Nasty slut dani jensen takes a massive black cock

Nasty slut dani jensen takes a massive black cock
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On a completely normal night out, I met a guy in a club. From the outset I should say that I was a taken lady and really not in the market for a one night stand, but my friends had disappeared off with some of his friends and he had been a gentleman most of the night, buying me drinks, dancing with me without getting too grabby, so I began to assume that maybe he was gay and just kept enjoying myself.

Towards the end of the night, he made his move, kissing me intently and holding me close.

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I enjoyed the brief encounter for what it was and kept shaking my ass to whatever beats the dj played. The club closed and the stranger asked if I would like another drink, indicating that him and his friends were from out of town and staying at a hotel where the bar would still be open.

My friend and I took advantage of this and headed back with them, sitting in the hotel bar till 6am before considering ordering a taxi home. My friend was invited back to their hotel room, and off she went luscious lipped hottie sara luvv takes huge interracial dick. I waited, playing it cool before following this cute drunk stranger to the room, thinking in my vodka blurred mind that a few more kisses wouldn't be a bad thing. Upon entering the room, I realised all four guys had descended on the city and thought it would be fine to share two double beds and a sofa bed in a larger-than-average hotel room.

My friend and her new acquaintance were almost naked in one of the beds, groaning under the duvet in the dark room. I used the restroom, removed my tights and proceeded to go in for the kill whilst the other two friends were still drinking in the bar.

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I got into the bed, and he leaned over kissing me, pressing himself hard up against me, tugging down my French knickers and pulling my top down so my breasts hung out and my bra gathered at my waist. He started going to work on my pussy, licking and rubbing whilst my thighs shook and I tried to keep a little of my composure as my friend worked on her bed partner's cock. I slid down the bed, desperate to get a feel of this stranger's cock and suck it down my throat.

I unbuttoned him quickly, letting his cock spring free into my face and sucked hard on it, working my fingers over his balls. I knew it would be a clumsy fuck, nine hours of drinking wouldn't put me at the top end of my game but I couldn't help but indulge, after all, you're only young once.

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I asked if he had a condom which I was putting on him when the door opened and the two other guys had come back to get some sleep.

My friend and I looked over at each other, feeling incredibly awkward but the newcomers simply sorted out the sofa bed, shared out the pillows and one guy made a makeshift bed on the floor whilst the brutal virgin smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone claimed the sofa bed.

We tried our best to keep it down but my conquest had already slid himself inside me, taking short shallow thrusts whilst pawing at my breasts. He whispered dirty statements in my ear, telling me I was a 'Dirty fuck with an angelic face' and and grabbed my ass as he ploughed himself deeper inside.

I looked across to my friend who was lying flat on her back, and I could see the silhouette of a man on top of her beating his cock near her face, groaning quietly. She was fondling his ass, holding her mouth open, waiting for his load to cover her face and heaving tits, or possibly waiting to swallow his cock as it erupted.

I wasn't sure as I started moaning into my lover's ear, telling him I need to feel his cock come inside me, I wanted to make him shake on top of me. I told him he could have me any way he wanted and that my tight cunt loved to be fucked by him.

He kept holding my ass and hips whilst drilling into me, leaving my torso to hold his weight. I knew it would be a clumsy fuck but his hipbones were rubbing my clit perfectly making me start to tingle and spasm around his big cock.

He started to orgasm, moaning so I bit into his chest and nipples, spurring him on, until his body relaxed and he slid out of me.

He lay on his back, breathless and I went to remove the condom and lick him clean. I looked over to see my friend lying quietly next to her conquest and went in for a hug with mine. He had begun to drift off and I lay quietly.

Ensuring he had fallen asleep, I motioned to my friend and both conquests were silent from sleep and us two girls got ourselves dressed and decent for walking past hotel reception staff. I heard a noise, fearing we had woken someone up and realised the man lying on the floor was awake and motioning towards me. I leaned in to whisper to him that we were leaving and he kissed me passionately.

I realised how disturbing the situation could become and made our excuses but I noticed the man on the sofa bed had my friend held in an embrace whilst caressing her thigh.

I'll blame the alcohol for my next reaction, because I kissed him back, kissing his neck and then taking a last glance over at my friend to make sure she was staying put for the time being. I swiftly removed his cock from his jeans, real femdomme mature mistress sophie talking dirty masturbates it strain against the buttons.

It was so hard, pulsing almost. I licked it, slid it in and out of my mouth, feeling my oral skills impaired from the vodka, and concentrated on working his cock into a frenzy.

He pulled me up to kiss him, asking me to get on top of him for a while. I knew where this would lead and took a glance towards my friend who had a man with a sexy rugby player physique on top of her with her legs over his shoulders. I took my lead and he slipped on a condom and I put one leg over him, hitching my skirt up to my waist and sliding my knickers to the side to give him access to my soaking wet cunt. I rode him hard, desperate to cum, concentrating on my own sensations rather than his, so I held my skirt up rubbing my clit through my panties, until I shook, clamping my pussy round his cock.

I would have moaned his name, had I known it. I knew he was so close and could sense he wanted it fast and hard, which wasn't in my routine after so strong an orgasm and a huge amount of alcohol.

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He flipped me over onto my back, pushed my knees up against my breasts and assaulted my swollen pussy with force. It felt so dirty, with my skirt around my waist and my panties pushed to the side, fucking on the run. I couldn't keep quiet I was still coming down from my orgasm and I kept moaning and then looking over to the beds, fearing how they may react if they awoke to see me being fucked hard on the floor.

I relaxed my legs slightly keeping them high around my neck, pulled him close to me, kissing him to keep myself quiet, occasionally moaning into his mouth. He fucked hard and fast, as he wanted, using my pussy, letting the friction massage his cock. He orgasmed quicklybiting my bottom lip and burying his cock in me to the hilt.

He slid out and remarked that he wouldn't be able to tell the boys how he had got carpet burns on his knees.

I laughed, pulling my skirt down, waiting for my friend to finish only a few feet away from me. I gathered up my things for the second time, watching the rugby player lookalike drill into my friend, who remained on all fours on the sofa bed as he pounded against her ass. He lack of wang is dangerous girlfriend hardcore quietly in the darkness and I let my friend say her goodbyes before tidying ourselves up in the bathroom.

We got out of there as quickly as possible, noticing the sun was already up. I was all wet down my thighs, and decided to sit in the stairwell to put my tights back on before we walked home, giggling at the evening's events.

I went home and showered and felt all alone in my empty apartment so ordered a taxi and took my drunken self to my boyfriend's house, miles into the countryside. He was half asleep but happy to see me, so I undressed and curled up next to him. As we curled up in his bed, I pawed at him, rubbing up against him, showing how worked up I was.

He happily let me position myself on top of him and lead him to a much needed orgasm as my swollen cunt massaged his shaft, squeezing tight and then releasing. He came deep inside me, grunting against my breasts, holding onto my nipples.

He orgasmed lubricating my already wet pussy walls, as I continued to squeeze them for his pleasure. I rolled off him, feeling very satisfied at the events of the night and morning and dozed off, feeling his come dribble out of my pussy and down my thighs.