Ideal czech cuties open up their bums with ass plug and big fuck toys

Ideal czech cuties open up their bums with ass plug and big fuck toys
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The card game After gathering some things the girls set off home.

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Tammi lady in stockings gives head and gets banged for free pornstars hardcore Heather and her walk as they were.

Heather wanted to get changed but Tammi reminded her that if she was knickerless then so Heather would stay that way too!

They walked home hand in hand and arm in arm enjoying the contact that two young girls can have with each other without anyone being suspicious. They even stopped on the main road to briefly kiss each other and Tammi flashed Heather's bare ass to a passing motorist who tooted them. Tammi was just sixteen years old and Heather fifteen and a half. Heather was however slightly taller and slimmer build than Tammi but Tammi had it where it counts.

Tammi's hips were full and breasts heavier than Heather. Heather was keen to get Tammi alone again and explore her body. Tammi was the more adventurous but Heather had a curiosity that had now been ignited and was building more and more. "You said you had never pashed anyone before." said Tammi. "No you are my first serious kiss. I've never fooled around with anyone before.

How about you?" "I've kissed a few boys at school and been groped behind to shelter shed but never anything serious. I've never taken my clothes off before, but I have seen Steve's cock." "When did this happen?" "At school, we had been sucking face on and off for a while around the back of the shed. He and some off the older boys used to take turns kissing and feeling me up until one lunch time he just flopped his cock out!" "That was the day of the fight!" "Yes, the other boys hit him, called him gay for getting it out in front of them.

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It was a big one too. Steve took on all three of them." As they came close to the house Tammi remembered her brother and Gary. She had caught them before playing with each other before and wondered what the chances were today. She told Heather to be very quiet and follow her.

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"Don't make a sound." They walked up the drive and went in the back door. As Heather followed Tammi slowly through the house she started to lift up Tammi's netball skirt and caress her bare cheeks. Heather could hear some voices and quickly stopped the attention. Through the gap in the door they could see into Paul's room.

Tammi moved down so Heather could see. Gary and Paul were playing cards. Tammi pulled Heather back to their other room and spoke to her very quietly. "I thought they would. Be quiet and watch Heath and we might have some fun with little brother." They crept to watch some more. There was a triumphant call as Paul won the hand. "Thirty seconds!" Gary announced.

Paul proceeded to lean over and take out Gary's cock and jack him off and count to thirty seconds. Tammi teen rebecca gets anal penetration pornstars and hardcore walked into the room. Paul leapt back Gary and tried to cover himself. "Hi Paul, Gary this is Heather. Whose deal is it?" and with that the two girls walked over and sat down on the floor either side of the the boys.

Tammi sat cross legged still with no panties, but with her skirt draped over her naked muff, Heather sat a bit more discreetly with her legs crossed and to their side. "Well, I'll deal then. Blackjack was it, winner calling penalties?" Tammi dealt the cards as the boys sat gob smacked looking at each other. Heather smiled at Tammi who just had winked at her. The cards were dealt and Paul gingerly picked up his cards. "One please", he said and promptly busted. Heather next called for two cards and sat on nineteen and Gary who was still very unsure busted with his first card.

Tammi however turned her cards to reveal twenty one winning the hand. "My hand. As penalty all loosers have to take off one article of clothing." Heather took off her shoe and the boys who were only wearing a shirt and shorts lost their tops. The second hand once again went to Tammi with her calling the same penalty.

Tammi had seen Gary's dick before when she watched Sweet girl gets talked into fucking a friend and him before and was keen to see it again.

Paul and Gary were down to their underpants and Heather another shoe. Gary shyly pulled his shorts off while still sitting revealing his green jockey underpants which had a wet tipped tent pole in them. Heather just stared. She tried to look casual but it was just looking at her. Her curiosity was now hotter than ever and she hoped someone would give her a penalty to touch it.

Gary won the next hand. "Tammi, you and Heather take off your tops." Tammi wasn't expecting such a bold call so quickly from Gary who was usually so shy around her, but was happy to shed her top. Tammi hadn't seen Heather topless yet and was happy she was loosing her top as well. Heather had smaller breasts than Tammi which were covered by a pretty white bra. Tammi had a black sports crop top bra which kept her tits together and snug.

Heather wondered how they would feel and hoped with their new relationship she would find out soon. Tammi once again won."Paul, take off Gary's undies and play with his cock for one minute." Paul leant over and grabbed at Gary's green underpants.

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Gary stunning starlets get screwed in an orgy big tits and asian to object but Tammi said "Gary you will do as you are told or I will be telling your parents about you and Paul's games." "But what about you?" "Gary no one will believe that we would do this, so be quiet and get on with it." Heather was impressed.

Tammi now had power over these boys and that was exciting! Gary stood up and Paul gently pulled down his pants.

Gary's cock was fully erect as Paul started to jerk it back and forward. Paul was sitting down for the second time today masturbating Gary in full view of his sister and Heather, but this time he knew the were there and enjoyed looking at them watching. Heather now sat on her legs knees apart and her calves splayed back wards with the flap of her skirt just covering her pussy. Paul might have been wanking Gary, but Tammi's eyes now were at that skirt.

Heather was watching Gary's cock. She hadn't seen one erect before today and was fascinated to see the foreskin travel up and over its head. Heather was really turned on watching two boys playing with cock. Tammi once again won the hand with calls of cheating from Paul who was quickly put in his place, however she said that Paul could deal next and it would rotate with each hand. Tammi now called for Heather to strip completely. The boys thought Heather would object, but she was too horny to think of slowing down the game and was pleased to show off herself too Tammi.

Heather stood up and unclipped her skirt letting it drop to the ground. Her slim rounded hips and lightly haired blonde pussy were something to gasp at. The boys were surprised to see she hadn't been wearing any panties. She then unhooked her bra and threw it to Tammi, and gyrating her hips ran her hand over her bush and squeezed her tits. Tammi was gazing at her long legs and now wondered when she and Heather could get together again.

Heather sat down cross legged facing Tammi. Her lightly haired pussy lips parted and Tammi got the best view. It took Paul a while to compose himself enough to deal.

This time Heather won. She was completely naked and this was the first hand she won. "Come here and kiss me Tammi." she said and with that Tammi stood and stepped over to Heather.

Heather also stood and locked lips with the beautiful brunette. They kissed for a while between the two boys who just sat in amazement. They broke it off and sat back quite calmly as if nothing had happened. Heather now was enjoying the power of tormenting these young boys and knew that soon they would be too worked up to say no to anything that was demanded of them. Heather's luck had changed winning twice in a row she called to Gary "Now it's your turn.

You and Paul kiss like teens analyzed assfucked like in a dream Paul and Gary hadn't done anything but jack each other. "Go on" so Paul and Gary stood and started to kiss. Neither of them had kissed anyone before and as with most first passionate kisses they didn't want to stop.

Tammi lent forward and motioning to Heather reached for Paul's pants pulling them down. Heather had got the idea and together they stripped Paul from the waist down. The boys cocks were rubbing against each other. Tammi grabbed the boys hands and placed them on each others cocks and started jacking them off.

Paul and Gary soon got the idea and increased the momentum. Heather now came over and embraced Tammi. "Quite a show." she whispered in Tammi's ear as she nibbled and kissed it. Tammi turned and kissed Heather's lips and moving to her ear whispered a new plan. "Heather, I think Paul's balls are rising. Are you close to coming Paul?" Tammi knew the signs of Paul's approaching ejeculation as she had seen it spandex angel sexy see through leggings outside over the last few weeks.

"Blow on Gary's cock Paul." Paul stiffened and blew over Gary's cock and balls. Tammi got up and grabbed their cocks giving Paul a last few jerks smeared the come over Gary's dick. Heather sat on Paul's bed and leant over and grabbed Paul's ears. She pulled him to her nipple. Paul took it in his mouth and sucked. Tammi grabbed Gary by the cock and manoeuvred him behind Paul pushing his well lubed cock towards Paul's exposed ass hole.

It was then Paul felt pressure on his ring, but he was too enthralled with Heather's breast to focus. Gary's cock pushed by Tammi entered his ass. Tammi stood behind Gary and ground pubis against Gary's ass pushing his cock all the way in Paul. Paul steadied himself against the bed as he sucked on that beautiful nipple. He felt the heat in his ass as Gary's cock started to slide back and forward.

It was a bit uncomfortable but his head was swimming with pleasure. He became hard again. Gary only lasted a few pumps and shot his load in Paul. The girls giggled as Gary moaned and pulled out of Paul's ass. "Now that that's done, we'll leave you two love birds alone." Tammi laughed and picking up her and Heather's clothes left the room. "I enjoyed the tit sucking." Heather said to Paul and giving him a kiss on the cheek got up and left.

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Gary and Paul turned to see her sweet ass disappear out of the room.