Cock riding by breasty brazilian pretty babe

Cock riding by breasty brazilian pretty babe
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I'm Sue, Dave's wife, we share everything, and he loves getting me to write about my fun, when I go out and play, this is a continuation of, we need the money We had met Ginger a few times, for 3 some and as always had fun, it had been ages since we had seen her business watch boobwatch malibu rocki full movie xxx, it seemed his job had changed and he didn't visit our state now, so when she rang me Wednesday night to say he was back in town and wanted to meet us again, with his friend, I of course said yes.

Friday night I got ready, and dressed in a very sexy see though dress, with nothing under it, picking up Ginger we drove to the hotel to meet Trevor and Mike. I had put in a few things to liven up the night too. Trevor opened the door, his eyes told us he had missed us, the bulge under his towel, told us he was ready too, Mike was naked on the bed, his cock also ready for fun, as Ginger kissed Trevor, I took Mike kissed him hard then went down sucking his man hood as far down my throat as I could, it felt wet, I'm sure he had already been fucking Trevor before we got there, Ginger and I slipped our dresses of, and went to work on the guys, as well as one another, kissing and eating our pussies to keep the guys keen.

Ginger was first to cum, her pussy filled by Trevor's cock while I ate her out, Mike was licking my clit, then we swung around, swapping ends, my butt talking Trevor's cock as Mike ate Ginger's wet pussy, I saw him finger her butt, as we got into thyme. We let the guy use us for awhile, then I pulled some of my toys out of the bag, slipping the strap on around my waist, and a good 10 inch vibe in it, told Ginger to kneel on the bed, the full 10 inches went in first go, her body pushing back to get it all in, then as her first orgasm shot though her, I pulled out, sliding it back in her butt, another orgasm raced though her as the vibe went to work.

The guys were in a 69 next to her, Trevor on top of Mike and sucking each other's cocks, so with no warning, I moved over and pushed the vibe in Trevor's arse, he jumped but quickly eased back to take it all, as Mike swallowed his cock whole. Ginger swung around and joined in, playing with them both, Trevor now showing signs of his first anal orgasm for the night.

I let him enjoy the vibe for some time, then told Mike to change around, he looked concerned but Trevor told him to go for it, as the vibe began to entry his arse, he pulled away, but Ginger held him tight, and pushed him back onto it, he let out a groan, as more went in, then with one good push it busty horny italian maid charley chase fucks her client right in and he fell forward some.

But soon his actions told me to begin fucking him. Trevor was face fucking him, as I worked every inches inside his body, Ginger sucking his cock, kept him busy, as he shot out a huge anal orgasm, then flooded Ginger's mouth with cum, I kept going, not waiting for him to regain control, and his second anal orgasm soon followed.

By now he was pushing back hard, fully enjoying his anal fucking. We let the guy's rest, while we put on a show for them, Ginger and myself now eating and fisting one another's pussies, then I told her to grab my big toy, she put the strap on back on and went over to the bag, pulling out my big dildo, its huge, very thick and 12 inches long, the guys both gasped as Ginger slipped it into the strap on and walked behind me.

Ginger slipped some lube onto it, and with a good push half went in, my pussy screamed as she worked it all in, the guys next to me, gasping as the balls hit home, Ginger knew how to make me cum, slowing then speeding up, sent me over the top again, then she pulled it all out and quickly rammed it right back in, my orgasm told her she got it right, after awhile she pulled it out again, meaning to push it back in my pussy, but I moved and with ease it went into my butt, again the guys gasped as it worked its way in.

Soon I was out of control, my orgasm coming so fast they were a blur, as Ginger went crazy in me, I told Trevor to get under me, and slid his cock in my pussy, Ginger slowed to allow him time to push right up inside then began her assault on my butt once more Mike was face fucking me, we worked up a heck of a speed before I slipped forward and had a rest.

Ginger was keen to try, so we swapped, I eased into her pussy, as she too, enjoyed the first of many orgasm with our toy, then I told Trevor to fuck her pussy, with his cock firmly inside her hole I eased forward, inch by inch the dildo made its way up her anal channel, Trevor and Mike both trying not to cum, as Ginger began to scream with her orgasms. I kept going making her beg me to stop, her body limp with lust for her new found fun, the guys swung her around and DP her, Trevor enjoying her pussy as Mike took over fucking her worn hole.

When they had given her a good going over, I told Trevor to kneel on the bed, I still had the dildo in the strap on, his eyes showed signs of fear, but he knelt up, with more lube I eased forward. As Mike held him still, and Ginger gave him her pussy to eat, I worked my way in. The first inch in the worse, opening the anal lips always takes time, but once in, Trevor began to enjoy our toy.

three or four inch in, and going well, Trevor pushed back, as he got more into it his anal orgasm started, then while he was mid orgasm, I Pushed hard, had Mike not been holding him, he would have shot of the bed, but 7 or 8 inches in, I let him relax, fellatio inside massage room hardcore and blowjob get used to it.

As I worked him, he surprised me, I had built up a steady thyme now and he was easing back onto me more, then as I pushed forward he rammed his body back, taking me by surprise, son gym xxx mp4 storys as he did, the dildo went right in, just as he pulled mia khalifa sez with monster cock full sex story with pain, I pushed forward, keeping it firmly in him, and lay on top of him.

Trevor squirmed but soon began to work the dildo, this told me he had got used to the size, and it was time to fuck him hard, orgasm after orgasm rang out, as he really took to the dildo, then after some 5 minutes or so, he fell forward exhausted, panting and trying to gain his breath as I eased my toy out of his big brown eye. Mike came around, looking at Trevor's butt, his hole stayed open, I saw Mike smile and say wow, as Trevor, shook with a stray orgasm.

So not missing my chance, some lube and wham, my fist went in, he jumped but I went with him, my wrist inside and my fingers working his g spot, soon made him relent and stay still. As he began to orgasm again. Mike was spell bound, watching Trevor take my fist, so I asked Trevor how he felt, a nod and a muffled good came back, so pulling Mike over, his cock in hand, I eased it in with my fist, Trevor asked what we were doing, I said relax and enjoy, as the head started in.

with us both working hard, Mike got his cock in too, and fucked Trevor's butt, while I held his cock on the inside, it didn't take long before Mike said enough or I will cum in him, and looking at me, he said "I want your arse now". We let Trevor rest, while I 69 Ginger, Mike's cock found my arse and worked me hard, then I told Mike to do the same as we did to Trevor, he did, slipping his fist in my arse, then pushing his cock back in sent me over the top again, he fucked me hard, Ginger was licking my clit, and fingering my pussy, as Trevor came around to face fuck me.

That was it, I went wild, and orgasm after orgasm now interracial babe drilled by towtruck driver reality and amateur though me, as every sense was worked hard.

Mike was getting carried away, as more of his fist went up inside my arse, his cock firmly held between us, then with one hard push I knew he was going for broke, as my butt seemed to be ripped apart. Mike was making all sorts of noises, but my mind was going wild, then Trevor gagged me when with one hard push, his cock went so far down my throat it set him off, his cum causing me to gag, and I pushed back, Mike wasn't ready for this, and the next thing I knew was a pain, followed quickly by another anal orgasm, Ginger bite my clit, Trevor flooded my mouth and Mike must have his fist just about up to his elbow in me, and I was having one continuous orgasm.

The next thing I knew was Ginger holding my face kissing me, I had passed out, Mike and Trevor sitting on the bed, smiled as I woke, I asked did they enjoy, Mike just gleamed, saying he had his fist in up to his elbow when I pushed back, and his cock too, causing him to cum again, Trevor said his balls went in my mouth too, as he cum, Ginger laughed saying, she got soaked as I squirted on her too.

So all up a great fuck. I told the guy to give Ginger a good going over, to use our toys and their cocks, if they could get them hard again, Trevor was first his cock going up Gingers arse, as I sucked Mike back to life, Then when he was hard I told him to face fuck Ginger while I got a few things set up, Trevor was well away fucking her butt, so I slid the strap on around him, and quickly pushed his cock though the bottom hole in the strap, he looked puzzled, but I held my finger up, as I grabbed the huge dildo, easing him out of her, I pushed the dildo in the top hole, and aimed it at Gingers arse.

As it began going in she jumped but soon eased back onto it, then I held Trevor's cock, as more went in, his cock got close to her pussy, then he realised what I was doing, and pushed hard, his cock and the last of the dildo went in, Ginger screamed, but held tight, Trevor stopped, then pushed in again, this time she pushed back, both holes now full, she also squirted some fluid, as her orgasm got more intense, I slide under her from the side, my mouth finding her clit, made her orgasm once more, she was now fully occupied, every hole and orgasm causing her to cum more and more.

She took it all, I watched as Trevor worked her body, his ball's hitting her arse as he slammed home, then much to every one's surprise, Trevor blew another load of cum, I licked up what ran out as he kept fucking her butt with the dildo, then Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth, moved around behind me, and quickly rammed his cock up my arse again, within seconds he filled me his juices, not a bad effort for one night.

As Trevor pulled out, I licked Gingers butt clean, sucking out all the hot cum from her butt, then pushed her over and sat over her face, with one good push, Mike's cum exploded from my arse and splashed over her face, Trevor beat me too it, going down kissing her and sharing Mikes cum, I saw Mike sucking Trevor's cock to get what cum was left from his spent member. We lay talking, the guys saying how they had missed our fun, but tonight had made up for beautiful babe does oral and some slamming lot, I asked if they were till keen to try some new kink, a puzzled look said "what".

I hadn't spoken to Ginger about it, but took the guys into the shower, kneeling down I sucked both their cocks, then said who wants to pee. You could have knocked them over with a feather, as they looked at one another in disbelief, holding both cocks, near my face, Trevor asked if I was serious, of course I replied, shaking his cock gently.

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Both guys stood still and a look of concentration on their faces, I saw Trevor push his stomach out, trying to pee, so I licked the tips of them both, saying please do, Mike moved forward a bit, his cock now on my face, warm pee began to dribble out, so I eased back, looking straight at his cock mouth open, went towards him, I sucked him tasting his wee, then moved back, that was all it took, his cock let loose, I held him aiming his pee at my face and boobs, smiling at him let him know I was enjoying it all.

As Trevor began to pee too, so with both cocks now going strong, I gargled both streams, and then shot more over my face before sucking them dry.

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Ginger had been watching, and didn't know about this kink, I asked if she needed to pee, with a nervous smile she said yes, so I lay down, and motioned for her to pee over me, the lets try spontaneous shower sex! knelt close, as Ginger moved in, her legs over my head, I looked straight up into her pussy, mouth open, her stream began. It was harder to control but she moved around, her pee, hitting my face and boobs.

I saw Trevor slide his finger into her hole and playing in her stream, and then he too licked his finger and rubbed my body spreading the pee further around. When Ginger finished she squatted over my face for me to lick her dry, then kissed me saying how kinky I was.

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with that I stood up, and lay her down, standing over her, I let loose, my stream going over her face and boobs, although she kept her mouth closed she seemed to enjoy it too. We all showered and sat talking, while we did, Ginger and I sucked the guy's cocks, saying if they had any other kinky things they wanted to try, just let us know for next time.

As we left Ginger kissed Trevor and I saw him hand her the money, once in the car, she counted it, giving me half, tonight was even better, both had given us $600, and yet we had milf and teen lick their moist pussies much fun as they did, if not more.

When I got home Dave was waiting and ready to fuck my well used body, his tongue found my clit while I told him about tonight, then I used our strap on in his arse sending him into one long orgasm as I continued telling him what we did, he especially liked the male on male fucking and them fisting me. After he had let me fuck him for ages, he turned me over, my legs over his shoulders and fucked away in my butt, asking what else they had done, when I told him I had made them piss over methat was it, his balls unloaded deep inside me, as he slowed I also told him Ginger had joined in too, both ways, he nearly shot another load, saying he was looking forward to the next visit with her.

Whilst we lay resting, I pulled the $600 out and showed him, with a big hug he said, how lucky he was to have a sexy wife who enjoyed sex, and now got paid for it.

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I felt guilty taking their money, but who am I to say no.