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Naked men gang bang hot pretty chicks hardcore and blowjob
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Chapter 1: Even though it was a sunny and bright day, the room was completely dark. The only thing that gave off light in the room was a projector that sat on top of the dark, polished oval table. There was a reason why the room was so dark. Why would the CIA show sensitive information near a window where someone could look in? Now that was just plain stupid. The CIA director was showing slides and information about the woman's new assignment.

Only three people resided in the room: a poised woman on one side of the table, the director up at the head wicked college girls getting dicked at dorm room party the table, and another man across from her.

Why were they even there? Apparently there was new information of Germany planning a World War 3. What was it with Germany and wars? The only woman in the room was Avery Schneider. She looked to be the youngest in the room, although she did not know the age of her counterpart. She was relatively young, being twenty eight. Most of the other agents at her caliber were at least into their mid-thirties. What thick black girl taking a big cock she say?

She was just a natural at this. She did go through college, actually training along with the CIA. She was a good promise, wanting her to continue college for more knowledge. The CIA would never directly say that they kept her in school to learn how to make bombs. What school would teach that? But with her knowledge of Chemistry, she was able to know what chemicals work together. She was dressed in blue and white striped buttoned shirt, only one button undone. A fitted black jacket sat over the shirt, stopping and flaring slightly at her hips.

Her black pencil skirt hit just above the knees. This was her normal attire when she was in the agency. How could she possibly do field work in a pair of heels? She wondered why she was being paired up with this man. She figured that presented with a possibly world war, it was best to know your allies.

But how would they get along? If the FBI and CIA could not work well together, how in the world would him and her? Two totally different ways of handling a situation. The lights were flicked on suddenly, causing Avery to squint her blue-green eyes slightly as they adjusted.

As her pupils contracted, the gray shattered ring around her pupil became more dominant. Her eyes were really something unique, which is why she was constantly wearing color contacts on assignments. "Any questions?" The director asked. He sounded like he was a teacher giving a presentation. It could almost make you laugh. The director looked from his agent to the other one, assessing their faces.

Avery wanted to protest to this assignment; Did her director not think that she was capable of a solo operation? Avery kept a stoic face as he looked back to her, debating about whether or not to speak. "When does our flight rough rape hentai forced uncensored She finally asked, figuring there was no use in debating with her superior.

After all, she was lucky to even be considered for this job. The director could have easily gone with an older agent rather than her. "Nineteen Hundred hours" The director told her, opening a manila folder and pulling out a dossier and travel documents.

There were two passports in there, along with their flight plans. Avery was not sure of how much time she would be spending in Germany. For all she knew, she could be on assignment for more than a year. And she had just gotten back a few weeks from being in Cuba for a year. She couldn't complain about being on the beach every day for a year. Her skin was now bronzed with light freckling across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks. Her normally light brown hair was almost blonde from the sun.

She pulled the sleeve of her jacket up slightly, looking at the face of the small watch. It was already 3pm.

That meant she only had a few hours to pack everything before they left. It took her forever to go through security and customs. That was not easy with a lot of weapons. Avery waited for her new partner to speak before standing up.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03032012:13:00-Langley,VA. That was all that was written in the email. The FBI never had to give anymore details than that. Craig was perfectly fine with that. He had already knew that CIA headquarters was in Langley.

He had arrived unscathed and sat through the briefing pretending to be taking detailed notes on his government issued laptop. Craig looked older than his 27 years. Most people pegged him to be in his mid-thirties.

He was pale and and had dark bags surrounding his brown eyes. He was dressed in a wrinkled T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. He took a quick scan around the room. The only female in the room was seemingly paying attention to her boss. Craig's own Director didn't have the time to accompany him to Virginia.

He couldn't remember what her name was; and even though she wasn't dressed to impress, Craig couldn't help but to notice her figure. As he did he began to wonder why he was paired with her. He was just a government hacker. Doing his job so he wouldn't have to serve jail time for cracking the FBI's files wide open for all the net to see. When the lights came on Craig noticed that she remained in the room. Maybe she was waiting for him to say something, she was going to have to keep waiting.

He had equipment to pack;however she was now his partner. She at least deserved a few words. He finally resolved himself to saying a few words: "I'll meet you at the airport" saying these words as he left from the room.

Craig packed only computer parts. He knew he would be given a big enough stipend from the FBI to cover clothing,food and shelter but not equipment. He had lydia cant stop cheating on her boyfriend idea how long he was going to be gone so Craig took no chances; he uploaded a virus onto the mainframe in his bedroom.

He would have time to rebuild the information center in Germany but his priority was making sure that he no longer existed. At 18:34 hours Craig dressed in official uniform, missing the badge;after using it to bypass security, was waiting for his CIA counterpart on the other side of the security line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As her partner spoke, the words left her untouched.

She had worked with many agents from varying agencies. However, a hacker was a first. Wasn't she the person to bring down people like that? Either way, she felt like she would have to babysit the guy. He probably did not know the hand to hand combat she knew, the stealth from gathering intel. Avery made her way home, most of her items packed. It consisted of clothes that she previously had come to need on a mission. Another girls gone wild best tits was of her weapons that she would be allowed on the plane with.

Her others would be shipped to Germany when she arrived there. She changed out of her suit, changing into a pair of jeans and a v-neck shirt. She always wanted to travel in comfort. And a suit jacket and skirt did not scream comfortable. She was able to get through security, walking out of the private room where she had been stripped searched. "Good, You are already here." She explained, brushing some hair out of her face.

"Craig is it?" She lied, pretending she did not exactly know his name. Her eyes took in his outfit.

Well, it was an upgrade from what he was wearing in the briefing. "Here," She said, digging out a manila folder. She pulled out his ticket and passport, handing them over to him. Once he took them, she grabbed her own, setting the folder back into her bag. She straightened her shirt, looking at her outfit. She had become accustomed to the strip searches but she could live without them. The shirt clung to her curves, showing enough of her cleavage that is was apparent she did not lack.

Her body was toned, but more on the curvy side. Without another word, she headed off into the terminal. She figured now was not the time to talk. They had over an 8 hour flight, they could talk then. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2: Craig looked at the ticket he was given. Business? Craig didn't fly business, he was too claustrophobic for that. Carefully escaping from his partner he hopped on to the nearest airport computer could find.

Upgrading the tickets to first class was no problem. While he was at it he made sure to reserve a pair of headphones just in case Avery got the idea to question him about the sudden upgrade. Craig had noticed the way she spoke to him. He could hear the distaste as she spoke his name, Avery didn't like him and Craig was determined not to care. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery glanced back at one occasion to find her partner gone.

She just rolled her eyes. She really did not care one way or another. However, she would then have to explain to her director what happened to Craig. Who knows what he was doing. Avery did not mind flying business.

She wasn't the type to care about being around people. Although, she did hate when people were a little too friendly.

She arrived at the terminal, her eyes glancing up at the screens. She looked at the time they would be arriving. Pressing her full lips together, she waited for him. He better get done with whatever he was doing otherwise she was going to leave without him. Their plane was now boarding. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig was waiting in his first class seat as Avery boarded the plane.

He called a flight attendant over. He honey bounds on big dick hardcore blowjob to her in a charming voice his eyes seeming to twinkle with every word "You see that woman over there? She's my wife and she doesn't know we've been upgraded to first class. Would you be dear and show her up here. Here is her ticket." He handed the flight attendant the ticket and waited for Avery to arrive.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery gave up, boarding the plane. As she was boarding the plane a flight attendant came up to her. "Miss, your husband has upgraded you two to first class." She said in an overly chipper voice. Avery glanced to Craig, then back to the attendant. "Thank you." She said simply, flashing the attendant with a bright white smile.

As she put all of her bags away except one, she made her way over to Craig. "Too good for business?" She said, her voice dripping in sarcasm as she took a seat.

She knew he must of hacked the computer or something to get them into first class. She pulled out her cell phone, checking a few things before turning it off. She set her bag under her chair, buckling her belt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Claustrophobic and allergic to bitches" Craig had replied to Avery's blatant sarcasm.

"Just be glad I didn't leave you back there." Craig waited until Avery was putting her bags away when he quietly slipped in "or sent you to Bermuda." Craig occupied himself by studying a dossier he made about Avery. Not even bothering to hide the dark blue folder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Aww why thank you dear." Avery retorted as he shot back at her.

Oh this was going to be a long trip. Avery always had a mouth on herself, sex stories xnxx and big boobs being able to hold in her sarcasm. She did not take well to people who were weak. At least he challenged her. Better than him going off and moping because she was mean to him. Her eyes glanced over to his folder, knowing it was about her. "Does your file mention how I have disliking to pasty white IT guys?" She whispered, watching as the flight attendant smiled at her.

She smiled back, pretending like everything was alright. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "No but it does mention that you have some serious chemistry background.

I had you pegged for a dumb slut." Craig showed Avery the page he was talking about. "Oh if it makes you feel any better. I'm not just IT, I'm IT's worst nightmare" Craig produced a similar blue folder with his picture on top. He tossed it on Avery's lap. "I've taken the liberty to highlight a few of my 'accomplishments'" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery let that one slip.

That was a low blow though. They had known each other for a few minutes and he was already calling her a dumb slut? "They wouldn't let some dumb slut into the agency but yes.

I also know more about weapons and have access to more than the military would hope." She informed him. She had used RPG's on a regular basis, something most people had never even seen in person. A blue folder was tossed onto her lap, her eyes falling down on it. "My my, someone has an ego. I guess that is all you have. Looks like you don't get out much. So I assume your love life or sex life for that matter in non existence." She teased, opening the folder.

Her eyes looked over his background, noting where he went to college. The best. She noted his talents at hacking. But beyond that, it was minimal. Her folder was far superior. Weapons. Bomb making. Sniper shot. Hand to hand combat were just a few of her best qualities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You mean they didn't just pick you up off a street corner?" Craig laughed to himself as the conversation turned into a pissing match.

He had only included his hack skills and some basic information in the dossier. If she wanted to know if he could hold his own she was going to have to wait to find out.

Craig thought back to the years of Krav Maga and a various other martial arts. The linguistics training and of course computers. Craig was more than what met the eye and what met Avery's eye was only what Craig would allow her to see.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her eyes scanned over the document, closing it. She had already done her own search but humored him by looking at it again.

"You mean to tell me that you are more of a jackass then I thought you were? Oh bravo, you have fooled me." She replied, tossing the folder back to him.

She pulled out her phone, checking a document that had been sent to her. "Did you two need anything?" The flight attendant check on them. "Oh no thank you." Avery replied, placing her hand on top of his for a moment.

Once the attendant was gone, she removed her hand. "Nice lie, maybe you are not a complete loss to me" She replied plainly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig slid on the headphones pretending not to hear Avery's latest insult.

He knew her type, she had something to prove and she felt every man that talked to her was just getting in her way. Craig refused to be her latest obstacle. He busty latina gets huge dick in her cunt that if was going to be spending god knows how long with that woman. He was going to at least make her as uncomfortable as she made him "3.14159265." He began to count. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery was very tempted to rip those headphones off of his ears but she resisted the urge.

She instead pulled out an iPod, unwrapping the headphones. When he started to count, she just looked over to him. Was he really going to start counting all the numbers of pi? She just shrugged her shoulders as the plane started to move. She slipped in her headphones, closing her eyes as she felt the plane lift off the ground.

As long as he did not disturb her, she would not bother him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once Craig had noticed that Avery had give up the teasing for now. He grabbed his laptop and pulled up a security video of the briefing.

This time he made careful notes. Acknowledging the target Geoff "Eagle" Halste, a 40 year old man bent on returning what he believed belonged to Germany. Under Halste's rule the Germans had built over 90 nuclear weapons. World War III was inevitable, until Craig had found the a chink in the German armor. While doing routine patrols of the German security system Craig noticed that as long as an IP was German he could break into the missile's guidance systems.

That was the easy part, the hard part was going to be getting into Berlin to make sure that he had at least disarmed the warheads of the bombs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Avery knew what she needed to do in order to complete a mission such as this.

She needed to collect intel for the first few days and then properly infiltrate into their organization. It should not be that hard. But this was a bit more of a sensitive issue. As the flight attendant came around, Avery pulled out her head phones. "Would you like a drink?" The attendant asked. "You know what, I would gladly take a beer." She said, grasping the cup she gave her.

She was going to need one drink in order to deal with Craig.

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Avery did not even bother asking if Craig wanted anything. He could get something if he so desired. She tilted her cup up to her lips, letting some of the amber liquid rush down her throat. She set it down onto the tray, reaching under her seat to pull out her own laptop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig was too invested in his laptop to notice the flight attendant. He hoped she thought he was watching some kind of movie.

Or even better hadn't seen the screen. Craig felt Avery shift to get her laptop.He was horrified by what he saw "Is that the standard issue?

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I could get that thing working much faster and efficient by the end of the trip if you let me" Craig even offered his logged off laptop in exchange so that Avery could continue to work. "I'm serious, no tricks. If I have to be with you on this trip I'm not going to be slowed down by that trashy thing the government calls a laptop" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery looked down to her beer as he questioned, thinking that was what he was talking about.

She finally understood that he meant her laptop. With a huff she looked to him. "Yes sadly." She said. They could upgrade some low level person who did not need it, but they would never upgrade her.

Of course, she always brought her personal laptop which was much faster. However, this one had information she did not want to leave that computer. She arched a brow at his proposal. "Yeah? No catch? There is always a catch." She replied, logging in.

The computer was not extremely slow, but it was not that fast. She took another sip, her fingers moving over the pad to pop open sensitive material. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Women Craig thought to himself. "Ok if you call making sure you have the best equipment at your disposal a catch then yes there is a catch. I mean you wouldn't go to a gunfight with a knife." Craig put the headphones back on a drifted off to sleep.

Waking to the sounds of the flight attendant telling him to put up his tray and seat for descent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery ignored his comment, resuming her work. The flight did not last as long as she thought. Before she knew it, the flight attendant signaled for her to put up her tray. Avery put her things away, looking out the window. Once the plane landed, Avery collected her things.

Once in the airport, she checked her phone for the person she needed to meet. Her eyes scanned around for a moment before being met with her person she needed.

She walked over to the very tall man with green eyes. "Agent Carmichael" She explained, holding out her hand. The guy dropped a pair of keys into her hand, smiling to her. "Aisle 7 Row B. Nice to see you again Avery." He commented before disappearing. Avery did not trust any one to pick them up, she needed to drive to the safe house herself.

"Do you always have ebony secretary ivy young gets fingered by boss an attitude?" She asked as they walked to the monorail which would take them to the parking lot. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Only around pretty girls" Craig responded to Avery's question. He noticed the way the other passengers had stared at Avery the women with jealousy and the men with lust.

He hoped the reverse was true for him. He may be a nerd but he still liked to be looked at. Craig rubbed his arm muscles as they walked through the parking lot. "What's your problem with me anyway? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ha ha." Avery replied as she walked through the parking lot. Avery was confident of her looks.

She believed she was beautiful. But never exactly said that to anyone. She never wanted to come off as overly conceited. Those type of people annoyed no end. Her eyes glanced over to him slightly. He was not bad looking either. He just looked like he needed a good sleep.

As he asked her a question, she shrugged her shoulders. "I do not need a partner. You also clearly only have experience in the technology field. I do not want to have to save your ass when you get in trouble." She added, hitting the button on the keyring and the lights of a black porsche lighting up. "Which I have a feeling I will need to do very often." She said, opening the door and putting her luggage into the small backseat.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well if you feel that way I can call my Chief and get our part in this scrubbed. I mean you can do all by yourself right." Craig was offended, never had he been so offended by someone.

"Besides I can do a lot more that be the tech genius I am." To prove his point he punched a dent into the rental car. He thought to himself She's changing the game and I'm not taking anymore shit. bootylicious ebony goddess rides on a bbc big tits cumshot opened her mouth, just about to speak when he punched a dent into the car.

Of course, it was not a rental. It was actually the agencies that they bought years ago. Her eyes ventured down to the dent, then back up at him. "That is not an option. You are my partner and we are here together. Obviously you want to prove to me that you are capable. I am sure we can work something out." She added, slipping into the driver's seat.

"At least give me the opportunity to train you in some hand to hand combat?" She offered him. He really needed to learn that she was very sarcastic. It seemed that he took a few things she said to heart. Then again, she had not exactly been quite civil to him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig noticed the sudden demeanor change. Had he scared her or was she just putting up a front until the mission was done.

"I don't need training. I'm a black belt in more forms of martial arts than you can count. I'm sorry for being so gruff; I really just don't work with people well." Craig quietly slipped into the passenger side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery had not been scared. No, she did not scare easily. In her line of work, one could not be scared easily.

She just was in no mood to fight over such things. They were going to be partners and they needed to get along. They could never bring down this man if they were fighting like children non-stop. "Obviously. And if you haven't noticed by now, I am not fond of partners." She stated the obvious, turning the car on and backing it out. "I just feel like they are sent to babysit me in general.

Seeing as most of them are generally at least 10 plus years older than me." She replied, driving out of the airport. Within only minutes, the airport seemed to fade away from them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig only grunted in response.

He didn't want her thinking that he xxx kajal a xxx bf story2019 gone soft or something. He wanted to test her skills. "Hello, how are you. Where is this safe house anyway?" He said in perfect German. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As the silence fell between them for a few moments, Avery enjoyed the quiet. When she shifted gears, it was broken by him speaking perfect German.

"That is for me to know and you to shortly find out Craig." She responded in German, then glancing over to him. "What other languages are you fluent in?" She questioned, this time in Sex xxx mom and son. Avery had a few languages that she knew fluently up her sleeve. Several more that she could understand what people were saying but could not speak it very well.

"We are only about 5 minutes away." She added, the car heading down a heavily wooded road. There seemed to be nothing in sight but trees for miles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "French is my first language, I was born on a military base near Paris.

I also know Farsi, German,English,Spanish, American Sign Language as well as French Sign. My Dad was a 5 star General and so was my Mom before they died." Craig answered adding the last part to make him seem at least a little human."What about you, what's your story?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was some list he had there for languages.

Maybe he would actually be a decent partner. As he mentioned his parents, Avery chewed on the inside of her lip. It was always sad to hear that someone had lost their parents. "My Story?" She asked, then veering the car to the right. "Grew up on a small ranch on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas with 3 brothers. My parents were the backwoods type.

As in, women did the cooking while men did the hunting. Wanted a change when I went to college. Although, my parents were not too fond of my career choice." She said simply. "My job leaves me with little time to visit." She added shortly after that. "I am sorry to hear about your parents." She said softly after that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3: Craig looked at Avery.

He quietly decided that she was worth his time. "Thanks, they died for what they believed in. I'm sure they would be disappointed in me too." He added with a chuckle. To him Avery was an puzzle and one he fully intended to solve by time they were done in Germany. "Are we there yet" He said reclining his seat and sliding his hands over his eyes.

He hoped that this safehouse wouldn't have enough rooms and they would be forced to sleep in the same room. He loved the idea of how uncomfortable that would make her.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery shrugged her shoulders at his comment. "I highly doubt that. I assume you have done some good with your skills. Not like mine. Hard to really live up to an older and younger brother in the military. Other brother is a journey linemen, works on telephone poles. I sadly was supposed to get married to a nice southern christian boy and have 20 kids." She said, mocking her mother in the last part with a perfect Texas accent.

She laughed softly, shaking her head. Her lips curved into a smile as he asked if they were there yet. "Maybe." She teased. Within a few moments, a small cabin appeared through the woods. She parked into the driveway, parking it. "Alright, we are here. Gosh, you are impatient." She joked, getting out of the car. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig looked at the small log cabin.

"Is there even electricity in this thing?" He joked but added in a serious tone "When do we move into the cover apartment? For the record nobody is going to accept we are brother and sister so we are going to have to be married when we go to Berlin." He popped open the trunk and grabbed his computer equipment. Moving to the front of the car to wait for Avery. She had the keys after all and he already dented the more inanimate objects needed to get harmed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery laughed, shaking her head. "Oh no. No running water. Out house in the back, have to use lanterns like in the old days.

And no heat. Only one way of getting warm." She joked, giving him a wink. She was only playing with him, of course the place had electricity. Of course, the place was not originally built for the CIA.

They bought it from a couple who had the cabin as their summer house. She shouldered her bag, looking up to him. "I agree. Although, I might need a little convincing on the marriage part." She said, giving him a smirk.

She just enjoyed confusing him. How did he know if she was serious about anything she said? For all he knew, she was serious about them getting intimate. Or she could just be throwing him through a loop. As their things were out of the car, she locked the car. She took the few steps with ease, opening the door for both of them. "One room. One bed. We can switch off with the bed." She informed him.

She figured he was not the type of guy who was comfortable with sharing such an intimate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh so I don't get to convince you tonight I take it" Craig said as he slid through the door. There wasn't going to be enough room to setup his computer stuff, not that he would. The enormous power spike would definitely alert someone. Instead he slid off his jacket and tossed it to the side, he followed with his tie and shoes.

He turned and looked at Avery as he unbuttoned his shirt and hopped in the bed "I'll take a quick nap and you can have the bed until we move." He feigned being asleep and tried to keep a close eye and ear on what Avery was doing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Craig slipped past her, she shut the door.

The place was big enough for two people and was fairly nice. At least, Avery liked the style. Some people did not like a cabin style house with a fireplace. She flipped on the lights as he got undressed.

She set her bag down onto the couch, then looking to the bedroom which was open to the rest of busty alexis ford rides lexs huge member house. "Hum, I do not think so." Avery explained, taking her shoes off.

Within a few seconds, she had jumped onto the bed, unsettling him before she pushed him off the bed with all her might. As he hit the floor with a thud, a laugh followed from her lips.

"First rule, You better be on your toes. I enjoy playing games." She added, peering over the bed to look down at him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Craig looked up dumbfounded at Avery. He was going to like her. He hopped back on the bed. "Two can play that game." He grabbed one of her arms and pulled it over him just enough to flip her over without hurting her. If she wanted to play rough he was going to play rough too.

"First rule, Never underestimate a knocked downed opponent; they will get up and they will be pissed." He said as he watched her beautiful brunette anal fucked on casting masturbation assfucking to the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery knew he was going to get her back.

Of course he would. She moved back into her spot as he got back into the bed. She went fine lesbo pussy gapped with kitchen tools reach up to grab the headboard, but he caught her first. Within a matter of moments, she was on the ground. "No shit. Who would actually like being pushed off a bed?" She asked with a laugh.

She pushed herself up off the floor, then brushing the dirt off of her jeans. "I would however like to see how good of an opponent you will be." She said, not meaning at the exact moment. She climbed back onto the bed, then moving over to him.

She sat on his hips, then pushing her palms into his shoulders. "Still tired?" She teased, giving him a smirk as she hovered over him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig held back his instincts to counter Avery. He knew she wouldn't hurt him on purpose.

"It was a long flight; wouldn't mind a quick nap. Want to join me?" He asked while carefully sliding out from under her. He fluffed a pillow and tossed it on the floor "I still call the bed" he said with a smirk. He rubbed one of her arms hoping the touch wouldn't cause a reaction at least a negative one. He wondered about Avery and about the mission. How close would they need to get?

This mission literally depended on the two of them coming off as being in love. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery watched as he slipped out from under her.

"That does sound nice." She explained. Although, she was not exactly overly tired. Her eyes flickered down to the pillow that he tossed onto the floor.

"And I call the bed. What? You can't sleep in the bed with a girl without having sex?" She questioned, reaching down to pick up the pillow. She returned it to the space, then resting her head down on it. "You kick me off the bed, you will get to know what weapons I brought along.

That and I have some super glue. I highly doubt you want to wake up with your balls super glued to your leg." She teased, her body facing his as her eyes closed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig couldn't sleep. He just watched Avery. She was so beautiful and looked almost innocent as she laid there next to him. Instead he carefully got out of the bed and grabbed his laptop and slid just as carefully back into the bed.

He opened the files on the New Nazi Regime as the followers of Halste' were calling themselves. They weren't nearly as evil as the Nazi's were but they still had done some pretty bad things. He read one report of a NNR soldier tying an American woman to a tank and firing the 50 caliber rounds through her. The only thing the Embassy received after that was a pinky and an open declaration of war.

He closed the laptop and wrapped Avery in his arms and finally drifted off to sleep. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was going to take Avery a bit before she fell asleep. She never was the type of person to fall asleep within a few seconds of her head hitting the pillow. When the bed shifted, she assumed he was not going to sleep. The sounds of his fingers hitting the keys kept her awake until he closed the laptop.

Her eyes did shoot open when he gathered her into his arms. That was not exactly what she was expecting. She would have said something, but his closed eyes left her to keep her mouth shut. She just settled into him more, hooking on of her legs behind his. She pulled his hips into hers before she closed her eyes. Eventually she was able to fall into sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 4: Craig awoke with a jump at the sound of a knock on the sexy teen casey calvert asshole rammed by big fat cock pornstars hardcore. This was a classified mission so only 6 people in the whole world knew about it and 2 of them were in the room.

He borrowed one of Avery's guns and went to answer the door. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a knock at the door.

Why was there a knock at the door? Avery jumped out of the bed at the knock. Only a few people knew about this place. And no one dropped by uninvited. There was no other house for several miles in any direction. There was another small cabin about 3 miles to the west of them, but Avery never saw a soul there. She had grabbed one of her guns, loading it as she went behind Craig. She then moved to open the door, her gun pointed at the person. The little old lady who was at the door looked like she was about to faint at the sight of her.

"Oh gosh. I am so sorry." Avery said, dropping the gun. It was the lady who lived a few miles away from them. She only knew because she had been informed that the lady often stopped by. She had been relocated there many years beautiful girl play with her sextoys on webcam with her crazy nympho brunette cant stop squirting from orgasm after they testified against the Russian Mob.

"I webcam blonde plays her pussy with dildo teases you were some intruder Mrs. Johnson." She added, looking back to Craig and putting her hand to the barrel of his gun lowering it.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Can we trust her?" Craig questioned in Spanish.

He hoped she knew what he was saying. Her services records never mentioned the languages she spoke. He allowed her to lower the service revolver he had picked up. The cool steel lightly touched the skin of his chest reminding him his shirt was still open. He quickly corrected this and allowed Avery to make the decision on whether the lady was a threat or not.

He hated being dependant on someone else but Avery was his partner and he would have to trust her. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Yes." Avery simply stated in English. She needed to tell him that she was fluent in Spanish, French and Russian. She understood Portuguese and Italian only because they were somewhat similar to French and Spanish.

That was about it for her languages. "Please come in." She said, allowing the lady to come in. After the lady stopped shaking, she walked slowly into the house. "I am sorry but you must understand, no one is supposed to know we are here just like you." She reminded the lady. "Of course I know sweetie, I just never got used to a gun being pointed at me." The lady spoke with lesbo peaches open up their deep butt holes and ream big toys soft voice, a heavy russian accent still present.

The lady looked from Avery to Craig, then her eyebrows furrowing. "Where is that nice young man you were here with the last time? Michael? Wasn't he your boyfriend?" She asked. Avery looked back to Craig and then to the lady. "You mean Agent Carmichael?" She questioned. "No, we were simply just partners as I am with him." She added, crocking her thumb over her shoulder. "Was there something you needed?" Avery asked finally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig had to accept Avery's yes as at least a basic understanding of Spanish.

He stepped over to allow the lady in and grabbed his jacket from the coat hook. "I'm going out for a smoke. Holler if you need anything." He told Avery as he walked out the door. Once outside he tucked the gun into his beltline and dug in his pockets for a cigarette.

He thought more about the mission he had to complete. It was going to be a tough job and he wasn't sure if Avery knew anything about computers. He would have to ask once the neighbor left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery watched as he left. He smoked? Avery always hated the smell of smoke. But she was not going to make him stop smoking. "I just wanted to say Hello." The lady said.

Avery remembered the lady was very lonely. After her husband died 5 years ago, she had no one in the house except herself. Avery felt a little bad for her; She just wanted to have someone to talk to.

After they chatted for a few minutes, Avery reminded her that for her safety, she needed to stay home. As the lady left, Avery motioned to Craig. "My gun?" She said, holding her hand out. "How often do you smoke?" She asked, wondering if he was a heavy smoker. She assumed not as much seeing as he was just now having a cigarette.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Not at all. It's a stage stud bangs darksome bawdy cleft with joy He said he handed it to her with the gun.

"I use it to take advantage of smoke breaks at the FBI." He thought for a moment then quickly added "sorry about the whole arms around you. It's a habit." He smiled and took off the jacket to get back in the bed, but suddenly went to the kitchen and began taking out pots and pans for a meal. "Steak or chicken?" He asked. He was hungry and he was sure she was too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Thank god." Avery said in a breath, unloading the one gun for the moment.

She placed them back into the bag she had. "You don't have to be sorry." She added, then stretching as she bent back up. As he walked into the kitchen, a pure pov female police offer fucked on sight smirk appeared on her lips. "I had a feeling you would not be able to keep your hands off of me." She teased, following him into the kitchen.

"Hum, I am thinking of something.else." She said seductively, her arms wrapping around him from behind. Her hands slowly moved down his abdomen, coming to rest at the band of his pants. "What do you think?" She whispered. She wondered what was going through his mind at the moment. On one hand, she was just messing with him. On the other hand, she was being serious.

It all depended on his next move. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm thinking.Chicken. It will cook faster, maybe some of these carrots to go with" Craig said trying to ignore his urges as she ran her hands over his body.

He wondered if she was just messing around. "We haven't eaten anything since we got off that plane, how about some food first?" He added just to hint that he was game for anything after a nice meal. Craig wondered if she would be more or less aggressive in bed. He began to get aroused at the thought, he would hope that Avery wouldn't notice but his size and her proximity wouldn't allow that to happen.

He finished cooking the meal of pan seared chicken and the side of steamed carrots and handed Avery a plate. He thought the food was good though he was missing a few key ingredients. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He sure did have a lot of self control in him.

Avery let her fingers play with the button of his pants as he spoke. "Alright, but don't keep me waiting." She replied, dipping her fingers below the band of his pants before removing herself from him. So he was all for them having sex later, but Avery was a bit hungry herself. She helped him out in cooking and then setting the table for them.

As he handed her the plate, she took it. "It looks good. Thank you." She thanked him, taking a seat at the small table. She first took a long sip of water before she started eating. "So are you dominate in bed?" She asked, like it was natural dinner table conversation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I can be" Craig responded in a cool manner.

The question had thrown him off but he wasn't backing down now. "I'm finished with my dinner. Perhaps a little desert" He said as he picked up his dishes and reopened his shirt. If Avery wanted to have sex with him he wasn't going to complain.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, I should inform you I throughly enjoy a man in control in the bedroom. That and very rough sex." She told him. She had only finished about half of her food before he said he was finished. "Little anxious I see." She explained, pushing herself back from the table. She took her food into the kitchen, then placing her left overs into a container and putting it in the fridge.

"Oh, I am on birth control. Just so you know.

Real mom and sun xunx story ful

I never did like condoms." She explained, her eyes taking in his body as she turned around. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 5: Craig couldn't believe that this was going to happen. He allowed his shirt to fall off and reveal more of his tight muscles. He could feel the tension grow stronger in the room. "I think you're wearing too much clothing" He walked over to her taking the bottom of her shirt in his hands."I really hope you don't wear this shirt all the time" He said as he gave a hard tug.

The fabric gave way to Craig's strong hands. He admired her shirtless body. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When his shirt fell to the floor, Avery bit down on her lip. He certainly was well toned himself. She would have no exactly guessed to be honest. Avery took a step back towards the bedroom as he closed the gap between them. She looked up at him, her chest rising and falling heavily as he then tugged her shirt off.

Avery made it easier for him to take it off her body, it then falling to the floor. She wasted no time in pulling him into her, then placing a hard kiss on to his lips. Her body molded against his as she made the first step. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Craig kissed her back.

He used his hands to make quick work of her bra. He broke off the kiss. "You're going to have to work harder than that" He said. He undid his belt and gestured toward his groin. He was not overly large in pants but his size had still scared off some girls. He hoped Avery wouldn't share the same phallic fears.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apparently Hard hammering for ebon playgirl hardcore blowjob was not a man who enjoyed taking a long time, building up to sex. Avery could admire that. Sometimes she just wanted to get on with things. As her bra was unhooked, she took it off.

She had a fairly large chest, which fit with her curvy body. "Oh?" She asked, arching a brow. When he undid his belt, she grabbed his hand. She pulled him over to the bed, then pulling down his pants and boxers in one swift movement. Avery pushed him onto the bed, allowing him to sit up as she went onto her knees. "Should I?" She teased, looking up to him. She gave a soft laugh, then taking him into her hands and stroking him.

He was large, but Avery loved that. Nothing really scared her off when it came to a man's size. She licked her lips, her eyes glancing back up to his face as she applied more pressure with her hands.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig enjoyed the pressure Avery was exerting. He wanted more. "Is that all you got?" He looked at her. Growing harder at the way her chest looked in the light of the cabin. He bucked his hips forcing a rough handjob. "Cause it's not impressing me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery was just getting started.

She liked to tease a man out of his mind, knowing the man would repay her right back. "Of course not, but you are just impatient." She explained. He bucked his hips up, then Avery stopping for a moment. She moved her lips closer, licking her way from the base to the tip of his shaft. She repeated several times before she just ran her tongue over the tip.

He needed to be careful of what he did, Avery always had a way of getting back at a guy who wasn't a bit patient.

She then moved onto sucking only the tip, before sliding him all the way into her mouth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig was losing his mind.

Avery knew what she was doing. His cock throbbed as she took him into her mouth. He remembered her saying she liked rough sex. So he placed a hand on the back of her head. Lightly he began to pull her hair so that her head moved up his shaft. Without warning Craig slammed his length back into her.

He repeated this several times before ripping his dick out her mouth and scooping her into his arms. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery slowly moved him in and out of her in a rhythm, slowly increasing in speed. Craig helped her with her work when he pulled on her hair. She was going to show him what she had to offer when he slammed himself into her.

She gladly accepted him, only her eyes getting a bit watery at the sudden movement. But as soon as that started, it was over and she was in his arms. "Well you cut that awfully short.

I did not even get to the best part." She warned him. But that was his choice. Now, she waited for him to make the next move. She had told him she enjoyed a man taking control. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig quickly took off Avery's pants and underwear while she was in his arms.

"I never said you were done" He tossed her on the bed and spread her legs. He loved the strong smell of arousal coming from her. He kissed the inside of one thigh and lightly nibbled the other side. He continued this all the way up her thigh until he reached her pussy. He slid a finger inside of her and pulled it out. "My aren't we wet?" He said as he examined his glossed finger he tasted her juices and the dove straight in.

He let his tongue find her clit and waited for her reaction to the direct touch. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery was tossed onto the bed, then her legs spread. She spread them even more for him as she propped herself onto her elbows. She bit down on her lip as his lips ventured further up.

She had no problem getting wet and already was slightly. It made things very easy in the long run. As he slipped a finger in, her head tilted back slightly.

"Mmm." She moaned as he started. When his tongue found her clit, a gasp fell from her lips. Her body squirmed slightly, then settling back down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig grabbed a hold of her waist hopefully pinning her down.

He inserted two fingers into her and began a vicious assault on her clit while finger fucking her as fast as he could. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery could not hold herself up on her elbows anymore as he started. A moan escaped her lips as she had not much of a warning as he started off fast. Her torso twisted as she tried to keep herself as still as possible.

He clearly knew what he was doing, making her extremely wet within only a few moments. "Oh God." She said in between breaths, unable to catch a deep breath. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig suddenly stopped his attack on her clit.

She was wet now and it was time to knock her out appreciating a lusty pecker together momsandteens threesome the park.

He slid his fingers out and offered them to her. "If you want more you have to be alia butt sexy porn story good girl" He said coming up from between her legs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As soon as he started, it was over.

Avery had never met a guy who started and stop so suddenly. It was a different change. She was actually kind of enjoying this. It was almost like he was her master. And she was his sex slave. She could get used to that. Avery propped herself up onto her elbows once again, taking his fingers into her mouth without a word. She was not shy by any means, and she did not fight him.

She had many a times kissed a guy after they went down on her.

After she licked his fingers clean, she slowly took them out. She licked her lips again, giving him pleading eyes as she wanted him to basically fuck her like there was no tomorrow in sight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig knew what Avery wanted; but he wasn't going to give it to her just yet. He took his hands back and offered her his dick instead.

"You have 5 mins to make me cum. If you can't then I'm going to spank you. If you can.I'm still going to spank you" He said without even giving her time to adjust her position he roughly pushed himself in her mouth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery looked down at his dick, then back up at him.

She really did not have anything to lose either way to begin with. She just hoped he was the type of man who could cum several times during a sex session. She went to adjusted herself but was instead met with him inside her mouth. She removed him, adjusting herself to flip him over. After he was back onto his back, she slid down in between his legs. Instead of her mouth closing around his dick again, it then instead went around his balls.

She lightly sucked on one, her tongue barely grazing over the one as her small hand cupped the other. She then used her last free hand to give him a rough handjob. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig could feel the pressure building in his balls.

He began to mentally recite the Declaration of Independence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery switched, her mouth giving the other ball attention.

She found that many men had this area neglected, or women simply did not know what to do. Avery felt that she had something special in that aspect. After getting herself acquainted with his balls, she took him into her mouth once again. She worked up a fast pace, allowing him to hit the back of her throat several times as she massaged his balls once again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each time Craig hit the back of her throat he got closer to exploding.

When Avery suddenly massaged his balls again he had lost all control. He bucked forward spilling 6 thick strands of cum into her mouth. He looked at the clock across the room "4 mins. Not bad" he acknowledged. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery swallowed each strand of cum that he offered her, slowly pulling him out.

She licked the tip of his dick, getting the small amount that still remained. She leaned back onto her heels, then pushing herself up off of her knees. "Now, give me what I want. Fuck me like crazy." She demanded after climbing back onto him, sitting on his hips.

She moved her hips around on him, allowing him to feel how wet she was. "Don't hold back one bit." She whispered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig felt her pussy dripping on him. She was ready for him. "I will soon enough. However I believe I still owe you a spankin" He teased. He pulled his hand back and slammed it on her ass. Enjoying the sting of his hand hitting such a firm ass his cock grew hard once again.

He pulled back again. Allowing gravity to take his hand to the exact same spot. Once again his cock grew harder. Finally Craig couldn't resist anymore and shoved himself into her.

He roughly fucked her. Watching her tits bounce every time he penetrated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery smirked as he said he needed to spank her. As he started the first time, her body jerked slightly at the hit. Then again at the next one. As she got over that shock, she was met with him shoved into her.

She let out a scream of pleasure, her head tilting up to the ceiling. He stretched her out and filled her up. She let out a moan as he started roughly to begin with, not holding back at all. Her head finally fell back down to look at him, then her hands moving to his hands.

She pulled them up to her chest, massaging her breasts along with him as he continued to slip out of her with ease.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig could feel her getting close to an orgasm.

Her pussy contracting on him was bringing him closer to his second one. He began to pick up speed and smoothed out his strokes. Aiming for her G-spot he took short and quick strokes. Not even fully pulling out of her. His hand began to pull at her nipples while they were massaging her breast. He looked into her eyes and pulled himself up for a passionate kiss.

His staff began to quiver as he could feel himself about to explode. He gathered all of his control to subdue the urge. He was going to get her over the edge at least once before he came again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery was getting very close herself as she was contracting on ass to mouth in public mia bandini wildly.

She was not even sure how he was able to keep up his pace when she was so tight. She shifted herself, letting out a loud moan as he was able to hit the perfect spot. Her eyes closed as he kissed her, Avery not sure of how long she would last.

Her breathing was more labored as they continued to kiss. After a few hard thrusts, she couldn't hold out. She arched her back, her nails digging into his hands as she came herself. Her body shook several times, then shivering as she continued to release. A moan into his mouth was followed as she slowly started to come back from the haze she was in ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feeling Avery cum on his dick Craig allowed himself to nasty slut dani jensen takes a massive black cock. Releasing a large amount of cum into her.

Craig rode the waves of his orgsam and was still rock hard when it was finished. Instead of pulling out he turned so Avery and himself were facing each other. "That was fun" He said his cock jumped for emphasis.

He wasn't showing signs of going soft anytime soon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another moan left her lips as he came inside of her. That was by far, one of the best feelings to her.

Avery finally was calming down as he was stick rock hard inside of her. She enjoyed that as well, keeping him still inside of her as they faced each other. "Yes. It was. So much so, I want to do it over and over with you. All night long." She added with a smile.

She shifted her hips against him, trying to get him as far in as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig felt her hips shift and pushed in as to gladly accommodate her. He took one of her breast and placed in his mouth. He alternated between light nibbles and gentle sucking. He allowed one of his hands too run through her hair and the other to spread her ass cheeks and lightly pinch them.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery hooked her leg behind his, keeping him deep inside of her.

She bit down on her lip, stifling a soft moan that dropped from her lips as he placed his mouth on her breast. He sure did know how to take care of her and please her.

Her one arm moved around to his back, lightly dragging her nails along his hot flesh as she slowly rocked her hips against his. Sure she was tired, but this did not require much effort and felt great. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig was enjoying this light fucking. He didn't have to put much work into it. He gently began to fuck back. He allowed his hands to continue touching Avery but he broke off sucking her tits to speak "So did I convince you?" He asked referencing their earlier conversation.

The physical intimacy they were now sharing would make the marriage cover a lot more plausible. He kissed her quickly and waited for her answer, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As they rocked back and forth, Avery allowed herself to close her eyes and let the pleasure filled haze take over once again. When he spoke, she opened her horny babes love to get drilled with toys to look at him.

"Damn, screw the mission. I just want to fuck you all the time." She said honestly. She always enjoyed sex, a lot. But with the right partner, she craved it even more. "Hell, after this assignment, we have to stay in touch. Even just for fucking purposes." She added with a smile.

She kissed him again, licking his bottom lip and asking for entrance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig opened his mouth allowing her tongue inside.

He picked up his pace with the fucking and his fingers found her tight rosebud. He teased it only letting his fingernail penetrate it.

He watched her face for a reaction to the anal intrusion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery explored his mouth with her tongue, closing her eyes once again as they fell into a faster rhythm.

When his finger dared back to her ass, she let out a gasp. She never hated anal, but she did enjoy vaginal much more. Her eyes opened to look at him, which was a little strange since they were still kissing. She moved her hand, placing it on top of his. It was her way of telling him that he could continue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig felt her hand on his.

He slid his finger in to the first knuckle. He wanted to go slow, he knew that even the tiniest things felt huge in the ass. He pulled his finger out and pushed it back in a little farther. He continued this until his finger was fucking her at pace with his cock. He could just barely feel his finger rubbing his cock through the thin veil of skin separating the vagina from the anal walls.

The extra attention caused the pressure to begin to slowly build again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery scrunched her nose up slightly at his finger entering. The first time was always the most uncomfortable. But as she slowly got used to to his finger, it became more pleasurable.

The double penetration she was receiving was amazing. Her head tilted back, an inhaled sharp breath as he continued.

She would eventually get herself back up to another orgasm at the rate he was going. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig loved the way Avery's nose scrunched up. He could feel her getting close again. His own orgasm not too far away. He let his other hand fall from Avery's hair and find her neglected breast. He began tweaking at her nipples and alternating between soft and hard tugs. He felt his cock becoming more rigid and used his tongue to distract himself by exploring her mouth.

When he had familiarized himself with her mouth he broke off the kiss to look at her. "I want you to come at the same time as me." He said staring into her eyes.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her torso contorted as his hand found her breasts, then tugging on her nipples.

It was like all of a sudden there was a ton a pressure building up inside of her, signaling that she was going to cum once again. Their tongues wrestled as they kissed, him pulling away. Her eyes searched his as he spoke. "I am going to cum soon." She warned him, her hand grasping onto his shoulder for support.

"You.better.hurry." She said in between breaths as she was trying to hold off as long as she could. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig stared into her face.

The pressure in his balls finally boiling over. "I'm going to come in about 5 seconds" he said reaching a near frantic pace with both his finger and cock. He used his other hand to grab hers and intertwined their fingers.

He let go and began to cum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avery let out a whine as she could not hold it any longer. She started to cum a bit before he did, but fully releasing as he did. This orgasm was much stronger than the other, rendering her to many shivers of her body.

It also was different as he came at the same time. A loud moan filled the air as her nails now dug into his shoulder.

She continued to ride out her orgasm, then finally her body relaxing. She closed her eyes, now tired as she felt their cum drip out onto her thighs.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig didn't bother to pull out as he fell asleep along with Avery. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------