Jessie sinclair new blonde slut first anal adventure sz

Jessie sinclair new blonde slut first anal adventure sz
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So you lay there draped across me, exhausted for pleasuring yourself. You turn your head towards my neck and start kissing. The soft embrace of your glorious lips sends chills over my body.

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You scoot yourself forward until you feel my bulge press against your clit. I reach between us and pull my boxer briefs down exposing the soft skin of my cock. As our two sexes meet, emotions explode.

You stop kissing neck and bolt nearly upright. You lean down and hold my face as you kiss me, hard. Our tongues mingling together. Your body begins to grind on the smooth surface of my stiff member.

Precum drips from me. Spreading over both of our stomachs. You lean back and stand up. Push my shoulder back and I lie down. Straddling my face you ease your way down into a 69. I begin to lick your eager slit. But before you get my cock in your mouth. "Don't suck me, yet. You can lick the tip and taste as much as you want but you can't suck it." I could feel how upset you were lying on me, staring at my hard smooth cock. Then you realized why. I am been attending to your swollen clit when you eva anders german turkish sahin k the location of my tongue shift.

Slowly I had made my way closer to your back door. You liked it, or never really knew how to deal with it. But the feeling was good. I could feel your breathing increase and I got closer to it. You we apprehensive. You didn't want someone back there, but it feels so interesting.

So I decide to take the decision out of your hands. As I spread your cheeks gently, I press my tongue into you ass letting every nerve fee the warm moist intruder.

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You gasped and I smiled. Then moved slowly around the edge of beautiful ass hole. You were quivering at the beginner from the unknown, now you are quivering from excitement.

"Push out with it" is all I say.

You risk your dignity to allow me the access to your forbidden area. The feelings are intense you struggle to keep composure as my dick remains infant of you the entire time, but you've had to focus on your own body to maintain sanity. The excitement has caused my cock to strain. Precum leaking out that has been the one control you've had. Licking it and watching my dick throb from the touch. You've been trying to put in your mouth the entire time but you know the punishment would be cruel for disobeying me.

You lean up as you begin to feel something different. My tongue is buried in your ass and yi feel the beginning of what you thought was a orgasm. It drives at you again. You are so focused on keeping your ass open for me you didn't feel it sneaking up. Your stomach begins to tighten. I feel your back door fluxuate, eager to go further, physically being brought to close. You shake and fight this new feeling not letting yourself be part of it yet.

Everything is beginning to spasm as Unusual cutie was taken in anus assylum for harsh therapy suck your clit to put you over the top. I'm glad no one around because the noise you made would have made a moose blush. Damn, you released. You couldn't hold back any longer. You took my fat cock is your mouth and went to it. It was a barrage of bobbing, licking and sucking. You even tried to stuff the entire length down your throat.

I could barely keep from exploding almost instantly into your gorgeous mouth. Because you you didn't get what you wanted immediately wiphich was a mouthful of my cum you decided you could play some games also.

Sliding my briefs off completely you prop my legs up. Now you're still laying on top of me in a 69, you begin to explore the area beyond my shaft.

You start with my smooth shaved balls. Lightly sucking on them before slowly dragging your finger across the area behind them. You feel the tension build in me as you move that finger further and further away toward it's inevitable destination. You begin by licking your finger and slowly moving it over the area.

You feel me bucking underneath you. Slowly you begin to insert it into me. It's a slow process, you move in, probing to make sure it's not uncomfortable for me, but eager to make me feel the same things you just did.

I finally give you a welcoming moan. About return my cock to your mouth and begin in east to make this a special moment. Precum is flowing from my dick.myou lick it up as you move your finger in and out. My cock is twitching non-stop in your mouth when you hear me cry out I'm going to cum. You pick up the pace work my shaft with you glorious lips sliding them up and down.

Finally, I begin to cum. You swallow my load. Taking it all in.

You slowly pull your finger from my ass, listening to me moan in pleasure. You lick up the remaining cum from my cock. I roll you off of me and bring you up to me and lay next to each other. The look at me before laying your head on my chest. Our hearts beat as we bath in the after glow of orgasms. You move your hand down to my softening cock an I smile and squeeze you tighter knowing that only the surrounding nature has been enjoying the view.

I lean over and grab the backpack and slide it closer. I pull out a pair of beers and twist off the tops handing one to you. "What's next?" I ask. "I'll do whatever you say." You say.