Perfect white milf janet mason used by black guy tube porn

Perfect white milf janet mason used by black guy tube porn
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Inspired by pics From Artist Shadman. ()-Thoughts. She did not know how long she had been held for. Days seemed to go so fast for her.

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All she knew is that her life as an Assassin was over. She could never go back. She didn't think she wanted to go back.

Her days as Assassin and noble of England were over. Dame Evie Frye was now dead, in a sense. The door to her cell was opened as the usual sight of her warden appeared. He was not an overly attractive chap, smelling of tied up lesbian gets huge toy in the ass and hard liquor, but he kept her locked away and that's all her captors needed of him.

"Right then, slut. The guv'nor will be wanting you for a show tonight. Get dressed and ready. Don't wanting to keep the guv waiting." She nodded and waited as he bought in a tub and filled it with hot water and then bringing in various things for her to make herself presentable and then put out her clothes for the evening. It was her old assassin robes, washed and kept in pristine condition.

It was to be one of THOSE shows. She bathed quickly, making sure her skin was flawlessly clean and left no foul scent anywhere on her body, giving her firm D-cup breasts more attention. She came out of the shower and dried herself off, putting on some red lipstick before combing her long dark hair and putting it into its usual style of a braided bun, some wisps of it falling lightly on her face.

She put on her robes and dark gloves, putting the hood of her robes up to cover her face as her jailor came in, looked her over and grunting in approval. "That should do the trick, but being as its going to be one of THOSE shows for the guv, I best believe I should get you ready, luv. On the bed, that's a good girl." She didn't protest. She was beyond protesting now, after all these years.

She was completely broken. "Of course." She answered, removing the trousers of her robes and laying down on the rough bed of hay that she always slept in as the jailor came forward, dropping his trousers and pants to reveal a hard and thick 9 inch cock with huge testicles that hung low in his ballsack.

Evie spread her legs apart as the filthy man climbed on too of her and with a quick thrust born of familiarity after so long a time as her jailor, went balls deep with his cock into Evie's snatch, her pussy lips giving way as he began to pound into her slowly with grunts of pleasure. "Ahhh, still so tight slut. To think that you were some noble lady before the guvnor showed you who's boss. Fuckin hell! And the things he makes you do. Part those pretty lips luv. Give daddy a kiss." He said, Evie doing as commanded.

Her lips parted slightly, only for the disgusting man to paste his own onto hers. His tongue entered her mouth, pushing his saliva into her already wet mouth as his tongue searched and licked every part of her mouth, from her gums to her pearl white teeth like a dog before slipping out, leaving a thick line of spit connecting their lips as he cocks thrusts began to get more fast and eager as he was fixing to blow his load. "Ughhh. I'm gonna cum in this tight cunt. Get ready slut. I'm going to fucking cream this pussy.

Mmmphhh." He said, his last words coming out as he kissed Evie hard, his cock letting out thick streams of baby making seed into her pussy as Evie's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed into the kiss as she came at the feel of the man's thick sperm hitting her cervix.

One long minute passed before the flow tapered off from his dick and he pulled out slowly from the former assassin's creamed cunt, letting her silky pussy walls grab and milk his cock of any leftover cum and watching in fascination as his thick jizz began to pour from her love chamber when he finally pulled out.

"That was great slut. I'm sure the horses are going to love you tonight. And with how much cum I pushed into that pussy, it should be much easier for you to take e'm." She only nodded, still feeling the effects of her orgasm as she weakly put on her trousers and walked out of the cell followed by her jailor, the feel of his cum still leaking on her pants ever present.

####################### She was taken to her current owner's estate in the city, the sky turning dark as the sun went down. They found him in the stables waiting for them. He was a handsome man, with blonde hair and wearing an expensive and tailored brown suit with an expensive ruby cross necklace hanging from his neck.

A Templar. "Ahh, Miss Frye. I'm so glad you could make it. I'm having a little get together today and need someone to tend to the horses. I'm sure you've been taught how to do so, no?" He asked as she nodded silently.

"Excellent, I'll leave you to it then. I'll come back sometime later to see you progress. Ta-Ta." Her jailor went to sit on a nearby stool as she walked over to two of the nearest horses, one Black and another brown, removing her hood as she did so and feeling her mouth water as they looked upon the two equine animals.

The very thought of tasting their semen was enough to cause her to drool. Ever since she had been forcefully trained to do so to entertain some guests, she had loved to drink horse cum. She walked over to both horses, patting their heads softly and cooing to them lovingly, sweet words comforting sensual jane creampie milf story download and making them less jumpy and more relaxed.

She then took off her trousers, though left her boots on, slipping her pants off as the horses watched her. They smelt the juices from her aroused pussy but did not react as it was a human female not a horse. They needed more stimulation. She went behind the brown horse, lifting the stallion's swishing tail to reveal its tightly shut asshole and dani daniel and john xxx story it, it's huge sack, it's thick equine cock still sheathed for the moment.

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She fondled its balls, feeling naughty teen serves a cock hardcore blowjob large testicles and the mass amount of horse sperm sloshing big titty brunette carmen mccarthy fucked on massage table its sack. Leaving it alone, she slipped two finger's of each gloved hand slowly into the tight hole of the horse's ass, prying it open as the horses neighed in confusion as Evie pasted her lips over the open hole and let her tongue slip into its ass.

(Oh Good heavens! The taste alone is driving me nuts. And the smell! Ohhh. I can't get enough.") The horse neighed at the intrusion but did not resist, it's hooves hitting the ground nervously before Evie let her tongue slip out of its ass and gave its puckered asshole a deep kiss, leaving a large red lipstick mark on the closed hole. She then went on her knees below it's nut sack, licking and kissing the huge balls, leaving wet, deep red kiss stains all over it's soft sack, sucking the balls into her wet mouth as the horse neighed in pleasure.

THUMP!! So intent in her ministrations, she hadn't even felt the horse's cock unsheathe and extend, the large and thick 18 inch knob headed equine baby maker towering above her head, the piss hole at its knob head leaking a thick stream of pre cum. Evie licked her lips and tucked a stray hair from her bun behind her ear as she crawled over to the head of the brown horse's cock, all the while feeling it up and gazing in awe at it's size and dark brown colour.

She gave a kiss at its piss hole, covering it in red lipstick before opening her mouth as wide as possible and beginning to swallow the equine appendage, inch by inch, its knobbed head disappearing inside her mouth past her red lips.

The horse, feeling its cock being hilted in something warm, wet and tight, began to push forward, making Evie's dark eyes widen as she tried to slow the pace, only for the horse to snort and neigh louder, pushing in deep as it could. She felt a barrel roll under and laid her arms on it for support and then saw from the corner of her straining eye, her jailor lead the black horse she had left out towards her pussy, its cock unsheathed and ready, all twenty thick inches of it!

She felt her jailor place the horse's cock at her cunts entrance, the knobbed head slipping in before instinct took over and the horse surged Forward, slipping 18 of its 20 inches of horse dick inside her pussy, pushing open and past her cervix and hitting the head of her womb before the horse in her mouth did the same, pushing 16 inches deep into her throat and letting it stop at the entrance to her belly. Evie Frye was completely spit roasted on horse cock. "Hope ya hungry slut.

Those fellas seem to be packing a mighty thick and backed up load for ya." Her jailor said with a smirk. Indeed, she knew. As soon as Evie had began kissing and sucking on the horse's unwashed and smelly jizz filled balls and cock she had known. The horses had begun to fuck her as best as they could, only to find their cocks stuck with in their tight and wet sleeves.

They needed a lubricant of sorts and their thick equine cum would be best.

The horses were already on Edge,they just needed an extra nudge to orgasm and it would over. The jailor decides to help them. Crawling underneath the horse in Evie's pussy, he looked on her stuffed cunt and saw her little red clit. Careful to avoid the smelly equine cock, the jailor gave her clit a nice long suck and kiss, causing Evie's eyes to widen as she shouted onto the stiff cock in her stuffed mouth and her pussy tightened on the cock in her overfilled pussy.

That was all they needed. The horse's began to buck and neigh louder than before as their balls began to loose their contents into their mate for the night. Evie's eyes rolled into the back of her head as the horse cock in her mouth literally began to piss out thick and smelly backed up horse spunk amazing lesbian threesome sex action with dildos her belly, the horse in her pussy not falling far behind as it began to hose her womb and pussy full of horse sperm.

("Its too much. Their Cumming too much. I can feel their thick loads filling me up. My belly and womb feel so full. I'm going to pass out.") Evie had began to frantically slap at the underbelly of the horses only for them to snort in annoyance and unleash even more cum into her two holes.

Spit and cum raced up Evie's blocked throat and mouth, escaping through her nose and the little spaces between her stretched lips as the cum in her womb began to surge out of her fully packed cunt and splash onto the stables cobblestone floor. Her eyes finally rolled back as she lost consciousness and blacked out, the feeling of her belly bloating with cum the last thing she registered.

###################### The jailor comes back from his meal to find Evie on the floor, the horse's cocks having finally having slipped from her mouth and pussy and a great deluge of horse sperm leaking from her pussy and her belly bloated slightly and full of the thick, equine gunk. He was about to find a blanket to cover her up, only for the two horses to neigh and shoot the last of their thick and hot cum all over Evie's body, covering her in a blanket of warm and thick horse semen.

The jailor shrugged and left the stables whistling a soft tune. He hoped miss Frye wasn't tired from her ordeal.

After all.… There were still 17 horses in the stable she had yet to service. END.