Babe got pounded while wearing a hat

Babe got pounded while wearing a hat
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If ever there was a time I needed to get to get away for some time in the woods, it was then. What I didn't need was the hassle of two camping rookies, even if they were my friends.

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And the last thing, the very last thing in existence that I needed or wanted was to be with a couple in mad, passionate lust. Since Carla split, I just wanted to be alone. Alone in the woods would be even better. My friends, Paul and Melanie didn't see it that way. They figured I needed someone around so I didn't do anything stupid. The way I saw it was they'd already flunked that test. I was already doing something stupid. I was camping with them. Before the night was over, I'd discover that maybe camping with them wasn't so stupid after all.

Don't get me wrong. I love Paul and Mel. I'd known about Paul since high school. He was the best shortstop in the state. I was the best second baseman. We toured the State campus together when they were recruiting us. We both got scholarships and ended up rooming together. State had a killer infield and I had a friend.

We met Mel our freshman year. I think we both had a crush on her. Her violet eyes, pixie face, long black hair and killer body made her stand out in a crowd but it was her sense of humor and warmth that made her part of our crowd. I'm still not sure how Paul managed to first get into her pants. Just about one of the few things he's refused to tell me since I've known him.

Since we were all sitting around the campfire a bit stoned, I decided it was time to ask Mel just how Baseball Paul had managed to first seduce black guy and grils sex hot. She rolled her eyes at me before answering. "You teen girl ass fuck bigbreasted platinumblonde sweetheart cristi ann is on vacation want to know the secret that unlocked the box?" "Melanie's Box of Wonder!" Paul giggled Mel reached over and gently slapped him aside the head.

"OK, if ya really got to know. He lied." I went all bug eyed and stuttered, "He w-wh-what?" "He lied," she said through a wide smile, "he told me he was good in bed." Paul pulled out a very bad Cagney voice. "Oh, you dirty rat." Melanie giggled.

"Yeah, and he also told me he did impressions." Paul threw up his hands in a look of hurt innocence, which broke us up even further. OK, I was having fun. Losing Carla still hurt but it felt good to laugh. We killed the rest of the wine. Mel began yawning and soon Paul was taking her by the arm and leading her to their tent. I decided to stay up and watch the fire burn down.

Or, at least, that's what I thought I was going to be watching. As I sat on the log watching their flashlights bob and Mel's cute butt bounce on the short walk to their tent, I began to feel sorry for myself again. They were sleeping together.

I was sleeping alone. I heard them zipper the tent and looked up to see Melanie's shadow on the tent. She was removing her tee shirt. I imagined her tits were like Carla's, round and firm with perky nipples. As if she heard my thoughts, she began removing her bra. Didn't she know that a bright light in a tent casts a real sharp shadow? I could sweetheart is getting wild drillings smalltits and hardcore about see her nipples. Then it hit me, she probably didn't know.

Paul probably wasn't thinking about the shadow either. He was on his knees hugging Mel. Shoot, they were city kids. They'd never been camping and from the looks of their intertwined kissing, hadn't given the light a thought.

Even though their shadows were pretty sharp, it was hard to see exactly what they were doing most of time. I could tell they were hugging on their knees and that their hands were roaming all over each other's body but wasn't too sure about who was doing what to who, most of the time.

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That changed when they both sat down to pull off their jeans and underwear. I know the underpants went because, for a moment, I could see the shadow of Paul's hard cock. They went back on their knees again. Paul seemed to be nuzzling Mel's neck. I thought Mel had a hold of Paul's hard-on. That was quickly confirmed when her head drifted down below his belly.

He was holding her head while she sucked his cock, her long hair bobbing up and down. There was nobody else around. I let my dick have a little night air.

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Mel lifted her head and for a few moments I was a bit confused by the motion in the tent. When I realized that Mel was kneeling with head away from Paul and that he was on his knees behind her, it all became clear.

They were going to do it doggie style. Mel's tight round ass was up in the air. Paul was reaching between her legs. She rocked back and forth on this hand for a few minutes. Paul was rubbing his crotch up against her rocking butt. I began to think he was ass fucking her but then saw Mel reach back and grab his cock. It looked like she was guiding it into her pussy.

I couldn't be sure but wherever it was, it appeared that's where she wanted it to be because she began matching him thrust for thrust. I could see her fine titties hanging down and shaking from the fucking she was receiving and giving. Paul was grasping her hips and hanging tight as he plunged his dick into her faster and faster and she fucked him back just as hard as he was fucking her.

They went at it hot and heavy for several minutes. Their fucking getting more manic and intense alleta ocean mom son ducking blowjob their bodies pounded together.

Mel slowly bent so far forward that I couldn't see her head or tits. Her ass was high in the air. Paul's hips were slapping against her butt loud enough that I could actually hear the sound. Suddenly the sound stopped as I watched Paul's hips push forward and strain there, grinding himself deep into Mel as he shook with a potent orgasm.

He collapsed against her back and soon all I could see was a lump of shadow.

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I looked down at my hard dick. I slipped it back into my pants. The fire had mostly burned down. I doused it and headed for my tent. I had some business to attend to but I figured it was best done in the dark.