Atm loving beauty shakes her bigbooty big tits fetish

Atm loving beauty shakes her bigbooty big tits fetish
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The Eel Little Johnny, a very curious eight year old, one day asked his mother what was this process called courting. His mother was busy fixing dinner and rather than explaining it, she suggested that after dinner he hide behind the curtain in the TV room and watch how his 16 year old sister courted her boyfriend.

Little Johnny hid and watched as his sister and the boyfriend settled in to watch TV that evening. Soon they snuggled up on the sofa and started to kiss. His sister turned the lights down and they hugged and kissed some more.

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Soon his sister started to breath funny and her face became flushed. The boyfriend unbuttoned her blouse and felt around her heart to see what was wrong. That must not have helped because he then put both hands under her blouse.

Her breathing became even faster after he unhooked her bra and put his face inside her blouse to get a better look. Sis moaned a few times as the boyfriend ran one hand up under her skirt. That was when Sis announced that she was really hot.

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The boyfriend stopped and removed her panties, but that did not seem to help either. The boyfriend's face was also flushed and he too was having trouble breathing.

He stood up and unzipped his pants and Johnny saw what was making both of them sick. A large eel had somehow gotten into his pants and had crawled partway out.

Johnny had seen bigger ones in the creek, but this eel was good sized. He grabbed it with both hands and held it in front of Sis.

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She looked really scared but overcame her fear and bent down and kissed it right on the head. She took its head into her mouth but after a minute or two it must have bitten her because she jumped back with a surprised look on her face. Her boyfriend knew how to prevent that; he reached in his pocket and found a muzzle that he put on the eel.

Sis had a real dreamy look on her face as her knees went weak and she fell back on the sofa. She and her boyfriend must have decided the best way to kill this eel was to mash it between them. He lay down on top of her as she spread and lifted her legs. Johnny heard a gasp followed by an "Oh my God" as they both started mash the eel between them. The eel must have put up a hell of a fight because their movements got wilder and wilder as the sofa creaked and groaned.

That was when Sis really started to talk to god as the "Oh my God's" got louder and louder.

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After a few minutes they slowed down and stopped to rest. They appeared to have been successful because when the boyfriend stood up, the eel was just hanging there limp and dead looking. They snuggled up on the sofa and just held each other for a few minutes. That eel must have as many lives as a cat because it came back to life and stood up tall and straight.

This time Sis decided the way to kill it was to sit on it. She lifted up her skirt and sat on his lap facing him.

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They began to kiss and wiggle around. That went on for a quite a while until Sis was really bouncing around on his lap. Finally, they both hugged tight and let out contented sighs.

This time when Sis got up the eel was really dead. The boyfriend pealed off the muzzle, which appeared to be full of something, and flushed it down the toilet. They straightened their clothes and the boyfriend went home. The next morning Johnny told his story at breakfast. Mom fainted!