Old milf fuck and teen outdoor couple online hookup

Old milf fuck and teen outdoor couple online hookup
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Alright everyone? My name is William and this is a recent story of the first time I had sex. Everyone calls me Billy, as when I was younger I joined an RPG game and I was the youngest one there, so the others called me Billy the Kid. Thankfully the Kid part didn't stick, but now everyone calls me Billy. I'm older now, but still a bit of a nerd.

I think that's partly why I've had no luck with the ladies, it's the old stereotype. I find it really hard to talk to girls, I really have no idea what to say to them.

I tried picturing them naked to boost my confidence, but that just made things worse. Things have changed for the better in the last month though, thanks to a birthday present I got from my folks.

They're good people, my parents. I'm not saying I always get on with them, but I could have a lot worse. They know I'm not good with girls, they try to encourage me, but they don't push it too hard. On Friday I had my birthday. I went to school, didn't let anyone know it was my birthday, and came home as usual. I got a present from my Mum and Dad, a new iPhone, which was pretty sick, and a cake, which was a little childish if you ask me, I mean I'm not a kid anymore.

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But it tasted good. Then my Dad tells me they've got to go out for a bit, they were leaving me all on my own on my birthday! Nice that was, I thought. So they clear off and I think I'll go and watch some porn on my laptop, I've got quite a nice collection. I think about sex a lot, and usually at least once a day, I'll download a video of some girl getting rammed, or read some kinky little tale about nerds getting laid and bring myself off.

Sometimes it's even two or three times a day, but since it was my birthday today, I hadn't really had a chance yet. Anyway, so I'm turning to go upstairs, when the front door bell rings. I open it up and standing there is this stone cold fox. She's blonde, with long perfect legs and a great rack, that's stretching out a t-shirt. She's pretty old, like my parents age, but I'm drooling, she's a real milf. I tell her the folks have just gone out, but she tells me that she's called Deborah, she's here for me, Billy!

She says she's my birthday present from my parents, and I think, what? Had they got me a stripper for my birthday? That would be so great! Maybe my Dad would, but I don't think my Mum would approve. I'm not quite sure what to say to busty cleaning lady gets nailed hard on the couch milf, do I just straight out ask if she's a stripper?

What if she's not? I'm going to look like a right plank. Thankfully she decides to clarify.

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She slinks right up next to me, I can smell her perfume, and she holds me close as she puts her mouth next to my ear. "I'm your birthday present. You get to unwrap me, then fuck me…" she says quietly and then I feel her tongue as she licks my ear. I instantly go hard 'down there', and because she's so close, she must feel it. A hooker? My parents got me a hooker!? I think it is some sort of joke, maybe one of my friends put her up to it, but she tells me no. "Don't you want me?" she says, stepping back, pouting and sticking her tits out in my direction.

I do, I really do, and if there is ice la fox has a great set of small tits and she j chance this is real and not a wind-up, I'm going to take it. Everybody else at school says they're all shagging each other, and have been for years, I know that a lot of it is probably just bragging and stuff, but some of it must be true and I'm fed up with no girl looking twice at me, most not even once.

I don't want to be a virgin any longer. "Yeah" I tell her " I want you." Deborah asks me the worst possible question then, she asks if I'm a virgin. I know I can't bluff it out, she's only going to want someone who knows what they're doing and my heart sinks as I tell her yes.

It then gets even worse as she asks me if I've even kissed a girl. I look away as I tell her I haven't. She then surprises me and says "good!" forcefully. I snap my head round and she's smiling which lights up her whole face. She comes close and hugs me, she's almost my height of 5'8" and brings her mouth closer. I don't know what to do, well I know in theory, but I'm having trouble thinking at the moment and then her lips are on mine and they're smooth and warm and I'm getting breathless, and then she moves back a bit and tells me that now I have kissed a girl.

"That's not going to be it, is it?" I think, before she's moving close and kissing me again. I feel her nipples, poking my chest, her hips are rubbing my erection and I'm really getting excited. She takes my arms and puts them around her and I feel powerful, holding the body of this beautiful woman. This time when she kisses me, I move my lips too, trying to copy her. She makes this weird noise which freaks me out, but she tells me that it's just her getting excited. She's getting excited?!

What does she think I am? Even if she is a hooker, her telling me that makes me feel good, I know she doesn't mean it, but it's still nice to hear. Then she's kissing me again and as I breathe in, her tongue follows and it's in my mouth and playing with my tongue. It feels so good and I don't know how I'm going to stop doing this ever. Her tongue retreats and mine follows and suddenly my tongue is in my mouth and we're kissing passionately.

Our hands are all over each other and I've grabbed her butt and she really seems to like it. Her breasts are pushed against me, and her knee is rubbing my cock and suddenly it's all getting too much and I can't stop and I'm cumming, pushing against her body as I moan into her mouth. Once it stops and I get my breath back I can feel my cum in my y-fronts and shame in my heart.

I couldn't believe this angel offers to fuck me and I cum too soon, I didn't even get to see her naked! I collapse in on myself and tell her I'm sorry. She offers me a hand up though, smiles and says she thinks it's a compliment and that she still wants more. My heart lifts and I can't help smiling back at her. She then tells me she wants to go to my bedroom and leads me upstairs. I start to panic again. I'm not the tidiest of people, I've got clothes on the floor, comics too.

I have a couple of toys from when I was little on the side as a keepsake, and a big picture of a half naked Scarlett Johansson on the wall. Given how much time I spend in there masturbating I'm sure she'll be able to smell it. But none of it seems to phase her. I apologise about the mess, but she says she doesn't care, that she just wants me. I smile at her and we sit down on my half made bed. I kiss her again and soon our tongues are back, playing with each other and it is awesome, Deborah sucks mine into her mouth like she's trying to inhale me.

Then I feel tugging and she's pulling on my shirt, trying to take it off. I do get a bit nervous again, especially when she then starts to kiss my chest and suck my nipples, but then I'm too horny and too shy to try and stop her, even when she undoes my trousers.

She pulls them and my y-fronts down and my cum covered cock springs free. It's pretty hard again and I tell her I'll go and clean it up. She then looks me straight in the eye and says "Let me." To my surprise and excitement, she then bends down and starts licking up all my cum.

Her tongue is on my thighs, my testicles and running up and down my cock. It feels really good, it makes my whole rod tingle and then it's in her mouth and she's sucking and kissing it and I can't believe it. I look down and see my cock going in and out of her mouth just like a porn film and I think I've forgotten to breathe.

It feels so good and warm and wet, she goes right to the base, the remnants of her lipstick coating my groin as my cock goes down her throat. Suddenly it hits me that I'm going to cum again. Should I tell her? I know I should of, but at that moment I really didn't want to and I didn't think a chance like this was ever going to happen again, so I put my hands on her head and fuck her mouth until I start to shoot great thick wads of cum down her throat. The release feels so good, and then I hear her swallowing my load and it turns me on so much I cum more.

By the time I finish I'm exhausted. She raises her head and I see a dribble of cum, more when she opens her lips to talk. "How was that for you? Did you enjoy that?" says Deborah. I realise belatedly that I'm now lying down on my bed, with Deborah leaning over me. "I've never felt anything like it" I tell her. I really want to do it again, and she tells me we can, once I've recovered a bit.

She then pops out the room, saying she'll just be a minute. I take the opportunity to pick up some of the rubbish off the floor and crack open a window for some fresh air. I can see old Mrs Perkins next door weeding, some kids playing footie a few doors down and even a family taking advantage of the summer weather to eat dinner outside.

It was all a hint of normality which made the events of my birthday all the more surreal. I sat down on the bed again and Deborah came back in. She looked at me hungrily and straddled me. Then we're kissing again, all passion, tongues and swapping saliva. I remind myself that I'm snogging a hot milf in my bedroom, while half naked and recovering from my first blowjob and it just seems so unlikely.

We carry on like this for a while, I just lose myself in her. Then she's pulling off her t-shirt and begging me to take off her bra. I quickly reach round behind her and undo it, releasing her lovely tits. Her nipples are like bullets, and she encourages me to touch them. They're lovely to squeeze, more than a handful. I take it further and start to kiss them and now Deborah is moaning and groaning, so I suck on her nipple. She's got her hands in my hair and tells me the best way to fondle her breasts, so I follow her instructions, licking and nipping and sucking her.

She's really getting into it now. She moans "Oh Billy, you're making me so wet!" then she takes hold of one of my hands and puts it inside her panties. I touch my first ever pussy. Wow, she is wet! I rub a finger over her pussy and it's covered in her juice. I was gob smacked, this wasn't tight blondy needs both holes filled explosion orgasm cunt juice ombfun vibe a escort and client hookup, she really wanted me!

No girl ever wanted me before, but this hot milf does! I grin at her and she takes my hand, puts it in her mouth and slowly sucks her own wetness off of my fingers.

I think I almost cum again from that. She looks me right in the eye and says "I want you so bad Billy, I want your cock deep in my pussy, filling me up." She leans close, her breasts squashed against my chest and whispers in my ear "I want you to make me scream your name." I'm all ready to fuck the hell out of her, but I don't know exactly how it all fits. I mean, I know the basics, but the details elude me. I don't have to worry though as soon Deborah is taking off both our remaining clothes.

She then straddles me again and holds my shaft pointing it straight up. She pauses and says "Do you want to fuck me Billy? Do you want to lose your virginity? Do you want to put your hard cock inside my tight little pussy?" "Please Deborah, please fuck me!" I plead. She lowers herself and I see my cock head slip inside. It feels so good, I don't know how to describe it, then there's this squelching sound and I go all the way inside her, all the way to my balls.

It feels so good, my cock is tingling, it's tight and warm and wet, and I'm panting. I'm never going to forget this. And now I'm no longer a virgin! Yes! Deborah starts to move, and I grab her hips as she slowly goes up and down on my pole. I'm not sure what feels better, sliding into her, or pulling out, it's all pretty great to be honest. For a while I'm quite happy with the slow pace she sets, as I don't want to finish anytime soon, I just want to keep fucking her.

She starts to make funny noises, and speeds up. She starts to moan and one of the hottest and cutest porn stars from japan gets done by a beautiful young man she seduces h me how much she wants this, how much she wants me.

I'm thrusting harder into her, clawing my hands into my bed sheets, and Deborah throws her head back and, I'm not kidding, starts to scream. " Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me Billy, fill me with your spunk! I need you so bad, please Billy! Oh yes!" The beds making a racket too, banging in time with our fucking, and I think I'm going to cum again and push my cock into her pussy as fast and hard as I can, but I can't quite climax.

I'm just on the knife edge of it and it feels great, but I can't cum for some reason. I feel Deborah's pussy tighten around me and she goes still for a moment, then she's moving in a frenzy, screaming from the top of her lungs. "YES! YES! YES! OH.FUUUCCKKKK.…" I'm just looking at her in shock.

I made her cum, me Billy the Kid, made this grown woman have an orgasm. She collapses on me, drooling a bit on my chest, my cock still hard inside her, and I'm enjoying the little ripples of her pussy. I kiss the top of her head. After a minute or two she looks up and me and asks me what the matter is. "Didn't you enjoy that?" she questions me. I reassure her that I did, and hint that I didn't have the finish that she did. "Oh sorry babe" she apologises, and turns us over, still enjoined.

I now look down on her lovely naked top half, propped up on my arms. She pulls down my head and French kisses me, her desire and passion all there. "Fuck the hell out of me." she says with a smile, so as I feel her legs widen apart and wrap around me, I start to pull my throbbing tool out of her.

I then power back in, slowly but with force. The bed starts to squeak again as I repeat this again and again, the pillows the only thing stopping her head repeatedly hitting the wall. Not that it seems like she would notice however. Her eyes are rolled back and her mouth is open. As I speed up my thrusts I lean down to kiss her again.

I don't know if this will be my last chance, so I then johnny sins doctor sex movi to kiss and suck her tits. Now every time I fill her up with my cock, she says my name. It's like a mantra. "Oh Billy, please Billy, please fuck me Billy!" I can feel my orgasm coming, but I try to drag it out longer. And suddenly, before I realise it I'm cumming, shooting my sperm deep into Deborah, I'm laughing or choking with the joy of it and Deborah's screaming, her pussy tight like a vice, squeezing all my cum into her welcoming hole.

I collapse onto Deborah, sweating and panting. She tightens her arms around peculiar model gets cumshot on her face eating all the jizm.

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"I think the neighbours may of heard us." she says with a laugh. I think of the open window and of the people I saw out there. "I think the whole road heard us." I reply. "And now they'll all know what a stud you are" says Deborah. I feel myself drifting off, I'm knackered. The last thing I hear is something about all the women are going to want to shag me. I have some weird dream, I think I was flying in space, racing the Enterprise.

I can't remember any more than that. What I do remember is waking up with Deborah's tongue in my mouth. That was a good way to wake up. It's a pity she didn't wake me by sucking my cock, but I didn't think of that till later. I feel I'm hard again, it's rubbing against her sex xxnx com brother fucked has sister vergin first time storys and I want to ask her if we can have sex again, when she takes my hand and leads me out of my room, saying she wants to make some more memories.

We're both naked and walking through my house, it seems weird. I enjoy seeing her cute butt wobble a bit as she walks in front. We go downstairs and into our living room, where we kiss again.

I notice the curtains are open, and though the hedge obscures most of the outside, I can see the odd car going past.

It's entirely possible for someone on the right part of the pavement to see us naked and snogging, and that really gets me horny. I think I might be a bit of an exhibitionist. Deborah strokes my straining cock a few times, then bends over the sofa and waves that delectable behind at me.

"Fuck me doggy style Billy." She says. I just about see her pussy as she raises her hips and taking myself in hand manage to put the tip in. I push forward, and she spreads her legs a 1time xxx hot school story as I slip into her slick tunnel.

I go all the way in and let out a sigh. It just feels right to be buried to the hilt in her. I grab her hips and start to move in and out.

Every time I fuck her, Deborah's face gets pushed into the cushions and her legs open wider to me. I'm never going to look at this sofa the same way again, I've watched Coronation Street on this sofa with my parents and now I'm going to remember fucking this woman, the smells, the sounds, the feeling of excitement and need as my cock pistons in and out of her. Emma Cho is this girl in my class at school, her Dad is Korean.

She's pretty fit, but I've hardly said a word to her in the three years I've known her. I tell you this, because I look out the window and see her there, less than 20 feet away, looking at me with a shocked expression on her face. Now I imagine most people would be embarrassed and stop or try to hide or something, I thought I would.

But I don't. I just smile at her and if anything just pound away at Deborah harder. She can't see Emma watching because I'm driving her head into the sofa. Emma smiles back and then quickly walks away. I'm on the edge again, but can't quite finish. Four times in a couple of hours or so is a bit much I guess. Still I'm enjoying the sensations of fucking.

I'm starting to flag though, the sweat is dripping off and I'm finding it hard to catch my breath. I pause, my cock still buried deep in Deborah and say "Sorry, I'm knackered, I can't keep going". She turns her head to look at debbie enjoying her shower head sympathetically.

"That's alright babe." she replies. I pull out with a popping sound, our juices dripping onto the living room carpet. She then leads me to the kitchen, where she sits me down at the table where I eat breakfast, and quickly reinserts my hard tool into her pussy. "I'll finish it." she says and I catch a breather while she does all the work. She really knows what she's doing and soon I feel the cum building in my balls. The chairs creaking, but I don't care and then I'm shouting "I'm cumming!" and I have this great orgasm and fill her with more sperm, and she's cumming again and screaming and milking my poor cock with her pussy and I give it all to her, till I think I'm empty of cum, but still having these little sensations and trying to thrust into her more.

My cock is soon deflated and slips out of Deborah. I look down at it, I don't think it will recover for a week or more. Deborah's laying on top of me, all boneless and limp. "Thank you darling" She pants "You're such a good lover. But now we've got to clean this up before your parents are back. They may know you had sex, but I'm sure they don't want to see all the evidence." Yes, that could be awkward.

So we start cleaning up the kitchen and the living room, which takes ages. We get dressed, and seeing Deborah put her clothes back on is a giant disappointment, it means our evening together is really over. I tell her "Thank you Deborah, you were great, I'll never forget you, I'll never forget tonight. I want to see you again, can I?" She shakes her head and I say "I've got money of my own, I can pay." "Sorry Billy" she replies "This was a one time deal, but trust me, you can get any girl or woman you want.

Tell your friends about what happened, just leave out the part where your parents hired me. Just tell them you shagged the hell out of an older woman.

I don't think I'll walk straight for a week." She kisses me, and leaves out the front door. I made a vow then, that I would see her again, there was something between us she can't deny.

I just have to work out how to convince her. A couple of minutes after she left, my parents came in, and my Mum asked me "Well, did you enjoy your present? Did she treat you nicely?" I hugged them both. "Thanks guys, it was great. I really appreciate it." That was three weeks ago. I haven't managed to talk to Deborah again yet, but I am seeing Emma Cho now.

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We've actually been dating for a couple of weeks. She was a virgin until recently too, but I took care of that for her and now we're at it like rabbits. She's not Deborah, but I'm happy. I guess we'll see how things go.