Very hot hard sex in adorable cuties bed room striptease and hardcore

Very hot hard sex in adorable cuties bed room striptease and hardcore
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Since I was young I always had a fascination of wearing diapers. As I grew older I learned I was not alone. But nothing could have prepared me for the night my wife and her friend joined in. I had confessed to my wife about my diaper fetish and she told me about how she had always wanted a threesome. She had participated in countless endeavors with me, so one night we decided to fulfill hers and add something to keep me happy as well.

Finally the night had come her friend Samantha was coming into town.

She had told her about a crazy sexy night we had planned. We had prepared everything, the pile of fresh diapers, brand new and filled baby bottles, and of course the wipes and powder. She arrived and my wife didn't get much past the introductions, when she rushed her friend out of the room. After about fifteen minutes passed, the door finally opened. There stood the cutest diapered girls I had ever seen.

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They came and sat next to me on the couch where we began to watch many childhood videos, such as Rugrats, Ducktales, and the princess collections for my little princesses. Samantha began to squirm very noticeably in her seat next to me. I glanced over and watched the lines on the front of her diaper turn blue, followed by a very large patch of yellow across the front of the diaper.

She looked up at me with a look of satisfaction. Since she weighed only 115lbs max, I scooped her up and took her into our changing ebony college girl shows off at camspicycom. As I went to lay her upon the table I noticed a note on the table saying "Have Fun". I recognized my wife's handwriting on the first letter. I brushed the note off the table and laid down the beautiful teenager upon the blanketed surface.

She smiled and gently sucked on her pacifier. I gently pulled the tabs back and let the diaper fall open. I had never seen such a beautiful pussy. Completely shaved, moist from her recent urination, rounded to perfection.

I lifted her legs and pulled the diaper out from under her. As soon as her ass touched back to the table and I let go she spread her legs wide and lifted them back. Her slit opened ever so slightly and I could see the pink from her inner lips. I quickly grabbed the wipes and began to clean her up.

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Not completely done, I uncontrollably went down and began to lick her young cunt. She moaned so loudly I thought I was gonna blow my load right there in my pants.

As I steadily licked at her clit, a hand brushed across my back it was my wife. I opened my eyes and peered to the side. My wife had removed her diaper and was trying to straddle her friend. As she maneuvered herself over and lower to Samantha, She quickly looked up and began to eat my wife's pussy out. I had only seen this is videos, It was much more exciting in real life. My wife began to bob her body up and down on Samantha's busy tongue and began doctor bangs student in her practice in office throw her head about.

I knew it wouldn't be long before she came all over Sam's Face. I worked harder to try and get Sam to climax at the same time. A few seconds later my wife began to moan louder and longer ,at the same time Sam started squeezing her legs tighter around my head. As they both climaxed I shifted my tongue down and had a quick lick at her asshole, She bolted straight up and screamed loud enough too shatter glass.

As they both came down off there orgasm, My wife climbed off the table and pulled me up straight. She took Samantha's head and placed it at the head of my dick where she greedily took it in her mouth. My wife laid back down on the table and motioned to me that it was her turn.

As I lowered my head down to her pussy, I reached under the changing table and grabbed a bottle and held it up to my wife's mouth. As she began to suck on the bottle she began to moan from the pleasure she was receiving in combination with the warm milk.

I picked up Samantha from the floor and placed her next to my wife. As they began to share the bottle I switched back and forth between eating their pussies. Now these girls time had come.

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I got to my feet, positioned my dick towards Samantha's cunt and thrust in as she was taking a swig from the bottle. What a beautiful site as she opened her mouth in pleasure and milk started oozing down the side of her face, to which my wife would not waste and started licking it up as she fell.

After a few mins of ravaging at that sweet pussy I pulled out and thrust into my wife. She screamed in surprise. I continued going back and forth between my babies until I felt I was coming close.

My wife felt me getting close and pulled me out of Samantha. They sat up and put their faces together cheek to cheek and began sucking and Playing with my dick. As I came I looked down and moaned even harder seeing these two beautiful babes getting their faces plastered with my milk. After my orgasm subsided the girls began to clean me off each other very tenderly. I rediapered them and went naked back to our tv shows.

Gave them both a bottle and we all fell fast asleep till somebody accidentally mistook my dick for their bottle and began sucking on it.

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Opened my eyes to Samantha?.