Agility helps stud to fuck luscious hottie

Agility helps stud to fuck luscious hottie
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Samantha appeared at my office, telling me she was horny and her husband refuses to have sex with her because of the pregnancy. I took her to a nearby condo, " I'll tell you what," I said, " how about I sit here on the couch while you stand over there and take off your clothes.

Slowly." " But." " Come on Samantha, humor me.

I think pregnant women are extremely sexy. All my wives were very sexy during their pregnancies, I find the changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy to be very erotic." I see Samantha's mind working, her self-consciousness playing havoc with her emotions. She is still embarrassed by her body. " I have a confession, too," I said, " I've been undressing you with my mind for the last three months, imagining these changes.

I want to see your gorgeous body just as it is now." " Really?" she asked playfully. " Do it Samantha, and I'll make sure you cum at least twice." With that I sat down on the sofa, clad now only in my shorts, and motioned for her to stand in the center of the room.

All giggling gone, Samantha starts to remove her clothing, her eyes ablaze with lust. It isn't a strip tease, she is too wound up for that, but Dave gave her points for trying to control herself. She kicked off her shoes, and with shaking hands, unbuttoned her jeans. She then reached up and pulled the thin blouse up and over her head. I licked my lips as I saw the purple bra, her swollen tits spilling out as if to escape. I locked my eyes with her and smiled. Taking it as a cue that I liked what I saw, she reached back and unclasped the bra.

It fell to the floor revealing her heavy breasts, definitely a size C now. They sagged just a bit under their new weight. Horny adorable hottie organizes a wild fuck breast is capped with a coffee colored areola, the size of a silver dollar.

Her nipples are hard and stick out at least a half inch. She reaches up and cups her tits, squeezing them and closing her eyes. A little dribble of milk oozes from the right breast. " Sorry," said Samantha looking embarrassed. " I just started lactating a couple days ago.

Nothing big though." She is apparently afraid this will turn me off. " Mmm," I said licking my lips, " I can't wait to taste them." The fire flared in her eyes, and I would have bet she'd just creamed her panties.

Looking into my eyes, she licked the dribbled milk off her fingers, and then slid her hands down her body to the flaps of her unbuttoned jeans. " You mentioned staring at my ass, right?" she asked. She turns around and slides the jeans over her ass and down her shapely legs, bending at the waist. I stared at the round, full ass before me, it's cheeks separated like two perfect hemispheres by a thin strip of purple fabric of the thong she wore. I also clearly see the outline of her puffy lips encased in the purple fabric, which is completely soaked.

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Reaching up, she hooks her fingers under the waist band of the thong and slides it down. She steps out of the jeans and the thong, and stood, bent at the waist, her legs spread, giving me a perfect few of her ass and pussy.

I'm very horny now. Her ass is smooth and staring me in the face is a tight caramel colored rosebud of her asshole.

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Just below I see the big tits bouncing on slow motion watch part on camcom mound of her pussy. Her lips are darkened and distended, both from her pregnancy and her arousal. They hang just slightly apart, yet closed too tight for me to see the slit to her vagina. Her mound is smooth, much too smooth for any razor, so it must have been a wax job.

Too soon for my taste, she straightened and turned back toward me. I see then the dark triangle of hair above her pussy, thick and silky, raven as her hair. The triangle pointed straight to the swollen nub of her clit, peaking out of its hood as if begging attention. " Well?" asked Samantha. " Samantha you are the sexiest woman I have seen.

Truthfully. I may make you come twice before I even let you see my dick." " Yes what ever," she said. She walked over and straddled my waist, struggling due to her distended stomach. Finally situated she begins to grind her pussy against the bulge in my boxers. " Oh yes, this will do nicely." I smiled.

I'm packing a big tool, I'm huge compared to her husband. My hands slide up her silky thighs to caress her ass as our mouths met once more in a passionate kiss. I firmly squeezed her round cheeks, thinking how perfect they feel under my hands. Slowly I slide my hands up her back, eliciting a low moan from her, she begins to slowly grind her hips back and forth in my lap.

I brought my hands around and cupped a full breast in each hand, instinctively being gentle with them. I knew that a woman's breasts are extremely tender during pregnancy. Tender and sensitive. Smiling at that last thought I broke the kiss with her and begin kissing her throat. As I slowly kissed further and further down her chest, I begin to make small circular motions with my open hands, my palms lightly press against her huge, taunt nipples.

Mae threw her head back and sighed, arching her back to create more pressure against his caressing palms. When his kisses reach her ample cleavage, Dave felt Mae's finger twine into his hair, pulling him to her as her arms pushed her breast together around his face. Dave began to more firmly lick and suck the sides of her breast, making his way down her cleavage, and finally to the front of her breasts.

He kissed and licked milf wants big dick to get fucked hard inch of her ample tits, carefully avoiding any contact with her nipples, his tongues just barely breeching the dark boundaries of her areolas. Samantha's belly has grown a little, I caressed her small bump then kissed it. " You know, if you're in cock withdrawal there's a solution to your problem right here." I said.

" Do you mean it? " Samantha asked. " Not just sex, unlimited hot wild sex between an older man and his hot sexy young pregnant former lover." I said. " When you put it that way it sounds too good to refuse. God I need to be fucked so bad." Samantha said.

" Come over here to the couch where you will be more comfortable." I said. Samantha sat in a partially reclined position on the couch and I stood over her. She pushed her legs wide apart as I lowered myself so my cock is at the entrance to her pussy. " Are you sure you want to do this, we can still walk away." I said. " Oh god, I need it bad, please fuck me." Samantha pleaded. I ease forward until the head of my cock is against her hot pussy.

I inch my way in slowly. It had done my ego a lot of good to have Samantha tell me my cock was bigger than her husband's. Her pussy is so tight, I was fulfilling one of my fantasies by fucking a pregnant woman again, her pussy is so tight it is like taking her virginity again, and her husband won't touch her until after the baby so she will be back for more. Samantha must have been really horny because she had her first orgasm after a minute and then she had more and more as the minutes passed as I thrust my cock in and out of her sweet pussy.

When I'm close to cumming I ask her if she wanted me to pull out.

" What the hell for, it's not like I can get anymore pregnant. Besides I want to feel your cum flowing deep inside me." Samantha said. The " deep inside me" line sent me over the edge and I slammed into her hard and my balls emptied what seemed like an endless amount of cum into her pussy.

I pull out of her and sat next to her on the couch as we caught our breaths. She leaned over and kissed me passionately. " You have no idea how much I needed that." Samantha said. " No problem, anytime, what are friends for?" I asked. " Anytime huh, how about we go again right now, I mi amada novia y su hermoso vientre your cock hasn't gone down." Samantha said. " How could it? With a gorgeous naked pregnant woman wanting to use and abuse him he's gonna be up for a long time." I said.

" Well tell him I want to use and abuse him by having him fuck me from behind this time." Samantha said. She got down on her knees boses 20 eys girl 45 xxx I got behind her and even after the fucking I'd just given her, her pussy is still tight as I push into her from the rear. Again she orgasms after orgasm as I build towards my own second climax. This time I didn't need to ask, I knew where she wanted my cum and I blasted the farthest depths of her pussy with my sticky cum.

I fell down onto her back and reached under her to massage her small baby belly as we caught our breaths. " Do you think it would be safe to 69 with this baby belly here?" I asked. " Yes, I asked my doctor and she said that all but the most rough sexual positions and techniques are perfectly safe for the baby." Samantha said. Now I have loved eating my cum out of my wife's pussy since the night where she let me do anal for the first time in exchange for eating her cum filled pussy.

I lay on my back and Nicole climbed on top of me so that her sloppy pussy was on my face and my cock was in her mouth. My wife has a particular method of sucking dick that I'm used to and expect so it was both exciting as hell and a little annoying that Nicole was working my shaft. She did things that my wife didn't but didn't do things that my wife knows I love.

I wasn't about to question her technique for fear of setting her off and ending the whole thing. We licked and sucked each other for nearly an hour she had many climaxes and I got close to one, but fat rod enters girls ass hardcore blowjob I looked at the clock. " Oh shit, it's almost five, I have a business dinner to attend." I said.

" It's a shame to have to leave you half finished when you've made me cum so many times." Samantha said. " Bend over my couch and I'll fire one off quick so you'll have some fresh cum boiling deep inside you to wear home." I said.

She bent over my couch and in no time I'm grunting as I fire one more load deep into her pussy. We both quickly got dressed, I walked her to the door feeling her incredible body the whole way. At the door Samantha gave me a kiss. " Maybe I'll have to come over earlier tomorrow, around 8 in the morning." Samantha said. " Sure, my overseas conference call ends at 7:30 everyday so come on over." I said.