Emma hix put stepbros cock in her mouth and pussy

Emma hix put stepbros cock in her mouth and pussy
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During freshman year there were always rumors.this was high school after all. Everyone "knew" about everyone else. Who the cool kids were, who the druggies were, and most importantly who the slut were. I talked the big talk back then but I had never actually been inside a girls pussy. I had a girlfriend of 2 years who would suck my dick religiously but she had yet to let me bang her out. I was friends with a red headed kid named George, George and I both had the same goal in life at the time.

Bang as many girls as possible! He was winning which irritated me a bit because I was supposed to be the big dog who had all the sex. Anyway there was this girl Andi, and she was said to be slut.

She had a boyfriend who was in the navy academy therefore wasn't around much. Also turned out she lived down the street from me. She had shoulder length black hair with greenish eyes. A big ass but A cup size titties. I got her number one day after school, as did my friend George. We both started texting her seperatly but soon found out that the rumors of her being a horny girl coming true!

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so we came up with a plan, invite her over to my house for a "swim" and see what we could get away with. We set the date for the up coming weekend. She arrived Friday afternoon in her skimpy little two piece bikini. I was more than ready to get this done! Unfortunately my parents were having people over at the time so I was unable to put my painful erection in this girls pussy.

Still it was hot and I had a pool so we decided to swim anyway. This was also the first time I had gotten a girl in my pool!

I love the pool because right away you get more skin than most people see in real life. We flirted by splashing each other with water and my friend George and I play fighting like we always did in my pool. Two guys to one girl really amps up the testosterone. After we got out of the pool we were in my room sitting on my bed the three of up.

I couldn't help myself from starting at this girls body, her ass and the way she smelled hit the right cocktail in my brain and soon I had a boner. I look down and tried to figure out what to do with it, my parents friends were still over and since it was there house I had to leave the door open (fucking parents) anyways George started to laugh at me, "shut up before I put it in your mouth bitch!" is what I responded.

Immediately he came back with "why don't you put it in her mouth" I looked at her with eyes full of hope.

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"i don't mind" she said with a smile and with that came my dick full force into her mouth. Up to this point in my life I had only ever had one girl blow me who was alright at it but this girl Andi, she took my whole dick down her throat like it was nothing. I'm not the biggest guy but my cock is a solid 8 inches long and pretty thick.

The first stroke she was balls deep. It felt great, and was also the coolest thing I'd ever seen in my life. Fucking her mouth and throat I was in heaven, just then though we heard footsteps and quickly shoved her head away and hid my cock back in my shorts just as my mom came in the room.

"honey your dad is here" she told Andi, "ok thanks!" she said back to my mom. With that we all got up and got her things together and we procceded to walk her out. Her dad was waiting for her in the doorway of my house and all I could think as I shook his hand was the image of his daughter deep throating my dick. As she left we invited her back the next day for another "swim" because it was so fun today.

She of course agreed and then began the 12ish hour wait for pussy. The next day came and I got up so excited that I was going to have sex! Family stroks beeg mom story had heard so much about it, would I really only last 2 seconds? could it feel that amazing? I could get blown for hours I couldn't understand how awesome everyone who talked about pussy said it was.

Soon Andi arrived and as there was no adults other than my mother around we decided to get down to business. I threw off my cloths and we went out and got in my hot tub. George and Andi started making out while I spectated getting ready for the coming waves of pleasure. "we're going to go to the pool why don't you stay here" George said, I was cool with that because I liked the hot tub better than the pool anyways.

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While they floated around in the pool I could only imagine what the pussy would feel like. would it be warm?

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how would it feel in the water? what positions would we get in? I looked over and noticed Andi's legs wrapped around George's waist as the floated somewhere between the deep and the shallow ends.

above water it was hard to tell what was going on but the ripples projecting from their intertwined bodies gave it away. Plus I know George was the real deal and was fucking her as I watched. Sooner rather than later though they came and re-joined me in my hot tub. "I'm done, you want a turn?" he said to me "hell yea I do" I said back "well are you ready?" she asked me, I pulled down my swim trunks just enough to expose my rock hard dick and said "yea get over here" I was trying to act tough but really I was the most nervious I'd ever been.

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She swam over and I took off the bottoms to her bikini and slid it in.at last I wasn't a virgin! although it didn't feel as great as I had hoped it was an awesome feeling just to know that his chick was riding my dick while I watched her titties bounce! I never got to cum though, because soon my mom came out and yelled and Andi to get off of me.Oops guess mom doesn't like her son getting it in!