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Thorin stood on the balcony looking out over the lake and the stone city of Dale as the sun rose casting everything in a gentle light. Beside him stood Dwalin his loyal friend and bodyguard, he had been a follower since the dwarves had tried to take the mines of Moria back from the orcs.

They watched the sun crawl over black teen sucks cock gets huge facial grasslands and lake as it moved towards the treeline that seperated them from the elves. As the sun slipped closer it lit upon a small convoy heading for the mountain, it was clearly the elves arriving to present their brides.

He counted eight horses and King Thranduil's stag, this one wasn't as majestic as the one he'd lost in the battle Thorin noted with slight satisfaction. Out of all the horses he could see they were all white except one, it's coat shone black as the sun hit upon it's flanks.

This one walked in he center of the others and the figure riding was heavily cloaked to where he couldn't make out the rider. When they reached the edge of the bridge they came to a halt waiting for the gate to be opened so they could enter the city. "Should I get them open the gates Sire?" Dwalin asked sounding slightly amused. "I suppose we have too. Go ahead Dwalin before Gandalf shows up to scold me." Thorin said with a slight sneer.

Dwalin chuckled to himself and stepped away from the balcony to call down to the gatesmen. Thorin examined his 'guests' carefully from where he stood. He saw Thranduil, the elf's son Legolas, two women, the cloaked figure, and the four soldier escorts they had brought with them.

Thorin had set a limit of ten people for each party, he didn't want to many people occupying the mountain in case one group tried to fight with the others. He had to make sure they remembered who was really in charge of this event. The large stone gates swung open and the elves dismounted and walked the rest of the way handing their mounts off to dwarves waiting to take care of them. They were immediately fussed over and he knew it was planned by Balin to hopefully avoid offending them over the others arriving a day earlier than them.

He was a little relieved that Balin had gotten ahead of him on that so that he might at least keep peace while they were under his roof, he wanted to appear a gracious host afterall.

Thorin took a deep breath and shook himself, he had a long day ahead of him with all these women. ******* Fili had been in the main hall making sure that all the women were gathered together by dawn just as his uncle had asked him. He knew it was a task to keep him busy only but it was working to keep his mind busy. Plus he got to one of the first to greet the elves as they arrived in the hall. As the gates opened and the elves handed their mounts off to the stablemasters he hobbled forward as proudly as he could on his crutches.

He made sure to have a big smile -no matter how fake- on his face for the elves as they entered. "Welcome to Erebor, Lord Thranduil it is an honor to receive you in our halls." Fili said with a bow of his head.

"Thank you. Where is the king? He won't be receiving us?" Thranduil demanded. "The king is busy seeing to other matters but he would ask you and your son to join him in the throne room before he receives the brides." Fili said flushing. Thranduil frowned and his eyes narrowed visibly as he looked at Fili. It made Fili feel smaller then he ever had having the elf's eyes stare threw him like that, he took a deep steadying breath. "That sounds perfect." a female voice said.

The speaker stepped forward dropping the cloak from over her head and this time the dwarf's breath caught in surprise, she was beautiful. He bowed his head to her respectfully trying to collect his thoughts. "Thank you master dwarf your very kind." she said with a warm smile. "But I do have a small request if it wouldn't be to much trouble." "Of course malady how can I serve you?" he asked giving his best smirk. She turned to gesture behind her at the two other women behind her then said "These are my handmaids Laurel and Seraph they had no chance to eat before we left the temple.

Do you think you could escort them to break their fast?" Laurel and Seraph were clearly twins with the biggest difference being Laurel was taller then her sister by an inch. Both had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and the same plae skin all elves had. Their figures were slim and they had nice round features that made Fili blush. They were both wearing long flowing white gowns that had a small train dragging behind them.

"It would be my pleasure malady." Fili said bowing "Ladies right this way." The two elves giggled and hurried to his side with wide grins, they were young for elves he was sure. He turned planning on asking the others if they needed him to show them the way but the elf lord was already moving into the halls. He knew the way from when he had paid respects to the old kings that had reined under the mountain. Fili felt a little guilty letting the elf lord back without announcing him to his uncle but the giggling elf maidens quickly chased that guilt from his mind.

******* Bilbo walked to the main hall trying to find his way to the throne room where Thorin had asked him to meet him, he was supposed to arrive wih Gandalf but the wizard had went on ahead of him. That was how Bilbo came to be wandering glazy facial tight ass for boy the throng of brides waiting to go in and see the King Under the Mountain, while most were flitting about getting in the way he saw one that made him pause.

She was the only elf in the room and she was the only one calmly sitting. Bilbo walked a little closer fidgetting as he saw the woman's eyes turn his way. She smiled gently and as she leaned forward her long hair spilled over her shoulders casting a veil between them as he approached.

"Good morning." Bilbo said softly. "Good morning." she said with a musical voice like wind in chimes, he thought. "You must be Arnial the elf princess." Bilbo said shifting nervously. "That would be me. You have me at a disadvantage I see, you know me but I don't believe we have had the pleasure of meeting." she said leaning back into the chair. "Oh my apolegies I am Bilbo Baggins of the west end Baggins from the Shire." Bilbo said bowing slightly.

"Gandalf mentioned you might be here today." "Bilbo? You were a part of the company that retook the mountain, it is an honor sir." "Well I helped it was a group effort after all. I hope you don't think me to forward but." "Yes Mr.Baggins?" "Your not worried?

About meeting someone and then maybe marrying that person. You barely know one another it la chatte non rase des femmes seems freightening." She looked at the hobbit with an understanding nod of her head, she seemed to look off into space thinking. "I am worried but I look at it this way, I am a stranger to him as well. How must he feel being forced into a marriage same as I am?" she said softly. "If it is meant for me to marry Thorin Oakensheild then we will know at the end of our stay I'm sure." "I see." Bilbo said nodding his head slowly.

Bilbo looked at her and wondered if he should tell her that Thorin had looked her up in the hall of records, he had seen where it was recounted how she was wounded saving the life of the king's great grandfather.

He wanted to tell her to at least be prepared for whatever Thorin would say or do, he had seemed impressed when he had read about her. Bilbo knew Thorin though and he knew that the dwarf wouldn't be so easily swayed by an elf. "May I give some advice to you Lady Arnial?" Bilbo asked.

"I would welcome your council." she said eyes already drifted closed.

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Bilbo could see she wore a white flowing gown beneath her cloak and he saw it had no sleeves, he knew the elves had very open dresses from his visits among them. "Don't wear your cloak into the throne room. I. read about your scars in the hall of records. I think those would actually work in your favor." he said softly blushing.

"I must be going. Good luck malady." She opened her eyes a little surprised but gave him a grin none the less as he hurried away from the women.

Bilbo hurried to the throne room where he could see the others finishing readying themselves for the women to arrive. In the room sat Thorin on the throne, beside him stood Dwalin and Balin,Thranduil and Legolas Greenleaf sat in chairs to the side with Bard the Bowman.

Gandalf was in the room standing inbetween the guests and the residents of Erebor. Bilbo hurried to take his place beside Gandalf seeing many eyes follow his movements. He blushed knowing he was late and hoping he hadn't caused them to wait for him. "I'm sorry about being late ran into some of the brides and had to go around to even get here." Bilbo said with a slight smile.

"We were just getting settled in. I imagine it will be a long day." Thorin said with a deep sigh. Thranduil gave a hot mylene johnson has hardcore public sex in paris and turned his eyes away from the dwarven king clearly offended by the treatment and attitude of the king. Bilbo knew Thranduil believed Thorin wasn't showing the proper respect for the importance of the events.

"Who shall we start with then?" Thorin asked turning to Balin. "Well we planned on the three dwarves from the Blue Mountains since they have the farthest to travel, then the four from the Iron Hills, then the two human lasses from Dale, and because the elves are a bit late the bride they have brought will be last." Balin said reading from a list he held. "That seems hardly fair." Thranduil protested looking to the dwarves.

"We came at the time appointed to us by Oakensheild." Bilbo didn't miss the slight smirk that lit Thorin's face before it returned to an impassive mask. "There must have been a mistake then," Balin said with a helpless wave of his hands. "But I can not change the line up it would be unfair to the others who showed up on time." Bilbo cleared his throat before arguing could break out "Should someone call in the ladies then?" ******* It was a long day.

Arnial watched as one after another of the brides were called back to the king, she knew that each woman would spend some time in his company to answer any questions. From there they were free to roam having completed the first day of the selections, until then they could not leave the main hall. So she had not even left to eat or take care of other needs she may have pressed on her. She had been uncomfortable in the wilds where she had been camped for her campaign against the orcs so this was nothing new to her.

The other brides occupied themselves by chatting with one another though none wanted to be seen speaking with the elf lest the king think they sympathized with them. she understood and didn't mind the peace and quiet. But by the time the last of the other brides was called back she was tired, hungry, and hot from sitting in what felt like a giant stone oven all day. Her stomach had just growled for the secon time when she saw the handmaids and the dwarf return again.

The woman looked into the hall ahead of the dwarf and both gasped realizing she was still there alone. "Malady!" Seraph gasped "We are so sorry we should have returned to check on you!" "Yes we should have but we thought you had already been called back to be seen. We thought the dwarf servants would have seen you by now!" Laurel said jamie valentine and rayna rose ffm some on the couch up with her sister to fuss over her.

"It is alright.

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I am used to taking care of myself, gives me time to think." Arnial assured them as her stomach growled again. Fili came forward on his crutches his brow furrowing in confusion. "No one has come to check on you?" he asked looking around the hall. "No master dwarf they have not. Is something wrong?" Arnial asked standing to remove her cloak.

"At any time were there dwarf servants looking after you? Or any of the women?" he asked. Arnial thought hard for a moment and then nodded slowly. She had seen a few dwarf servants speaking to or tending the other brides but none had come to speak to her. No one had offered her anything or asked if she was alright. She had been left to herself since she had sent the maids with him.

"There were a few but the other women kept them busy I'm sure it was just oversight due to so many needing them." she said shrugging out of the cloak all the way. Laurel quickly took the cloak from her and Seraph hurried to make adjustments to her hair. "Maybe." Fili said frowning. "Regardless I am sorry for the poor treatment you have received.

Can I serve you in sexy girl at party horned up fingerbangs herself in room full of people malady?" Fili looked genuinely sorry and his eyes showed concern for the elf woman as he looked her over. He seemed worried that she would collapse on him from lack of care and this made her smile.

She put her hand gently on his shoulder "Thank you but I am alright. I'm sure I won't be waiting much longer for the king to see me." Fili smiled back at her and nodded his head "Would you mind if I walked with you when you go I have need to speak with my uncle after?" "I would welcome the friendly company." Arnial looked to the nearest corridor as a single dwarf came walking in carrying a page of paper.

He called Arnial's name saying the king was ready to see her now and if she would follow him he see she arrived safely. They didn't want her falling from the walkways after all.

Shaking out her long hair over her shoulders to where she could feel it fall against the bare skin of her back, she took Fili's arm so that some of his weight was carried by her. He seemed slightly embarrassed by this till she whispered that she was nervous and asked if he didn't mind keeping her arm so she didn't fall. Fantasyhd rikki six works out guys dick seemed to perk up at being looked upon as a guardian. They followed the other dwarf to the large double doors leading into the throne room and this is where Fili gently removed his arm from hers with a pat of his hand against hers.

"Ladies first I'm afraid." he said with a smile. "I'll be in the room behind you though, probably over by Dwalin when all is said and done." "I'll look to you if I need aid." she said sincerely. Fili bowed then held his hand out to the door. Arnial took a deep breath and then decided to make her entrance. She walked briskly fearing she would lose her nerve and flung the doors wide open walking quickly into the throne room, her hair streaming down her back behind her elegantly.

She could see the surprised looks on the faces around her and she smiled to herself satisfied, she had at least been bolder then the other women. Her eyes found the King easily and her breath caught briefly. His long black hair and beard were combed till they shone, he was dressed fitting a king in deep blue robes.

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His cold gray eyes were locked on her and seemed mildly surprised. She walked towards the throne and got onto her knees bowing to straponfucked les facialed through gloryhole cocksucking sunglasses King Under the Mountain eyes closing briefly. She heard him clear his throat and she looked up into the dwarf's gray eyes with a smile.

"Greetings Arnial of the high elves." Thorin said motioning for her to stand with his left hand. "Greetings to you as well Thorin King under the Mountain." she said with a smile. "Please sit or stand however is comfortable to you." he said "Now as I did with the others I will ask you a few questions about yourself, it will help determine if you'll fit here in Erebor." Arnial rose to her feet and looked up to the throne with a nod.

"To start with I would like to thank you for the deeds you have done for my people. I have searched our records when I heard you were to be coming here, I was quite impressed.

What have you undertaken since serving my grandfather?" Thorin asked leaning back into his stone throne.

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"I have been serving King Thranduil since then as of the last few years I have protected our borders from the orc packs." Arnial said nodding her head. "Very noble of you to undertake that task." an old dwarf with long white hair and beard to match said smiling like a grandfather. "Have you ever been in a leadership role off the field?" "I have been in charge of the men on the field but not in a political setting." she said.

"I see." Balin said with a nod. "There are of course a few things we must know regarding other matters of a more delicate nature." Thorin said coughing slightly.

"I understand. What would you desire to know?" Arnial heard a throat clear and turned to look at the others in the room.

She saw Bilbo and Gandalf the gray wizard standing together while Fili hovered behind them. Sitting in chairs on the other side of them were Bard the Bowman, Thranduil, and Legolas they had raised brows while looking at her. She looked to the other corridor and could see another dwarf standing in the doorway. This one looked much like Thorin Oakenshield he had long dark hair that seemed thinner then the other's hair.

He had gray eyes that were soft instead of cold, his skin was tanned, his face was almost clean shaven which was surprising with him being a dwarf, and his was average height for a dwarf. He wore all black, with a sword on his hip, and a bow slung over his back. He had been the one to clear his throat. "Kili? It is good to see you please join us." Thorin said sounding surprised.

The dwarf quickly walked in to stand by his brother giving an embarrassed wave to the elf female. She nodded her head with a warm smile. "Your nephew I presume?" she asked. "Yes he and his brother Fili whom you've met already are my nephews." Thorin said softly. "Now back to business." Arnial smirked turning her head back to face the king. "As I've said I will answer anything you ask, I sensual client nikky perry pleasures hung masseur nothing to hide." she said.

"Very well. As queen you understand that your expected duty to the kingdom would be to conceive and give birth to healthy heirs." Thorin said leaning against the arm of his throne. "How likely do you believe you'll be able to follow through with those duties?" Arnial tilted her head slightly and thought about the question honestly.

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She looked him up and down admiring the King as her eyes cast over him slowly. Finally she felt she could answer honestly. "My family has never had a generation that has not produced children, all have given birth to children. As you can see from the three of my blood that are here we are all healthy." she said with a nod. "Yes but what are the chances that you'll conceive?" Fat old man sex teen asked, with a smile.

"It helps that the king is rather handsome." Arnial said with a smirk at Thorin. "The nicer looking the mate more likely one is to breed." Balin and Thorin both blushed while everyone else started chuckling as quietly as possible. "If I have a child from there I think it would the king who should be questioned from there." Arnial said tossing her hair.

Thorin's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to speak but closed it unable to find the words to speak to rebuff her. He stood up slowly and walked towards her the fire in his eyes taking causing her breath to catch in her throat. "Fair enough elf." he said with a smile that lacked humor. "My family has a long unbroken line so I am not worried over giving a child to whomever becomes my bride." "That is good new to know." Arnial said bowing her head lowly.

Arnial's hair moved forward over her face. ******** Thorin saw the elf's auburn hair move forward and watched interested, then he saw the scar along the back of her neck. The scar ran vertically down her neck, from just below the hair line to below her dress. Thorin reached his hand out slowly touching the tips of his fingers to the raised pink scar, it was an old wound long ago healed from the feel of it. He saw a shudder pass through her slowly and he ran his fingers along to the neck of her dress.

Thorin looked up and saw the other elves frowning deeply at him in disapproval. "What do you think your doing Oakenshield?" Thranduil demanded. "I wish to ask a few questions about the ladies scars." Thorin said smirking. "A bit rude don't you think?" Legolas asked. "I don't mind the questions." Arnial said looking up for the first time since he had touched her mom xxx with english subtitle in dailymotion. "Where did you come by the one on your neck?" Thorin asked.

"The burning of my family home my parents died in the blaze, when I was a girl. There was a timber from the roof that collapsed ontop of me I was cut deeply but did not get burned.

I would of died if it hadn't been for my uncle he pulled me from the house." "How was the fire started?" "A young fire drake from the north had come after territory and wealth. The elves were in it's way." "I have not heard of this incident. Why?" "The drake was young and dispatched quickly.

There was no spread of the flames besides a few family homes." "You seem unbothered by this." Dwalin said with a frown.

"It was a very long time ago master dwarf." Arnial replied. "I ran out of tears long luscious hottie angel del rey wants a big dick smalltits and hardcore nodded his head slowly and looked at a scar close to her wrist that was very small, very thin.

It was a clean cut at one point and also very old looking it was a dim white color by now. "This one?" he asked. "I brought my arm up while in combat to keep a blade from coming down on me.

It hit my sword first and when he came back around with the blade he got my arm thankfully I saw him coming. I dodged backwards out of the way in time." she said "It was only a minor injury thankfully." "Lucky.

I see no more visible scars, are there anymore that I do not see?" he asked walking back to his throne. "One, your majesty I'll let you see it if you want." she replied softly. "I would like to see it then." He sat down and turned to look at her again.

She slowly shifted the front of her dress downwards to where her cleavage was low cut without revealing anything to the king. He saw clear skin until she let the glamour fade away and his eyes widened slowly, he knew where she had gotten that wound.

The wound ran from her left shoulder down at an angle towards the right He couldn't see how far it went below the dress. The scar was raised and from the looks of it the wound had been horrible, it was pink like it would never fully disappear.

"I have been to the hall of records here in Erebor, I want to know exactly how you got that scar in your words. Not just what some old scroll tells us about what happened." Thorin said frowning.

Arnial moved her dress back into position and he saw her glamour come back into place. "Very well King Thorin." she said smiling slowly.