Gg 127 marina matsumotcare abstinence

Gg 127 marina matsumotcare abstinence
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Brian always wanted to try cock, ever since him and his best friend traded blowjobs when they were 15. The feeling of his friends hard cock filling his mouth was wonderful. And when he shot his load, Brian loved the taste of cum. But, it was not alright with his family to be gay.

So, he tried to date girls. He fucked them. He got off. But he always thought about cock. Finally, when Brian turned 21, he decided he would experiment at a gay bar.

He figured he could suck another cock and maybe get his sucked. Brian was a good looking guy. He was slightly built, but was cut. He knew he was a little on the short side at 5'8", but he didn't think that would matter.

He arrived at the club and sat at the bar. Hot milf doing her thing with a tiny cock a few guys even showed a passing interest in Brian. As time went on, he become more depressed and drank until he was feeling really lightheaded. After 3 hours and no luck, he really needed to take a piss. He went into the bathroom and pulled his cock out. His urine seemed like it would never stop.

When the stream finally stopped, he felt someone grab him from behind and grab his dick. He was surprised at first, but the guy behind him started stroking his dick and it felt good.

He could tell this guy was built and was a few inches taller than Brian. It wasn't long before Brian's dick was raging hard. The guy behind him said, "Wow, what a dick you have." He dropped Brian's pants to the ground right in front if the urinal. HIs head was spinning and the pleasure was good. Then he felt something probing at the crack of his ass. "Wait, I'm not ready for that," Brian was startled and started to sober a little. "Bullshit" Brian felt himself lifted off the floor.

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He was spun around and slammed hard to the piyanka cupra xxx story downlod. He tried to fight but there were other guys there to grab his arms and legs.

They held him down spread eagle. The guy on his back said, "I, I mean we, are going to fuck your fresh meat ass." "No," Brian said, "I have never done that." The guy on top of him said, "Give me the lube, we will show him some mercy." Brian felt some liquid running on his ass crack and that guy got on top of him and he could feel his cock pressing into his crack and at the opening of his asshole. He was told, "Just push out and it won't hurt as much." He didn't want to but he could feel his asshole burning as this guy continued to push into him.

He was slow entering Brian until he reach the full length of his cock. Brian was disgusted with the violation of his body. But, as the pain subsided, he enjoyed the feeling of a cock filling his ass. After the guy rested the full length of his cock in Brian's ass for about a minute. He started pumping in and out of his ass. He could hear the other guys talking. They were cheering this other guy on. He also could smell urine on the floor, so he raised his head. When he did, he saw two other guys jacking off right in front of him.

He tried not to look very long, but one of them had a huge cock. He continued to get his ass fucked.

The pace seemed to quicken. Then he heard someone say, "Pull his head up for me." The guy fucking Brian grabbed his hair and pulled his head up hard. Brian could not help but scream out. While his mouth was open, one of the guys in front of him shot his load right in to Brian's mouth.

Brian immediately closed his mouth a felt another shot hit him in the mouth. HIs goatee was covered with this guys cum. The guy with the huge dick then slaqpped Brian in the face and said, "Open your mouth bitch, or your really going to get hurt." Brian's face funny cgi monster animation porn gay like fire so he opened his mouth.

He saw a huge python-like dick aiming right for his mouth. "Now suck on the head and you will get a big surprise." Brian could barely get his mouth around the head and started sucking.

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He also noticed that his was moving his hips to meet the thrusts of the guy behind him. It seemed so wrong, but he enjoyed a dick in his ass. It wasn't long before the huge abigail fucked up the ass with a strapon by dana in his mouth started exploding.

The guy lunged forward and Brian felt his cum shoot to the back of his throat. He swallowed as best he could, but it seemed like the cum would never end. A little cum dribbled out of Brian's mouth and down his chin. The guy on top of Brian raised his upper body and slammed fine looking blonde sarah vandella fuck in pov dick deep in Brian's ass.

He could feel his ass get really warm as cum flooded his bowels. That guy got off and he felt another guy start to mount him. Brian said, "Please let me up so I can give and receive." Brina really wanted to get fucked and suck dick. "No bullshit," someone said. "I want cock and lots of it. PLease fuck me." He felt the four guys holding him down release their grip.

Brian got up on his knees and said, "Ok. One in front and one in back." The guy who was about to fuck him wasted no time. He plunged his dick deep in Brian's ass and started fucking him fast. Another guy knelt in front of Brian and Brian willingly accepted his dick in his mouth. The guy in his mouth was smaller than the previous one and started to fuck his mouth.

Brian was overwhlemed witht he pleasure of 2 dicks pumping into his body. The guy in his ass didn't take long, In a couple of minutes he was blowing his load in Brian's ass. Someone said, "Get a picture of that cum running out of his ass." But it didn't take long for someone else to put their dick in Brian's ass. Brian could not believe how good it felt to get ass-fucked. The pleasure was driving him crazy. Then, the guy in his mouth grabbed his hair and buried his dick in Brian's mouth.

Brian gagged but tried to focus on the cum flooding the back of his throat. He had no choice but to swallow or drown. The guy in his ass said, "I going to give us a cumshot." He pulled out of Brian's ass with a plop. And Brian felt streams of cum landing on his back. By this time, he already had another dick in his mouth, but he noticed his knees hurt on the hard tile floor. He pulled the dick out of his mouth and said, "Let me turn over." Brian laid on his back and could feel the cum sliding between his back and the floor from the last guy.

The guy he was sucking straddled over Brian's mouth and started fucking his mouth. Another guy, lifted his legs up and positioned his dick at Brian's ass. Brian was shocked as this guy entered him. He felt like he was being ripped in two. The guy was gentle, but his cock was huge. He slowly fed his dick into Brian's ass by miving it back and forth slowly while gently pushing a little further each time.

After Brian got used to it a little, he relaxed. He thought all of the dick was in him, but when he relaxed, the guy pushed another three inches into his ass. He was completely full of one big dick.Once this guy was that deep, he started fucking Brian with long strokes. The guy fucking his mouth shot a small load in Brian's mouth. It was nothing for him to swallow at this point.

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When he removed his dick from Brian's mouth. He could see this huge black guy fucking his ass. Two guys knelt on either side of Brian and started stroking their cocks.

Brian alternated between sucking each of their heads while the jacked their dicks. This four way seemed to go on for about 20 minutes.

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Then the two guys jacking their dick said, "Let's do it together." They began a countdown, nasty lesbian action with a hot brunette, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off." Brian could feel squirts from both sides. He tried to swallow but tons of cume ran down the sides of his mouth.

The black guy motioned for someone else. A very petite guy came over and straddled over Brian. Brian was still enjoying the huge dick stroke his ass when this guy knelt his ass over Brian's dick and strated to sink on his dick. This little guy stroked his ass on Brian's dick and leaned over and started kissing and licking the cum on Brian's face. Brian could only imagine what the black guy was seeing. His dick in Brian's ass. Brian's dick in this guys ass. The pace quickened.

Brian screamed, "Oh my God. I'm cumming." He started to squirm his legs, but the black guy firmly held them in place. He came harder than he could remember. He knew he must be filling this ass with cum.

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About halfway through his cum, he felt the big dick slam really fast into his ass. He could feel it grow even more. Then he could feel that warm feeling in his ass as he shot his last wad in the little guys ass.

When he pulled out, he thought the black guys dick would never end. The little guy kissed him on the cheek and all the other guys filed out of the bathroom, leaving Brian on the floor full of cum with a smile on his face.