Small emo girlfriend finishes what she started

Small emo girlfriend finishes what she started
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Driving home from Lois's my mind was racing. I got a blow job from one of my wife's best friends. I fingered her sweet little pussy till she came on my hand. We would have went farther if we had time. I could smell her pussy on my fingers reminding me it really happened. Cindy was in the bedroom changing when I got home. "Hi honey, Cathy called and wants us to come over.

Jim is doing some burgers on the grill. She want to talk about our girl weekend at the beach. It's in two weeks." Cathy is Cindy's older sister by two years. She was still at home when Cindy and I started dating. I always thought she was hot but she was older and I was banging her sister I so just enjoyed the scenery. Jim is her husband.

"Ok sounds good. Jim is going to love you in those shorts. I can see the gates to the childern's home." "I bought these for the trip. Do you like them? Only problem is I can't wear panties.

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They stick out." They were the tiniest pair of terry cloth shorts I had ever seen. "I'm not so sure I want you wearing them to your sister's let alone the beach." I could see her cheeks sticking out from behind and when she turned around her pussy was clearly outlined by the tight material.

"Don't worry honey I'll be careful not to get Jim to excited. I like to tease him. You know that. When he was dating Cathy I would prance around the house in a towel or my bra and panties." "I bet your sister loved you for that." I smiled as I watched her wiggle her little ass down the hall.

When we got to Cathy's Jim was on the patio manning the grill. "Hey Steve grab a beer and make yourself at home." The girls came out a few minutes later and to my surprise Lois was with them. This is going to be akward. "Look who we found." Cathy said She was still wearing the sundress she had on in the shop. I wondered if she had put panties on to come over. "Hey Cindy, What do you think of my handi sunny leone xxx bww big lolle in you husband?" Lois ask as she walked over to me and posed.

"Looks great. I don't know what you do to him but he loves to get a haircut since you opened your shop." Cindy said shaking her head. We all sat around the patio. The girls discussing their trip and me and Jim enjoying the scenery. All the girls looked great.

They were dressed in skimpy little outfits showing off their bodies. Cathy had bigger tits than Cindy or Lois and she liked to let everyone check them out. I had seen her naked on more than one occasion. She had the cutest little ass and a hairy pussy. Her and her sister liked to show off for Jim and I. I was sure if I played my cards right I would find out if she was as horny as her sister. Right now all I could think about was Lois sucking me off not more than an hour ago and now here we were setting around acting like nothing happened.

The girls were drinking some sort of drink Cathy thought was the best thing since water. They seemed to get all the details of their trip worked out and started to carry the leftovers into the house. I helped Jim clean up the grill and wait for the girls to come back out. I finshed my beer and told Jim I had to use the bathroom.

There was a half bath righ off the mud room. The girls were not in the kitchen just beyond the mud room.

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I opened the bathroom door and Lois was setting on the toilet. "Oh sorry, didn't know you were in here." I said as I started to back out of the room.

"That's ok I'm almost done." I just stood there dumbfounded as I watched her pee. She spread her legs to give me a better look. I didn't know what to do. What if Cindy and Cathy came back in the kitchen. I pulled the door shut behind me. My cock was hard as a rock. I was always aroused by watching women pee.

Not that it had happened very often. I had seen Cindy of course. A few other's that I had "accidentally" seen. This was so hot. "Where is Cindy and Cathy?" I ask as I stared at the hot stream spraying from her wet cunt. "They went to the bedroom to try on some things for the trip. I told them I would wait for them outside with you and Jim." She pulled a wad of toilet paper off the roll and as I watched her dab herself dry she pulled my jogging shorts down to my knees.

My dick was right in her face. "What if some one catches us in here?" I ask as she started to stroke me. "They will be back there for awhile. 48 fatoselelci gag factor brutal oral sex saw the pile of things they were trying on. Besides I don't think Cindy would be as upset as you might think. Now I don't have one but I think it is hard for a man to pee with a cock this hard.

Any ideas on what we can do about it?" My head was spinning. I didn't know what to do. She was right. There was no way I could relieve myself in this state.

Lois stood up leaned over the vanity, pulled her dress up over her ass and said "Help yourself." I club xtrem valentina et katarina sans limites up behind her. She spread her cheeks and said "Be sure you get the right hole." I looked down and could see her asshole winking at me. As I watched my cock slowly push into her dripping wet pussy all I could think was some one is going to catch us.

I started to fuck her hard. My first time with Lois and I had to be quick. Maybe it was the excitment or the angle of her pussy but I couldn't remember ever feeling a pussy that tight. She was looking in the mirror in front of us. Eyes wide open.

She smiled at me and said. "I have wanted to do this since the first time Cindy brought you to the shop with her. She said you knew how to use that thing and now I know what she means." I knew I wouldn't last very long. She was trying to make me cum. Squeezing me with her muscles. She sure knew what she was doing. "I'm going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?" I was so close I didn't know if I could. "No I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cum fill me up. You came in my mouth this afternoon.

Now fill my cunt." That was all it took. I could feel my ball tighten as I shot glob after glob of of sticky cum inside her. She was rubbing her clit trying to cum with me.

She squeezed so tight I thought I was stuck in her. Lois looked at me in the mirror and said "Still have to pee?" She giggled and pulled away from my cock.

All of the sudden I realized I really had to go. My cock was starting to get soft. Good thing or I would have pissed on the ceiling I had to go so bad. It took forever but I finally finished. I wiped the juices off myself.

Lois was standing behind me holding a wad of toilet paper over her hole. "Hurry up I need to get some of this out of me. I didn't wear any panties over here tonight." I stepped to the side and she set down just as a big stream of cum plopped into the toilet. It was even hotter than watching her pee earlier. I could see my cum dripping from her pussy. She just smiled, Wiped again, Stood up and said "We better get out of here.

It smells like pussy in here." She opened the door and walked out like nothing happened. I looked out to see if anyone was there. Then walked out to the patio where Jim was waiting. "Boy you must have really had to go." He laughed and handed me a beer.

A few minutes later the girls came out. Lois said she had to get home. Her husband Tom was due home from work tonight. "Thanks for inviting me over. Really looking forward to this trip to the beach. I'll see you all at the wedding Saturday." Cathy and Cindy were all smiles and acting like the cat that swallowed the canary. "We better get going too Steve. It's getting late and we both have work tomorrow. Cindy do you need help with anything else before we go?" They all three started to giggle and Cathy said "No you two have done enough damage for one night." On the way home Cindy ask if I had a good time with Lois and Jim.

"I guess so. What were you and your sister doing in the bedroom so long?" Trying to change the subject. "Just trying on some things for the trip. We decided we needed to groom a little and it took longer than it should have." "Really? You should have let me and Jim help. I'm sure we would have done a good job." "Yeah right. Maybe next time. We kind of got carried away. Lois talked us into shaving. I think you will like it. It was kind of embarrassing but I was alot better off than Cathy.

Why am I telling you this?" She giggled. "I don't mind. You know I'm a good listener. And I really would have lent a helping hand." "I bet you would have. Let's just say the three of us are as bald as the day we were born. It feels really different. Wait till you see it." When we got home Cindy said she needed to get a shower. "I don't want you to get any loose hairs in your mouth." She laughed as she stripped off her shorts and stepped in the tub. I stepped in behind her. I needed a shower too.

I didn't want her to taste Lois' pussy on me. I didn't know how much cum I had left. We washed each other. Her smooth pussy felt so good. I was getting hard again. She was stroking me with the soap. Kind of ironic. My wife was cleaning me up after I had fucked her friend and she didn't know it. I slipped my dick between her legs. "Oh no, not yet. I want you to eat me. Let's go to bed." She jumped out of the shower grabbed a big towel and ran to the bedroom.

She was laying on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. "Do you like your little girl's pussy? I want you to feel how hot and wet I am. Please make me cum with you tongue." I got on my knees beside the bed. Even thought we had just got painful virgin anal teen scream cry of the shower I could smell her excitement.

I love her scent. I slowly cover her with my lips and ran my tongue inside her. Tasting her sweet, thick nectar. She spread herself wide so I could get my tongue as deep as I could. I could feel her juice running down my chin. I had never seen her this wet. "Please make me cum. Move up and suck my clit. I can see it sticking out like a little cock." She was pulling me by the hair so my hd heather deep wheeling on scary fast quad and peeing next to horses in the jungle was over her clit.

"Finger me while you suck my clit. That's it. Just like that. Oh I'm going to cum so hard." I slid my middle finger in her. It was like sticking it in a bowl of mashed potatoes. So warm and smooth. I could tell she was right on the edge. Just as she started to go over the edge I pushed my pinky against her back door. That was what really set her off. I never saw her cum that hard. I don't know if she peed or squirted but something sure got me soaked. It seemed to last forever. When she finally calmed down she pulled me up beside her on the bed.

"Wow that was something. I'm drained." She reached down and started to stroke my cock. "You are hard as a rock. I'm surprised after the workout you got today." She smiled and kissed me tasting herself on me. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I didn't know what to do. My heart sank. I couldn't think of anything to say. I just lay there waiting to see what happened next.

"It's ok I have known for awhile you had the hots for Lois. We are best friends we tell each other everthing. I guess we kind of set you up. She was horny with Tom being away so much and besides I wouldn't mind seeing what Tom has to offer." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My poor dick had deflated and went into hiding.

"I don't know what to say Cindy. I didn't mean to hurt you." "Really It's ok. We can talk about it in the morning. I'm really spent and I bet you don't have much left either if what Lois said is true." She rolled over and backed into me so I could hold her against me.

"I love you so much Steve. We have so much to talk about. Good night." '