Madlin gets her muff licked and drilled creampie brunette

Madlin gets her muff licked and drilled creampie brunette
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The name of death There I was, driving home for work Thinking how my life seem so normal. Funny looking back. How much things have change. BANG!!! What??? I hit something!! As I see the body moving across my hood an into my windshied and over.

SHIT!!!! Finally stopping sexy girl sucking mature cock truck and over to the ditch. He was lying there. Blood and grass cover his body. I grab my phone call 911. 911 whats your emergency? SHIT I hit some one--------- Shanking so bad trying to think. Law enforce teaches how to hand thing nothing like this. Checking to see if he is alive. There a weak pulse. He begins to move.

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I NEED MEDICAL. hold on help on the way. He begins to speak. I drop my phone trying to listen.

Don't I want to die please???? Why??? I've lived to long over an over again I'm ready for it to stop No. Your a young man No no I'm not I know death name What???? I know death name. If you call his name when he come for you.

You'll stop him from taking you. CHOFE But he will take the first person that touches you and you'll take there body. What? What's your name If you touch a person and call his name call his name you'll move to their body and death will take them a you'll old body will die please do me one favor.

What? Bring me your k9 dog so I can tell you his name please hurry I grab my phone walking to the truck. He Vitals are weak please hurry. I opened the door for the dog. Texas come here No good he runs over to the man. The man grab his front paw and said -------- The name I never forget. Texas stop die in his track looked die at me a ran off The man was die. SHIT. Walking back to my truck. BAM?

??????? There I was lying on the ground. I could tell I was hurt badly. Ever breath was shorter and shorter light were fading Next thing I was standing there looking at my body still in my uniform. Only I was flater? Turning around I see a tractor trailer were my truck was. Then he walked out of the dark. Like a shadow walking out of the shadow.

No body only japanese mom fuck 3 sons dark form. What???? It was reaching for me ------------ was all could say ****************************************** Waking up I was still out of it. Like sleeping with the tv on. I could tell I was at the hospital and Sheriff Webb was there talking to the doctor.

RICK. RICK. called sheriff He a little out of it said doc Is he going to be ok asked Sheriff He sould be. I think the shock was too much for him so were going to watch him over night and then let him go home. He could use some time off a day or so. Saying doc. Well I've lost one deputy tonight so please keep me up. Sheriff said as you could tell he was holding back his emotion. RICK!!!! The voice was so familiar RICK OH BABY!!!!

It was Lisa. Rick wife? ?? All I do was listen as Sheriff told her he will be find he in shock. He was responding to Myre call when the ems got there Rick was lying beside James he had been hit by a ideal czech cuties open up their bums with ass plug and big fuck toys truck it a big mess.

But he needs you right now he gust lost James. What!

I'm James what the hell is going on here. That's when it all came back. I called death name and Rick must have been the first to touch me. And now I'm Rick???? Open my eyes and seeing Lise was good I grabbed her hold her. Rick was a good friend of my an now I'm in his body and he's dead. That night all could do was look at my self in the mirror. Rick was the same size as me only younger 26. I had all of his memory and all of my. I could remember his wedding night with Lisa.

She laid sleeping now the chair next to the bed.

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I could remember meeting myself. Nikkie?? Nikkie my wife? I left the room looking for here. But the widowmaker anal hard fuck by black doomfist keep running back to my room. The doc came in a gave me something to sleep. All I do was dream about everything over an over again. Waking up to Lisa kiss was nice.

Lisa is 24 year old 5ft 2in an 130 lb. Brunette form Alabama. She was a cheerleader for Alabama study law and as a paralegal still working on here law degree. A good girl. Whit a little wild side? Now for some reason all can think about is going to Rick's / my new house and fucking the shit out her. The doc finally can in an released me. It was funny walk in somebody else body but getting in his car and kissing his wife an now going to his house?

We stopped at my old house to see Nikkie. Walking in and see her crying as so hard on me. It was all I could do not to tell everything. I knew I would only hurt her worst. I had plenty of insurance and the Sheriffs department would help too an I could come by for time to time.

My boys were home too. James jr was there for Florida. He was a trooper there jay was there for college. UGA. They were both good men. I had to leave before I open my big mouth. Once we got on the way home all I wanted was a shower. Lisa drove us home talking about babes. I remember now they had been working on that.

She had it all planned out and the next three day was her most fertile. Now coming form a man that was 54 yesterday and now she wants a baby. Hell ya. Once home I headed to the bathroom. A nice shower was what I need. Rick body was younger and did hurt as much as my, his dick was a little smaller that my old the maidservants tale busty lesbian maid pillow humping tube porn. ( only 7in) He was in good shape so that was a plus. Once in the living room he didn't have a recliner so the couch will have to do till I can get one.

Lisa came in with a sandwich and a coke. No tea. That would have to change to. I turned on the tv to watch some football an eating my sandwich she started rubbing my leg and working up to my dick. She pulled my jogging pant down. I help her as much as I could.

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It has been year scent I had a blowjop and longer scent it was form someone as sexes as her. She didn't wast anytime and woo it was in her mouth.

I couldn't eat my sandwich fast enough. Grabbing a drink to wash it down was to wrong thing to do. I had a mouth full of coke as she deeptrouted in. I couldn't swallow till she came up for air wooo. She new what she was doing. She stop and started undressing. Once her shirt and bra came off my dick was trying to grow ever more woo. There was so nice C cup that were standing straight out. As she removed her skirt there was some red tongs. She turn her ass to me. If I had more coke in my mouth I would have spit it out.

damn. It was perfect. She had two small dimples at the top and the red tong in the crack came stranger bonks pretty attractive gal girlfriend homemade to nice shelf like you could hide under it. As she bent forward the red string got wide right over that pussy. I could see the lips. little swollen and ripe slided them down as a stripper would WOOO I stood up turning her a round so I could kiss her.

My dick hitting her right at top of her bellybutton. Moving her down on the couch spreading those legs an moving in for the kill. She grabbed me by the head saying no no I haven't shower yet. I laughed and told her. It will be fine.

Her pussy was saved with a little arrow of hair showing the way. Slowly licking the out side then using my tongue to open it up as my fingers held in open hitting the clit first make it dance around side to side up and down. Sliding my index finger in she was wet an ready.

Moving around an playing I couldn't help but think about how far she had been she knew how to suck a dick was she really wide.

Letting my fingers slide down to her ass hole a slicking it up a little she was moaning and bitting her lip. She ask what are you doing. I smiled looking up at her eyes and said playing. You've never done this before. She said Would you like me to stop? Asking her as in keep working her clit and sliding my fingers in her pussy getting it wet then work her pink little ass. No oooo you don't have to stop big tit shelby rides her huge dildo I poke it in she was trying real hard to talk.

But we can save that for later. I need you in me now. I didn't need to hear that again.H,olding her under her knees folding her up and drove right in. She came right then. I couldn't remember a pussy so tight. If I would have pull back she would have rip my dick off. After that she relax a little I worked on that pussy, but didn't take long before I was ready to blow.

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One last stoke and wooo wooo love it. I think she was coming too to. All I could do was look at this lovely woman below me. After 2or3 minutes she was ready of me to get up. I'm going to take a shower now and nasty mature fucked a big cocked guy up. Were still going to Jeff and Sam tonight for supper right? She asked walking out the living room.

I race through Rick mind and said yea. As I was going through Rick thoughts and memories about Jeff. He was an deputy also. And OH SHIT WERE GAY!!!!

No way I hell am I going to be gay. I thought. Rick's memories about Jeff was making me sick. All I wanted now was to get that shit out of my head A knock at the door help! As I walked to the door I saw sheriff Webb truck out side.

Opening the door I asked.Please come in sir Now you'll have to wait on more