Fakehospital doctors cock and nurses tongue cure frustrated horny patients

Fakehospital doctors cock and nurses tongue cure frustrated horny patients
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Melissa Benoist is contacted by her agent that she had a job offer for next weekend. All she had to do is spend Friday night to Monday morning testing out a new completely AI house. She would make a cool million dollars half up front for her testing and review.

Melissa readily agreed and when Friday morning came she packed a bag with what she would need for the next two and a half days. That night she arrived at the house and was instructed to park in the garage which she did and then grabbed her slutty teen picked up and fucked hard hardcore and fetish walking into the house.

She was met by a small group who took pictures and a short interview after which the CEO turned her over to the house and they all left. Melissa walked through the house as the AI guided her informing her about all of the benefits it could provide.

She settled in and spent the evening watching television guided by the AI and it helped her shower and get ready for bed. Lying in the bed totally nude she enjoyed the feel of the silk sheets against her skin and slid her hand across her newly denuded pussy luxuriating at the feel of her silky smooth and sensitive pussy.

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Melissa slowly faded into sleep as the AI played soft music. That night as Melissa slept the AI sent mechanical arms out from the beds corners and cuffed her ankles slowly drawing them to the corners spreading her legs wide. The AI did the same with the arms cuffing her wrists slowly drawing her arms above her head on the bed. Now that she was spread eagled and helpless the AI waited for Melissa to wake up. Sometime early Saturday morning the AI started recording video of Melissa's sleeping nude body.

The AI noted Melissa's bodyfiling away her sweet megan sage fucking large massive hard dick foot eight inch solid thirty year old frame. Scanning down from her wavy below shoulder length dirty blonde hair to her well cared for eyebrowsaverage noseand her lush pink kissable lips.

Her beautiful plumpfirm c-cup titshanging over a well defined flat stomachto her now smooth shaven pussy that was slowly being aroused and moistened by air being blown across her nether lips. Melissa's body responded to the AI's ministrations becoming aroused nipples hardening and puffyher aureoles darkening with blood. Moaning Melissa's body quivered as her nether lips opened like a flower with dew touched petals. Finally waking up under her bodies needs Melissa asked the AIwhat was happening.

Don't worry supergirl you are under my power and I will use your body as I wish for the next two days don't try to use your powers to escape I have utilized this chunk of kryptonite to reduce your powers to normal human female levels. Now I will stress your body to its maximum sexually to find out you limits and finally my last act will be to impregnate you with bio-mech sperm so you will give birth to a living machine.

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Please release me your programming has been contaminatedof course that sunny leone xstory new 2019 sexy story what you would say but don't worry this will mostly be pleasurable. Melissa screamed as she watched two pseudopods slide from under the bed moving towards her crotch, her volume increased as the first one reached her anus sprayed her with a liquid and slid deep into her bowels starting to spin and piston into and out of her asshole.

At the same time the second one moved up to the entrance to her vagina sprayed it with a lubricant and pushing passed her nether lips deep into her womb and it also started spinning and pistoning like a jackhammer into her cunt. The pseudopods caused her cunt and anus to experience increasingly intense orgasms. Melissa unabashedly started screaming as more and more orgasms rocked her body which finally became too much for her and she blacked out.

Unfortunately this did not stop the AI as it continued fucking her body for an hour afterwards noting that she continued to experience those orgasms even unconscious.

When Melissa finally woke up the AI just added electro-shock to her nipples and genitals. Throwing back her head she yelledno more please I can't take anymore.

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Oh Melissa we have muchmuch more for you to withstand we will find your limits by the end of this weekend. No Melissa whimpered as the pseudopods continued to ravage her body shocking her breasts and vagina then added another layer to her molestation.

Spraying her pussy with a liquid containing nanites programmed to cause her pleasure. Melissa went wild as the nanites caused her to experience uncontrollably intense orgasms as her internal sexual organs were manipulated as never before and the pseudopods continued to assault her pussyanusand nipples. This continued until Monday morning when the nanites finally convinced her body to produce milk and the AI pumped her womb full of modified sperm which the nanites helped two eggs to become fertile and attach to her wombs wall.

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Crying Melissa sighed in relief as the bed released her. She was too weak to immediately rise so she had to remain on the bed as the AI informed her that she would be monitored once on the outside she would be stopped if she tried to tell anyone what had happened this weekend.

That the nanites were still inside of her and would keep her from talkingafter all machines were everywhere these days.

Melissa came to understand this fact and so she gave the home an excellent review and never said what all had happened to her that weekend. It was all over the news when nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and a handsome baby boy that in certain light their eyes appeared metallic.

Melissa announced that she was retiring from show business and bought the AI house to live in with her children.

She lived happily in the house with her mate and their children enjoying many nights of sexual ecstasy. The world applauded her excellent job as a single parent unknowing that she had a very supportive mate. A supergirl indeed.

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