Gorgeous redhead penny pax gets pussy licked in awesome threesome

Gorgeous redhead penny pax gets pussy licked in awesome threesome
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Author's Note: This is not a true story, nor do I have any younger sisters.

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This is also my first book. Chapter One When I wake up, I force myself to sit turn around and let me please you, and I look at my clock.

8:35 a.m. "Oh, shit," I mutter, and I quickly get dressed, grab my school bag, and run downstairs, and into the kitchen where my mom is making my 12-year-old and 8-year-old sisters breakfast. I open the fridge to grab the milk, when my mom says my name. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," she says with a chuckle, motioning to the calendar.

June 30th. Summer vacation starts today. "Well.shit," I say, noticing my 12-year-old sister, Amy, grinning. I stare at her, completey speechless, and then I burst out laughing.

I run back upstairs, change into black-denim jeans, a black Bob Marley shirt, and my black Ed-Hardy sweater. I go back downstairs, and sit down at the kitchen table. As my mom serves us breakfast, she says her boss called her, saying she has to work a triple-shift, so I need to babysit my sisters.

My 8-year-old sister, Jessica, complains, and Amy just says ok. My mom leaves, and Amy starts to clean up. For the first time, get a good look at her. I notice how her breasts, which look to be C-cup, sway as she wipes the table, and how her sharp curves, which remind me of brackets on a keyboard, fit perfectly in between her tits and ass, and I notice her staring at me. I grin, and she rolls her sparkling, ocean blue eyes, and she says "What?

What's so funny?" I start to help clean up. "Nothing's funny. Except that you're cleaning the kitchen table, and noone asked," I say. Jessica, who's friends all talk about sex, tells us to get a one piece hentai luffy heats up nami. Amy, whom is clearly embarrased, just says "I'll be in my room." I watch her put down her sponge, and thank her for helping.

When her door closes, I turn to Jessica. "Couch. Now," I hiss. I follow her into our living room, and she sits down. "Now why the fuck would an 8-year-old girl like yourself tell her older sister and brother to get a room?" I ask. She just shrugs, and I feel like slapping her.

Instead, I say "Well you had better fucking have good answer for me when I come back." I walk away, and knock on Amy's door. "Come in," she says, so I open the door. I see her lying in her bed crying, wearing only a bra and panties. I walk in, closing the door behind me. I sit on her loveseat beside her bed.

She sits up. I notice bruises on her wrist that weren't there at breakfast. "You okay, Ames?" I ask. "I guess so," she replies, nodding. "You wanna talk about it?" I ask. "Sure, I guess, if you do," she whispers. I get up, and sit beside her on the bed.

I see her shudder, and realize my mistake. "I'm sorry," I say. "I didn't mean to." My voice trails off, and I start to get up. Amy grabs my arm, and says "Please, don't go." I sit back down and she snuggles in close. "Do you know why Jess made that comment?" I ask, hoping to get an idea why before I go talk to Jess.

Amy nods. "It's because of me. Because of the way I.the way I feel about you," she says. I let out a gasp of realization.

"You mean you love me, as both a brother and a love interest?" I ask. She nods, and starts sobbing. I wrap my arms around her tightly, and she stops crying. "It started 6 months ago, when I walked in on you jerking off.

I watched for a bit before that though, felt my vagina get wet. My lust for you has grown since then, and I'd been trying to get you to notice me. I guess you did." My grip on her tightens, and I realize I feel the same.

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I lay down on her bed, still holding her, and I let go of her. We both lay there in silence, eyes locked, when she grabs my hand. "I love you," she whispers, her eyes asking me a question.

"I love you, too," I reply. Pulling her closer, I kiss her lips. I slide my hands up her back and slowly undo her bra, tossing it on the floor.

She pulls of my shirt and pants, revealing my 5 1/2 inch boner, and places her lips on the mouth of my penis, her right hand pumping the shaft.

She sucks my penis for about 7 minutes, and I unload my cum in her mouth. I slide her panties off, and without pausing, she slides my dick into her pussy.

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She rocks back and forth, while moving up and down. She starts to moan, and knowing I can't go much longer, I unload half of my cum in her pussy, and she slides my cock out, sits up, and I unload the rest in her mouth. We collapse on her bed beside each other, and I kiss her once more, before falling asleep.