Sluts suck and fuck at a party pornstar and hardcore

Sluts suck and fuck at a party pornstar and hardcore
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PIXIE'S MASTER IS IN A CRUEL MOOD Pixie's Master was in a bad mood. There was a reason, however Pixie knew it wasn't her place to ask. Her place was for her Master's use. She existed only for his pleasure and amusement, but she also was a way for him to calm down. She was happy she could give him that release.

"Go to the dungeon slave" her Master commanded, " chain yourself, on your back, legs spread, ankles and wrists!" "Please excuse this worthless slave's question Master, but do you wish her to be gagged?" Her Master smiled cruelly, "No slave, I will enjoy hearing your screams.

Hurry, you have 5 minutes. If you aren't ready it will be worse for you. " Pixie ran down the stairs, got up on the table and quickly chained her ankles and wrists. Fortunately they were already positioned to keep her wide open. The table had been made specifically for her Master.

It was attached to an inner frame which was attached to an out frame Her cuffs were actually attached to the inner frame. The table could be dropped down leaving her hanging in the frame without support.

The inner frame could be rotated so her Master could have her go from face up to face down without removing her cuffs. The table was hinged in sections as well thus he could bend her in any position or lower the section from beneath her ass and legs. Her Master had designed the table and it was brilliant. He told Pixie there were other features however she didn't as yet know what they were.

She had a feeling she might find out today.

Her Master came down the stairs, fully dressed. This wasn't a good sign for Pixie. It meant he didn't intend to fuck any of her holes, any time soon. She heard him open a drawer in the cabinet where he kept his "toys". It was always locked and Pixie never got to see what was in it. Of course she had experienced some of what it held but it was a very large cabinet, it went from floor to ceiling and was at least 5 ft wide.

It had doors that when opened ( this she had briefly seen) revealed things to beat her with hanging on top and all different size drawers beneath that. She had had only a brief glimpse of it once. She wasn't supposed to be looking at it at the time, her eyes were mom and son press boomb to be cast down looking at the floor.

Her Master caught her looking and blindfolded her then gave her 10 lashes with his favorite cane. She never peeked again. Pixie had gotten lost in her thoughts but was brought out when she felt her Master remove the ring in her clit and start rubbing it.

He must have had something over his finger because it felt rough. Quickly she realized it was fine sandpaper.

In spite of itPixie felt an orgasm building. Her Master knew her well. "Pixie I want you to cum for me when you need to. " Pixie was confused. Given her Master's mood it didn't make sense that he would want her to cum. She didn't give it a lot of thought, she couldn't her building orgasm prevented it.

Pixie came, hard. Her cunt spasmed, her clit throbbed and she squirted. Her Master didn't stop rubbing her clit. " Slave, you are to cum as often as you need to, until I say otherwise.

" Soon she came again. Her clit was now very sensitive and she began to orgasm over and over. After what she would guess was her 5th or 6th orgasm, she felt it build but could not cum.

When she squirted her fluids made her clit burn a little. Pixie became aware that the sandpaper her Master was rubbing her clit with had rubbed it raw. Her Master had been watching her closely and soon realized she could not cum again. He stopped rubbing her, stepped away and went back to the cabinet. It wasn't long before he returned. Pixie felt something go over and around her clit. Even the slightest touch made her feel close to the orgasm that couldn't come.

Then she heard the hum of a small motor and felt her clit being sucked, harder and harder. Pixie realized it was a pump similar to a breast pump. It didn't take long for it to feel as though her clit was going to burst. A small moan escaped her lips. She stopped it as quickly as she could. Her Master didn't like her to make a sound without permission. " Remember slave, i said i want to hear your screams, that includes any sounds you are compelled to make. " Pixie, though she was a good slave and loved pleasing her Master, couldn't help but react to this by thinking that she would not make a sound.

It was the last crumb of rebellion within her and as she was usually expected to remain silent or gagged, her Master knew reya sunshine with karma rx lesbian about it. Pixie relaxed every possible muscle. She slowed and deepened her breathing. She acknowledged the pain then accepted it as temporary and what she desired.

By doing this the pain became bearable than exciting. She began to float in sub space. Master saw her body relax and saw her breathing change then noticed her eyes had closed. He knew what she was doing and it annoyed him. He saw that she was challenging him to force her past her ability to control her own mind. Given his mood he became determined to take her far beyond that point. By the time he was done with her she would not be able to escape him within her mind. Pixie felt the machine stop and her Master remove it.

Again she saw him walk away, heard a drawer open and close and him return. Her Master smiled down at her but she didn't like this smile. This smile was evil, cruel and she could hot latina begs for more meat pole that he knew what she had done.

"So, my slave, in spite of your promise to do whatever pleases your Master, you are refusing to give me the pleasure of hearing the sounds that show you are suffering.

You are actually stopping yourself from suffering! Why, slave, would you want to make me angrier than you can see I am already? Don't bother to answer, I don't care about the answer. However, where before, your screams would have released the anger I am feeling and your torment would have stopped, it will take considerably more suffering, on your part, to get me to end your torture.

At least I can say that you will definitely have learned your lesson when I have finished." Pixie should have been terrified by what her Master said, however the little masochist within her was excited. In fact she was sure it was that annoying bitch that kept getting her in trouble and always home video with a beautiful dating for sex on the link things worse for Pixie!

The last time it had caused Pixie to throw a stupid temper tantrum that resulted in her Master beating her. Pixie knew this was going to be much worse.

"Slave, you will know what is coming before I do it, " her Master said. Then he showed her the small container with the muscle rub that went from very cold to very hot.

"I am going to rub this on your clit, all over and into your cunt and your asshole. Tonight you are not a slave, you are nothing but a fucktoy for me to do whatever i can think of. Now look at this mirror, I want you to see what has happened old young public xxx if you disregard your girlally she will notice your fathers dick your clit so far.

" Pixie saw that her Master had attached a mirror to the side of the frame. It had a long adjustable stand which he had set so she could see between her legs. At first she thought it was magnified because her clit looked as big as her little finger, but then she realized the suction had enlarged it that way.

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Her clit was also very red and looked like it had bled a little. She watched in horror as her Master scooped up a large blob of the ointment and began to coat her outer lips, avoiding her clit, with it. She felt the sharp cold almost immediately. Then he scooped out more and shoved his fingers in her cunt, which had gone dry from her fear. Her Master reached to the side of the table and dropped the bottom portion down, then again scooped out more ointment on two fingers and shoved them in her ass moving them around and in and out, making sure her insides were thoroughly coated.

She held her breath waiting for him to apply it to her already tortured clit, but he waited and just watched her. The ointment on and in her cunt and ass quickly went from the cold to unbearable searing heat. Pixie fought the whimpers that formed in her throat. Her Master saw all of this in her face and eyes. "Still fighting, fucktoy? Let's see if you can fight after this." Her Master scooped out more ointment and liberally coated her sore angry looking clit.

He rubbed all of it in and then rubbed over every spot he had covered, in and out. The burning was excruciating. Pixie couldn't keep silent any longer. At first a soft keening moan came from deep within her throat She didn't even recognize that it came from her. Her legs began to shake and tears welled then fell from her eyes.

Her Master still wasn't satisfied. She wasn't screaming or begging. The keening was still too controlled a sound. He went back to sexy gf anal rammed and caught on camera cabinet.

When he returned he showed her two very large vibrators attached to a sort of belt. He shoved one into her cunt and the other into her ass. The one in her cunt was at least a foot long and as wide as a beer bottle. It stretched her wide and he shoved it in with such force she cried out when it punched her cervix. Then he shoved the other, which was the same length but narrower at the tip yet twice as wide at the base, into her ass.

Her Master buckled the belt around her waist. Pixie could see that the strap connecting the vibrators between her legs, split into a v just past her cunt and left her clit exposed.

Her Master had a controller in his hand and flipped a please mom lick my pussy sally dangelo olivia kassidy. Both vibrators, rather than vibrate, seemed to shrink then lengthen, thus sumulating a cock fuckingher but without any part coming out of her. The friction combined with the burning of the ointment was finally more pain than Pixie could handle.

Her keening grew louder and louder. Her sobs could not be silenced. Yetstill she did not scream. When her Master looked at her and raised an eyebrow she looked back with defiance in her eyes. He could see that in spite of all he had done to her so far she was using this keening sound ( which he realized actually came through her nose) to keep from screaming.

Her Master couldn't believe that she was actually getting angry and more stubbornly defiant! His slave was actually fighting him! Master, though he refused to let her see it, was impressed and amused by the strength of will his slave was showing. She had come to him so submissively and aside from her silly tantrum had shown no real defiance as long as he had known her.

It was obvious to him that up till now she had never truly submitted her will and inner self control to him. She had been acting submissive. Her Master was now determined to break her! After tonight she would completely submit to him. Her mind as well as her body. She would no longer allow him to dominate her but be dominated by him! Pixie was sinking further into subspace. She felt more and more removed from her body. Oh, she was still in incredible pain but it seemed more like a dream than reality.

She saw her Master go to the sink and wash the ointment from his hands. Then he went to the cabinet again. She couldn't see what he had until he returned to the head of the table.

She felt the top of the table raised so she was now in a reclining position. Then her Master went down by her feet.

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He uncuffed one ankle then recuffed it to a chain hanging from the ceiling. He did the same with her other ankle. Now her hip were raised and her legs spread further apart. Her Master wrapped bands around her upper thighs.

Each had several rings with clasps, similar to those that closed a necklace, attached. He used these to attach to the rings the doctor had placed in the piercings of her cunt lips.

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Her cunt was now held wide open. In this position her cunt, clit and asshole were exposed. He removed the belt and the vibrators. Then he showed her his cane. Pixie's whole body began to shake.

She watch him, as if in a nightmare, raise the cane. Then, it seemed in slow motion, she saw him smack it down directly on her already too tortured clit.

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At first Pixie felt nothing, her adrenaline blocked the pain. Then suddenly she felt as though he had sliced her open! He lifted his arm again and again, raining blows on her open cunt, her asshole and again her clit! The scream she had held back so defiantly finally erupted from deep within her chest!

Master was shocked at how loud and piercing his slaves first scream was. He was shocked that she had the strength and breath for it to go on and on uninterrupted. He thought she would pass out from not taking a breath. Yet he did not stop striking her. He moved around the frame, now slashing the cane against her nipples and breasts. Her first scream ended but was quickly followed by another and another until there were many and they continued.

Soon they became quieter, less piercing, she was losing her voice. Her Master was satisfied. She had screamed herself hoarse and cried herself dry. He stopped striking her. His anger gone. He went to the sinkcame back and began to wash the ointment off gently. He carefully used a bottle to rinse it out from inside her.

It hurt but she could feel see how this large pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade burning become milder until it was nearly gone. Her Master then rubbed a different ointment everywhere the other had been, then over her body everywhere he had hit and where welts were appearing. This ointment must have had a strong painkiller in it because she barely felt any pain. Then her Master made her take a pill.

He unhooked her piercings from her thighs, put the table back into its original position, unchained and carefully lowered her legs then uncuffed her wrists. Her Master carefully wrapped a blanket around her and lifted her into his arms as though she were a child.

Then he carried her upstairs stop please dont fuck me placed her in his bed. " Very good Slave. Now you have truly submitted all of yourself to your Master.

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" He climbed into bed next to her, pulled her unto his arms, kissed her forehead and held her as the pill took effect and she fell asleep. Then her Master also fell into a calm deep sleep.