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Laying on my bed with my phone in my hand hoping and waiting he would text me first it had been 3days since we swapped numbers we'd been talkin on that site for along time it's not like I threw my number at him he asked for it. Later that day Him:hey bae Me: hi :-) H: wyd M: nothing H: hang M: k H: k H: park n 10 M:k So I get dressed in my favorite pair of jeans and I put on my cute black tank top that has angel wings on it I put on matching earrings and do my make up with a hint of glitter around my eyes and I wear my black flats and I get in my car and go to the park as butterflies over take me the closer to the park I get the more nervous I get.

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As I pull up to the park it busy I've never seen this many people here before. I park and sit there trying to settle my nerves. H:wry M: 1st Pl H: car? M: red truck H: k He pulls up next to me in a black van the butterflies are now in my throat he gets out walk around and gives me a hug wow at least he looks like the pics he sent me.

H: wow how are you M: good As i try not to giggle as i stand inches away from him he's so cute with is dark hair brown eyes smug smirk and buff arms lined with ink and his chest wanting to burst out of the wife beater he was wear and I could see he's bulge trying to escape his jeans. I think my heart skipped a beat when he took a step closer to me. I did a lil side step so that now my back was to his van he took another step as i was about to side step again he slammed his hands on the van sexy leda rides on a stiff pole cumshots brunette me in so I couldn't move not that I wanted to i don't know why I kept side stepping when he got close.

He leaned in and kissed me it felt so good I could feel the butterflies melt away as i kissed him back. That's when he pulled me in close to him and wrapped his arms around me.then he took a step forward forcing me to take a step back I should have hit the van but I didn't that when I broke away from the kiss and looked behind me as someone put a blindfolded over my eyes and forced me in the van.

I can hear whispering but but can't understand what is being said.

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Someone is tieing my hands together then put their hand on my hip I try to wiggle away but I get hit in the knee. The hand that was on my hip is now in my pocket getting my keys out of my pocket I hear them jingle as if putting them in a hand then I heard the van door open and close that's when I feel the van start to move. It seems like we were driving forever the whole time I can hear men whispering and every once in awhile a chuckle. When someone grabbed the rope that tied my hands together and yank it up ward making my arms jerk up and slowly pulls me up once am standing up in the van the driver slams on the brakes and I fly forward and hit my head.

When I come to my arms are hand cuff on a rod above my head I have a gag in my mouth and am standing there in a black laced bra that is not mine with a black laced thong to match I also have on red heels.

Look look around to see if I recognize where I am but I don't is a wide open space it looks like an abandoned warehouse maybe even an airport hanger all Cute little latina meets up with guy online know is it has one big rolling door. The door opens in walks the the guys I've been talking and two other guys they all looked alike they could have been triplets or at very least brothers each of them was carrying something in his hand one a dagger the blade was about 7ins and the hilt was 10in the hilt was black with red bumps all over it.

The other guy was holding a cat of 9 tails it was all black and shiny the last guy was carrying a video camera. When the got close to me the second guy slapped me and the first guy started to talk to me H:if I take this out are you going to scream? M: *shakes head no* H: ok but if you do my brother is going to whip you!

Do you understand? M: *shakes head yes fiercely* H: ok He takes the gag off of me and I don't scream. But the brother still whips me with the cat of 9 tails and I scream out in pain he does it again I scream again but with tears in my eyes he does it again and I can hear him laughing as he whips me I just close my eyes and start to cry maybe if I just stand here and take it he will stop with the whip that's when I hear the first guy yell at him and the whipping is stopped.

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That's when he walks around me and kisses me on the lips and whispers your going to love this as he runs the dagger over my breast I inhaled deeply and he kisses me again then with his free hand wipes the tears away. He puts the blindfold back on me then I hear someone in heels walking towards me and she say She: I told you not to involve him *splash* Him: yes I see that now can you do anything?

S:yes That's when I feel something cold on my back where I was whipped it stings and I lurch forward and she calmly takes care of my back when I hear the heels leaves my blindfold is takin off and I see that it is only the one guy the other two are gone and the sunny leone porn in forest camera is now on a tri pod.

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I look at him and I see his smirk as he walks towards me he takes the dagger and runs it over my breast and slips it down my bra and cuts it off of me and then runs the dagger over my stomach and in to the thong and cuts it off of me and with the hilt he rubbed my clit for a few minutes then took the sharp side of the dagger he slow cut the under side of my breast so that the blood ran down my stomach and legs and made a puddle around my feet then he got on his knees and with the hilt of the dagger he rammed deep inside of me and I scream out in pain he pulled it out and rammed it back in he kept doing until I stop screaming I looked at the hilt of the dagger and it was covered in blood.he drops the dagger slowly stands up takes his pants off then kisses my stomach and runs his tongue over my nipple then kisses me with my blood all over his lips as he kisses me he slides his dick in and out of me never stopping kissing me he was bigger then the hilt of the dagger by far he had to be at least 12 in and hardcore babe know how to put her lips around that wang thick as a cucumber it hurt as he slammed in to me but I stayed silent and just let the tears flow from my eyes when he was done he kissed my neck and put the blindfold back on me.

I felt that cool but stinging again but underneath my breast and then a gaze being taped to my wounds and then someone was helping me get dressed and the walked me to what I guessed was the black van we drove for a bit then stopped I was forced out of the van and forced behind the wheel of another car I can hear the van drive away that's when I realized my hands weren't tied and I pulled the blindfold off I was in my truck in the middle of nowhere.

I drove north til something looked familiar and made my way home took a shower looked at the cuts under my breast and on my back they weren't to bad.

I laid down on my bed when my phone went off H: tht ws fun we'll he 2 do it again real soon. M: WHAT? H: kp 1 I open