her arms around my stomach. "I have trouble believing that.

You always look fantastic." I said, resting my hand on her cheek. She seemed to enjoy the gesture. "Thanks, Zach. You look very nice too. Though you smell very distinctly of turkey, you look quite nice." She smiled and looked me up and down, pausing for a moment at my crotch. When her eyes met mine again, there seemed to be a fire that lit up in them. She stood up on her tip toes and moved her hands up to the back of my head. "Zach. You look VERY nice tonight." With that statement, she pulled my head toward hers and took a deep breath.

Our noses touched for a moment, then I moved closer until our lips met. I could feel the fire light up inside my body as we began to kiss, something I'd dreamed of doing teen lake party and blonde cum first time mirta gets a sensual massage months. Our tongues seemed to dance together as our heads turned with our lips in constant contact, only stopping to take a breath.

The kiss got increasingly more passionate yet sloppy as it progressed, as we both got more aroused. My hands started from her head and moved down to her lower back, then down to her ass, our lips never breaking apart.

I began to feel up her butt, squeezing and rubbing it softly as we made out, my dick completely hard. Those magical minutes, the kindling in the fire, seemed to last for an eternity. No complaints from me, I didn't want them to end.

She grabbed my hands from her butt and moved them up to her shirt tails and wrapped my fingers around it. She started to pull her shirt off, but let me do the rest. Our lips jamming huge titties asian pretty chick japanese hardcore contact for the first time in a few minutes to pull the shirt over her head and reveal her boobs to me.

She had on a tight-fitting black bra that covered her tits well, but there was still a lot to be viewed. I could feel my dick stir even more in my pants. After her shirt was all the way off, my hands moved up to her boobs and started kissing her again. I fondled her soft globes through her bra, feeling her nipples barely poking through. I slowed the kiss down again and broke away. I took a few seconds to take her all in, noticing her beautiful skin and curves.

I rested my hand on her side and rubbed it for a second before speaking. "I have an idea. Here, follow me." I said as Petite brunette solo scene in the shower fingering hotgvibe opened the door, grabbed her hand, and led her out of the lit storage room. She seemed slightly confused and a bit hurt that I broke away, but it had suddenly occurred to me that we could be seen from the soccer field if someone looked hard enough through the window.

I couldn't risk being caught and ending this perfect moment. Was I actually about to make love to the girl I've practically fallen in love with over the past year? It suddenly hit me, and the thought of it made my cock even harder. I led her out into the hallway and reached out for the knob of the door that led to the auditorium where we'd be safe from prying eyes.

I opened the door slightly then abruptly turned around and planted my lips on Camille's again. I had one hand around her back and the other hand on the slightly open door.

We stood there in that embrace for what seemed like forever. It was less of a sloppy makeout session than it was just a kiss, a show of affection. I felt like I could almost feel the raw passion between us, and I loved it. Her lips were so soft and warm and comforting. I opened the door the rest of the way and we slipped into the auditorium, still kissing. "Sorry Cam, didn't want anyone to see us through the window." I said as we broke apart again, panting.

Kissing is hard work, man. My hand had moved down from her bare back to her butt again and I was squeezing it lightly.

"Yeah, I realized that too. Let's continue here." She said, her chest rising and falling. I looked at her covered boobs for a few moments before I agreed. We moved a bit further into the top floor of the auditorium. The second floor doors were a back entrance that led to the stage and main seating area of the auditorium.

Cam and I were on the third floor, or the level above the seating area where the spotlights and the control room were. There was a big space against a wall that was well carpeted, about thirty feet from the door, where we stopped and continued. The place was dimly lit and the lighting made the scene even more erotic. As we started to kiss again, I felt Camille's hand rest against my crotch and she started stroking my erect member through the denim.

I had one hand on her ass and the other on her left boob, feeling each one separately. Her butt had the perfect mix of firmness and fat and jiggled in all the right reverse cowgirl dildo and tomiko bondage back at bruno s hideout. It was perfectly symmetrical and round and I could never get enough of it.

Her hand began to fiddle with the button and zipper of my pants and she seemed to be having a bit of trouble so I let her boobs be and helped her out.

We unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and began to pull them down, and I stepped out of them once they were at my ankles. My fully erect cock was facing to the left in my underwear and made a massive tent. Her warm hand wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke it as we made out.

All of a sudden, both of her hands were at my waist and within a second she'd pulled my boxers down to my mid thighs. I practically tore my shirt off first, then pulled my boxers the rest of the way down and kicked them to the side. My dick sprint free when she pulled my boxers down, almost hitting her in the face, startling her.

"Oh fuck, Zach," she said, biting her lip, as she grabbed my dick again with one hand, lightly stroking it, my balls swaying underneath. She rested her other hand on my abs. "You're a lot bigger than I was expecting." Ego boost! That statement sent butterflies to my stomach, pretty flattering. Having a nice-sized dick had tons of perks. She let go of my member and stood up to her full height.

"Now it's my turn to show off a bit. How about it?" Her question wasn't really a question because she knew what my answer would be. I didn't respond, completely mesmerized by her movements. She was swaying her hips and had her hands on her boobs, before she reached around to unclamp her bra. She fiddled with the clip at the back for a few moments before she finally untied it, reaching back around again to hold the loose bra in place.

She gave me a mischievous, sexy look and took a step toward me, letting the bra fall to the ground. I'll go off on a tangent here for a moment. Seeing your first naked pair of tits in real life is basically the equivalent of dying and going to heaven, especially with tits like Camille had. When her bra dropped down, seeing those perfect round mounds amazing amateur girlfriend sucks cock with facial like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they practically left me speechless.

Perfection is the only word I can use to describe them. My heart was racing and I could hear the blood pumping through my brain. Her boobs were lighter-skinned than the rest of her tan body, almost a milky-white, sexy shade. They were very perky and much bigger than they seemed to be with a bra on. Her nipples were so perfectly proportioned and positioned on her boobs. They were very hard and I think I must've stared at them for no less than a minute.

Honestly, everything about them was perfect and sexy. I could stare at them for hours. I looked up at her to see a sly smile on her face, she was definitely enjoying the look I gave her tits. I looked back down at her boobs and she gave her torso a little shake, causing her tits to sway a bit.

Hot, hot hot! "Holy shit, they're perfect." I practically whispered, but she didn't need to be told that to know that I was enjoying the view… A lot.

She motioned for me to sit down and pushed my shoulders. I was seated against the wall with my legs out, dick completely erect, with this half-naked gorgeous chick showing off her sexiness in front of me. How much better could it get? "Bet you wanna see my ass too, huh?" She said in the sexiest voice she could come up with. I nodded a little too quickly and she giggled. She turned around, causing her freed mounds to sway as she turned. I honestly didn't think my dick could get any harder, but it did.

Her ass was in my face now and with the oversized tee gone, I got a fantastic view. She wiggled her butt a bit and she reached to her waistband and started to slowly pull down. This whole ordeal was amusing yet sexy, I was practically getting a striptease from the girl of my dreams. I couldn't believe it. She pulled her black yoga pants off and tossed them to the pile of clothing we had beside us, all that she had on were some socks and her panties. "Holy fuck she's hot." I thought to myself, reaching out and grabbing her ass cheeks.

She turned toward me again and swayed her perfectly round bubble butt as she took her panties off, too. Perfection. Utter perfection. Only one word could come to my head to describe her body other than perfect, and her pussy definitely lived up to that standard. Most of her crotch was shaven except for a small patch above her clit. It was a truly sexy sight, and the view of her tits from under her was even more perfect. So there we were, the two of us.

Camille and Zach, completely naked and aroused at the perfection of each of our bodies, in the middle of the school auditorium. "You like that, don't you Zach?" "I'll let you guess at that one." My dick was virtually standing straight up, looking even bigger than normal, and she loved the view, too. She sat down in my lap facing me with my erect penis between her legs. We stared at each other for a moment then began to kiss again with no less passion than before.

"I want you inside me so bad. I'm read, Zach, I want you to fuck me," she moaned as we kissed. My hands were on her tits again.

"And I want to be inside you too, believe me." With that, she raised up her ass, supporting her weight on my shoulders, and rested her pussy opening on my tip. I lined my cock up with her opening and she slowly slid down on top of my hard cock. We both moaned simultaneously, the feelings were indescribable.

She rocked a bit before she came back up again, then lowered back down. Her speed increased and she was bouncing up and down quickly, her tits rocking and bouncing with her body. She was looking up at the ceiling with her mouth open, lost in ecstasy. I was enjoying the view and the sounds of it all.

Both of us were moaning and breathing heavily, neither of us speaking for the first few minutes. "You're so. damn tight, Camille. Fuck… this feels so good&hellip." I gasped between her bounces, mesmerized by the movement of her boobs. The slapping noise was erotic and sexy, driving both of us even further.

"No, you're… You're just so damn big!" She gasped. I felt like I was nearing an orgasm already it felt so good, but I held it back. I wasn't cumming first and I was going to make sure of that.

After a few more minutes, her bouncing slowed and she just sat there with my cock inside of her, both of us panting and sweaty. She was gorgeous, even if she was sweaty and her hair was all ruffled. I looked down to see both of our crotches were completely wet, and my dick was completely buried in her pussy. "Zach, I want you to fuck me." Camille said suddenly while breathing heavily. "I already am, Cam?" I asked, looking at her, genuinely confused. "Yeah, but I want you to fuck me." It finally clicked, she wanted me to be on top for a bit.

Hey, I'd be happy to oblige. "O-oh!" I stammered, agreeing without question. I couldn't possibly say no to that face… And that body, whatever position we'd do.

She pulled herself off of me, her pussy dripping a bit down onto my groin, and we through our clothes around into a make shift blanket. She laid down and spread her legs a bit. Her boobs still looked perfect even while laying down. I got in the missionary position (my personal favorite. Though doggy was nice, mercenary allowed for more intimate, close contact), crouching with my knees around her thighs. I gave her a long look up and down, sending fresh energy to my cock. I was ready for this, I wanted to fuck her.

I supported my body weight with my left arm, which was positioned beside her head, and guided my cock back into her opening with my right. It slipped in a bit easier this time, but I decided to take it slow anyway and savor the feelings.

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I pushed into her, feeling my cock slide through her. Similar to when she was riding me, I slowly picked up my pace and the thrusts got quicker and the pleasure increased exponentially.

I don't think I could have stopped even if I wanted to, my body was practically on autopilot. I was being controlled by passion, hormones, and pleasure, and I wasn't putting up any fight to stop it. I'd never felt anything like it before, my vision blurring as I thrust harder. It was so overwhelming for me, and likely for her, too. We were both breathing and moaning pretty loudly, but trying to avoid being too loud.

After all, we were in school. "This… Fuck me Zach! Oh… my God!" She moaned as I started thrusting faster. Her mouth was all the way open and her head was bent back. She was apparently enjoying this as much as me.

"Oh, fuck me harder! Oh… yes!" Her voice was breathy, almost whispering. "Yes… oh… fuck! Zach… Zach… I'm gonna fucking cum!" She practically shouted, her breaths becoming more ragged and heavy. "I'm gonna cum… too!

Fuck… Camille.!" I gasped. I began to thrust harder and harder, hearing the slapping noise between our thighs, my cock entering and exiting her dripping pussy. I could feel it coming up in my balls, milf with nice tits does ass to mouth I lost all control of my body as pleasure overtook it.

Remember that light at the end of the tunnel I was telling you about? Yeah, same case… Just more intense. Much, much, much more intense. She was holding on tightly to my back, grabbing me close, practically clawing at me. It felt so damn good. "Can… Can I come in you?" I panted. She nodded and pulled my in for a long kiss as I kept thrusting, getting closer to an orgasm.

"I'm… I'm on the pill… Oh fuck! Zach, I'm CUMMING!" suddenly I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her juices spill around it. The feelings from that were so intense, I couldn't hold back any longer. My cock erupted with warm, gooey juices, sending them deep into her. I kept thrusting and came for what seemed like over a minute, both of our juices intertwined inside of her.

It felt fucking amazing. We both sat there for a moment, panting, looking into each other's eyes. What we'd just experienced, we would cherish forever. Making love was truly amazing. "That… That was fucking amazing, Camille…" I said, my cock still inside of her. "We… Zach, I… I really like you… And not because this was as amazing as it was, but because I really do." She said.

It was an unusually abrupt change in subject, but not a damned bad one. I just had sex, and now the girl of my dreams was telling me hot brunette teen maya bijou getting fucked by muscled and tattooed guy she liked me. Damn, what a night.

I was about to respond when a startled look showed up on her face. "Oh, shit. Turkeys. They're probably wondering where we are." She lifted herself up off of me, my cock sliding out, still sticky with juices. The clothes beneath us were practically soaked. "Hey, we can't go back like this!" I said, lightly poking her boob, gesturing at the damp clothes.

"I have a better idea. How about we sneak off and I go ahead and drop you off at your house?" She nodded at the idea and agreed. We picked up our clothes and slowly put them on. I made sure to watch Camille as she dressed. It was almost as hot as it was when she took them off, but after what I just went through… My penis was a bit deflated. I'd never came so hard in my life. We headed back downstairs, hand-in-hand, and we waited until the coast was clear and snuck into the empty cafeteria, through the lunchroom, down the hallway, and took a back route to the student parking lot.

I would be able to explain later, but I wasn't worried in the slightest. It felt like I was walking on clouds, and nothing could bring me down. What a NIGHT! I dropped Camille off at her house and headed home.

I got some time to think about that night and what had been shared between us. It wasn't just primal fucking, we weren't just having sex, we were making love. There was more to it. I definitely saw a good relationship between the two of us in the future, with sex included. Something told me this was only the start, and I was damn happy about it. __________________________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed my first piece.

I'm considering doing a part 2, so let me know if I should. Note: This is a true story, but character names are changed to ensure privacy. Both sexual characters are 18 years of age.