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Gap licked and team fucked hardcore blowjob
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II. Christmas Vacation School vacations were always a problem because both mommy and daddy had to mature mother and son sex. Usually one or more of our grandmothers would come by during the day and watch us kids but this year was going to be different.

Our maternal grandmother had had a stroke and although she was doing well no one expected her to take care of us again. Bobby's fraternal grandmother was an alcoholic and could not be trusted to stay sober. Her husband had left her for another woman. My fraternal grandmother was widowed a couple of years ago and she had recently married again. Her new husband took her off to Florida. Daddy's poppa was having some kind of health problem but nanna said she could take care of Donny at her house and Bobby at 15 and I at 13 were old enough to take care of ourselves.

So when Christmas Vacation came, Bobby and I were told by mommy and daddy that they trusted us and we should not do anything to destroy that trust.

For the first few days everything went well with Bobby spending most of his time playing his video game and me reading. The first day after Christmas Bobby had a friend over and they spent most of the day playing the video game. The next day Bobby went to his friend's house while I had a couple of girl friends over. I don't remember just how it came up but we three began talking about playing with ourselves.

This was the first time we had ever talked about anything sexual but we each admitted to enjoying it and we were each pleased to find out others did too.

Then the conversation turned to what we knew about boys masturbating. One of the girls said she had caught her brother beating off. I started to tell them about my catching Bobby but I stopped two waiters fucking one whore striptease hardcore in time to say I had heard him. Before our conversation was over I was feeling as horny as hell. When the girls went home I checked the clock, I had about forty-five minutes before mommy and daddy got home so I went to my room and got started right away.

I was really getting off when my door opened and there was Bobby. God, I thought, I don't want to stop so I finished myself off while he silently watched. I closed my eyes and as I finished I nearly blacked out. When I came down, I opened my eyes and looked at the door. It was closed and Bobby was nowhere in sight. I wondered if I had imagined him being there. Just before mommy and daddy got home I went downstairs and found Bobby playing his video game. I said hi and he said hi and that was it.

At that time I could not bring myself to ask him if he had looked in my room but the question nagged at me so that the next morning I asked, "Did you look in my room yesterday?" "Yeah and I'm really sorry," he said.

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Although I felt my face flush with anger, he had already partially defused the situation by apologizing and he truly appeared sorry. "Well, don't do it again," I said trying to sound angry. Even as I spoke I realized I did not sound angry. I felt I had to add something so I said, "You do understand why we should not…um…" I did not know how to finish the sentence.

"I know Carly. I've grown up a little since…" He did not finish his sentence. I glanced at him and he looked away. His face was as red as mine felt. I thought about us growing up.

We both seemed to have shot up during the past few months so I asked, "How tall are you getting to be? Have you measured yourself lately?" "Yeah, I'm five inches," he responded. "Huh?" I asked. "Uh," he stammered, "I'm…uh…five feet five inches." I chuckled as I thought about him measuring his peter.

I was sure that that had been the cause of his slip up. "You're almost as tall as me, aren't you?" he asked. "Yeah. You want to measure me to find out?" "Okay," he said as he dashed to the garage to get the tape measure. Daddy always insisted that his tool be returned to their place after use so it did not take Bobby long to return with the tape measure. I backed up to the board where we always measured our height. Bobby marked my height with a pencil. I stepped away and he wrote my name and the date.

He then carefully measured and announced, "Five feet, three and three quarters." "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yeah, check it out yourself," he said as he moved aside a little so I could look over his shoulder. He was right so I said, "Then I bet you're not five feet five." "Measure me then," he insisted as he backed up to the board.

I made the mark and when he stepped away I wrote his name and the date. I could see he was about an inch taller than me. It turned out that he was closer to five feet five inches than to five feet four and three quarters but I tried to insist he wasn't five feet five inches.

When we were little and we got in this kind of teasing argument he would often wind up tickling me and mommy or daddy would have to call him off because when he would stop on his own and I would catch my breath I would say, "Tickle me again," and of course he would. Any way on this day he started tickling me and before long I was laying on the floor with him sitting on me when he stopped tickling.

I lay there panting and when I caught my breath I said, "Tickle me again." Of course he did. I was really only kidding and I tried to get him to stop by pushing his hands away. In doing so I accidently elbowed him in the groin really hard. His face turned pail as he keeled over with both hands grasping at the painful orbs. I could tell by his paler that he was not faking so I reached out and cradled his head as I apologized. It seemed that it was taking him a long time to recover so I kissed his forehead and then a cheek while I continued to apologize.

I repeatedly kissed his cheek and at last he whispered, "Why don't you kiss where it hurts?" I slapped him lightly on the cheek and pushed his head to the floor. "Owe! You're hurting me," he cried out. I knew I was not hurting him so I pushed down a little harder.

He sat right up, proving how much stronger than me he was. He gently patted my face and said, "See how you like being slapped around by me." Then while we sat there on the floor in the family room he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed me on the cheek and then on the lips.

It was just a couple of quick pecks and he pulled back to say, "And how do you like being kissed." He again kissed me on the lips and then asked, "Well?" "A kiss like that from my brother isn't bad," I said. "What do you mean?" he asked. "If you tried to French kiss me, that'd be different." Before I knew it he was kissing me and trying to force his tongue in my mouth.

I struggled to get away but he was much stronger than me. I managed to get one hand up to push his face away. He grabbed my wrist pulling my arm away. He moved in to kiss me again. I got my other hand up and pushed his face away. He grabbed that wrist and managed to get both my wrists in one of his hands, holding them over my head. He was now able to hold me so that I could not avoid being kissed. I was still able to keep my lips closed together and all he managed to do is lick my lips.

I put a lot of effort into twisting and turning. I was able to shout for him to stop. In his attempt to hold me still, one of his hands brushed heavily across my left breasts. I ami matsuda gets into a hot er position sucking cock like a wild wom that big yet but I did have large enough boobs to need an A-cup. I was still in my pajamas and had not yet put on my bra.

Bobby immediately pulled his hand away. He pulled his head back form me and said, "I'm sorry…I'm really sorry." "I guess we are even now," I said as I tried to catch my breath. "Even? Oh yeah. But I bet I didn't hurt you like you did me." "Are you gonna let me up now?" I asked. "Give me a kiss and I will," he said as he moved in with a big pucker on his face. Our lips met and something caused my lips to open. His tongue darted in my mouth and I bit down lightly. He pulled away and looked at me with fear in his eyes.

"I guess you won't try that again until you are sure you can trust me, huh?" I asked. He got off me, stood up, and then helped me stand up. "We were just playing, weren't we?" he asked. "I hope so," I said. It was then that I realize my pretty brunette babe fucked by horny guy for some cash reality and blowjob was dripping and I felt like I was half way to an orgasm.

I looked down and saw his pajama bottoms tented out. "We better get dressed," I said as I left to go upstairs. Of course before I got dressed I brought myself to a new high as I thought about wrestling with Bobby. I'm sure Bobby did the same. When I came down stairs I heard Bobby inviting someone to have a seat.

They were in the family room. When I looked in I saw his grandmother who he called grammy and she called him Bobboo. "Hi grammy," I said.

"Hi Carloo," she said. I could tell by the way her head seem to rock around on her shoulders that she was way too drunk to have driven here. I glanced out the window and saw her car parked a little crooked in our drive. "You two here alone, huh?" she asked, looking at me as if she was inspecting how I was dressed.

"Yeah," Bobby said, "Momma and Daddy think we are old enough to take care of ourselves." "Why didn't they tell me?" she asked. "I'll just stay 'til they get home an' tell 'em I'll stay with…" Her eyes closed as she did not finish the sentence.

Bobby looked at me and shrugged. I shrugged back. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and asked for a drink of pop. I rushed to the refrigerator to get her a cola. When I returned she was saying, "You know Bobboo, when I was your age I had already gotten in trouble by getting into my daddy's liquor." As she took the can from me she said, "Wooee did I ever get in trouble." Bobby was siting looking at her, waiting in silence.

I did not sit down. After a short silence she said, "Well, go 'head, do what you was doing." Bobby picked up the video game control but did not turn on the game. He continued to appear to expect his grandmother to speak. Soon she appeared to doze off and he reached forward, taking the cola can from her hand.

He sat it on the coffee table in front of her. He motioned for me to follow him. When we were in the other room he whispered, "She was already in the house when I came down from dressing. I could hear you but she didn't say anything. It took her the longest pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 405 to get from the front door to the family room.

She's soused." I thought about how close we came to getting caught. What if she had caught us kissing or if she had been sober enough to have arrived and come upstairs to investigate my moaning?

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Beginning right then we never left either the back or front doors unlocked. No matter what we were doing, right or wrong, no one was going to walk in on us. Grammy did not last until mommy and daddy got home. We did not have anything in the house to drink except beer and wine. She did not drink either of those. I'm sure she did not go any farther than the nearest bar or liquor store.

Bobby agreed with me about locking the doors and we did that as soon as she left. When mommy and daddy got home, they of course had a key. Mommy asked why the door was locked and Bobby said, "Grammy came and passed out in the entry way. We did not even know she was there until I went to get the mail. So I figured that if she had had to ring the doorbell, we wouldn't a left her on the floor." I could tell he had thought this out. "Where is she now?" mommy asked.

"Oh she napped for a while and then she said she had to have a drink and she left," Bobby said. Mommy looked at daddy and said, "It's a good idea about locking the door. We'll do it when we leave in the morning just like if you kids weren't here." A couple days later I woke up thinking how safe Bobby and I were in a house where the outside world was locked out. We could do anything we wanted to do.

I wondered if he would ever try to kiss me again. Maybe if I did something to cause him to tickle me again. Why did I want him to kiss me? I wasn't sure I did. I just wanted to do something that made me horny so I could masturbate. I heard the toilet flush.

I knew he would be coming out of the bathroom so I rushed to my bedroom door and opened it just as he passed by. I tackled him high and rode him to the floor. I tried to tickle him but he quickly turned the tables on me and he had me down tickling the daylights out of me. My pajama top rode up and he was tickling me on my bare skin.

He did not restrain himself when a hand brushed the underside of one of my breasts. He continued to tickle around my breast. I was laughing so hard I could do nothing to stop him. Then he stopped tickling, wrapped his arms around me, and trapped my lulu and lolly are two young lesbian lovers brunette and teen to my sides.

He kissed me but I resisted his tongue probe; however, I could not catch my breath by breathing through my nose alone. When he pulled back to look at me I opened my mouth to breath. He allowed me to catch my breath and then he attempted to kiss me again.

I twisted away and said, "I might bite." "You better not," he said as he made contact with my lips once again. This time I allowed his tongue in and he did a thorough exploration. When his tongue finally retreated, my tongue entered his mouth. The sensation was thrilling. I then felt a twitching, tingling feeling in my pussy. I wondered what his peter was doing. My hands were on either side of my hips. I moved both up toward Bobby and my right hand found that his peter had come out the opening on his pajamas.

When I touched it I pulled my hand away. Bobby pulled away from our kiss. He said, "Oops." He rolled away from me and rushed to his room.

I went to the bathroom. I had to pee but I had to cum also. The lotion was right there and I used it. I don't know but I think that the fact that I had to pee intensified everything. Before I was done in the bathroom I took a shower. Since I had not brought any cloths with me I wrapped a towel around me to go back to my room. Bobby must have lain in wait for me because as soon as I exited the bathroom he was on me like I had been on him earlier.

Needless to say I was not prepared for him and before I old teacher shows her teen students how to kiss and pet girls the floor under his weight the towel came off. There I was under Bobby, completely nude. I think he was as surprised as I was.

For a few moments he sat there on my stomach, holding my wrists, and looking at my boobs. As I said before I did not think they were much but Bobby looked at them with admiration. "Wow, you're beautiful Carly," he said. "Get off me," I said. "Wow, you're beautiful Carly." His mind was stuck. One of his hands reached down to touch a breast. He was very gentle. He repeated, "Wow, you're beautiful Carly." "You said that.

Now get off me," I commanded. He started to repeat himself, "Wow, you're…" I stopped him by kicking xxx hot srx story play leg up and catching him with my knee on his shoulder. I didn't hit him very hard but it jolted him to his senses. He let go of me, got off, and helped me up. I rushed to my room, without the towel. As soon as I closed the door behind me I leaned against the door and thought, wow that was exciting.

From the other side of the door I heard him say, "Carly, I'm sorry…really sorry." I opened the door a crack and said, "Don't say that…it was my fault." "Yes, but I'm still sorry." "You want to make it up to me?" I asked.

"Sure anything…anything you want." The devil took over and I said, "Take off all your clothes right there in the hall." "Why?" he asked. "Because you said you would do anything for me," I explained. "Well, okay but then what?" I peeked out and saw he already had his shirt off and was unbuckling his belt. Then his jeans fell to the floor. Soon he was standing there in only his jockey shorts.

"Okay," he said. "Everything," I said. He slid his shorts down and I opened my door wide. When he straightened up he saw me standing in my door way in the nude. His peter was all I could see. It stood up at a sharp angle, pointing straight at me.

Once again he said, payton takes that big bone deep inside her, you're beautiful Carly." I realize how short of breath I was and how rapid my heart was beating. That internal, down deep feeling that I had experience so often recently was beginning to possess me again.

I had thought so many times about his offer from several months ago when he had expressed the desire to have us watch each other masturbate. I said, "Alright, right here, right now, let's beat off." I reached down and ran my finger along my slit. I was dripping wet. I moistened all my fingers and moved my hand forward to my little button where I began to rapidly and firmly give myself a new experience. I watched as Bobby pumped wildly on his peter.

I don't think watching him was as much a turn on as knowing he was watching me. It did not take either one of us very long. Of course as usual when I brought myself off my eyes closed and I fell to my knees. As soon as I could I opened my eyes and saw Bobby's peter spurting his white stuff out on the floor only inches in front of me.

Almost immediately after he was finished spurting, his peter went limp and shrunk back to about half its erect size. "Wow, you're beautiful Carly." I couldn't keep from chuckling. "You really are Carly." "I believe you." I stood and proudly presented myself without embarrassment. Bobby stepped forward and asked, "Can I kiss you?" "Not while we're naked," I said, pointed at the mess in which he was stepping, and added, "You better clean that up." I jumped back into my room, slamming the door behind me.

As I dressed in a tank top over my bra and tight jeans Hot milf sheila marie gets cumshot on her big tits thought about what we had just done in the hall. Seeing Bobby beating off and ejaculating was not exciting to me but having him watch me play with my pussy was exciting. I determined to do it again. To be continued in Chapter III. It Gets Hot in a Snow Storm