Xxx vidimom sleeping son fuk

Xxx vidimom sleeping son fuk
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My daughter, Sarah, is vey attractive. She is 13 tomorrow and I watch her. She dresses with her sort wide open and she doesnt lock the bathroom door when she takes a shower. So I consider that an invitation to watch. She is constantly at her computer Playing games and watching " videos".

She is on a chat site and she constantly on there so I signed up. My name is really Robet but on there it is Drake. She excepted my friends request and started sending messages and pictures of her self to me.

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So I answered. "Hey,Pretty Girl" how's your day going"?

No answer. So I went to check on her she was asleep The next day I went to work and I got off early and she was home I guess she skipped school today and was having a little fun so I quietly went in the house and snuck toward her room to spy on her she was layIng on the bed masturbating to the video of a guy spilling water on his pants and striping in front of his tennet and then hem fucking well I felt my cock rising to the occasionand waited for her to moan or squel or something I just walked in and sat next to her considering the fact I have been fucking her for the past month she will like me sucking on her clit.

She was always so tight even after having banged me more than 20 times. I opened her nightstand and took out her vibrating dildo and put it in her and started to pump her with it. I guess this was pretty pleasures me because she moaned and gasped and started grasping her d cupped boob and lickin her finger and blowing on her nipples while spinning them with her wet fingers.I took the dildo out and felt she was soaked!

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Then I tasted her sweet little self she tasted so good. Then Picked her up and put on me like she was sitting in a chair and started lifting her up then letting her slide back down on my slick big 9 inch 3 inch cock and waited for her to pump more online me herself she did, she rode as if I were a horse. I loved it it felt amazing I picked her up off of me and just waited for her to say something like that was amazing but nothing really. My family has been having sex stimulating cunt loving act hardcore and blowjob each other since my great grandfather was a boy.

Except my son Jeremy hasn't touched sarah except for a little fill'er up when Sarah was 10 she seemed to like and now she wants more. Jermey got home and went to her room and went In and just started sucking her tits and then eating her out my daughter was so auprised she didn't even realize what was going on or what.

But I knew she would take care of herself. I stepped up closer o her and stuck an finger down inside her princess thongs a and felt her little prickles of red pubic hair. Then I went a little further and waited I till a little bit of warning time I felt her she was soaking wet and right here in front of me so I pulled down her pale blue shirt and felt her little pussy and waited for her to respond nothing really other then the sound of her moan and say finger fuck my ass. I felt her asshole and tasted it then I brought our big horse like dog in her to get a good taste of her.

I pulled down her things as well and said " lay your ass down on the couch right now!" then felt her pussy again still wet just not soaked so I tasted her a little bit and pulled out a half Emmy bottle off pussy lubricant. The best kind. The dog ran up and started having fun with her she enjoyed it to I guess she was moaning in pleasure. She just got up took my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom and started the water I said clean me.

When we got out I went to my room and went to bed she did the same just went to her room instead. The next evening her friend janet was staying over and the were going to clean the house for me and enchanting drilling after massage hardcore and blowjob I couldn't wait to watch this fight because suprisingly every time Janet came I've they go to the mall buy some sexy outfit and then wear it while doing chores and get into a water fight and they bob wear white with bra and no panties on.

The fight went well like I said and they runes me on and I had to go to my room to blow a load. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A week past and I waited for Sarah to notice me walking around naked when she just told me one day.

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Dad I have a boyfriend. I said " no you don't, what did I tell you a year ago when you started coming on to me that you couldn't get a boyfriend once we started this you said okay you even signed a contract with fingerprints, signature, blood, and a DNA sample of yourself so you better dump him right now.

Then she ran off crying to her room and I said " get ready for tonight. Darling" she said okay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay well I guess I am going to masturbate then go to sleep night:) Fuckmebuddy oh!!!

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