Suesiti hajar bukit abal kelate

Suesiti hajar bukit abal kelate
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Blackmailed!! This is about a mom's life in shambles. Janet was a pretty brunette, she and her husband Roy had two young sons. Roy was a salesman for a chemical company, so he did a lot of traveling. Janet wasn't the prettiest woman, but her body more then made up for it. She had 40 dd's a bubble butt short well-toned legs and a great smile.

Her youngest had started 1st grade so she was alone most of the day. She was unaware that two dropouts who worked at the local supermarket had been scoping her out for almost a month. They knew where she lived, her phone number, credit card number and when she got home from taking her kids to school.

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They needed a plan to start fucking her but were a bit light on a plan. She usually did her shopping on Wednesdays, this Wednesday was no exception, as she got to the checkout where Troy was working. He made small talk with her about her husband and kids.

Suddenly she presented him with an opportunity as she told him they needed a handyman to get the garage door working properly. Troy told her he worked for a repair company he would be happy to check it out Thursday. She eagerly agreed as the noise it made was making her crazy.

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She wrote down her address and gave him her cell number, she asked him to call first to make sure she was home. She left the store thinking the door would be fixed the next day. At break time Troy explained the plan to Mat a large black kid who unloaded trucks most of the day. Thursday morning, they borrowed a van, they drove to her neighborhood they waited ten minutes then called her.

She had just gotten home they could come over. Five minutes later they pulled into the driveway, she saw the van, so she opened the garage door to show them the noise it was making. Mat walked over to the door, he was inspecting the rollers while Troy made small talk. She told him her husband would be out of town till late Saturday, she was bored, she hated his job. Mat walked to the back of the van he banged around as if he was looking for tools, he was looking for a can of WD Forty to oil the rollers.

The plan was simply to give her some oxy, take advantage of her video it and leave. The flaw was she would need to drink something to make it work. Again, opportunity came knocking, she asked if they wanted water or coffee. She went in the house, five minutes later came out with three coffee's as she set them down Troy asked for sugar, so she went back in. He quickly put a small amount of oxy in her cup, she drank it down in three gulps.

Mat stalled around to see if would work. It took only five minutes before she was very relaxed, now Troy asked her, "Janet ever do anything kinky"? She had the glazed look I her eyes from the she giggled. "Well as long as my husband never finds out", I wouldn't want him to know, "I'll never tell" was Troy's reply. She looked around as she thought Mat was orgasms amazing gina devine enjoying hard cock orgasms and creampie of hearing, she took a deep breath.

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"About a year ago I was horny as hell we had gone to a company picnic; the men went off to talk shop. These two good looking waiters were hovering over me they were flirting. They asked me if I had ever modeled, when I told them no the large black guy took me by the hand we headed for a van parked close by. Troy was thrilled at this he encouraged her to continue, "the three of us got in before I knew it, they had my boobs out, there I was topless with two waiters who I didn't even know, they had removed my skirt so all I had on was panties.

They must have taken two dozen pictures before I asked them to stop. The only way to get them to stop was give them blow jobs. After I had sucked and swallowed two big loads of cum, they gave me what I thought was all the pictures". She paused then giggled they call me once in a blue moon for blow jobs that's the whole story". Troy looked at her, "your husband doesn't know any of this right"?

She shook her head in agreement. "Janet would it be all right if we went in the house and I got a look at those great tits"? She thought about it for a few minutes then smiled "sure but what about Mat?

he's coming with us he'd love to see them too", "ok why not but no blow jobs just pictures" she giggled. Once inside she stripped down to panties and bra, she slowly removed her bra. She struck her chest out proudly, "do you guys like the girls"? Her phone rang she looked at it, "its my husband be quiet". The guys knew the plan was in motion so quietly they went through the garage and left.

The rest of the day they discussed how they wanted to handle her. They had a simple plan, Wednesday as her car pulled into her driveway, they pulled in behind her. She waved, "come in guys I'll get your casting honey leaves after hardcore sex and anus fucking sorry about the call but it was my hubby, so I had to talk to him".

Once in the house Troy asked blonde housewife diana doll fucked and cumshot on spy cam if she had a computer, she went into the den a second or two later she brought out a laptop she set it on the coffee table. Troy told her to sit down they wanted her to see something, for the next fifteen minutes she watched in horror, as the event ended, she looked at them.

"Ok you shits how much for the stick"? They exchanged knowing glances as Mat responded, "listen bitch were going to make you our cum bucket that's the price. Now before you scream or do anything stupid how do you think you husbands' company would feel watching you and us"?

She started to scream but Troy stopped her, "if you call the cops, they'll review the stick, as you see there is no sign of us forcing you to do anything, frankly it appears you started the entire thing. Janet how bad do you think its going to be if this gets to your husband". She sighed as she realized she had lost, "ok now what? Well first go upstairs put on a very hot sexy outfit be back down here in 15 minutes or you'll receive your first spanking".

She put her hands on her hips cocked her head to the left, "in my life no one has ever spanked me you two blackmailing bastards are not going to be the first".

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The guys exchanged looks, Mat sat on the sofa as Troy headed for the bathroom, he returned shortly he smiled at Mat he was holding a plastic hair brush. Her eyes shot wide open, "oh no you don't", was all she got out before Mat grabbed her, he pulled her over the sofa, so her ass was sticking up. Troy started giving her the first very hard spanking of her life, she got ten whacks five for each cheek. When they stood her up, she was crying badly, "listen Janet you must learn to obey, this could have been worse as you still had your jeans on, now do as we told you to do, strip down let's see what we'll be getting".

Her ass stung like hell but there was no way she was going to allow them to fuck her. The guys were stripping down she realized Mat had the biggest bulge in his briefs she had ever see. "No fucken way are you putting that thing in me mister"! Mat and Troy looked at each other than at her. Without a word Mat grabbed her arm she was once blonde teen solo and big tits strap hd backwoods bartering pulled over the back of the sofa.

She realized Troy was pulling down her jeans revealing she had on a white thong. "Janet you will obey the rules", was all Troy said before she received the first of ten very hard whacks on her bear butt cheeks. Her ass was now bright red her sobs had gone to full scale hysterical crying, "do you understand now Janet your ours to do with as we please", said Mat. She stood up trembling in pain her ass would be sore for a week, "Janet do you understand" Troy asked. Through sobs she nodded yes, she was broken she would obey from now on.

Troy looked at her, "let's get the rest of the cloths off, now", without hesitation she stripped down to bra and panties. She looked at the guys, "ok who's fucking me first"? Mat smiled, "I guess that white pussy has never had a big black cock, right"? She tried to do her best to be pleasant she hesitated a minute before she responded.

"No honey but I'm sure by the end of the afternoon I will know what it feels like". Troy smiled let go to your room so we can be comfortable", she hesitated for a moment as she didn't want them in her bedroom but giving them lip or even attitude would no doubt result in yet another spanking. They entered the room Mat turned her around and attempted to give her a passionate tongue kiss. She closed her mouth denying him access, "I'm going to try again to kiss you Janet, if I meet with any resistance or I think you are not really trying your best to be a hot bitch you will be receiving yet another spanking of 20 hits 10 on each cheek, do I make myself clear"?

She was in panic mode. As he came close, she put her arms around his neck stuck her tongue as far into his mouth as possible she ebony chick katt garcia rides big cock of handyman their tongue to dance. She pulled him close her tits crushing into his chest while she wiggled her hips against the growing bulge, she could feel it growing.

She dropped to her knees, with one fluid motion released his monster from its confinement. Her eyes opened wide, "my god baby how big it he"? Mat gave her a look, "Janet you are about to have an 11" cock buried balls deep in you pussy". Slowly she sucked the head while alternating between sucking his balls and getting the enormous head of the cock wet with her tongue. She felt Troy unclasping her bra as her double d tits came into view. Her body was betraying her, her nipples were rock hard her clit was already swollen and standing up.

Mat smiled "get on the bed its time for some cock". She looked up at him "baby would it be ok of we did it doggy as my ass is burning badly".

Troy laughed, "hey man that will work as she can suck my cock while you pound the pussy". Mat agreed she was on her stomach with Troy's large cock in her mouth, she felt the giant head of Max's cock slip between her pussy lips, it had entered her.

She pulled of the cock in her mouth for a moment, "honey go slow until I stretch to accommodate your cock but go deep its feeling wonderful already". My god she thought did I just say that? She felt the cock going deeper and deeper into her pussy, he got to her cervix she felt her womb engulf the head then with a gentle push he was deep in her womb.

The sensations was electrifying, her pussy started contracting around the large cock as she wanted to get more of him, no cock had ever been that deep in her. He was balls deep in her she could fell his balls hitting her ass with each downward stroke, she was feeling a strange sensation in her abdomen she realized his cock was causing her belly to rise as he pushed into her womb. His rhythm increased she was moaning as Troy's cock was almost down her throat.

The pounding her pussy was getting felt wonderful she could only moan in ecstasy she was getting ready to cum, she heard Mat tell her "come bitch cream my cock" As if he commanded it, she convulsed as the best orgasm of her life overtook her. "Oh god I'm creaming your fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk mesmeric busty chick spreads legs and masturbates Mat wasn't finished he kept pumping her pussy she didn't realized Troy was ready suddenly warm cum flooded her throat and mouth.

The volume was so great it came out of her nose. She felt another orgasm deep within her, Mat stiffened she knew, as a third orgasm ripped through her she felt as if a hose had gone off in her pussy. He shot five, six, seven and finally eight ropes of cum deep in her womb.

Her belly was extended as she realized her womb had never been pumped with so much cum. Mat rolled of, "well Janet how's your pussy now"? She realized she was grinning from ear to ear so why lie.

"You two blackmailing bastards certainly gave me a great workout, any chance we could do it again"? The guys smiled, "Janet you want reena sky elsa jean in girl tagging black cock in that tight white pussy"? She grinned, "well I think since I'm totally full of black cum anyway what harm could another fill up do".

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As they were about to start her cell rang, it was her husband she told them to be quiet while she answered. She answered she started talking she realized Mat's cock was back in her pussy, it felt wonderful she tried to stifle her moans as she tried to continue to talk to her husband but the lust in her pussy was overtaking her ability. Mat was working a slow deep rhythm as her pussy accepted every inch of his huge black cock.

The conversation was interrupted several times as Mat thrust as deep as he could, her pussy was contracting around his cock milking it for another load of cum.

Finally, she told Roy, "honey hold on a minute" she pushed the mute button as she orgasmed. Mat realized this was the time to fuck her stupid which is exactly what he did. She started having multiple orgasms for what seemed like forever, "UGGGGGGGG fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeee". Mat finally exploded with another large volume of cum deep in her womb, it took a few minutes for her breathing to return to normal.

Suddenly she realized Roy was on the line on hold, she push the mute off when he asked what had happened, she told him it was a delivery truck which had the wrong address. Both guys stood they rubbed their cock in her hair on her face and neck, she had dried cum in her nose from the blow stacked june rides on a hard prick she had given Troy.

They dressed while she was talking to her husband, they quietly told her they would be in touch real soon. Max slapped her ass very hard this caused her to wince in pain, but she kept on talking.

She ended the call as she had to pickup her kids from school, she threw on cloths wiped the cum from her nose she was out the door. Half way to the school she realized her womb was still completely full of cum, none of it had leaked out. She chuckled his cum must be as thick as batter! Her next though was my life is ruined unless I do what they want!