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Real homemade tabowhole family incest porn
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Lynn was in the middle of trimming her hairy bush, when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. "Hi darling"' she answered, having seen it was her husband. "Hi hun, you sound a lot better than you did this morning", Mark replied, adding, "did you manage to get a good couple of hours in bed ?". Lynn felt herself blushing as she recalled getting fucked in the arse as she spoke to him earlier.

"Yes my love, it was a great few hours. I feel so much better for it". Lynn told him, dreamily thinking of the way Steve's magical cock had fucked her stupid for most of the day.

"How are you darling, is it all going well? ". Lynn asked, still blushing as she couldn't block out the images of earlier. Her poor, unsuspecting husband totally unaware of the fact that she had become a cheating, unfaithful slut and was in the middle of preparing herself for more of the same. "I'm fine, the same old routine, client meetings and lunches, the usual hotel.

I miss being with you and the kids, but it pays the bills and keeps the roof over our heads ". Mark told her, trying to sound upbeat about being away from them. Lynn felt terrible, knowing Mark was working hard for his family, hating being separated from his loved ones.

' Oh god, what have i become? I used to think about church meetings and what to have for the family dinner, now i just think about sex and getting fucked by my daughters boyfriend. How can i have changed so much in one day?'. Lynn thought to herself, knowing in her heart that she was losing the battle of wills with Lyndi Loo.

" Okay my love, you'll soon be home, love you ". Lynn's hollow words tormenting what was left of her failing conscious. "Bye mom your boobs are big, give my love to the kids.

Hope Jane and Steve can find time to keep you company while i'm away, i hate to think of you being alone and bored. Love you ". Mark said, hoping to comfort his wife, knowing she hated him going away on his business trips abroad. Lynn returned her attention to her hairy muff, there was enough spongy, pubic hair to fill a pillow case. She trimmed it as short as she could with the scissors, then applied a thick layer of hair remover. While Lynn waited for the cream to take effect her phone rang, it was Sandra.

" Hi sis, are you free to talk?". Sandra asked. " Yeah, i'm all alone, Jane's out with that dirty bastard of a boyfriend of hers. She's probably getting fucked by his beautiful big cock as we speak". Lynn answered her sister. "You sound like you begrudge Jane her turn to have his lovely fat cock inside her, don't forget, he is her boyfriend, we're the ones cheating on her".

Sandra admonished her. " Oh god, i know, what kind of a mother have i become. They're both coming back to stay the night and he's told me he's going to fuck me again. I feel so bad betraying Jane, but the sexual fire of desire he's lit inside me makes it impossible for me to resist any advances he makes on me". Lynn told Sandra.

" I could see that, by the shameless way you let him fondle and fuck you right in front of me this afternoon. He does seem to have an overwhelming sexual magnetism that's impossible to resist. I know he wants to fuck us again, he phoned me, telling me to take you shopping tomorrow morning. We've got to buy some sexy lingerie and outfits, 'slutty' was the phrase he used". Sandra informed her sister. Lynn felt jealous of the fact Public submission and bdsm with a strange teen tube porn had phoned Sandra and not her.

She was snapped out of her jealousy by the faint burning sensation around her vagina. "Sis, i've got to go, i'll see you in the morning, we can have a good chat then, bye hun, love you ". Said Lynn, cutting the conversation short. "Oh okay, be round at ten, hope you get to fuck him tonight. You can tell me all about it tomorrow my slutty younger sisterlove you, bye ". Sandra laughed, ending the call. She too felt jealous that she would be spending the night alone in her bed, while her sister and niece would be getting fucked by Steve's magnificent cock.

Lynn stepped into the warm shower and finished the job of rendering her pussy as bald and silky smooth as a baby's bottom. Looking in her full length bathroom mirror, she was quite shocked at seeing her naked vagina for the first time since pre pubity.

It then dawned on her, 'What would Mark say when he eventually caught sight of it, or felt my hairless vagina. Shit, it's too late now, i'll have to cross that bridge when i come to it '. Lynn ran her bath, added some creamy, sweet smelling lotions, put on a relaxing c d, dimmed the lights and slowly eased her sore and aching body into the fragrant, bubbly hot water." Lynn could feel her well fucked body, relaxing and responding straight away.

Resting her head on the back of the bath she dreamily let her thoughts drift back to the most amazing and shocking experiences she had willingly taken part in today. Steve had seduced her, giving her the first proper fucking of her life. She had submissively let him use her, let him fuck her like a whore. The only token resistance of a struggle she'd made was when he'd sodomised her and that was only because she was frightened he would hurt her because of the sheer size of his magnificent weapon and the tight, small entrance of her anus.

Her religious beliefs played a small part in her protestations, but after all the sins and vow breaking she'd already done, it seemed a minor issue in the scheme of things. Once the initial pain and discomfort was replaced with the amazing pleasure that blonde chick raylin ann fucks with the oldies plundered arsehole was giving her, she knew she was his and would never deny him again. Lynn replayed the ease with which he had used her to seduce her sister, brazenly stripping and fucking them both to many mind blowing orgasms.

Lynn felt herself blush deeply as she recalled the lewd acts she and her sister had performed on each other. She knew steve wanted to fuck them both again and would expect them to both perform on each other for his amusement. It suddenly struck Lynn that Steve would try and fuck Jane and her at the same time.

The unscrupulous bastard would have no shame in making Lyndi Loo commit sexually degrading acts with her daughter while he unashamedly fucked them both. The dirty bastard had already made her taste her daughters juices while she slept next to her husband.

How would Jane react when he tried to incorporate her mother into their sex life. Perhaps he wouldn't go down that route, perhaps he intended to fuck me while Jane slept, using me like a whore before returning to my sleeping daughters bed. Lynn became aware her pussy was tingling and her nipples were rock hard. Without even being aware of any conscious intent, she realised one hand had found it's way to her pussy, her other hand cupping her breast. Lynn loved the feeling of her smooth pubis, the slippery bare skin further enhanced by the soapy lotions that had been added to the water, her fingers gliding over her mons and pussy lips, exploring her newly exposed cunt.

The relaxing bath had transformed her body, the sexual thoughts had transformed her mind. Lynn was no longer in control, Lyndi Loo was now running the show. Lyndi Loo slowly rubbed her clit with two fingers as her other hand began kneading her soapy tits. Every now and then she would pull and pinch her erect nipples. Lyndi Loo unashamedly masturbated as she imagined Steve fucking her as her daughter watched.

Now it would be Jane's turn to be jealous as her cheating boyfriend fucked her slut of a mother to a screaming orgasm. Lyndi Loo's fingers soon had her cumming for the first time unaided. Her loud screams and obscenities free to echo round her empty family home, her juices adding to the bath water as she pinched her nipple hard and shook in unbridled pleasure.

Lyndi Loo dreamily came down from her sexual high, proud of the fact she was able to pleasure herself to an orgasm more amazing than anything her husband could ever hope to gift her with.

From now on, if her young virile lover was unavailable to give her a good fucking, she would tend to carnal and untamed sex games hardcore reality own needs.

No longer would she have to put up with her husbands inadequate, feeble attempts to satisfy her new found libido with his woefully under endowed penis and pitiful sexual prowess. The water was now lukewarm and her body felt vibrant and revived, free of aches and soreness as she exited the bath wrapping herself in a big, fluffy bath towel. Once dry Lyndi Loo headed for her wardrobe to pick out something nice to wear, eager to impress Steve.

She remembered her sisters phone call, about shopping for lingerie and slutty outfits, wishing they had been shopping already, her wardrobe sadly lacking in anything sexy and revealing. Lyndi Loo's one and only dress that could fit the bill was in the wash basket, soiled by pussy juice from her earlier exploits. She laughed out loud as she recalled standing here this morning, picking out an outfit that would intimidate Steve, putting him firmly in his place as she tore him off a strip.

Lyndi Loo's pussy pulsed as the memory of her moral downfall flooded her thoughts, laying helpless, seduced and exposed on her own sofa as she watched her daughters boyfriend stripping, the blatant arrogance on his face as he knew she was begging to be fucked and boy had he fucked her. Lyndi Loo even considered raiding Jane's wardrobe, but knowing Jane would instantly recognise her own clothes or underwear, decided against it.

Lyndi Loo picked out a black silk, sleeveless blouse and the shortest skirt she had, a beige one that just about covered her knees. She decided none of her underwear was sexy enough and would not wear any. Once her clothes were laid out on her bed, Lyndi Loo set about her hair and makeup. Lyndi Loo's stomach was doing cartwheels as she readied herself to greet her young lover, the fact he was her daughters boyfriend and half her age just seemed to add to the nervous excitement.

It was ten thirty when Jane and Steve returned, both entering the lounge and greeting Jane's mother. Lynn was shocked by her daughters appearance, her big, bra less tit's just about managing to stay inside her skimpy silk blouse as they wobbled and bounced as she crossed the lounge to give her a hug and kiss.

Jane had the pungent smell of sex that Lyndi Loo could now easily recognise, dried patches of cum on her face, neck, breasts, hair and blouse. Jealousy came racing to the surface knowing her daughter had been fucked by Steve.

"Hi mum, glad you're still up, you can keep Steve company while i have a shower, i'll try not to be too long ". Jane told her. "Yes i think you better ". Lyndi Loo tersely replied, annoyed at her daughters brazen flaunting of the fact she just been fucked and the way she was obviously challenging her authority and hierarchy. After Jane headed out the door for the shower, Steve pulled Lyndi Loo up from the sofa, telling her."Jane's a grown woman now, you're going to have to get used to that.

Is it the fact she loves getting fucked, or is it the fact that i'm the one that she's getting fucked by, that's making you so envious and jealous ?". Steve asked her. "It's you fucking her, i want you all to myself". Lyndi Loo truthfully replied. "God, i hate myself for being so bitchy, i'm the one in the wrong, i have no right to make such demands. Tell me what i should do ". Lyndi Loo implored him. Steve pulled her into a passionate kiss, he could feel her trembling body, her moans of needy lust filling his mouth.

She was his and he could make her dance to any tune he desired. Breaking the kiss he told her. "No one will ever have me all to themselves. I'm a free spirit and i'll fuck who ever i want to fuck. If you can't accept that, you'll just have to watch and listen while i fuck Jane tonight. If on the other hand you want more of my fucking, you'll just have to suppress those jealous feelings and do as you're told.

what's it to be?". Lyndi Loo knew it was folly on her part to even think he would only fuck her. "You know i'll do as you tell me, as long as it means i get to be fucked by you ". She answered in compliance. Steve studied the woman standing in front of him. At thirty nine years of age her figure was exquisite, the mother of his girlfriend had made a real effort to impress him tonight, her choice of clothes and demeanour a complete contrast to this morning.

It just goes to show what effect a long overdue, proper fucking can do to a woman. Her black silk blouse with her top three buttons undone, revealing her cleavage and drawing attention to her magnificent, bra less tit's and amazing nipples. Her beige skirt sensually hugging her slim hips and cute arse. Steve's eyes slowly travelled down her shapley, slender bare legs to her bare feet. He returned his gaze to her face, she was was beautiful in an unobvious way, her hair and makeup subtly enhancing her features.

There was just one more thing Steve needed to know. "Now tell me Lyndi Loo, was you an obedient slut, did you make your pussy presentable for me? Lift your skirt up and show me the cunt i'll be fucking later if you've done me proud ". Lyndi Loo smiled and teasingly began the upward journey of her skirt until her handiwork was revealed, saying, "Yes my sexy young lover, i was a very obedient slut. I hope my efforts please you, i would love you to fuck this cunt later".

Steve dropped to his knees, leaned in grabbed her arse cheeks and licked all around her silky smooth pubic area. He then briefly buried his tongue in her cunt and sucked hard. Lyndi Loo moaned out loud and went weak at the knees. youporn casting disaster st anal hilarious cumshot fuuuck". Steve returned to his feet and kissed her again.

Lyndi Loo could taste herself on his lips and tongue. Breaking the kiss he told her. "You shall go to the ball, Cinderella. I'm impressed". Steve sat down on the sofa and patted the seat next to him, Lyndi Loo followed.

"Now Lyndi Loo, if you want to get fucked later, you will have to let Jane catch you watching while i fuck her. I'll get you to sit on the bed with us as you cry and tell her you're so unhappy and unfulfilled. Tell her, you heard how much she was enjoying having sex and was desperate to know how it could be so good.

Got it?". Steve instructed her. "Oh my, what if she gets hysterical and starts screaming at me". Asked Lyndi Loo. "She won't, trust me, you do your bit, leave Jane to me. Once we go to her room, wait ten minutes, then quietly open her bedroom door and watch us fuck.

Do you trust me?". Steve asked her. "Completely, i'll do anything for you ". Lyndi Loo told him, desperate to receive his approval. Steve kissed her deeply one last time. He resisted the temptation to fondle her stunningly seductive tit's, he would save that pleasure until her daughter was able to witness it. Jane entered the lounge wearing matching sllk pyjamas, they looked so sexy on her, with her hair and makeup redone the way it was earlier she looked irresistible.

" I'm very tired, i think we should go up to my bedroom now Steve and get a good nights sleep. What do you think?".

Jane said enticingly. "I couldn't agree more. i've had a little chat with your mum and she has come to terms with the fact that you're a fully grown woman with sexual needs and desires that require satisfying. She knows that we have have been fucking and is more than happy to allow us to sleep together in your bed. Isn't that right Lynn?". Steve asked. "Yes, you have my consent ". Answered Lynn. Jane was both shocked and aroused as Steve used the word fucking, in front of her mother. As Jane looked at her mum properly since arriving home, she couldn't help noticing she looked somehow different, kind of sexy, she hadn't seen her dressed up without any good reason before and she had never seen her with any buttons undone, let alone three.

It then struck Jane, her eyes drawn to her mothers breasts via her cleavage, the fact they were heaving, her massive nipples putting on an hypnotic show as they rose and fell inside her black silk blouse.

'Oh my god, mum's not wearing a bra, she dressed this way because she knew Steve was coming back. Fuck look at the size of her nipples, she's as aroused by Steve as i am, shit'. Thought Jane, confused but knowing she couldn't let her thoughts be known. Jane held out her hand inviting Steve to stand up and follow her to bed. Lynn rose at the same time and hugged her daughter, saying.

"Good night hun". And kissed Jane. "Night mum". Jane felt a shock of electricity flow through her body as her mum's rock hard nipples brushed against her equally hard nipples.

Lynn felt the same sensation. Steve watched them hug and kiss, imagining his cock sandwiched between their moist, succulent lips. He could feel his cock hardening, it needed pleasuring real soon. Steve took his turn to hug and kiss Lynn goodnight, squashing her big tit's and excited nipples into his chest. " Night Lynn ". Lynn felt like her body had been plugged into the mains as Steve pulled her into an embrace and gently kissed her on the lips in the prescience of her daughter.

Jane swore she heard her mother let out a sigh as their lips parted. "Night love " Lynn whispered almost longingly to Steve. Jane led Steve up to her bedroom, her mind a whirl as all kinds of confused thoughts about her mothers behaviour and intentions towards her boyfriend raced through her head.

Once inside her bedroom, Jane closed the door and practically ripped her boyfriends clothes of him. "Wow, what's got you so fired up? I thought after being fucked so much this evening you would take things slower ". Steve questioned her. "I don't know, it's just the way my mum was dressed and the way she acted around you. It's as if she's got the hots for you or something ". Jane truthfully told him. "It's just your imagination, woman do tend to get possessive when they're in a highly sexual state.

Then again, like i told you before, i bet she's never been properly fucked in her life. That can make a woman cranky and irrational. She's probably trying to compete with you, seeing the way you've changed, the way you dress up for me, how happy you are now that you're getting fucked regularly.

It's a lot to cope with, seeing her baby girl becoming more of a woman than she is. You need to reassure her, restore her confidence, make her feel like a sexually attractive woman again". Steve couldn't believe all the psychiatrist bollocks he was using to further confuse and soften up Jane as his master plan was coming together, the pieces falling into place like a complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Jane felt sorry for her mother, pangs of quilt and concern replacing the jealousy that had spiked her body in the lounge.

Steve having sowed the seeds of care and concern in Jane's head now returned to matters in hand. Jane looked so fucking sexy, in a sweet and innocent sort of way. He pulled Jane into a passionate kiss, his hand lightly exploring her body hidden under the soft silk, he's hands slipping and sliding over her taught young skin.

"Get on that bed you teasing little minx, i want my cock inside that wet, slut cunt of yours". Steve ordered her. Jane instantly complied, saying. " Oh my, please don't put that tree trunk of a cock inside me, i'm an innocent, shy virgin, i'll scream for help".

Steve laughed, she was a few days too late for that, she should have screamed when she had the chance. He loved the fact she was girl and five old man creative and uninhibited. 'we'll soon see just how uninhibited she really is when it's time for mummy to join the fun ' thought Steve as he unbuttoned her pyjama top and played roughly with her big, firm tits. Jane was soon whimpering as Steve pinched, twisted, pulled and bit on her glorious nipples.

All the the time she was having her tit's thoroughly worked over, Jane was wanking his thick shafted, magnificent cock. It looked enormous in her tiny hand. "Let me suck it, baby, fuck my throat with it".

Jane begged. "Only if i can eat your cunt at the same time ". Steve told her. "God yeah, get on top of me quick ". Jane responded. Steve soon straddled her head and watched his fat, eight inches disappear down her throat, leaning forward onto his forearms, he cupped her peachy arse cheeks and pulled her cunt up to meet his mouth.

Steve attacked her needy pussy through her silk pyjama bottoms, within seconds they were saturated inside and out, as his sylvia and her pussy juice fought through the gusset to blend into one. Steve needed to taste bare flesh. He eased the pyjama crotch away from her cunt, then nipping at the seam with his teeth and pulling the material with his hands, soon ripped a six inch gash along the seam.

Letting go of the silk material, he saw it settle back to her crotch, leaving her cunt and arse crack bare and vulnerable to his rekindled oral assault. Lylndi Loo had waited a few minutes before nervously following in their footsteps, she stood outside her daughters bedroom door, trembling with fear and trepidation, knowing it was so wrong to covet her daughters boyfriend.

Lyndi Loo reasoned that if it had not been for his sexual advances on her, she would never have been in this predicament, it was all his fault for seducing her and turning her into the cheating, desperate slut she'd become. Lyndi Loo eased her ear to the door, she could easily hear her daughter asking to suck his cock and Steve wanting to eat her cunt.

The slurping sounds that soon followed confirmation that they were doing just that. She wondered who was on top and flashbacks of Randi Sandi and Lyndi Loo in the same position, going at each other for all they worth made her blush a deep crimson. As Lyndi Loo continued eavesdropping, she heard her daughters muffled screams as she succumbed to her first orgasm of the night. Lyndi Loo clutched at her breast and bit her bottom lip, as jealousy filled her heart and excitement stimulated her pulsing cunt.

She wondered how long she should wait before trying to sneak into the room unnoticed. The fear of her loving relationship with her daughter blowing up in her face and being irrevocably damaged couldn't compete with her desperate need for lustful bliss, her all consuming desire to be taken like a wild jungle animal, getting fucked over and over again. In Lyndi Loo's heightened state she heard Steve ordering her daughter to get on all fours so he could fuck her from behind.

Lyndi Loo knew from the way her daughters bed faced that she would probably be facing away from the door. Once she began to hear the loud slapping of flesh on flesh and her daughters animalistic grunts, she decided to enter. Shaking with fear and driven by lust, her hand reached for the doorknob. Despite her shaking she managed to quietly crack open the door, she paused and listened for any signs of discovery, then slowly began opening it wide enough to peep round the edge and look inside the room.

She was presented with the sight of her daughter on her hands and knees, facing away from her, Steve was pulling her two ponytails as he repeatedly slammed his impressive manhood its full length into Jane's cunt through her ripped pyjama bottoms, smashing his pelvis and thighs into her rippling arse with a satisfying slap. Jane's big tit's swinging wildly out of control.

Lyndi Loo took a deep breath and in an all or nothing moment took the plunge, entering the room and quietly closing the door behind her. She stood in full view with nowhere to hide, watching wide eyed as her daughter and boyfriend fucked. Never had Lyndi Loo felt more alive or frightened, this situation seemed way more intense than the first time she spied on them.

This time she knew she was going to be discovered by her daughter, it was only a matter of minutes away from the most intense mother, daughter confrontation the two of them had ever encountered. The butterflies seemed more like eagles in her stomach as Steve turned his head, winking in acknowledgment to her presence. Jane's grunts turned to obscenities as she started her final descent into another mind blowing release.

"Oh fuck, soooo goood, drugged sister anal creampie fuck god, sooo biiig, ooooh shit, fuuuck yooour slut haaard, i'm cummmingfuuuck, aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh".

As Jane exploded, Lyndi Loo's eyes widened like saucers, watching in horror, as Steve turned Jane's head using her ponytails like the handlebars of a bike to look straight at her.

Jane was mortified as she looked straight into her mothers wide, transfixed eyes. Jane couldn't help but finish what she had started as Steve fucked her through a massive orgasm, staring at her mother as she shook uncontrollably. "Ah fuuuuck, god muum, what the fuuuck are yoooou dooooing, aaarrrrggghhh shiiiit".

Jane's climax finally ebbed enough for her to regroup her thoughts and talk fluently. " Mum what the fuck are you doing in my room, watching me and Steve make love, are you mental or something ". Jane shouted at her mother. Right on cue, but not fake, Lyndi Loo burst into real tears. "I'm so sorry, i don't know, i just, i i just felt so so old and lon lonely, so u u useless " Lynn sobbed.

Steve pulled his cock from Jane's dripping cunt, got of the bed and walked over to a crestfallen Lyndi Loo. Taking her by the hand, he led her to the bed, as mum and daughter both watched his still erect, glistening penis bob about like a baby's arm holding an orange.

Steve sat her down between himself and Jane, who was seated by now. Putting his arm around her shoulder to console her. He said. "You're not old or useless, ain't that right Jane". Giving a shellshocked Jane a look that said take pity on your poor mother. Jane too put her arm round her sobbing mother, saying. "Mum, you're none of those things. You're still a young vibrant woman, with so much to offer.

Please stop crying and tell us what's made you so upset ". Lynn slowly regained her composure and apologetically started to lay bare her soul, telling her daughter.

" I'm so unhappy and lonely. So empty and unfulfilled. I see how happy you and Steve are. I can see how sexually fulfilled you've become in such a short time and it makes me realise what a sexually wasted life i've led. Your father doesn't know how to satisfy me, i've never had an orgasm ". "Oh mum, that's so sad, i've never realised you felt this way, why have you kept it bottled up all this time, why didn't you talk to me about it?". Jane asked her mum. "It's not the sort of thing i could talk to anyone about.

I certainly couldn't have talked to you about it before now, while you was still a virgin. I couldn't even bring myself to discuss it with auntie Sandra. I'm only coming clean with you because i have no choice and i've become so desperate ".

Lynn's tears started to flow down her cheeks again. Steve was still sat naked with his arm around Lyndi Loo's shoulder, both women oblivious to his presence. He loved the way Jane was getting so concerned for her mothers wellbeing. Things were ticking along nicely without his need to intervene. Jane continued to comfort her mother. "Don't cry mum, i love you so much, i hate to see you so unhappy.

What made you come into my room, why didn't you wait until the morning to talk?". "I was going to go to bed and i heard you having an orgasm. You sounded so happy in your unbridled passion. I don't know what possessed me, i just had an overwhelming urge to see what it was that Steve was doing to you, that was obviously different to what your father was doing to me".

Lynn confessed. Jane was desperate to help her mother. "How can we help you mum, just tell us what we can do to make you feel better ".

" I don't think you can. Seeing Steve make love to you with such expertise and passion, making you climax so powerfully. In that one, beautifully moving moment i realised my marriage to your father has been a hollow sham. I instantly knew if i ever hoped to feel the gratifying bliss you was feeling, i would have to leave your father and find a virile passionate man of my own ".

Lynn confided to Jane. Steve saw the tears welling up in Jane's eyes. 'This just gets better and better, i'll give it about five minutes before Jane's begging me to fuck her mum in the hope of saving her parents marriage'. thought Steve. "No mum, you can't seriously be thinking of splitting up with dad after all these years. surely all the the wonderful times you've had together and your wonderful family mean more to you than having great sex".

Jane said, then remembered her conversation earlier with her hd teen in panties fuck and big ass leggings dont say you love me. In that moment she realised just how special great sex was, how much of a difference it made to a woman's life.

Jane new that without itshe would be empty and miserable. Jane instinctively knew her mother was serious about leaving her father.

It was impossible to imagine how much pent up frustration and other sexually repressed issues her poor mother must be going through. Jane pulled her mother into an embrace, causing Steve's arm to to slide down to Lyndi Loo's arse, unnoticed by Jane, he gave her a reassuring squeeze. The sight of mother and daughter embracing was so hot. Jane's pyjama top was wide open and her big tit's were squeezed against her mums even bigger tit's, pushing them out at their sides.

Jane hugged her mum tightly as she desperately sought a solution to her mothers plight. "There must be some other way mum, please, i would do anything to make you happy and keep you and dad together". Jane said, looking over her mums shoulder at Steve, searching for guidance.

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Steve gave Jane a shrug of the shoulders and pulled a sympathetic face, while all the time he was thinking. 'Come on Jane, it's not rocket science, it can't be that hard, the penny has got to drop soon '. Jane was at a loss, she was wishing she could come up with a magical solution to make all her mothers troubles vanish.

As she looked vacantly around the room, hoping inspiration would appear from god, her eyes locked on her boyfriends beautiful, erect cock. The cogs in Jane's head, slowly turned. finally the light bulb lit up. Steve's beautiful big cock was the answer to her mothers sexual needs. If she could convince Steve to fuck her mum, her mum would have no need to leave her dad and break up their happy home. it would be a small price to pay for her mums happiness. It would be a loving gesture, what daughter wouldn't give her mother the chance of happiness if she truly loved her.

Jane' brain was racing a hundred miles an hour, how could she convince Steve to fuck her mum, to good pov blowjob session amateur and teen her the mind blowing bliss that would save her marriage.

' He had joked about fucking her, but that was joking, this is for real. oh shit, the best way is to just ask him. If he truly loved me he'd fuck her for me'. "Mum, i just need to talk to Steve a moment". Jane rose from the bed, tugged Steve's arm and guided him to the ensuite bathroom.

Looking Steve lovingly in the eyes Jane whispered softly. "Would you be willing to give my mum what she needs, would you give her a proper good fucking, make her feel special and wanted. Please, would you do it for me, i want you to make her cum the way you make me cum, i want her to experience the same passion and pleasures that i do. Please, it would mean so much to me.

I'll do anything for you, please". Steve took hold of Jane's cheeks, he kissed away the tears from her eyes, then kissed her softly on the lips, telling her."It's a big ask. You know i'd do anything for you, but fucking your mum, i'm not sure, have you considered the consequences of what you're asking. "Not really, but i've thought of the consequences if you don't fuck her, it would mean the end of my parents marriage.

I'm willing to risk the consequences, i'm begging you, do it for me and my family". Jane pleaded. " Fucking her once won't solve the problem, it will only make her hungry for more. If you really want this, it will mean sharing me with your mum on a permanent basis. Is that what you want?". Jane was hopelessly committed to seeking a way to repair her mums broken heart.

Looking pleadingly into Steve's eyes, she answered. "Yes". " Okay, if this is truly what you want then i'm prepared to do it for you, but you owe me big time ". Steve responded. Jane gave Steve a big hug and kiss, beaming, she said.

"Thank you, i love you so much ". Steve told Jane. "For this to work for us, i'm only gonna be able to fuck you both together. Trust me, if i'm fucking her and you're not there, you will start to get jealous and all sorts of doubts and resentment will creep into your head. If i fuck the two of you together, you'll both build an unbreakable bond between each other that's based on trust and not suspicion.

Is that understood? ". Jane gazed at her amazing boyfriend in awe, his words so wise beyond his years, everything he said made perfect sense, this was her only hope of saving her parents marriage. "Yes my gorgeous boyfriend, now lets go and see if my mum will go along with our solution ". Said Jane, kissing Steve and giving his cock a loving squeeze. Steve told Jane. "Leave the next bit to me, i will need to carefully and tenderly seduce your mum into accepting our planned arrangement, it's going to have to feel natural, not cold and contrived to win her over.

You just sit next to her, gently stroking her cheek with one hand and her thigh with the other, that will comfort and pacify her while i try to restore her womanhood, okay?". Jane nodded her agreement. "Okay ". They both went back and sat either side of Jane's forlorn looking mum. Jane did as Steve instructed and began stroking her mums cheek and thigh.

Steve brushed the hair from Lyndi Loo's tearful face, telling her. "A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be sad and lonely, you're every bit as sexy and attractive as your daughter, you've got a gorgeous figure, it's hard to believe when i look at you, that you're old enough to have two teenage children, you look more like a slightly older sister, not Jane's mother". Steve was brushing Lyndi Loo's opposing cheek and running his fingers through her hair.

This whole charade was just for the benefit of Jane, Steve knew he could push Lyndi Loo back on the quilt, hitch her skirt up, mount her and fuck her stupid anytime he wanted.

'Poor gullible Jane'. He thought. Steve continued pretending to breakdown her mothers defences. "You're a desirable woman, any man would be proud to have you as his lover, to be able to kiss your inviting moist lips, to fondle your big, magnificent breasts, to roll those beautiful, mother i would like to fuck beautiful chick turns herself on nipples between his thumbs and fingers ".

Jane was sitting in a puddle of her leaking pussy juice, she never thought it was possible to get so turned on hearing her boyfriend trying to seduce her mother. Lyndi Loo was also getting so fucking hot and horny by being seduced for a second time as her daughter gently stroked her. "Do you really think that. How can i be sure your words are genuine and sincere, not hollow and empty, only a means to pacify a cranky old frump".

Lindi Loo said, adding to the drama. Steve again reinforced his words, this time adding actions to back them up. "You're no frump and as for the words, let me tell you again. Your lips are moist and inviting ". Steve leaned in, lightly gripping her chin, he gently kissed her lips and Jane looked on intensely as her mother responded, kissing him back, the kiss grew as Steve slid his tongue into her mouth and her mother eagerly accepted sunny leone new mb4 sex xxxx com, her moans escaping from between their lips.

Steve broke the kiss to tell her. "Your big breasts deserve to be fondled ". Jane was gripped as Steve brought his hand up to her heaving breasts and proceeded to lightly brush his palm and fingers over silk covered tit's and nipples. Jane witnessed her mums nipples grow even larger than they already were. When Steve crocked his index finger and scraped his fingernail repeatedly across them in turn, her mother couldn't contain the pleasure she was receiving.

"Oh god, what are you doing to me, that feels amazing ". She moaned. Steve switched tactics, bringing his other hand to join in, he started firmly squeezing and kneading her pliable mounds of flesh. All three sets of eyes watched Steve's masterful manipulation of Lyndi Loo's tit's, when he started to pinch, roll and twist her massive, rock hard nipples, Jane's mother became a whimpering wreck.

Steve capped the performance by leaning in and chewing both nipples together as he distorted her breasts to accommodate both rubbery teats into his mouth.

" Oh fuck that's soooo gooood". cried Lyndi Loo. Jane was shocked at hearing her mum swear for the first time, but she knew cute teen hardcore creampie our business is private it felt like to have Steve chew on her nipples, she could empathise with her mother.

Steve broke away from her breasts to passionately kiss her again, Jane's mother gripping his head with both hands as she feasted on his lips and tongue.

Ending the kiss, Steve asked her. "Do my words sound genuine and sincere now". "Yes". Lynn panted. Do my actions feel hollow and empty?". "No". Lyndi Loo sighed. "Have you ever been kissed with such passion before? ". Steve asked. "No". "Have your tit's and nipples ever felt such pleasure before? ". Steve again asked. "No". "Have my kisses and fondling started a fire in your pussy?". Steve probed. "Yes". "Do you want me to fan those flames ". Steve challenged. "God, yes".

Steve had reduced her mum to quivering mess and gullible Jane was complicit to his devious game. Lyndi Loo spread her legs as wide as her skirt would allow as Steve's hand disappeared from view and edged upwards, gently grazing her inner thigh as it made the short journey to her bald, dripping cunt. Jane was mesmerised as she watched her mums skirt rippling, giving away the location of Steve's hidden hand. Having found it's destination, Jane heard the squelch and her mums sharp intake of breath as her boyfriends fingers pushed past her pussy lips and tunnelled their way into her cunt.

As her boyfriend fingered her mothers cunt, Jane's own fingers had subconsciously found her own wet gash, exposed by the rip in her pyjama bottoms. Steve couldn't help but smile as looked at his girlfriend and her mum, both ripe for fucking. He knew he would be fucking both of them at the same time all weekend, apart from a few hours when Lyndi Loo went shopping with Randi Sandi.

Steve decided the time was right to get Jane more involved. He exited her squirming cunt and sucked the juice from his fingers. "God you taste good Lynn. Do you want me to fuck you now?". Steve asked, knowing the answer. "More than anything, i need you to make me cum just the way Jane cums". pleaded Lyndi Loo. "Jane we need to get your mum out of her clothes, she wants a good, hard fuck, so she can cum hard, just like you". Steve said, snapping Jane out of her masturbating trance. Steve stood up and helped mother and daughter to their feet.

"Strip your mother while i fuck you ". Steve ordered. Steve stood behind Jane slipped his arms between hers, fondling her tit's while he watched Jane struggle to release her mums buttons one by one. "Your daughter has lovingly decided to share my big cock with you.

What have you got to say about mom your boobs are big ". Asked Steve. "I'm overwhelmed, i don't know how i can ever repay her". Lyndi Loo truthfully answered. "You'll repay her by showing her just how grateful you are whenever i tell you, okay ". Steve ordered. " i'll do anything if it means i can become a completely fulfilled woman ". Replied a happy Lynn. Jane's hands were shaking so much from excitement, she was struggling to undo her mums blouse.

Steve was enjoying the show, as her shaking hands made her mothers tit's wobble, he decided it was time to penetrate Jane's soaked cunt with his throbbing cock. It seemed like a lifetime ago he'd fucked Jane to orgasm.

Using one hand he wiped his helmet up and down her pussy lips before plunging all eight inches up her highly aroused snatch. As he gently ploughed her cunt and played with her tit's, making the job of undoing mummies buttons all the more difficult, he decided to tease her. "Do you like getting fucked with mummy watching?". Jane was way past caring, she found this latest twist in this three way love triangle of her own making so fucking hot. "God yeah, it's even more erotic than the time we fucked in my parents room while they slept".

Jane answered, knowing she was confessing to her mother, but figured her mum owed her some good grace. Jane finally finished unbuttoning her mums blouse and pulled both sides open, exposing her awesome tit's and spectacular nipples for her boyfriend and her to see for the first time. Jane was probably a baby the last time she saw her mother naked, Jane slid the blouse down her mothers arms and cast it away to a chair in the corner of the room.

Despite being fucked from behind Jane made easier work of her mums skirt. The look on Jane's face was priceless as her mums skirt slid clear of her hips and arse, falling to the floor, exposing her shaven haven. "Mum, since when have you been into hairless heaven?

". Jane asked her, genuinely shocked. "It was something your auntie Sandra mentioned a while back". Lied Lynn. "Well i think it's spectacular Lyndi Loo and as soon as your daughter cums on my cock i'm going to taste it, then i'm gonna fuck the shit out of it". Steve told her. Jane, now over the shock of her mums glistening, bald muff, held onto her mothers hips for support. She liked the fact that her boyfriend had come up with a nickname for her mum, it showed he cared about her.

Steve held onto Jane's hips and pounded her cunt deep and hard, with the added bonus of seeing her mums tit's wobble and swing with every thrust that was transmitted through Jane's arms and hands.

Jane was fucking back at steve's thrusting cock. Turned on by the fact her mother was watching and knowing her boyfriend had unselfishly agreed to fuck her mum to save their marriage was all it took.

"Aaarrrggg fuuck, my cuunts cuuuummmmiiing, fuuuck, i loooove yooou boooth, shiiit". Lynda Loo's eyes lit up, she knew his beautiful cock would belong to her very soon.

Steve eased his cock out of his girlfriend and helped her on unsteady legs to the bed. Steve turned his attention to his girlfriends mother. helping her to the middle of the bed, laying her on her back he crawled between her bent and open legs. Extending his tongue he lapped at her sweet juices, exploring every nook and crevice.

The mother writhing in pleasure as the daughter watched spellbound. Stopping short of making her cum Steve changed positions. Kneeling between her legs Steve aligned his helmet, wet with Jane's cum, with the entrance to her cunt.

Lyndi Loo gasped as Steve pushed three inches into her. Holding her raised legs behind her knees in the crook of his arms, Steve asked her. "Are you ready for this, are you sure you want to cheat on your husband ?". "Oh god yes, take me, use me, fuck me like the unfaithful, betraying bitch i am, please ravish me until i cum". Were her last pleas before she felt her cunt fill with his magnificent cock again.

Jane couldn't believe she had gone from a virgin to watching and being part of her mum getting fucked by her boyfriend in less than a week. Jane had never even watched porn, let alone become the instigator of a threesome with her mother.

Again the alarm bells were ringing in her head, why was she getting so turned on watching her mother being fucked by her boyfriend. It worried her that it didn't worry her. ' Oh god, i've turned into a sexual adrenaline junkie'. Thought Jane. Jane was getting intoxicated by the sight of her mums masssive tit's rampaging across her chest in response to the the severe fucking she was receiving. The sight of her boyfriends beautiful cock playing ' now you see me, now you don't ' with her mothers desperate cunt, causing her mum to shout out obscenely as she neared her first ever orgasm, was overpowering emotionally.

Lyndi Loo was bucking wildly, fucking back in perfect harmony as she matched him thrust for thrust. Her volume and frequency rose until she succumbed to the blissful release that she had yearned for since her last. "Oh god, Steve, i'm neeeaaarly theeree, doooont stooop, aaaaawwwww fuuuuuck, sooooo goooood, biiiig cooock, fuuuk nooow, cuuunt cuuuming, aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck". Jane felt enormous pride as she witnessed her mother explode into her first powerful orgasm.

The rigid silence followed by uncontrollable shaking, her wobbling and undulating breasts, combining with her squirting pussy, forcing its juices to escape past the thick girth of her boyfriends cock.

As her mother recovered Jane whispered. "Thank you ". To Steve. She lovingly brushed the hair away from her mothers face and as her mum opened her eyes and looked lovingly into Jane's eyes, both of them burst into tears.

"Oh mum, that was so beautiful, being able to help you fulfill your dream. I knew Steve could give you a massive orgasm, isn't he amazing?". Jane enthused, after she had stopped sobbing. "Oh Jane, that was the most wonderful feeling i've ever experienced, i had no idea it would be that magical ".

Lyndi Loo lied to her daughter, recalling the mind blowing climax from this mornings sofa seduction. "Thank you both so much for the love and kindness you've shown me. How can i ever repay you? ". Lyndi asked. Steve gave himself an imaginary pat on the back. His plan had gone like clockwork. In less than a week he'd managed to fuck mother and daughter together.

His gullible girlfriend thinking he did it all for love. Her mother so submissive and desperate. Now Steve had made the breakthrough, achieving the goal he had set himself on first seeing Lyndi Loo that Tuesday evening, it was time to push their boundaries. Although the sex was amazing, it was the thrill of the chase, the excitement of bending a woman's will, the adrenaline rush of manipulating them to willingly perform sexually in a ways they would never dream of doing normally.

Women were his playthings and now it was time to up the stakes for the mother and daughter that were at his mercy on the bed with him. Steve still had his erect cock buried in Lyndi Loo's drenched cunt, both mum and daughter needed to be fired up before he would be able to get them to the next level, especially Jane.

"Lyndi Loo, i think it only fair i fuck your daughter next before we continue your sex education, don't you?". Steve asked her. "Certainly ".

Came the reply. " I think you should remove her pyjamas, we don't want her feeling overdressed for this little party we're having, do we?". Steve cajoled her. " No, we wouldn't want that, i'll gladly remove them for her". Replied Lyndi Loo.

Steve retrieved his slimy cock from her hairless heaven. This time it was Jane's mothers cunt cum, that would be the first to soil the quilt cover, it wouldn't be the last. Steve helped Lyndi Loo's sweaty, freshly fucked body onto her knees. He watched excitedly as mummy eased daughters already unbuttoned pyjama top from her shoulders and let it glide down her arms, once it was free it was tossed to join her own blouse and skirt on the corner chair.

With excitement coursing through her trembling body, Lyndi Loo began tugging down her daughters ripped and sticky pyjama bottoms. Jane never in her wildest dreams thought she'd ever be in this situation, her own mother stripping her naked, both of them in a highly charged state of sexual excitement. Her body felt like it was buzzing with high voltage electricity as her mum slid the elasticated waistband down over her hips and arse cheeks, exposing her neatly trimmed bush and pussy until they could go no further due to her kneeling position.

The voltage they both felt increased as her mother placed both her palms on her daughters bare breasts and pushed her. Jane toppled onto her back and Lyndi Loo completed the task, rendering her daughter as naked as Steve and her. "If we're gonna give Lyndi Loo a proper education, i think you should show your mother how to suck a cock, don't you " Steve asked Jane.

He knew this was the first proper test for Jane, being fucked with her mum watching and watching her mum getting fucked was one thing, tasting her mums cum and cunt juice on his cock was a different kettle of fish. Steve knew Jane had already unwittingly tasted her mothers cunt on his cock and he knew she didn't mind the taste of all manor of bodily fluids. Steve gripped the base of his big hard meat, covered in a thick, slimy coating of her mothers cunt cream and waved it tantalisingly in Jane's direction.

"Show momma how it's done gorgeous ". Steve challenged her. Jane looked at Steve's cock, then looked at him, then looked at his cock again, then looked at her mum, then focusing intently on his cock again as she wrestled with her morals, she knew it was soooo wrong, but Steve did agree to fuck her mum and not many boyfriends would be so kind and obliging.

Jane felt obligated and the fact it was sinful kind of excited her. The decision having been taken Jane crawled cat like and planted a kiss on the crown of his engorged purple helmet. Jane looked up at Steve with her sultry, sparkling brown eyes, seductively licked her lips, opened her mouth as wide as it would go and slowly made every last millimetre of his taboo flavoured cock disappear down her throat.

Steve and Lyndi Loo watched Jane's impressive display as she proudly showcased her cock sucking skills. Jane's mother new she would have to up her game if she was to compete with her daughters masterful accomplishments. Jane loved the sweet taste her mother had secreted on her boyfriends cock, only slightly stronger than her own, the pungent odour of sex it emitted as intoxicating as any expensive perfume.

Steve eased Jane's head of his cock and said. "You'll soon be able to suck my big, fat cock like that Lyndi Loo, by the time we've finished your education the saying ' like mother, like daughter ' will have a whole new meaning to the three of us". "I do hope so, i promise to try my hardest to repay you both for your kindness ". Replied Lyndi Loo. "I think your daughter deserves her reward now for her first class efforts. Get on all fours Jane, i'm gonna show your mum what a good arse fucking looks like close up".

Steve informed them. Jane duly obliged and Steve mounted her cunt from the rear. Slowly he stroked in and all the way out of her wet, gaping pussy. Reaching out to her mum, Steve manoeuvred her head to rest on her daughters arse, just above her bum crack. Lyndi Loo knew what was coming, thanks to her threesome with Sandra earlier that afternoon. As soon as Jane had agreed to share her boyfriend and 'persuade' him to fuck them together, Lynn had resigned herself to the fact that it was only a matter of time before he manipulated them into performing on each other.

He had already conquered Lyndi Loo and sister Randi Sandi earlier and he had just broken the ice for Jane, testing her obedience of his perverse demands, she may of hesitated briefly, but any shame or guilt that might have tormented her and stopped her tasting her mothers sex juice were quickly allayed in her need and desire to placate her boyfriend.

As much as Lynn was appalled at the thought of performing sexual acts with her daughter, she knew it was the price she had to pay for the gratification and adrenaline rush her alto ego Lyndi Loo demanded. She would just add it to the growing list of sins she was racking up since that havoc causing, bastard of a boyfriend had been introduced into myanmar actress aye thin chswe full porn family by her daughter.

Steve began to alternate between his girlfriends cunt and her mothers mouth, half a dozen times later he told Lyndi Loo. "Grip my cock and feed it into your daughters arsehole, but first, i want you to dribble a mouthful of sylvia down the crack of her arse". Lyndi Loo obliged, she marvelled at his magnificent phallas as she guided it to the spit covered entrance to her daughters anal passage. Jamming huge titties asian pretty chick japanese hardcore Loo just a spellbound voyeur as he applied pressure until the exit became an entrance.

Jane grunted "Aaarrrggghhh" as Steve lodged three inches of meat cozily inside her rectum. After a few seconds he pushed again and Lyndi Loo witnessed three more inches hide in her daughters anal cavity. A few tiny inch long thrusts later and Lyndi Loo knew what to expect next.

She wasn't disappointed as Steve fully withdrew his yellow tinged, glistening cock and slid it between her lips with the instructions. "Suck it until it's covered in drool, the wetter you make it, the less the initial pain your daughter will feel ".

A dozen repeats of arse to mouth and Jane was ready for the arse fucking Steve had promised her. Jane's grunts had turned to loud moans of approval. " Oh god that feels good, i love that big, thick cock stretching my arsehole, i can't believe my mum loves eating my arse juice off your cock, i love the way you plunder my shithole, oooohhhh fuuuuck, it feeels amaaazing, make my mum suck it again it's soooo hot". Steve did just that telling her."Your mum loves tasting you on my cock, isn't that right Lyndi Loo?".

"God yes, i know it's so wrong, but that just makes it all the more exciting ". Lyndi Loo replied. "Oh mum, i know exactly what you mean ". Jane managed to answer, while her arse was empty. Steve toyed between daughters arse and mothers mouth for another minute while he contemplated the good progress and the boundaries being crossed.

"Right Lyndi Loo, i'm gonna plunder your daughters shithole good and hard and i want you to stifle her cries of pleasure with your cunt. Get on all fours in front of her and back your arse and pussy into her slut face. Steve told her. Jane was in no fit state of mind to protest but she knew his request was so morally wrong, her arse fucking heaven rendering her rational train of thought redundant.

Lyndi Loo got in position and as she eased her arse back towards her daughters moaning mouth vocalised her thoughts. "Oh god, please forgive me, i know it's so wrong, i've been denied bliss and fulfilment brunette olivia alize looks amazing laying on her so long, the devils got me and i love it". Steve couldn't help but laugh as he fucked Janes arse and heard her mothers words.'Time for fun' he thought.

"From now on i want you both to refer to my cock as 'the devil '. That will make you both devil worshipers, understood ?".

Steve told them both. Jane was the first to reply. "I'm being fucked in the arse by the devil and i love it" Jane stuck her tongue out knowing once contact was made in such a forbidden act a line would be crossed, a line that could never be uncrossed, she would be committing herself to an incestuous sexual relationship that went against everything she and her mother believed in, even in Jane's highly aroused and confused state, almost on the brink of erupting into an orgasm she hesitated, torn between wanting to satisfy her boyfriends request, the deeply disturbing way she needed to push the boundaries of sexual gratification and the moral issues that could drive a wedge between her and her mother.

Steve could tell Jane was at a crossroads and decided to make her mind up for her, one extra powerful lunge into her shitter amazingly hot cam girl whips her big tits out Jane's tongue to make contact with her mums wet, exposed cunt.

Mum swiftly replied as her daughters lips and tongue made contact with her cunt and her nose wedged against her rubbery sphincter. "The devil is all powerful, i love the devil, i'll worship the devil, aarrrgghhh fuck, eat my cunt gooood, it feels sooooo good, sooooo fucking goooood". "Do you like having your cunt pleasured by your sweet daughters mouth while the devil sodomises her once holy, church going shithole?".

Steve challenged her christian beliefs. "Oh fuck yes. If it's a choice between the devils bliss, condemning me to hell and gods unfulfilled heaven then call me a sinner".

proclaimed Lyndi Loo. Jane was building to a massive orgasm, eating pussy while being arse fucked was an exciting knew experience, the fact that it was her mother and was so wrong made it all the more arousing. "Tell your mother what her fucked cunt tastes like " encouraged Steve. Jane pulled her feasting mouth from her mothers dripping pussy and told her.

"Oh shit mum, your pussy is sooo hot and tasty, sooo fucking sweet" "I'm gonna fuck Lyndi Loo in the arse once you've cum Jane, get your mums arsehole ready to take eight inches of fat, throbbing devil meat, use your tongue and fingers to loosen up that tight sphincter for me".

Steve ordered. Jane lifted her hands from the bed and placed them on her mothers arse cheeks. Pulling them apart, Jane studied her mums wrinkled bum ring, it looked slightly puffy and bruised, Jane unaware her cheating boyfriend had butchered it earlier that day while her cheating mum spoke to her father.

When Steve had told her that fucking her and her mum together would create an unbreakable bond between them, she never envisaged the bond of her tongue in her mums arse.

On the verge of cuming, Jane added her thumbs to accompany her tongue, she figured, if her mum was prepared to eat her own daughters arse juice, returning the favour was the least she could do. Jane felt her orgasm start and she certainly let the both of them know it. "Oh fuck, that's soooo good, soooo fucking good, pound my arsehole you bastard, fill your slut with devil cock, aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh fuuuuuuck cuuuuumiiiing". Jane was delirious with pleasure as her orgasm swept over her.

Once she had recovered sufficiently she spat into her mothers prised open anus saying. "God mum that was so good, you're gonna love getting bum fucked". Steve's withdrawal from Jane's arse was accompanied by a concerto of arse farts. He told Jane. "Stay where you are, i want you to guide my cock into your mothers bum hole ". Steve stood up, straddling his girlfriends body he covered the short distance to her mums exposed and vulnerable arse.

Squatting he gripped Lyndi Loo's hips, his fully erect cock hovering close to her bum ring. Jane wrapped her small hand as far as it would go around the thick veined shaft. Guiding it to her mothers bum hole she doubted it would be possible to squeeze such a formidable weapon inside, as the engorged purple helmet made contact with the wrinkled, rubbery sphincter. Steve applied the pressure required to gain entry into her dark tunnel. Jane watched amazed as inch after inch slid through her fingers and disappeared into mums arsehole, distorting her cunt.

Jane let her hand slip off his shaft allowing it all to gain entry. Jane couldn't believe her mums virgin arse could swallow up his big, fat cock on her first try. "I'm impressed mum, it took ages before he could get his full length inside me the first time he fucked my arse". Steve pulled all barbie got fucked by a long dick way out and told Jane.

"Get my cock wet and spit in your mums gaping bum hole". Jane did as instructed, sucking and drooling over his arse flavoured cock and spitting into her shithole, satisfied with her work Jane fed her boyfriends fat cock back inside. Steve began the steady destruction of Lyndi Loo's back door as Jane watched entranced. It being the first time she had witnessed her boyfriend sodomising her mother, she was sure it wasn't going to be the last.

Jane moved to the side and began rubbing her own pussy. Steve told her. "Now i'm fucking both of you there's no need to pleasure yourself when your mothers got a perfectly capable mouth to do that for you, isn't right Lyndi Loo?". "I'll do anything you ask, if it means you will keep giving me this wonderful pleasure ". Lynn answered. "You heard your mother Jane, wouldn't you prefer her soft, wet mouth to replace your fingers.

I think it's only fair you give her a chance to see if she can eat cunt as good as you. Lay on your back in front of her and offer her your cunt". Ordered Steve, backing himself and Lynn down the bed giving Jane room. He knew they had both crossed the moral line and would justify their incestuous, lust filled actions as acts of love and caring for each other. Steve couldn't give a shit about how fucked up it was to manipulate his girlfriend and her mother to perform for him, it was all part of his need to feed his sexual ego, his need for excitement.

Steve had teased himself earlier when he had the sisters at tipping point, he didn't care then and he couldn't give a fuck now, the daughter, mother and aunt were his toys to play with, he would use and corrupt them until he was bored, then move on to pastures new like he always had.

Jane got in position and her mother lowered onto her elbows gripping her daughters firm bum cheeks, pulling mouth and pussy together, Lyndi Loo set about her daughters cunt with a passion playing tennis blowjob milf riding long cock response to the arse fucking she was receiving. Jane cried out at the electricity her mum generated in her wet and willing cunt, wrapping her thighs around her head Jane locked her mothers pleasuring lips and tongue onto her cunt, telling her.

"Fuck mum, don't stop till i cum, it feels soooo fucking goooood". Steve was loving it, life didn't get much better than this. Here he was fucking the shit out of his girlfriends mum as he watched her eat her own daughters pussy. Steve knew the minute Lyndi Loo started cumming Jane would follow. Lyndi Loo was already grunting hard into her daughters cunt, Jane was playing with her tits and pinching her nipples hard, moaning obscenities, her eyes clenched shut waiting for blissful release.

Steve slid one hand from his girlfriends mothers hip, reached under his thrusting cock and slipped his thumb inside her dripping cunt, he used his fingers to rub her engorged clit, excitedly protruding from its protective hood. Thirty seconds later Lyndi Loo exploded violently, her cunt saturating Steve's thumb and thighs as squirt after squirt escaped her pulsing pussy. Jane followed, bucking wildly against her mothers locked mouth.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuck, muuuuuuum, cuuuuumiing soooooo fucking haaaaaard, soooooo fuuuuking goooood, aaaarrrrrgggghhhh fuuuuuuuck". Lynn felt her mouth filling with her daughters spraying nectar, she swallowed as they both climaxed until Jane released her vice like grip and scuttled away, her clit so overwhelmed with pleasure it became unbearable. Steve was struggling to keep himself from cumming, he would need to take a back seat from proceedings until he was back under control and ready for his planned grand finale.

Both women had returned back to normality as Steve eased his slimy cock from Lyndi Loo's sodomised shithole and told them both. " If you both want to be fucked more before bedtime then i suggest you both quickly clean my dirty cock, then let me rest a while and watch you both put on a lesbian show for me as a thank you for solving your mums marital problems.

Sounds fair to me, what do you too think?". Steve's words forced home the gravity of the actions they had both committed, not once but now twice had Lynn allowed herself to be coerced into acts of incest. First with her sister and now with her daughter, the guilt and shame of her deeds justified by fellow on one hot milf japanese and hardcore desire for sexual fulfilment.

What was it about her dna that made her so submissive and pliable to her daughters boyfriends demands and desires? Jane too was brought back to earth with a thud, she had only wanted her boyfriend to fuck her poor, emotionally distraught mum as a way of saving her parents marriage and in all the adrenaline fuelled excitement she had somehow conceded too his choreographed show of wanton lust and threesome fucking between them.

Jane knew it was too late for any regrets, she had suggested her boyfriend should fuck her forced ups big bottom upskirt and fishnet and it was her fault things had taken the path it had. It was only fair Steve should be allowed to enjoy himself and get as much sexual satisfaction as he was generously and charitably giving.

Jane decided to take control and told her mum. "I think we should repay Steve's kindness and expertise with the best show we can, what do you say mum?". "I think you're right, let's make him so horny that he will want to fuck us stupid with that beautiful devil cock of his ".

Her mum eagerly replied. "That's the spirit girls, i can see i'm gonna enjoy fucking you mother and daughter sluts together whenever and however i choose. Now suck my cock". Steve told them, safe in the knowledge that from now on anything goes. Mother and daughter both crawled either side of Steve's lap and set about licking and kissing the object of such pleasure and desire.

Steve propped himself up against the pillows as he sat back comfortably against the headboard as his girlfriend and her mother began the show.

Both women eagerly cleaned every inch of his straining cock and full ballsack, using their tongues to good effect. Jane then curvy beautiful babe rides a thick penis her mother how to tit wank her boyfriends big throbbing cock, spitting onto his shaft and her own cleavage too add to his slippery pleasure.

Lyndi Loo learned fast and soon Steve had four slippery wet, big tit's wrapped around his cock. Mother and daughter looked at each other, both knew without words what was expected of them. They both backed away to the bottom of the bed, kneeling up facing each other they both stared into each other's eyes hesitant to make the first move. Daughter broke the spell they were both under as she cupped her mothers cheeks and gently planted sensual kisses on her mothers expectant lips.

Both trembling as the tiny kisses grew until mother and daughter were both eating each other alive, their tongues taking turns to wrestle deep inside the others mouth.

Steve was in awe at the passion and intensity his girlfriend and her mother shared, each with their hands entwined in the others hair, mashing their lips together as they explored the new found bond their three way love tryst had embroiled them in. Again it was Jane that took the initiative, breaking the kiss she lowered her hands and fondled her mums heaving breasts. Both Steve and Jane saw goosebumps appearing as Lynn's tit's responded to her daughters caress, Lynn's head tilted backwards arching her back and thrusting her magnificent breasts hard into her daughters educated hands.

Jane lowered her head taking one of her mothers nipples into her mouth, lightly chewing it the way Steve chewed hers.

Molly brunette blowjob stripping pussy licking striptease and big dick

Lynn whimpered and slid her hand up her daughters thigh seeking out her dripping pussy. Soon the two of them were writhing about near the bottom of the bed attacking each other's cunt's with fingers, taking turns to suck the others nipples. It wasn't long before they found their way into a sixty nine across the bed, Jane on top, Steve transfixed as mother and daughter were devouring pussy with a passion that surpassed their intention to put on a show for his pleasure, this was pure lustboth women driven to please the other.

It only took a few minutes before they both erupted, Lynn first, triggering Jane who immediately followed, both screaming into each other's cunt's as they orgasmed as hard as they ever had. Steve an inadvertent voyeur as he witnessed the screaming, shaking, tangled, sweating duo slowly come down from the intoxicating high they had inflicted on each other.

He needed in on the action and told them. " I better fuck you both, after an amazing performance like that you might not need me anymore. Get up here so i can blonde and brunette play tug a war those cunt juiced lips of yours ". Mother and daughter were snapped out of their glowing aftermath by his invitation, untangling themselves and looking guiltily at each other, both wondering where that intensity and lust they had both just shared had come from.

Lyndi Loo knew it was much more intense and satisfying than her performance with her sister earlier. The bond and love she felt with Jane had grown in a far greater proportion compared to the guilt and shame she was experiencing, it was a complete reversal to the proportional love /guilt she had felt with Sandra.

Jane too felt an overwhelming love for her mother, giving her mum pleasure and fulfilment that matched Steve's amazing fucking and surpassed any satisfaction her dad could give her mum by a million miles. The fact her mother had reciprocated with the same intensity and uninhibited passion removed most of the guilt from the incestious acts they had both committed. There was now an unbreakable bond between them. The guilty look they both hot amateur teen gf sucks and fucks with facial girlfriend hardcore turned to a big smile and they sensually kissed, both instinctively knowing it was an acknowledgement of thanks and immeasurable love for the sex they had just shared.

Jane broke the kiss saying. " Now our performance has got Steve all steamed up, i think we should satisfy that beautiful devil cock of his, what do you think mum?". "I think you should ride him ragged as i sit on his face". Laughed Lyndi Loo. Both of them crawled up either side of Steve and initiated a three way kiss, using their hands to wank his magnificent thick shaft and play with each other's tit's.

Steve was was in heaven, even he never envisaged his planned conquest of mother and daughter being this awesome. Steve gripped a bum cheek in each hand and told them. "You are the sexiest pair of dirty sluts i have ever known, i need a proper size bed to finish fucking the pair of you. Come on, time to move to mummies room ". All three got of the bed and Steve playfully slapped their arses as he ushered them next door.

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Once inside Steve laid on his back in the middle of the bed and told them. "I'm all yours ladies, fuck the shit out of me ". They didn't need to be told twice, Jane climbed onto the bed and gripping his magnificent fat shaft, straddled him teens analyzed leaked first anal sex video feed his cock into her sopping cunt, engulfing it's entire length in one go she started to ride him at a frantic pace.

Steve did not have long to watch his girlfriends big tit's flop wildly about before his vision was cut short as her mothers cunt lowered onto his face seeking out his mouth.

This was the first time since conquering the two of them that Steve was not the one controlling the fucking, he had liberated their sexuality and they were not afraid to express their lustful desires. He could hear them kissing as they bounced and ground their cunt's onto his cock and mouth, reaching up between them his hands joined theirs as all three of them fondled and pinched the four magnificent tit's and nipples that were on offer.

Between steaming hot kisses mother and daughter were encouraging each other's actions. "That's it mum, smother his face and force that magic tongue to eat your pussy good. I want to watch you squirt your 1girl and 1boy party in home in his beautiful mouth". Jane told her mother as she pinched her fat engorged nipple. "Oh fuck, he's going to make me cum real soon.

Fuck that big cock harder, ride his devil cock. I want you to cum with me". Lyndi Loo instructed her daughter. Steve was using every ounce of his will power and self control trying not to blonde gangbang queen sloves sucking and getting fucked by cocksmen strangers his massive load inside Jane's greedy cunt.

He wanted to last until they could swap places so he could fill Jane's mum full of hot molten spunk. His plan was to then fuck his girlfriend as her mother emptied her cunt's contents into her daughters mouth. Jane was the first to explode. "Aaarrrrrgggghhh fuuuuck, cuuuuuuuuming, sooooo goooood, sooooo goooooood". As she went rigid then shook in ecstasy. Lyndi Loo lasted about thirty seconds before she too mirrored her daughter. "Oooooh god, cuuuuuming soooooo haaard, ooooooh fuuuck".

Steve was busy thinking of England as both women were shaking, moaning obscenities and emptying the contents of their pulsing cunts over his throbbing cock and filling his mouth. He swallowed the sweet tasting nectar as both women slowly came down from their respective highs. Easing Lyndi Loo off of his face, he told them. "Swap positions girls". Soon Steve was being smothered by cunt and ridden hard again as both mother and daughter strived for another powerful release to match the many others that they had already received.

Only four minutes in and Steve could last no longer, bucking wildly as he fucked back at Jane's mum while moaning loudly into Jane's dripping cunt, Steve erupted with the force of a smashed dam, flooding Lyndi Loo's pussy as rope after rope of thick, steaming cum blasted out of his rock hard prick. The chain reaction was triggered, first mother, then daughter burst into powerful orgasm, both kissing passionately as it overwhelmed them both.

Finally after several minutes both women dismounted their still panting lover, Lynn's cunt leaking copious amounts of semen and cunt cum onto Steve and the bed cover. Recovering his ability to talk, Steve told them both. "Lay on your back Janie, Lindi Loo, you sit on her face and let her get her share of cum. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of my girlfriend until i dump another load of cum in her. Then you two are gonna put on a show for me as you clean up all the sticky mess we've made". Both women obeyed busty mommy kendra lust and kimmy granger question, the three of them soon in position.

Kneeling between Jane's raised and bent legs Steve lined up his semi flaccid cock at the soaked entrance to Jane's pussy, it bent in half the first two times he tried to enter her, such had been the magnitude of his orgasm, taking its toll on his abused cock. The third time he squeezed the blood from the base of his shaft into the top half of his cock easily gaining entry to her well fucked, sloppy cunt.

After a few thrusts he removed his hand set about filling her full of his fast hardening cock meat. Grabbing her arse cheeks roughly he ploughed into her as fast and hard as he could.

Jane was in heaven, she extended her tongue as far inside her mothers cunt as possible and sucked for all she was worth, claiming back as much of her boyfriends sperm that she felt rightfully belonged to her as she could.

She had felt jealous when her boyfriend had emptied his beautiful hot jizz up her mothers cunt. Now that he had promised to do the same to her she felt the pangs of jealousy evaporate and wanted to give her mum a climax that would match the one she was sure Steve would bestow on her. Lynn and Steve both had their eyes transfixed on Jane's amazing big tits, frantically bouncing and flopping wildly as she was relentlessly pounded.

"Lean forward and fed me those big, fat, juicy fucking attractive babe seduces one boyfrend pornstar hardcore of yours ". Steve ordered Lyndi Loo. Lynn cupped both of her enormous breasts and leaning towards Steve offered them up for his pleasure. Steve leaned in and began chewing each large, sensitive nipple in turn. Once he'd had his fill he released Jane's arse cheeks and took hold of Lynn's head pulling her into a steamy kiss.

Jane had wrapped her legs around Steve, matching his frantic rhythm as they slapped flesh in their desperate desire to make each other cum.

Jane was first to reach the finish line, her screams of pleasure into her mum's cunt sending Lyndi Loo to rapturous release. Steve broke away from his embrace just in time to watch Jane's cunt flood his shaft followed by her mother squirting into her busty dream girl cums to life pornstar and hardcore mouth. That beautifully sensual sight and Jane's cunt muscles milking his shaft was all it took for Steve to shoot his load for a second time inside ten minutes,firing two blasts into the deepest recesses of his girlfriends cunt.

All three staying motionless as they shook and twitched their way through orgasm and aftershocks for the next three minutes. Steve pulled out his very satisfied deflating cock, releasing a torrent of cum to further add to the juice soaked quilt. He laid on his back next to them, his head propped up on the pillows and waited to see if mother and daughter would follow his earlier request unprompted.

Lynn released her vicelike grip on her daughters head. Both women kneeling up with massive smiles on their faces. "Oh dear mum, we seem to have made a sticky mess of my boyfriend with our leaking vaginas. what ever shall we do?". Jane asked her mother with a wicked grin on her face. " Jane, how many times have i told you, cleanliness is next to godliness.

As we made the sticky mess it's only right we clean it up ". Lynn mockingly told her daughter.

Jane locked eyes with Steve and in her sexiest voice said. " Well then, in that case, i think we should use our lips and tongues to get him as close to god as possible. Let's start with his dirty mouth". Crawling up on either side of Steve, mother and daughter licked and sucked in exaggerated fashion, taking turns to kiss him seductively. Once his face was free of pussy juice they slowly moved down his body, paying special attention to his nipples. Reaching his flaccid cock and balls, mother and daughter were purring with pleasure as they made sure every nook and cranny was spotless.

They moved down to his thighs and finished by sucking his toes. "Well Jane, i think your boyfriend looks all clean and sparkling and judging by the smile on his face i think he's in heaven just about as close to god as you can get".

Lynn laughed. "I think you're right, but i feel like a very dirty girl and you look like you've been very naughty and gotten yourself in a right sticky mess".

Jane teased. Steve was loving their teasing, thinking. 'This is going to be good, the perfect show before bedtime ". "Oh my, i don't know how that could have happened, what should we do about it?". Asked Lyndi Loo. "I think i should lick all that sticky sex juice off of your face, tit's and pussy and it is only fair that you do the free hot girl porn movies to me. we could ask Steve to do it, but i think we've worn him out ".

Said Jane "I agree, i think he needs to have a good nights sleep because i want him to fuck me stupid in the morning ". Lynn told her daughter. So for the second time, mother and daughter put on a scintillating show.

Mother and daughter smiled at Steve and started to kiss soft and sensual, they both enjoyed the taste of the cocktail that their three bodies had produced. They kissed and licked each other's faces their hands caressing and squeezing the others tit's. Jane was first to lower her head and gave her mums magnificent breasts a thorough going over. Lynn's head tilted back and her chest arched pushing her tit's against her daughters hands and lips, moans escaping her mouth as she responded to the pleasure her tit's and nipples were receiving.

Steve knew he dad and bati xxx story hit the jackpot as he witnessed them swap and Jane's mum attacked her daughters tit's and nipples with the same enthusiasm. A few minutes later mother and daughter became entangled in a sixty nine, eating each horny black dude makes her pussy wet cunts and arses with an intense passion, both wrestling for supremacy, first Jane on top, then her mum, if Jane stuck a finger up her mums arsehole Lynn responded by sticking two fingers up her daughters.

Both women were like lionesses in a feeding frenzy, demanding to be pleasured to orgasm, mother and daughter building to the inevitable blissful realease. Steve had half a mind to join in the fun, the success of his planned seduction of mother and daughter had turned them into a couple of nymphomaniacs.

Their lusty exhibition had got the blood pumping into his exhausted cock giving him a semi lob on. Deciding it could leave him too sore to fuck them for the rest of the weekend he contented himself by watching his girlfriend and her mum fingering and licking their way to the grand finale. Both were at fever pitch as they screamed and bucked, fucking the other until both climaxed uncontrollably, quivering through outrageous orgasms.

It took a full ten minutes before they untangled themselves and crawled up either side of their lover and shared a threeway kiss. A minute later all three crawled beneath the well soiled quilt and cuddled up for a well earned nights sleep.

Steve lay on his back in the middle a hand on each of their arses as mother and daughter squashed their big tit's into his chest and with one hand on his cock they nuzzled his neck, all three drifting off into the most contented sleep filled with sweet dreams.