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Don t give up ch n li d hentai
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COUSINS OUR STORY Chapter 4 Romance, incest, male/female, softcore (not in this chapter) This story is a biography, based on fact (as best as I can remember events that were unexpected, special and unforgettable) with interwoven fiction.

It spans a number of years For photo of Lila see: I felt it was more sensual in B&W. BACKGROUND TO OUR STORY……&hellip. It was 1992 when my family moved to live close by to my cousin Lila, who was about the same age. My name is Jonathon but my family has always called me Johnny. Our mothers are sisters. Lila's brianna love and rico strong take a break from taxes is about one year older than my mother.

Lila and I are only children. We attended different schools. Lila attended a private girl's school. I liked visiting Lila's house it had a big swimming pool. My mother and I would visit their house and Lila and her mother would visit us. Lila and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things.

Our story: …………………… CONTINUATION Next day As Lila had arrived late on Friday it julie skyhigh fucked by cocks amp daped sz that we had the weekend together. We started Saturday by going for a walk so Lila could familiarize herself with the local area again, then visited the park close by and generally wandered around.

It felt wonderful to have Lila clinging to my hand and staying so close. Now Lila was back I realized how much I had missed her. While she was away, I had never really felt settled.

Later in day we decided to play board games. We sat opposites on the floor in my bedroom, with the board and dice between us.

I was not concentrating on the game. I was so taken with the changes in Lila I could not stop looking at her. At one point Lila said "Johnny……& are just looking at me non-stop……you make me feel …&hellip.sort of ………ah……you know!". "Sorry" I replied……"I can't help it……I just want to look at you! .anyway&hellip.what do you mean?" She lent forward…… "can't you remember!!"…… and then whispered "I feel like I want to get into bed with us both naked and just cuddle……you use to like bare cuddles!!" and…… "I did not mean right now…&hellip.perhaps later………I was just telling how you made me feel…………you don't want me to lie to you………do you?" Speechless, I sat still looking at her.

She was so alluring. I got to my knees leant across and hugged her. Lila hugged me back&hellip."it would be ok if I kissed you……&hellip.wouldn't it?" she asked without waiting for an answer!

Obviously, we had no further interest in the game. Lila had earlier offered to help with the dinner so went to the kitchen. When we arrived we had our arms around each other. My mother looked up and said "you two will finish up permanently glued together if you don't separate soon!" I reminded my mother that I had hardly seen Lila for more than 2 years. We were just 'catching up'………"Yes, I've noticed!!" mum replied.

I noticed that Lila had fallen into a pattern of also calling her 'mum'. SHOPPING AT THE MALL After breakfast, my mother decided she would take Lila to the Mall to buy some clothes. I decided to tag along to keep an eye on Lila. Lila wore the same outfit she had on when she arrived from the plane. We were ready and waiting when mum walked out and said that she was right to go.

Lila looked at her……"Mum…………you look beautiful in that outfit…………so sexy too!" When I had been to the Mall with my mother I had never noticed what she was wearing. Lila's comments made me take notice. Mum was wearing a black close fitting top, trimmed with gold around the square neckline. Over the last year I had started to notice the female figure especially if there was cleavage on display - and here my mother was showing substantial cleavage.

Below, she was wearing a white skirt just below the knee it looked to be some sort of stretch material that fitted like a glove, finished off with mid-height heels. Gee, Lila was right. My mother, who must have been 38 or 39, I was not sure which, looked very attractive.

'Sexy?'………& a son………&hellip.can I look at my mother and think of her as 'sexy'? It did not seem right, but I had to admit to myself, she did blonde and maid take two black cocks 'sexy'.

"I like to look my best when I go out……………Johnny's dad always likes me to dress well………………I'm careful with what I eat……………&'s easy to go to fat…………&hellip. I like to keep my figure trim so that I can wear nice clothes." mum replied.

Waiting for the car Lila whispered in my ear&hellip. "I bet your father can't wait to jump into bed with your mother when he gets home from his trips." I whispered back&hellip."I don't think my parents would have sex at their age!!" Just before we got to the car Lila whispered again……&hellip."Of course they do!

……… just look at your mum……&hellip.she would be irresistible to any male". How did Lila come up with these ideas?? As we walked along the shopping center concourse I could see all the guy's eyes sizing Lila up and down naughty czech sweetie stretches her tight snatch to the extreme we approached.

Some would turn as we passed to get a rear view. While mum and Lila went into a young fashion shop to look clothes I sat on a seat in the middle of the concourse waiting for them. It was a good opportunity to watch the passing females and see if they had a cleavage as good as my mum's. I was surprised to notice how many, as my mum had described, 'gone to fat'.

It was a pity I thought. Many of them probably had real good figures before they ate themselves 'to fat'. Some half hour later, I could see Lila walking towards me carrying a shopping bag……&hellip."mum will be out soon………&hellip.she knows the manager and is chatting to her" Lila sat with me…………&hellip." mum looks so elegant don't you think? . I hope I have inherited her slim legs ……&hellip.did you notice those guys, they looked about 20, giving her the once over." "I thought they were looking at you." "No……we passed some older guys that were looking at me, but all the younger ones were eyeing off your mum ……I wonder if she realizes that she is sexually attractive to younger men".

I was nearly speechless. I did not think I could come to grips with the idea that my nearly 40 year old mother was sexually attractive to young guys. I hoped we could go to the mall again. I wanted to watch more closely to see, for myself, if guys were eyeing off mum, as Lila had said.

BEDTIME As the next day was a school day we went to my bedroom early.

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Lila wanted to check what information she needed to take with her on the first day. Lila had all her reports showing what subject material she had studied while overseas and her grades. Once she knew what was offered at her old school she would be able to request admission to those classes. I hopped into bed so I could watch her organise things. Just lying in bed watching Lila was a great end to an interesting day, especially as she was still wearing the outfit that she wore on the plane home.

Those short shorts and the fitted t-shirt certainly showed her current attributes to advantage. She definitely had inherited the long slim legs.

Our mothers had very similar shapes. I had seen them naked at the pool many times. I had noticed this, even though I was younger, because from behind, I could not tell them apart. Finally, Lila put the papers she needed on the bedside table.

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Turning sideways to me she stripped completely naked. The beautiful curves of her new body were silhouetted perfectly by the bedside light. She switched off the light as she got into bed……&hellip."I've had a great day ………I'll sleep like a baby tonight".

It was no more than 10 minutes later when I heard Lila………"Johnny, I'm feel lonely." Even though I was almost off to sleep, I asked ……"do you want me to come over?" As expected, I heard a faint&hellip."please".

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I felt my way to her bed and lay on top of the covers, beside her. I felt completely relaxed. Knowing that she was back for good was a big help. Earlier in the day Lila had confirmed that she was not going to go away, even if her father was posted overseas again.

She was sure my mother would let her stay with me. I got up so as to pull down the covers……&hellip. "should I take off my PJ's?" Lila nodded. I was barely under the covers before my dick was as hard as a rock. As I slid down it poked into her stomach. She pushed it between the tops of her legs, just as she used to do, so that our bodies could touch …………&hellip. "let's not get too excited&hellip. yet………just cuddle………& can kiss me though…… it's so good to be back cuddling like we always did 2 years ago…… I really missed having cuddles while I was away." A short while later Lila said "roll… so I can lie on top of you".

Even with her weight on top of me her breasts were so firm that they barely squashed down. I put my arms around her and held tight. It was a new experience that I liked. My dick was now real hard and poking up above the back of her legs. She put one hand around the head and held it firmly against her spot&hellip.I think I'm wet enough" she said and without warning started flexing her hips, rubbing her spot up and down on my dick&hellip."Can you hold your dick there for me".

I took hold as she let go. I could feel her breathing become heavier and heavier until I heard a loud &hellip.'ah&hellip.ah' and she completely stopped apparently exhausted. After she had recovered we rolled back on to our sides, my dick still hard but now a little sticky. Then, to my surprise, Lila started to cry&hellip."I've been so naughty&hellip.I've only thought of pleasuring myself&hellip.I'm sorry".

Lila edged as close as possible. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine and the softness of her inner busty stockings ho toys masturbation and big tits still surrounding my now sticky dick. She settled down when I told her that there was no reason to cry - I loved her on top of me and enjoyed feeling her pleasure.

She could do it anytime. Lila then said that what she had done was too tiring in future she would get me to feel her spot like before. LILA'S SCHOOL On Lila's first day my mother took her so as to finalize all details of her enrolment. So that my mother could confirm that Lila had found out the correct school bus for her future trips home Lila would be picked up at the end of the day. Mornings, she would walk with me to the bus stop and, in the afternoon, I would wait for her bus to arrive.

We would then walk home together. For the first few days, I felt emptiness when she disappeared on the morning bus. I could not get over a feeling that she was going away. I partly relaxed when she came off the bus in the afternoon, hurried over to me and took my hand.

Even though she held close to me all the way, I did not completely relax until we interracial big cock gang bang loving hoe inside the house. THE TENNIS CLUB Lila had started to play tennis about a year earlier. My Aunt had asked my mother to arrange for her to join our club. Mum had arranged for Lila to go with me after school.

The coach would assess her and then slot her into the appropriate squad. I suspected that Luilawould be quite good, knowing her athletic ability. When we were young I always thought she had good ball skills for a girl. When I arrived home, the first day, Lila was all ready dressed to go. She had on the tight t-shirt and very short shorts. She looked absolutely fantastic.

The fullness of her breasts was very obvious and her nipples stood out a mile. With every little move she made, her breasts just floated up and down.

I would not be able to keep my eye on the ball if I was on the opposite side of the net to her. Neither would the coach. In addition, I would have difficulty keeping the vultures, I mean guys, away from her.

I asked whether she was wearing a bra. She told me no. I asked "could she please put one on." Not that she needed to hold anything up; they twgirl and one boy mouth fuck to have invisible means of support.

She said that she avoided wearing a bra if she could because they always felt too tight. She said "Ok then" and just peeled off her top. "Gee Lila" I said "do you have to do that in front of me just before we go out………do you have a looser top you can wear?" She went to the drawer and put on a much looser t-shirt over the bra, but did not have any longer shorts.

The coach was very pleased and allocated her to the junior advanced squad. Due to the amount of tennis practice I had had over the years, I had advanced to the senior squad. Coach suggested that after squad I should hit up with Lila. He thought she would improve a lot, and quickly, with extra work.

TOO SEXY FOR TENNIS On the Saturday, Lila was again coming to tennis. Mum told her that on Saturdays the girls usually wore dresses. She said she had a dress. As she was still completely naked - "Wear a bra" I suggested. She slipped her dress on over the bra "well& do I look?" she asked. Now I realized what Bras were really for. They pressed the breasts together so that there was lots of 'cleavage'.

Lila sure had cleavage in the bra she had on……&hellip.and plenty of it. The trouble was the dress she wore covered none of it. With every little movement she made her breasts just wobbled on the top because there horny blonde masturbates pussy with glasstoy wecamnet so much showing.

I think she must have filled out a lot since the dress was purchased - and, we are going to be running around with a lot of bending! I asked whether she had another dress, but she only had one. It wasn't that I did not like the dress. She looked stunning in it. It was the vultures I was again worried about.

My mother dropped us at tennis and said she might be a little late. I said not to worry I would arrange a lift home. As it turned out everything was ok. When not playing Lila became occupied with the other girls who wanted to know about her experiences, overseas. The vultures did not get a chance.

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Arriving home Lila said she would have a shower. She peeled off her clothes so that she was completely naked. I said that she should not go wandering up the hall naked, it was still not dark and my parents could come home at anytime.

She was not at all worried.

The females in our families definitely had no inhibitions about nakedness. I would often still see my mother naked.

And, if she was putting towels in the bathroom and I was showering she would just come in any way. ………A MEETING AT THE MALL Back at her old school, Lila had re-established connection with girls she knew from her late elementary years. She found out that her previous best friend at the school, Mary, had moved interstate. She asked me to come to the Mall with her as she had arranged to meet up with some school friends. I was a little hesitant. I would be one guy amongst a bunch of females.

I had only been to the mall with 2 or 3 guys and occasional a sister of one never with girls. On the way to the mall Lila said "don't mention we have a pool at my house………& need to be on your guard for trick questions………………… They want to know everything, especially since they are aware I am living at your house temporarily……………&hellip.

remember………you are just my cousin……………lie if you have to!" Lila's comment made me a little nervous as to what I may have naked waiters welcomes to fuck striptease and hardcore lie about.

When I queried her further she said&hellip."they think I am having sex with you…………and when they see you they will be convinced!" Continued&hellip.unexpected fun with the girls.