Alison tyler vs markus dupree

Alison tyler vs markus dupree
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I stand there, looking at the mirror, I realize just how nervous I am to meet you. I retouch my makeup and lipstick one last time. I stare at my body, like it wasn't mine, almost not recognizing the woman in front of me. Her long dark hair, pulled up in the front but flowing down her back, leads to a loose deep red V-neck silk blouse that flows over her chest and down her stomach. The top of her breasts were clearly visible, her hard nipples pulling the material of her shirt.

The blouse falls lightly over a black leather skirt that ends quite a few inches above her knees. As I stare at my clone in the mirror, I can see the tips of the black stockings at the edge of the skirt and my eyes travel downward to a pair of 3 inch high heels.

I look at her face, the lipstick matching the shirt, the eyes showing the inside of my soul saying how much I want to go through with this.

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It's hard to imagine a thirty two year old woman trying to look like a twenty two year old, but I made the transformation well or at least I hope I do. I take a deep breath and then another for sanities sake and turn around to unlock the door with the key that was left at the desk. I have my orang puti porn n toilet in my purse but I don't need to look at them for they have been memorized for the past two weeks since I received them.

I knew once I received your email that I would finally be able to take the next step with you. You have been training me for so long that it is hard to imagine this is our first meeting. I slowly open the door and walk into the suite and say "Daddy, I'm home from college." I hear movement in the other room of the suite and then a door opens. I see him come out into the main room. He is forty eight years old, with just a little grey speckled through his dark black hair.

His piercing deep blue eyes scan over my body quickly but thoroughly. Dressed casually but crisply in a pair of Dockers and a button down shirt, I notice the unbuckled belt is loose on his hips, just waiting to be pulled out and used.

Pretty brunette teen babe ally tate screwed by big fat cock shudder slightly as I realize just how much taller, bigger, and stronger he was then me, almost making me use my safe word before we even get started. But instead, I gulped away my fear and held my ground hoping that I please you. "Baby Doll" he begins to exclaim, but then as he sees me, stops dead in his tracks.

"Baby, what have you done with yourself? Where's my little girl? Why are you dressed like that?" His shock and anger are becoming more noticeable as the questioning continues. "Daddy, I got a makeover, don't you just love it.

Your little girl is all grown up. I did it as a graduation present for myself." I said, hoping to relieve some of the awkwardness. "Little girl, little girl; I do not see a little girl anymore.

I don't even see my daughter anymore for that matter. What I see is a slut. Who went on this makeover with you, Kat?" Daddy said angrily. "Why Bobby my boyfriend did, Daddy.

And Sarah, mother id like to fuck gladly jumps on hard rod hardcore blowjob roommate came along with her boyfriend Tommy. Sarah and I tried on outfits together. The guys said we looked sexy." "Sexy, that's not sexy, Kat. That's sluttish and whorish. Do you know what men do with sluts? Do you? They fuck them; that is what they do with them. Now I want to know right now if you are fucking your boyfriend." Daddy said, angrily. "Yes… yes Daddy," I stuttered, hoping that if I tell the truth it might make things better.

"He told me that he wanted to make me his woman." "You will be his woman? Baby, you are and always will be MY BABY, and your body belongs to me, no one else's. Is that clear?" With that he grabbed my arm, and pulled me over to the couch.

I fought and tried to pull back, but he was much too strong for me and I fell over his knees and he held me tight with his arm. "Daddy, no, please. Stop Daddy, you're hurting me." I pleaded with him as I felt his hand slap against my backside. "OUCH. Please, I'm too old to get a spanking." "No slut is ever too old for a spanking. And I am your Daddy and I will do what I please when I please to your butt and to the rest of your body for that matter." With that, he roundassed ho cummy mouth pornstars and big butt to rain slaps and spanks on my ass and thighs.

I screamed, yelped and kicked and tried to get away, but Daddy held on tight to my waist. I tried with all my strength to cover my ass, but Daddy stopped, grabbed his belt, and tied my hands together over my head. He then pushed my legs under his so I was thoroughly under his control and could not move. "There is no stopping me from punishing you baby. Now little sluts get a bare ass spanking, not one over their skirt." With that, he pulls up the skirt over my cheeks and smiles, noticing that I am not wearing any panties.

"No panties?" He said with feigned disbelief. "Now you really are going to be punished, my little slut." He resumed spanking each of my cheeks with his hand until they were red and sore. After 10 minutes of the onslaught on my ass, totally resigned to my punishment my screams and cries turned to sobs and low moans. My thoughts drifted away to just feel the heat emanating from my ass.

I could feel a slight rub with each slap almost rubbing away the pain. Daddy's fingers were dragging across my cheeks before lifting up and spanking again, sliding in between my legs on occasion to loosen my thighs tightness.

With the slaps and fingering, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and was sure Daddy could feel his thigh getting wet with my juices flowing down. Finally, Daddy stopped my spanking and pushed me off his lap. "Up on your knees girl, it's time to thank me for your punishment." Through the sobs, I slowly replied, "Thank you Daddy for punishing me when I disobeyed." But as I was speaking, he unzipped his pants.

I could see a fairly thick good sized cock already half hard with the tip glistening with precum. As soon as I finished speaking he thrust his cock in my mouth. I was totally unprepared for his thick cock and started to gag immediately. He stopped, let me catch my breath and then slowly resumed fucking my mouth. I could taste his precum oozing out of the tip of his cock.

It tasted salty and thick. I could only start to imagine what would happen once he came. I could feel the vein running along the length of his cock and as it slid up and down my tongue. I could feel him getting harder and harder.

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I tried slow things down by licking and kissing the head but I could tell he would have none of that. I felt his one hand grab the back of my head and grab my hair, pulling it and setting the pace. The other hand was reaching down into my shirt to pull and twist my nipples. His cock filled my mouth, making it hard to do more then just let Daddy slide it in and out of my throat gagging me each time.

I tried hard to concentrate on breathing but the pain in my nipples from Daddy pulling them made me moan which made him able to slide in my throat deeper. "That's it baby, suck my cock. Suck it like there is no tomorrow." Daddy said to me as he face fucked me. "Oh god, that feels so good.

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Oh fuck, God, I'm going to come, you drink it all down baby doll. Show Daddy how much you love him." With that he picked up his pace and the thrusts got deeper, stronger and faster.

I was kaede ichijou shows us how to use a dildo in her pussy with my hands still tied behind my back, his hand on my head burying it in his crotch.

I felt Daddy's hot cum shoot out and hit the back of my throat, starting a whole new gagging session, making me spit and cough the cum left in my mouth onto the floor.

I heard Daddy growl and then he picked me up and put me over the side of the couch. "How dare you spill Daddy's seed baby. My seed is a gift, you never waste a gift." And then I heard a whoosh and then felt the sting of a leather paddle. "OUCH, oh Daddy, please stop, PLEASE." I screamed. "I promise I'll do better. Please let me make it up to you." Oh, it hurt so much, but with my hands still tied and my body being held of the arm of the couch I could not do anything to stop it.

This time, there was no little touch of his fingers, no stopping to keep me excited. This was a true punishment made to hurt and not be forgotten. Daddy gave me 20 strokes of the paddle and by the twentieth I was crying hard and my ass felt on fire.

"Baby doll, this time I want a better thank you from you. I'm going to take your bottom, because a red slut ass like that deserves an ass fucking. Have you ever been taken there baby?" I couldn't talk through my tears so I just shook my head no. "Well, good, then Daddy gets to take his baby's virgin ass, then." I could feel Daddy's fingers slide from my pussy to my ass, sliding the juices with it.

One finger slowly tried to push in but I was closed up tight. "Baby doll, I could make this easy or as hard as you allow.

I suggest you relax and let me in. It will be that much better for you. Now breathe and relax your muscles and let Daddy inside you." I tried to breathe deeply, and concentrate on anything other then the fingers swirling around my holes. But, in time, the fingers started to feel good and my juices started to flow helping out. Daddy was pulling on my pussy lips, and flicking my clit with one hand and swirling fingers around my asshole with the other.

I felt one hand pull away and then I jumped when I felt a cold liquid being drizzled around my bottom. "Oh God, that's cold," I exclaimed, tensing up from the kendra lust takes huge cock up her ass of the liquid on my still hot bottom.

"Don't get used to this baby. But I don't want to hurt you on your first try." Daddy said as I felt a finger push the cool liquid deep into my ass. Daddy slowly worked it in and out until he could see I was getting used to the rhythm of his finger. That's when he decided to add another.

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I moaned loudly and tried to back away but Daddy pulled me back close to him. The fingers started to feel good after a bit, and Daddy could see my juices starting to flow freely. He started to pull on my clit causing me to moan out loud with pleasure.

"Oh Daddy, please." I moaned. "Please what, baby doll? You need to say it if you want it." he teased, knowing full well he was going to make me beg for it before I got his cock in my ass or be allowed to come.

"Please, Daddy, please. Please make me come." I replied as my hips were rotating to the rhythm of his fingers. "How do you want to come, baby?

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Tell Daddy." Frustrated beyond belief and on the verge of coming without permission, I finally shouted, "Please Daddy, fuck me in the ass and make me come! Please treat your little girl like a slut." No sooner had I said the words, the fingers gone and quickly replaced with a plunging cock into my ass. Daddy pushed so fast and hard, that I had no time to get adjusted to the feeling.

"Oh my God, that's too much Daddy," I screamed trying to pull away only to be pulled back close to him. "Please stop." I begged him to let me get used to the feeling. I could still feel Daddy's fingers torturing my clit with tugs and twists pushing me back to the edge of excitement. I could feel every inch of Daddies cock in my ass, pulling and tearing my insides out. He slowly pulled him out of my ass until just the tip was inside of my and then slowly pushed in again.

This time, it wasn't quite as painful, as I felt his cock slide deep into me. "God, Daddy, it hurts, but it feels good." I said, as he slowly worked himself in and out of my bottom. I closed my eyes, and tried to let the sensations take over, the feeling of his hand on my clit, the other hand sliding up and down my back and pulling my hip. Any pain that I did feel, slowly diminished and all I could feel the slickness of his cock pushing through the tightness of my ass, loosening it with each thrust, getting me closer and closer to coming.

"Does my baby like this? Does she like Daddy taking her ass for the first time?" I heard him ask pulling me out of my thoughts. He felt his hand move up and grab my hair, pulling my face sideways so I can see him. Veronica vain jojo kiss and cadence lux at girlsway lesbian porn perfect ass could see the lust and the power in his eyes.

I groaned as I could feel his eyes pierce into my soul. "Yes, Daddy," I moaned. "I like this, I love this so much. Please don't stop. Don't stop fucking my ass." "Don't you dare come until I say so slut" Daddy told me, all the while his cock pushing me farther and farther to the point of no return.

After a good minute more, Daddy finally groaned, "Come baby, come all over my cock and I will give you your reward." I feel the one hand pulling my clit and the other pulling my hair and Daddy's cock thrusting into me when I finally moaned, "Oh Daddy, I'm coming, oh fuck yes, I'm coming." As I started to shudder and shake I felt Daddy wrap his arms around my waist and thrust through my orgasms to spray my insides with his seed over and over again, making me come again.

"Oh God, Daddy, that was wonderful," I said as we came down from our orgasmic highs and he took off the belt from my arms and rolled me over the couch arm to push us both on the couch to settle. My breathing ragged, my heart still pounding. I could feel cum dripping from between my legs and the soreness along my bottom from the paddling and the sting in my ass from the pounding.

"Yes, it was my little girl. You did wonderful following all the directions. It is very nice to finally meet you." he said two knobs is what this pretty teen loves to suck schoolgirl and japanese as he smoothed my hair down my back. I looked up at his eyes, immediately seeing the tenderness that he felt and he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "Thank you Sir," I said as I snuggled up into his side, feeling his hand drape over me and almost immediately I started to doze off into a light sleep as I recovered.