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Boses 20 eys girl 45 xxx
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Secret Date (with my Daddy) Tim&hellip. &hellip.It was set now, …our first date, ever. Dad's just don't date their daughters. This is a social no, no. &hellip. Strangers would just think it was a guy and a girl on a date. We would go far away where no one knew us. No one but us would know how we got to this point and&hellip. that she was my daughter… &hellip.Lisa was married for less than one year. She was very unhappy.

I stopped by to visit. Her hubby had stopping coming home now and she was all alone. &hellip.I brought her up to date. Her mom moved out a month ago as we went our separate ways. We were still the best of friends and still had great sex together.

&hellip.Lisa and You have the smallest dick i have ever seen had quite a past. I had watched her grow up into a sexy hot girl. She had long shiny black hair, a real cute face and a sexy body. I had always wished that I could see her naked just once. Her teen body was that hot. She hugged me as usual but&hellip., this time she held the hug……and very tightly.

&hellip.She always called me daddy, as she never knew her real dad.

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I just told people she was my daughter. We stood there holding us tight. &hellip. Something triggered in her, that made her start talking about…us. I felt her heart beating strong as she talked. "Daddy&hellip.I think it's time we had a talk about my feelings for you.

They are way more than I think you ever knew. It started when you first met my mom. I thought you were so cool, but slowly it grew into an obsession daddy.

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&hellip. I've had so many fantasy's and dreams about you, and now time has past and it's only gotten stronger and stronger. My husband is now gone, and it's time I let you know just how bad I've wanted you." &hellip.Her body trembled slightly in my arms.

Her voice became a soft and a loving sound in my ear. Our fingers both traced our bodies as she talked. It was ok now to touch us the way we had always wanted to. The memories came flowing back from the early days. I felt the warm feeling of my erection beginning fast. Just like earlier times. She felt it too, but now she could press her pussy into my erection&hellip.and she did. &hellip. I let her talk and say all she wanted, to get it out in the open now. &hellip.This sexy beautiful girl had it bad for me.

… We stood and held us like so many times before, when that was all we could do&hellip. was just hug, as to not to break any rules&hellip.well…big rules that is. We went around these 'rules' in many ways.

&hellip.She was very clever at tricking me into getting me and her very aroused. She had a girlfriend named Sandy. I soon realized they had a game going to make me get an erection.

On sleepovers they both would ask me to unzip, unbutton or untie something on them. They would squirm and giggle to each other and say: "That tickles!". They would run away giggling, and dance around the house in sheer night gowns with only tiny thongs on, and no bras for their small tits. Her mom paid no attention and always went to bed early. Her mom and her never got along well.

&hellip.Sitting on daddy's lap was a favorite of theirs. They squirmed, turned, shifted, and wiggled while talking about nothing. They took turns and 'accidentally ' put their hand on my crouch to see how if I had an erection sunny leon all sex storys with girl they got up.

The one who got a big one out of me won some sort of score they kept. &hellip.Now Lisa confessed that they did this to get me sexually aroused. So far…no 'big' rules broken, just two girls in their late teens being&hellip.horny girls. &hellip.She could tell I liked her more than a lot, early on. This grew into way more that a teenage crush. &hellip.Now she was using the word 'obsession' and after cute blonde charlize gets her pussy fucked hard was through pouring out her hidden obsession for me&, it would be my turn to tell her my hidden feelings for her.

I had a lot of them, all hidden, all these years. &hellip.She told me how she had always wanted for us to have sex together. I always felt she wanted this but I just never let it happened. She hinted that now, she would love to go on a date with me and we would be… boyfriend and girlfriend. &hellip.This idea of hers really got me thinking. &hellip.Why not. &hellip.We talked and planned a date far away from town where nobody knew us.

Dating your own daughter sent a exciting rush in me.

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We already deeply knew each other, and we both anticipated how this 'date' was going to end. We were free now to pursue what we both wanted.

Her obsession now grew on me to fulfill our wanting to be together alone&hellip. and just let things happen… &hellip.She told me about a male stripper club her and her girlfriends went to one time.

She had never seen this and told me she got a shock. She said the guy looked a lot like me. &hellip.After a few drinks, she was putting dollar bills in the guys speedo. This got her panting and extremely horny. Her girlfriends teased her and encouraged her to fondle the stripper.

The guy let her touch him all she wanted. She thought of me and all the times she wanted to feel me up and couldn't. She told me she put her hand on his warm cock outside his speedo.

She gasp she has three dildos to play with he was making her very wet and horny.

She said she closed her eyes and put her hand down inside his speedo. She had an immediate orgasm pretending it was me she was feeling. &hellip.We arranged it for a 'date' night. Lisa and I had never 'gone to far' with each other before&hellip.but now things were different. We still stood up hugging as she started in pushing her pussy into my erection firmer. She felt it now at full size erection and she began to breathe heavy.

She slowly reached down and felt it with her fingers. She gasp pretty natalia starr wants a meaty cock in her pink pussy pornstars and hardcore whispered: ("…oh god, I've always wanted to do this.") I joined her and said how we had been so good, but now we could touch each other if wanted to.

&hellip.I started with her nice tits. She always had small tits but now they were full tits. I had always wanted to feel them. They felt excitingly wonderful. She moaned: ".oh Tim, that feels so good, do you know how many times I've wanted you and I to feel each other?" She was now very aroused and said that while we waited for the time when we could luscious girl banged previous to her bf on our 'first date', we could maybe do a few things we could never do before.

&hellip.When she said that, my erection got rock hard as she kept feeling it. She said: "Let me close all the blinds and turn the lights down. She ran around all excited and set everything in place. She had on a very sexy long sleeve white blouse, and dark blue short skirt.

She pulled her blouse out from her waist and kicked her high heels off. I was taller than her, so she got up and stood on the couch. Now our eyes were even with each other. Her dark blue eyes sparkled as she undid her hair from on top of her head. It fell slowly down to the middle of her back. The same hair I had felt so many times when she would ask me to brush it after her shower. &hellip.She said I made her so horny the way I brush dried her hair she would almost orgasm.

I remembered she would close her eyes and put her hand between her legs. She told me now, that she would gently rub her clit as I brushed her hair. I remembered her shivering at times as I played with her hair. &hellip.We went over so many things we thought in the early years. We kept feeling us as we talked. I said I had always wanted to run my hand up her skirt and feel her hot looking legs.

She smiled and said: "…well…what are you waiting for?" as she unbuttoned my shirt. She said: "I always wanted to feel your chest and tummy, her hands were now free to feel me.

I slipped both my hands up her skirt and slowly felt her smooth slick panties. Her body was real warm and I ran my hands around her waist and leg elastic. She whispered: ("…oh yes…keep going.") . I slipped my hands down in her panties and felt her naked sweet little ass all over. I felt her undo my belt and button. Down my zipper went, dropping my pants to the floor. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the couch.

She had on a bright red bra that stunned my eyes. Now there were to beautiful tits in there just waiting to be kissed. I lowered her shoulder straps and started kissing her tits. She reached around and unhooked her bra, then right back to feeling my boxers. I felt her tits and started kissing the tits I only use to dream about ever feeling and kissing. I felt her inching down my boxers. . She started kissing my face all over as she said: "…oh Tim,… oh yes&hellip.

I've wanted to do this for a very long time"&hellip. Her lips glided across mine in a teasing manner. She was just playing with them and getting them all wet.

I had two hands full of the cutest tits in the world as we played with our lips and now tongues. &hellip.She said: "I wanted to kiss you so many times then, I use to kiss my pillow at night pretending it was you.

Did you know I had it that bad for you?" I said: "I too had temptation pulling me to you 24/7. You were so sexy I thought of you while having sex with your mom." "Oh god, I did too when I got with my boyfriends.

I called one 'Tim' one night.

His name was 'Jim' and he didn't catch it." she said. &hellip."I lived in fear I would call your mom 'Lisa' or say "Lisa", in my sleep. I walked by your bedroom door one night, and you were fingering yourself in your sleep. I always wondered who you were thinking about as you squirmed a little.

I stopped and watched you moan a tiny bit. &hellip.I sure had great sex with your mom that night, thinking about you got me all worked up when I had sex with her." "I had great black guy gali sex xxx pron about you daddy, we would have great sex together on a green hillside somewhere." she said.

&hellip.We continued to remove each others clothes. Her and I were both naked now and our jittery hands felt us and made up for all the times we had wanted to feel each other up in the past, and couldn't.

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Feeling us naked now was awesome. &hellip.The smell of her hair brought back hot memories. Lisa thought about her memories&hellip. &hellip.Well, there you have it Tim…now he knows how I have really felt about him. I've held most of it back all this time. He makes me so damn horny…but then…I couldn't do much about it but to tease myself and go finger myself later. I fingered myself a lot. I enjoyed every one as much as you can, while not getting what I wanted most& with him.

Now…the thought of a 'date' with him is even making my nipples tingle. I bet he doesn't know I've already had an orgasm just standing here feeling his hard cock.

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He's here and he's mine right now. &hellip.Naked with Tim…it's really happening and not just a fantasy now. I have an urge to tie him up and keep him here as my love slave. This will be a night we'll never forget. &hellip.Feeling that male strippers cock and pretending it was Tim is a hot memory…but now I have the real thing in my hand. I thought of things I now told him about. "Sandy and I peeked at you in the shower once daddy…you looked so hot, even Sandy rubbed her clit.

We also use to listen to you and mom have sex. We were able to son mom hole in the wall open your bedroom door just a tiny bit. I hated it and was aroused by it at the same time. I wanted to be mom. That was the very first time Sandy stood behind me and reached around and softly rubbed my pussy.

We had to leave because we both want to moan out loud. &hellip.Daddy…I found cum in my panties in the laundry. You were the only male in the house and I kept them under my pillow, knowing it had to be yours. Remember when I would get in bed between you and mom? You slept nude and would always turn your back to me?…well…one time in the middle of the night I did that very carefully and you were on your back.

You started getting a big hardon in your sleep. I watched it tent the sheet. I slowly fingered my pussy while watching it…that felt so good that night. &hellip.I asked you to check out a rash I had between my legs that one time. You got red in the face as you looked and I held the side of my panties back, exposing my little patch of pubic hair and pussy. You quick looked away and said to have mom look at it&hellip.daddy…I had no rash, it was just a trick to see if I could arouse you and make you get a hardon& worked, didn't it&hellip.daddy.

&hellip.I smiled and said: "…you know damn good and well it did you little rascal!…now do you remember when you and Sandy played 'Model'? You two would have me sit while you modeled your clothes. I pick up my camera and told you guy I had no film in it?&hellip.I lied…I took a lot of pictures of you two posing real sexy like, and flashing your legs and pushing up your tits.

You guys 'almost' showed me your nipples and part of your pussy's&hellip.tsk tsk, such naughty girls. Later I couldn't risk being caught with those pictures so I got rid of the film&hellip.but they're in my head, still today. &hellip.I said: "We're not dressed to go on a best ass in the world hd porn tonight, but could I have a 'date' sometime with you girl?" She said: "You can have all the dates you want with me …mister." We kissed a long wet one and laid down on the couch holding us tightly together.

She felt so good, all naked with my hardon warmly fitted between her legs. &hellip."I should spank you for all the tricks you've pulled on me Lisa." "Oh daddy…would you really do that to me?" &hellip.I got on top of her and started in with what I had only dreamed of…she was trembling, she was so turned on…I began to kiss and lick her whole body. She moaned so beautiful as I sucked on each tit and nipple. I slowly worked my way down her tummy, kissing and licking all the way.

She couldn't hold still and twisted her body as I went lower. All I heard was moaning and &hellip."oh daddy"&hellip."oooooh daddy"…for the rest of the next three days…… &hellip.My eyes and lips feasted on her sweet body. I arrived at the little patch of pubic hair I had only just got a glance at once.

I slowly licked it as he squirmed and moaned, almost loosing all her breath. Next…the parting of her sweet legs. She couldn't hold still as my tongue danced around her very wet slit. Many "oh daddy's" moaned out of her mouth. I hot couple fuck at the back of the truck my arms under her legs and lifted as I licked her pussy as deep as my tongue would go.

Her pussy shook as my tongue traveled up and across her wet clit. If there is a heaven, I was in it. Lisa thought&hellip.

&hellip.Damn I can't wait …I want that cock of his to suck on and play with. Over you go Tim…&hellip. now I'm on top and I've got my hands on that hardon I've been looking at for a long time.

I'll turn around so he can keep licking me with that wonderful tongue of his. He's almost made me squirt and I feel it coming. Oh my&hellip. I love the feel his cock& warm and full&hellip.and here I go…mmmm…such a smooth slick feeling on my lips.

His cock head is so exciting for my first time to suck on it&hellip. .I love to see it jump when I lick the tip. I want that creamy surprise inside…mmm…both hands and a little deep throat will make it happen.

Just listen to him breathe…and moan…and twitch…I'll just stop for a second.I want this to last. Oh geez…he's got my clit in his lips and I'm starting to lose it…I can't stop a squirt and climax once it gets to&hellip.this&hellip."oh daddy".point& pussy is quivering so bad as it fucks his&hellip.mmm&hellip.tongue… &hellip.He ran his fingers up my butt crack and got my little back hole all wet.

No man had ever done this to me. His finger traced around the hole as it puckered by itself&hellip.he let his little finger slowly slip just inside me…I puckered down hard…that's when my mind went crazy. The mega climax and squirt came all at once. I felt his cum climb up the underside of his cock as he went crazy with me. That shot of hot cum shooting in my mouth took me away&hellip.he moaned so beautiful as he thrust his cock adoring dudes corpulent schlong pornstar and hardcore as he shot cum over and over.

My pussy was in his control as his tongue toyed with my sanity&hellip. &hellip.I felt like a wild animal thrashing out of control& was almost too much…as we came together…I let his cock have control as it thrust over and over…I felt a thousand feelings at once in my pussy…his tongue just kept going and going, licking my pussy.

My back hole just kept puckering by itself&hellip.everything then turned beautiful in my mind as it left somewhere…… Tim tried to think…he couldn't&hellip. -------- Lisa&hellip. &hellip. Our days and especially the nights were filled with bliss. We could now touch each other anytime we wanted, drop to the couch or floor and have all the hot sex we wanted. I could come up behind him and feel his chest or his cock anytime now.

He love to surprise me and started undressing me…feeling me all the way. He loved my tits and kissed and sucked them so wonderful. &hellip.If I wanted I could drop to my knees and play and suck on his cock. His cock was for me now and I could have his warm cum in my mouth anytime I wanted to. &hellip.My obsession was being fulfilled daily. He was one beautiful man and I had him now.

&hellip.We took beautiful warm showers together and I jacked him to watch him shoot his cum on me. He would make me so hot and then finger me, or lick me until I had a super orgasm.

---------- &hellip.I slept next to my daddy all content for the next 3 nights…I had beautiful dreams of us together&hellip.then I had a strange dream that I was calling my girlfriend Sandy to tell her about my days of bliss I was having.

"Hi Sandy?…it's me Lisa!…oh god I just had the most wonderful 3 days of my life!!!" "Yes I know!" Sandy said. "WHAT?… …what do you mean 'You Know?' I said. "Oh Tim just told me all about it!…he's laying right here beside me, did you want to talk to him?"…… &hellip.I thought …("Oh god… No!") &hellip.I woke up in a panic!…I looked over&hellip.

and there was my daddy laying right beside me. I took a deep breath and finally relaxed. I snuggled up to him and held his arm tight. I locked one of my legs around his&hellip.he woke up a little and smiled. ("Daddy&hellip.I had a bad dream.") I whispered. He said back: ("I can fix that.") &hellip. &hellip.He rolled over on top of me and took my legs and lifted them up on his chest.

I felt the wonderful feeling of his warm erection slide in my pussy&hellip. &hellip. I was headed to heaven&hellip.again.