Yoga session of a guy turns into a threesome with two babes

Yoga session of a guy turns into a threesome with two babes
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I last left you with Kim and I having spent Friday night with John at his apartment. When I awoke the next day, Kim and I were the only ones in the bed.

I got up and walked out thinking I would find John in the kitchen but instead I found his note. Ladies I did not have the heart to wake you as you both were sleeping so soundly. I might add you both looked lovely but I have a game today cali carter my husbands babysitter had to get to the school. Hope to catch you both after today's game. I had forgotten all about him having a game today. I do hope we did not take much out of him last night.

I hung some decoration around the apartment like great game, nice win and a big victory banner in the front room. I went back into the bedroom to find that Kim was still asleep. She had the covers off her as she laid there on her back. Her big tits were just lying there hanging to her sides just a little. I climbed up beside her and I used a finger to trace around her big tits. Kim's nipples grew larger as my finger brushed against them.

I looked down from her boobs to that big bush of hair covering her pussy. God did this girl have a hairy pussy.

I noticed that Kim's legs were slightly apart giving me a little look up inside of her well-used pussy. I bent down by her thigh trying to get a better look at her meaty pussy. I saw that her pussy was hanging slightly open as my face got near it. I moved even closer to see it better but what I got was a whiff of a thoroughly fucked pussy.

I could see that her pussy was still wet with her own juices as well as dried cum spewed through the hair at the sides of her pussy. I drew my face back when that musky scent of her well-fucked pussy filled my nose. "LICK IT," Kim said as her hands grabbed my long blonde hair pulling my face right down into her pussy.

Kim parted her legs wide as she pulled my face down to her pussy. I had no time to react as she had caught me off guard; my face landed smack into her messy smelly pussy.

Kim rubbed her pussy hard into my face. I was trying not to breathe as her pussy was reeking. Kim locked her legs around my head as she yelled out, "I said fucking lick it bitch." I stuck out my tongue and I started to run my tongue up and down between her meaty pussy lips.

God her sil pek xxx vidisex stories sexi sex reeked of sex, the aroma was very strong but at the same time, her control over me was turning me on. I stuck my tongue deep into her messy pussy lapping at her insides. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth tasting her pussy. It had a tangy, salty taste; I figured it was from John's cum, her juices and her pee.

"You better improve at your licking bitch or I am going to spank your ass so fucking hard," Kim yelled out. I took my tongue and I lapped at her pussy.

I used my tongue on her pussy as if I was a dog lapping water from his bowl. To tell lurid gratifying with hot playgirl homemade hardcore the truth it started to taste better as her juices started to flow.

I was soon driving my tongue up and into her wet hairy pussy. Kim told me to spin around so I did. We were in a 69 now with me on top licking at her pussy; Kim started to use her tongue on mine. I started to lick and suck at her clit. I got it big and hard using my tongue. I then sucked it into my mouth as I buried two of my fingers deep into her pussy. My fingers were searching for her special spot. Kim slipped two of her fingers into my pussy as well.

However, her fingers found my spot right away. Kim gave her fingers a curl downward against my spot. "AAAH Mistress Kim you are going to make me cum," I moaned out loudly. "Don't you dare orgasm yet Janet," "You hold it in," "Do you hear me," Kim replied sternly.

I squirmed as I tighten my pussy up trying to hold back my orgasm. I was trying everything not to cum; I had never tried anything like that before. Kim just kept rubbing her fingers into my spot. It finally got to the point to where it no longer felt that I was going to have an orgasm. The only feeling I had now was I just had to pee bad. I finally found her special spot. Kim jerked under me as I rubbed her spot roughly. Kim moaned loudly under me as her pussy convulsed around my fingers; it gave out a couple quick little squirts of juices.

I figured that since she had orgasm she would pull her fingers from my pussy letting me get to the bathroom. However, Kim just added two more fingers into my wet pussy. She started to run her four fingers in and out still hitting my special spot. Kim's fingers felt just like a fat cock was fucking me from behind. I could not stand it no more I screamed out, "Mistress KIM you are going to make me pee!" I felt Kim remove her fingers as she said, "You better not leak any onto John's carpet bitch," "Now get your ass xnxx unblock alexa grace free download of my face and go pee." I rolled off Kim and off the bed in one fluid like motion.

I danced along side of the bed with my legs tightly together trying not to pee. Kim just watched laughing at me. I tried to run but I could not as I had to keep my legs together.

I made it about half way sexy indian teen with a squirting pussy the bathroom before I felt my pee start to trickle down my thighs.

I just thought fuck it I have to go. I ran the rest of the way as pee started to stream out from between my legs. I flopped my butt onto the toilet as my pee splashed out hard.

I rubbed on my clit, which gave me great pleasure as my pee flowed out. My pee finally stopped and I just sat there thinking how erotic and enjoyable that just was. I loved how my body tingled when Kim was controlling me. "JANET!" "I told you not to get any on his carpet," Kim yelled as she walked into the bathroom.

I gave Kim a long sorry look as I started to pee again. Kim could not keep a straight face any longer. She busted up laughing and so did I. Kim then told me that the look of panic on my face as I got off the bed trying to hold back my pee was priceless. "I had to go so bad Kim I almost lost control and peed hard into your face," I said. "Janet, do you really enjoy me being in control of you like that?" Kim asked with a big smile.

"Yes very much," "I can't really explain why but my whole body tingles and my my outdoor winter stockings cumming tube porn just start to flow when I am under your control and command," I replied. "I rather enjoy it myself Janet," Kim said as she bends over bringing her lips to mine. However, before she kisses me Kim backs away as she said, "Janet your fucking face stinks," "NO kissing me until you wash it." I started to laugh and Kim joined me.

After all, it was her stinky pussy on my face. However, she was right my face smelled just like her musky old cum filled box. I jumped off the toilet and turned the shower on. I asked her to join me but Kim told me to go ahead with out her, she was going to climb back into bed for a while.

I took a nice long hot shower, soaping my big tits, my hairless pussy and washing Kim's pussy from my face.

I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked back down to the bedroom wrapped in a towel. Kim was sitting on the bed with that vanilla envelope out. Kim had those pictures of John scattered around the bed. Kim looked up at me as I entered the bedroom. "Janet who the hell is this older bitch with John," Kim yelled as she pointed to a picture of DeRonda.

"That son of a bitch was fucking her when we were dating wasn't he!" Kim yelled out as a couple of tears dripped down her cheeks. I got up onto the bed putting my arms around her I said, "It's OK Kim that woman means nothing to John." "Yeah that is why he has that fucking big smile on his face in the pictures with her,'' Kim replied. "I was right cute blonde minx has her pussy pummeled creampie and teen along thinking that he never was faithful to me when we were dating all these years," Kim added as she wiped her tears.

"I am sorry Kim, I should have told you about seeing John with other girls," "But I did not want to see you hurt," I replied. "So he was fucking those sluts at school like everyone said he was," Kim yelled again. "Yes, but I am sure they were just a piece of ass to him Kim," I said. "Yeah just like you are only a piece of ass to him as well," Kim replied glaring at me. I just stared at Kim for a few seconds. Kim's remark had hurt a little and I hoped that she was wrong about that.

I took hold of Kim's hand as I explained to her and told her all about DeRonda. I also told her about seeing John with other girls from our school. You know the ones we used to call sluts I told her, which now Kim and I were.

Kim was no longer crying in fact porn six mom and son little cry she did have did not seem that big of a deal to me at least. However, I was in for another surprise as well. Kim looked at me as she squeezed my hand and she said, "Janet I am going to tell you something but you can never tell John." "You have to promise me that you never will." "I promise not to ever tell John, Kim," I replied.

"Janet I have been seeing other guys behind John's back since we started dating years ago," Kim said as she squeezed my hand into hers. "KIM How could you," I yelled at her. "I just did Janet, at first it was because I thought he just wanted me as his piece of ass." "I stopped for a while but then I was pretty sure that he was fucking other girls so I just fucked other guys again," Kim said. "Most were just dead fucks but a few were pretty good at it," Kim added with a smile.

"Are you still going to see other guys now Kim?" I asked her. "Yes Janet," Kim replied. "You won't tell John will you?" Kim added. "No it will be our secret Kim," I said as I gave her a hug and a deep kiss. However, in my mind I thought. You dumb ass bitch if I ever want you out of the game; I now knew just how to go about it. I broke our kiss and I told Kim she needed to go shower, as I could still smell that fucking pussy of hers. "Maybe I should force you to eat it again my slave," Kim said with a smile as she grabbed me by my hair.

I replied with a little laugh, "Please Mistress Kim go shower we have a football game to go to." Kim went and showered and we both got dressed to go to the game.

My dad had told me he would come over and pick us up at about 11 am as it was about an hour and a half drive to the game. My dad was at the door right at 11 o'clock. I answered the door and left him in. "Come on it daddy," I said as Naughty doxy and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob opened the door and I greeted him with a kiss to his lips. "Thanks for covering for me daddy with mom," I added as I broke our kiss.

"Anything for you sweetie," My dad replied as he grabbed my butt from behind as I walked away. "OW," I screamed; my butt was still a little sore from all the spanking I took last night. "What was that all about?" My dad asked me. Kim walked into the room about that time and she said, "Let's just say she was a bad little girl last night Mr.______." "OH I see now," dad replied with a smile and then added, "Please Kim call me Jack I think we are going to become good friends. "I think we are at that," Kim replied with those big fucking tits bouncing as she walked over to my dad.

Kim threw her arms around his neck and she laid her lips upon his. My dad's arms went around her and they kissed deeply. I had only ever seen him kiss my mom as he was kissing Kim. I watched as they swapped tongues and my dad's hand moved down caressing her butt as they kissed.

"Hey you two save it for after the game," I said. "Yes it is going to be a fun victory party tonight," Kim replied. "I sure do hope so," My dad said as we left John's apartment.

We drove to the game with Kim sitting next to my dad. She could not keep her fucking hands off him. I swear she had his cock hard before we pulled away from the apartment. My dad drove all the way with his cock hard and throbbing in his pants. Kim even fished it out when we were on a back road.

"Janet his cock feels and looks just like John's," Kim said. "I told you so and just wait till you try it," I replied smiling over at my dad. I saw my dad give a quick look up as he mouthed, "Thank you lord." We finally got to the other team's stadium for John's game.

We found our seats and the game started. The three of us sat there pretty much in shock the complete game. Not only did John's team lose but I had never seen him play so poorly and terribly in his career.

I had just sat and watched John play his worst game ever. All of us felt heart broken over losing the game. During our drive back to our own town I said, "Daddy it is my entire fault that they lost and John played so awful." "I should not have kept him up so late last night and had all the sex that we did." Kim joined in as she said, "I will take some of that blame as well Janet," "I feel just terrible because of it." I looked around Kim over to my dad as I said, "Daddy I broke him." Kim hung her head just as low as I hung mine.

I felt so sad because of what I thought I had done. We both were almost in tears looking at the floor of his truck. My dad pulled over to the side of the road and stopped his truck. Daddy looked to us as he said, "Girls neither of you are to blame for today's game." "Sometimes you just have a bad game that's all." "I am sure John will be the first to tell you two that himself." My dad paused for a few seconds as we both looked at him.

"Besides girls; John is going to need you both," "You two do realize that this is the first football game he has lost since he was a sophomore in High School," my dad added. I had not even thought about that until my dad said it. My thoughts went to John as my dad got back onto the road. Kim had her mind else where as I saw her cuddling up against my dad again.

In no time, she was back to petting my dad's cock as he drove and tonguing his ear. I wondered how John was feeling right now as I laid my head on the window thinking about him. As we pulled onto the main drag of our hometown I looked over to dad asking, "Dad could you drop us off at John's and you just go pick him up alone." "Sure sweetie I know what you are getting at," my dad replied. Dad dropped us off at the apartment and as we walked up to the door Kim asked, "Why did you have your dad just go get John and not us?" "My dad been there so he knows what to say to him," "Plus if John is upset with us my dad will find out saving us from finding out," I replied.

"Janet you are just so right for John you know him better than I ever hoped to have," Kim replied as she gave me a hug. That was just about the last thing I had thought of exclusive fuck with brett rossi and jullian janson hearing Kim say to me.

I smiled and I said, "Thanks Kim," as we walked into his apartment. "Your welcome," "But I hope they get here soon I am so fucking horny," Kim replied. I took down the victory sign and other stuff that I had hung up in the morning. I did not think it was going to be much of a party now. Kim and I put some music on and we talked as we sat on the couch waiting for my dad and John.

Soon the door opened and they walked in. I heard my dad as he said, "Remember son you have to learn how to lose before you can ever fully enjoy the feeling of winning." "Now get in there and hit the shower son," my dad added as they walked in.

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"Thanks Jack I needed that," John replied as he walked right by Kim and I without looking at us or saying anything.

My dad came over and he sat down on the couch beside Kim. I looked over at him and I asked, "Well how is he daddy?" "He is OK." "Just a little hurt cause he played so poorly." "Plus the coaches gave them all a good ass chewing; the coach told all the players no showers at the school, you all played shitty so you may as well smell like shit." "But why don't you go join him in the shower and find out for yourself," my dad said with a little smile.

I looked at Kim who said, "Go ahead I will keep your russian femdom russian cumshots swallow busy," as she put her arms around him.

I went into the bedroom only to find that John was not there. I heard the shower turn on so I knew he must be in there already. I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. John was just standing there with his head under the shower letting the water cascade all over his face.

I watched him just standing there as I removed my clothes. He never moved his face from under the showering water. "Mind if I join you?" I asked standing naked outside of the shower. "Sure get in here," John replied. I no sooner got into the shower than John had me in his arms.

He kissed me a few times softly. "Sorry Janet for letting you down," John said as he hung his head down. I put my finger to his chin as I raised his head back up I replied, "Did you try your best and play the hardest you could John?" John replied, "Yes." "They just played better." "Then you did not let me down and you never will as long as you always try your best," I replied as my arms went around his neck. When my arm went around his neck, John rather pulled away with a grimace look on his face.

It was then that my hand felt a big nasty bump on his shoulder. I removed my arm from around his neck and I noticed that his shoulder had some swelling in it.

"John what is wrong with your shoulder?" I asked. "Nothing I took a better good hit there in the first quarter but it did not start hurting till now." "It will be ok, now where were we," John replied. John took his horny chick plays with her bfs dick good arm and pulled me back against his body as we kissed some more.

I washed him and he washed me. I turned the shower off and we both stepped from it. I took a towel and I started to dry him off when I touch that spot up on his shoulder. "OW Dam that hurt when you pressed there," John yelled out. "Get your ass into the bedroom John, I am going to have my dad take a look at that shoulder of yours," I said as I wrapped a towel around me.

With only a towel wrapped around me, I walked out part way into the living room to find Kim sucking on my dad's hard cock. My dad's head was leaned back against the couch with his eyes tightly closed. I could tell he was really enjoying it. I watched Kim's mouth moving up and down on my dad's cock, she was almost taking it all into her mouth. Busty hooker gets fucked prostitution and prostitutes watched as she massaged his balls while she bobbed her head.

Kim's sucking sounds were filling the front room. I felt my pussy tingle as I watched but I had to have my dad check on John. I watched as Kim cheeks started to suck in as she started to bob faster on my dad's dick. My dad jerked and moaned as his hands went to Kim's head. "I am going to cum," My dad moaned out softly. Kim removed her mouth from his cock and she pumped on it with her hand. Soon her hand was pumping out ribbons of cum that went flying everywhere.

I thought what a waste she should have swallowed that load. I watched as Kim rose up and she kissed my dad on his lips. I finally entered fully into the living room and I said, "Daddy sorry to interrupt you guys but I think there is something wrong with John." "What is it Janet?" my dad asked as he got up off the couch pulling his pants up. "It's his shoulder I think," I replied. Dad told me he would go have a look and I walked him to the bedroom.

He told me to go wait with Kim. I returned to Kim and I sat down beside her with worry all over my face. "Is he OK Janet?" Kim asked. "I do not know but his shoulder is all swelled up and it hurts him when you touch it," I replied trying to fight back my tears.

Kim seen my tears coming and she wrapped her arms around me and she said, "It will be OK Janet your dad can fix him up," "I am sure he can." "Janet fetch a towel and some ice," my dad yelled out from the bedroom.

I went and got a towel from the bathroom while Kim got some ice from the kitchen. We both walked in to find John sitting on the corner of the bed. My dad stood behind him moving his arm around as he pressed on his shoulder. Dad took the towel from me and he folded it this way and then that way. "Dad what is wrong?" I asked. "Thanks for the towel and the ice but you girls need to go back out please," my dad replied with a serious look in his eyes.

I did not want to leave John's side but Kim ushered me back out of the bedroom as she said, "Come on Janet give him time to work on him." We sat back down on the couch with me looking back to the bedroom.

Kim said, "John will be OK your dad will see to that." I looked at Kim and I smiled as I told her you seemed to have been OK with my dad too. I told her I had seen her sucking on his cock. Kim told me sorry but she just had to try him for herself.

Kim told me his cock did feel a lot like John's other than it did not throb like his does. "Your not mad at me for what I did with your dad are you Janet?" Kim asked me as she took my hand. "NO not at all Kim," "It's just I am worried about John," I replied as I squeezed her hand back. About that time, my dad returned to the living room.

I must have had that scared look on my face. Because my dad came over and he told me that John had taken a dam good hard hit to his shoulder and that it looked like to him that he had bruised it deeply. He told me he had made a special sling to hold it in place with ice packed in the towel to help take the swelling down. "Dad will he be OK," I asked with tears in my eyes. "Janet I will tell you the same as I told him." "He should have gotten it checked out during the game or at least after the game." "I told him if the swelling does not go down in an hour or two I will have to take him to the hospital." "I have done all I can for him now," "But Hot brunette selena santana gets banged by lexington steeles bbc interracial pornstar think he will be OK he just needs some rest now." My dad smiled as he added, "But I bet he would love for you to sit with him." I gave my dad a quick kiss and I headed back to the bedroom.

I opened the door to find John propped up against the wall lying in bed his arm wrapped against his chest and his shoulder packed in ice. I closed the door behind myself as I entered. John opened his good arm as he said, "I still have one good arm to hold you." I climbed up beside him as he wrapped that good arm around me. I asked him if yo asian jade kush seduces her stepdad was OK. He told me that my dad had made the hurt go away.

I smiled as he pulled me against himself. "Your dad's a really good guy Janet not only did he fix me up but what he told me earlier made sense," John said. "What about having to learn how to lose?" I asked looking into his lovely blue eyes. "Yeah that made more sense to me than getting my ass chewed out from all the coaches about today's game," John said.

"But I also learned something else today. I looked up at him from his side and asked, "What was that John?" "I may have lost on the field beautiful arab teen bj lesbosss sons with mia khalifa but just having you with me now is a win in my book." "Oh and hey your dad told me about you and this victory party let's save that for next weekend." John said as I laced my arm through his.

I just laid my head into his good arm as I felt his head lay against mine. I closed my eyes thinking what a good man he was and what a good man my dad was as well. We both soon drifted off to sleep. I awoke about a half hour later. John was still asleep and I saw no reason to wake him. I quietly walked from his bedroom closing the door behind me. I looked into the living room to see just what Kim and my dad were up too. I saw that Kim was on my dad's lap riding him reverse cowgirl.

Kim big tits were flopping all over the place as she rode his cock hard. The towel I had on slipped to the floor.

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I started to rub my pussy as I watched them fucking. I saw Kim start to grind her pussy down onto his cock. My dad's hand came around and he grabbed her big tits. Kim sunk back against him as he roughly played with her big fucking tits.

Kim looked toward me and she saw that I was playing with my pussy. "JANET get your ass over here," Kim yelled softly but with a stern look on her face. I hesitated for just a while until I saw her glare at me. Kim took her finger and pointed to the floor in front of her as if to say get that fucking ass over here right now.

I decided that I had better do it so I hurried over to in front of her. Kim stopped riding my dad's cock and she looked back toward him as she asked, "Jack do you have any special orders for your slut daughter?" "NO Mistress Kim, the slut is all yours," My dad replied as he just smiled at me.

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My body started to tingle and my pussy twitched when I heard my dad's words. Kim must have told him about the fun we have been having, it was even a bigger turn on with my dad being under Kim's control. "Come closer to me Janet," Kim said. I did as she asked and Kim put her arms around me as I leaned over to her.

Kim whispered into my ear asking, "Is John feeling better?" "Yes Mistress Kim I believe that he will be OK," I replied whispering back into her ear.

"Good my slave Janet," Kim said as she removed her arms from around my neck giving me horny woman fondled and anal slammed hard in the taxi little wink. I smiled at Kim as I replied, "Mistress Kim how may I be of service to you?" Kim smiled as she said, "On your knees fucking bitch where you belong." My pussy juices started to drip as I dropped to my knees in front of Mistress Kim.

OK I think this is a good spot to end this chapter. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am enjoying writing about it. Please let me know if you are.