Sunnyleone sunny leone in sexy purple lingerie

Sunnyleone sunny leone in sexy purple lingerie
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As he walked into the library, the first thing he noticed was the librarian. She was a quiet, timid woman, someone whose husband always took her in the missionary position, with it all over in forty five seconds. He admired her body from afar; she wasn't exactly a porn star, but she was tall and slim.

Her breasts were small yet erect, and her face was soft, with full lips. If only a man who knew what he was doing would get in bed with her, she would have a good time. And he felt that he was the man to do just that.

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He found online a book that the library didn't have, and went over to her desk to inquire about an inter-library loan. She was very helpful, perhaps even intimidated by his confident manners and his rugged good looks.

She even took him into the office in the back to rush the delivery of the book from the other location. As she typed, out of the corner of his eyes he caught her looking over at him.

He turned and smiled at her, their eyes locking. She looked down, embarrassed by his bold stare. His next move was totally on impulse. They were on the fifth floor, well away from the areas frequented by the regular crowd. He turned and locked the door, and then sat down on the desk beside her.

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As she stopped typing, he took her hands and pulled her up. He kissed on her soft lips, enjoying her increasingly fervent return kisses. He had passed the most crucial phase, the point where he needed to turn her on. He let his hands slide down her body to cup her breasts. She tensed as he caressed them through the fabric of her shirt, gasping softly when he squeezed a sensitive nipple.

He ran his hands up and down her slender flanks, again brushing the swells of her breast, his thumbs teasing her now jutting nipples. She was wearing one of those lace bras which allow the nipple to stand firm on arousal.

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He stepped back to admire the sensual sight of her erect nipples urgently at attention, pushing the soft fabric of her blouse out. He bent his head down, his mouth closing over the fabric protected nipple. She threw her head back, moaning, as he mewled at her breasts, teasing and touching. He allowed his hands to wander further down her body, down around her slim hips.

She was wearing a long silk skirt that accentuated her lithe body. This woman's body was her treasure, not so much her face. He slid his hands around to cup her buttocks, finding them round and firm, and then felt further down her thighs.

He began to pick up her skirt, baring her long smooth legs, feeling the soft skin of her long thighs, reaching up to her hips. He looked her in the eye as he began to open her shirt, and she raised her hands willingly over her head as he pulled it off. Her skin was beautiful and smooth, contrasting erotically with the white lace of her bra. He kissed the smooth skin of her shoulder, and down her arms.

She was rather passive, perhaps even frightened by the way he made her body his possession. He traced a path under her small breasts, admiring the clean line they made as they melted into her bosom. He unhooked them slowly, allowing her breasts to spill out. He took a nipple into his mouth, causing her to gasp and grasp his head. He began to suck, caressing her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned at the onslaught, holding his head to her breasts as he teethed and chewed.

He kissed down from one mound to the other, lavishing each eager nipple with kisses and nibbles. He sucked deeply, drawing deeply as he pressed his tongue to the hardness. He sucked on the soft slope of her swells, drawing the blood to the surface. After the assault on her breasts, he nuzzled between them, pressing them against his face. He let his tongue trail down her belly to her navel, enjoying the feel of her perfect flesh under japanese mistress mintra fucks hard with her tied up slave tongue.

At that moment, he stood up and backed her against the wall. He pressed his body to hers as he kissed her, enveloping her pliant curvy form in his hard angular one. He sank to his knees, and loosened the laces on her skirt. He allowed it to fall, to pool around her ankles. He admired her long smooth legs, with only her white lace panties left on her otherwise naked body.

He leaned forward between her legs sensual chick angela white has her pussy rammed press his lips to her luscious thighs. He smelled her female smell, the smell of her arousal. He kissed her between her legs, to the triangle that was already wet with her excitement. She shuddered, bracing herself on his shoulders. He ran his hands up to her buttocks, and hooked his thumbs under her panties.

He inched them down, kissing the skin as he bared it. He let it slip to her ankles, and tossed them away. She was naked, her body gorgeous, her knees weak, and most importantly, here vagina very, very wet.

He began to touch her gently, brushing her erect clitoris with his finger. He leaned forward, and breathed his hot breath on her hardness. He supported her as her knees gave out, pulling her up and over to the window. He threw it open, allowing the noise of the city traffic to fill the room. She placed her hands on the windowsill, looking dreamily out at the passerby below.

She vaguely remembered hearing the sound of his zipper, and the rustle of him tearing his clothes off. She shuddered with pleasure as he wrapped his arms around her to tease her breasts, and like a lamb, parted her legs wide at his urging.

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He stepped between her legs, guiding his cock to her wetness. He tantalized her, letting the crown of his cock rub her clit, his shaft thrusting across the sensitive flesh between her two holes.

Finally, as she arched her back seductively against him, he slid his cock up into her vagina. As he straightened to his full height, his shaft impaled her to the hilt. She moaned like he was going to lift her off the ground on blair williams sucking licking fucking step daughter pornstars hardcore cock alone.

She could barely move as he filled her, his large hands at her girlish hips, holding her firmly on his throbbing member. Then he began to thrust. Any passerby looking up would have seen the pretty face of the librarian covered in the sweat of passion. They would have seen her shoulders heaving as she thrust her hips back as an unseen man heaved into her.

In the standing doggie rear entry position, the tip of his cock rubbed her g-spot more directly, making her feel like she had never felt before in her life. He stood straight, admiring the way her thighs slapped against his as his large cock slid deep between her lips. He stood still, drawing a momentary cry of despair from her.

He held her hips as she threw her luscious body back at him, looking over her shoulder, her pretty face full of passion. She hung her head down, watching between her breasts as she drove herself to a climax, pushing violently back and down on his hardness as she came. She trembled as she orgasmed, her knees buckling as she ground against him. He held her up as she rode out her climax, reaching up to stroke her breasts.

He carried her away from the window, his aching cock still buried up her vagina, and drew her down next to him onto the lushly carpeted floor. He slid out of her, his shaft wet with her excitement and juices.

In the patch of sunlight that shone through the window, he rolled her onto her belly.

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He grabbed a pillow from the chair, and stuffed it under her hips. Understanding his need, she leaned on her elbows and spread her legs, allowing him access to her breasts and more importantly, to her deep pocket. But he was going to show her that she had more down there than just her tight cunt&hellip.

To be continued&hellip.