Busty nerd dakota spreads her pussy for freedom

Busty nerd dakota spreads her pussy for freedom
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Lydia had just woken up realizing it was her 16th birthday. She got out of bed and went to her mirror what was staring back at her was a short girl about 5"2. She was wearing only her bra and panties showing her slim body. She had 32D size breast and very nice round ass. Lydia walked over to her closet to choose what she was going to wear for the day. As she was looking for clothes she seen the vibrating back massager in her closet, she used almost every day to masturbate with.

She suddenly could feel her panties getting moist. She took the back massager and headed to her bed. She laid back pulling her panties to the side revealing her wet, tight, virgin pussy. She began rubbing her clit with her fingers warming herself up, which she didn't need to she was already soaked. She took the back massager and turned it on bringing it to her gently sliding up and down her wet pussy.

She began feeling an orgasm and let out a short moan. As she was so wrapped up at the moment, she didn't realize her mother was coming to her door to wake her up for school. "LYDIA!" "Ohhhhh my god mom!" Lydia said while finishing her last orgasm. "Go clean yourself up and get ready for school we will talk about this later!" Said Brenda.

Lydia embarrassingly went to the big dick visits legal age teenager fur pie hardcore blowjob to clean herself up but was also kind of turned on by the fact of her mother walking in on her. She took her shower got dressed and ran downstairs.

"Happy Birthday sweetie." Said Lydia's father, Mike "Thanks, dad" "Happy bday sis," said Lydia's very good-looking older brother Todd. "Yeah, thanks, Todd." She said. "Where is Sara?" "Your sister said she would be here after you get home from school because we all have a big surprise for you." Said Brenda.

"Oh alright, we'll see ya!" Lydia said while heading out the door to go to school trying to avoid talking to her mom about what happened. Her mother didn't go after her, and she spicy beauty gives head pornstar and hardcore it to school. Nothing important happened there that day her friends wished her Happy Birthday, and she went to her classes.Lydia decided to skip last period since it was her birthday and go home early.

As Lydia was walking home, she was wondering what the big surprise was maybe a car or maybe something cool like getting to move in with her older sister. She got home and walked inside. She turned the corner to see her mother and brother fucking on the couch. She was In shock see something like this, but she was also very intrigued. She didn't make a noise and just sat to watch her mom bounce up and down on her brother cock. She could see he had about an eight and a half sized dick and that her mother was taking it all in.

She was getting so wet seeing her mothers smaller tits about 36C bouncing around. She could feel her panties getting soaked she reached down and started to rub her clit watching her mother jump off her brother cock and take it a little more than halfway down her throat. As her brother was fucking their mother's throat he yelled out "I'm about to come" and he shot his load deep into his mom's throat. Brenda licked every last drop of semen from Todd's cock, and then they ran upstairs to get cleaned up.

Lydia about to cum stood there with her eyes closed still rubbing her wet pussy when suddenly she heard her sister.

"Hey," Sara said. "Ummmm I was." "I know it's okay." " umm." "It's fine Lydia come sit down with me.We have a little family secret." "What?" "It all started when I turned sixteen mom noticed I was getting horny and masturbating a lot. She could see that I need more than that so one late evening when Todd was at his friend's house, and you were at grandmas she had dad fuck me.

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At first, I was a little confused, but it felt so good I let him, and mom was right there masturbating. It was incredible. And so when Todd was sixteen she brought him in on it and now your sixteen. "But this isn't normal. Sara we aren't supposed to do that with are family!" " Yes but it feels so good! Just come with me." On their way upstairs Lydia was confused, but also very excited. Sara took Lydia up and her room and told her to get naked and lay on her bed.

Lydia did exactly what she said and laid there. Sara then fully undressed showing her Curvy womanly body. She was a taller girl about 5"5. Her breast was a 36DD. She slowly went up to her sister and started kissing on her neck telling her to chicks at the club get nailed hard and let go.

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She started rubbing her hand on her breast moving them slowly down to her fully wet pussy. She then put two fingers in with ease because of how wet her sister was. Lydia pulled her head back and moaned so loud. She never felt so good.She was having multiple organisms while her sister was fingering her and rubbing her clit.

She then pulled her fingers out licking all of her sister's juices off and then put her mouth to her wet, sweet pussy licking up and down all over her clit. Then she pulled open her brunette babe gets drilled in hardcore fashion lips, and tongue fucked her tight little pussy going in and out with her long tongue.

The 16-year-old scream in pleasure. She then stuck one finger back in her pussy still licking her clit. Lydia's eyes rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy. She then had full orgasms ."Now it's my turn little sis." Tara laid back on the bed opening her legs wide grabbing her little sister head.

" eat my pussy!" Lydia who had never had a sexual experience with anyone was nervous. She just tried to do what her sister did licking up and down side to side than Sara pulled her body up and spread her ass cheeks open. Lick my ass hole and then she took her sister head shoving her tongue deep in her ass. "Ohh yes, Lydia fucking lick my ass . Uhhhh yes right there.

Fuck!!" She liked Sara ass hole and started to put a finger in her sister moaning in pleasure. "Yes, Lydia Damn your good at this!" Lydia then puts two fingers in her ass and two in her pussy pushing them fast and deep inside her.

She was loving what her sister was doing to her and oozing with cum. She then let out a loud moan followed by a wet squirt. As that happened, their brother walked in. Damn this is so hot I've waited so long to fuck you Lydia come here." Lydia got up and walked to her brother.

"Here put this in your mouth and suck on it." She grabbed his huge cock and surprisingly she took in all 8 and a half inches of her brother. She began licking up and down his shaft then going all the way down his huge cock. Thrusting back-and-forth a few times down her throat he got so exited he released a thick hot load down her throat. "Damn Todd that fast?" Said Sara "Well shit she took my whole cock down her throat and I've been waiting to do that to her for like 2 years!!" "So are you going to fuck me?" Lydia said ready for her brother big cock to break her hymen.

"Fuck yeah!" Todd put his cock natural girl is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet vulva down his sister mouth and it only took him a minute to get hard again. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and picked her up laying her on her bed. He licked her pussy making sure it was all lubricated and then pushed his cock slowly in his sister warm wet pussy. She let out a moan of pain and pleasure.

He then pushed all the way through breaking her hymen. Pulling out he could see some blood.

He then began thrusting her a little faster with her pussy literally grabbing his cock. While they we're fucking their older sister was watching rubbing her pussy with three finger in her ass.

He was moving in and out of her ladies who suck two cocks together compilation each time with a little more force She was getting so worked up that she could feel an orgasm and then her brother was moaning "oh my gooooddd I'm about to cum" blowing his load deep Inside her pussy which made her cum right along with him.

"Wow that was incredible I'm ready for more!" Lydia said "Damn I just came twice," said Todd ."Come on Lydia let's go get cleaned up," said Sara As the girls went to go clean up Brenda and Mike told Todd to get downstairs. " What were you guys doing upstairs?" Brenda asked? " Umm nothing." "Because it sounds like you were having sex in there!" "Mom I can." "Don't Todd you took your sisters virginity!

You know that is me and your father's job!! I took yours like your dad took Sara's! I'm very disappointed in you.

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Did you even try to make her first time special or did you just fuck her?" "Well umm." "I want you and your sister to leave for the night we want Lydia all to ourselves." "But." "Don't!!

Just do what I say!" Todd went upstairs to get his sister. While he was up there, he told Sara that mom and dad were mad and wanted them to leave. Lydia then went to her mom and dads room to ask them about what was going on. "Hey, mom." "Hey, sweetheart come here and lay with daddy and me." "So I like this in all, but I don't think it's right!" "Baby girl people do what they want to do we like it, so we do it, and we just don't say anything to anyone, so they don't judge us." "Alright, I guess." "Come here honey," Mike said "Yes, daddy?" Lydia said while curling up next to her dad.

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Her father pulled her close to him kissing her and rubbing on her. He pulled her in close and took her shirt off. He then started kissing her down her neck to her boobs massaging them with his hands, licking each nipple till they were fully erected.

Brenda left the room so they could proceed. Movie down kissing her all over her stomach he grabbed her shorts and gently pulled them off. Lydia was so turned on her pussy was like a waterfall. Her dad was kissing her inner thighs and over the top of her panties. He then slides those off, putting his tongue into her moving it all around and rubbing her clit with his thumb. He then slides a finger in massaging her inside.

After a couple of minutes of that, he kissed all the way back up slowly and then came to her lips kissing them softly then he got up and took his clothes off. His fully erected penis came out of his boxers, and you could see his cock was about a 8 inches.

Lydia got off the bed and got on her Knees putting her father dick in her mouth she went all the way back deep throating his cock. She pulled back up then taking it her hand licking up and down all over her daddy's dick. She then started to lick the tip and then proceeded to deep throat it. Mike took his daughter and put her on the bed slowly teasing her clit squirting milf adventures of the pizza boy his dick a bit before he put it in.

He then began to thrust her hitting her g spot. She felt so good, and she didn't want him ever to stop. Suddenly Lydia felt like she was about to pee. "Daddy I think I need to pee." "No baby you're just going to squirt." He said very happily.

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" I believe that it runs in the family your mom and sister do it." He then began to rub her clit in with a few seconds she was squirt all over the place. "Oh, my god daddy that feels so good." Her dad just smiled and kept fucking her. He pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach and fucked her doggy style. She was so excited moaning with every thrust he made. "Oh, daddy fuck me right there!" He could feel a load coming so he pulled out and blew his seed all over her back.

He then took a shirt from the ground and cleaned it off her back. She and her dad laid in the bed. "Happy birthday baby girl." "Thanks, dad this was the best birthday ever!" Lydia's mom walked in and said: "the fun isn't over sweetie."