India summer sizzling hot sex teaching with horny couple threesome and fellatio

India summer sizzling hot sex teaching with horny couple threesome and fellatio
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Keep in mind, I'm a girl, and I'm also not a lesbian, so this story may not be up to your full standards.enjoy :) Into After Lynn had escaped the clutches of Rev. Greene's cult, her parents immediately came to her side, baring gifts and begging for forgiveness, Hyrem and Tina Chung begged for their only child to return home with them.

And in a teary eyed, loving family moment, the Chung family was reunited. Nevertheless, Hyrem, fearing for his daughter's safety, and possibly his reputation, made the executive decision to send his daughter Lynn to Seattle to live with his wife's parents.

A loving Cantonese couple, who had scolded Hyrem for abandoning his daughter. Additionally, the two were very found of Lynn, and said that her sexual orientation, "didn't mean a thing to them", and that, "Only a crazy religious zealot", would care about such little things as that.

But even with the support of her grandparents, this transition was difficult for Lynn, and despite resistance, she caved in to her parents, and chose to travel north, mom and son cheating mom start a new life in Seattle. Yet, her new life wasn't about to begin anytime soon, since the school she was planning on attending was only able to accept busty janet has her big tits creamed next semester, and until then, Lynn found herself working in her grandfather's Asian Market, a job she quickly learned to despise.

Now back to the story. Lynn ran from her room and into the small hallway that led downstairs and into the store her grandparents owned. Walking down the stairs, she tied an apron on and pushed past the door that separated the apartment and the store. As she walked out, her grandpa smiled at her and put his hands on her shoulders, "Lynn, I have to run to Mr. Wong's for a few minutes. Your grandmother is getting her hair done, and I need you to run the store. Can you do that?" "Yes", Lynn said. "Good, I'll be back soon!" The elderly gray-haired man said, walking from the store and out to the street.

Lynn sat on a stool behind the counter the cash-register sat on, reading a magazine that she had left under the counter for such an occasion. "Lynn!" A boy's voice sounded from across the counter.

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"What? Oh, hey, Drew", Lynn replied, not looking up from her magazine. "So, how's it going around here? Are you bored-" "Drew, I'm a lesbian, if you are not going to buy anything, then leave" "I know, Lynn!" Drew replied, rolling his eyes, "And I'm not here to embarrass myself again by asking you out!

I'm here to invite you to a party" "A party?" Lynn said, peering over her magazine, "What kind of 'party', Drew?" "This kind of party", Drew responded, making a drinking motion with his left hand.

"Well then", Lynn said, putting down her magazine and looking Drew in the face, "When, where, and who?" "It's this girl, she's bi-sexual by the way, she lives in Bellevue, but it's not to far from here" "Okay, Drew.

Whose party, and whose driving?" "Sarah Aung will drive us, and it's Anna Brady's party. She's known for throwing one fucker of a party!" "Well, I'll tell Sarah I'll go, and don't worry, Drew. I can get booze if you guys want to pre-game" "Cool! fucking rich babe with hairy pussy dani daniels

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Alright, see you there!" The boy said, pointing at Lynn with both hands as he walked out of the store backwards, accidentally tripping on a loose shoe-lace and falling. "Drew?" Lynn said, looking over the counter to see the boy groan and pick himself up off the ground, big thick cock drilling uma jolies sweet pussy okay?" "Ye-yeah", He replied, a little crestfallen, "I-I'm good, I meant to do that!" Seeing him run from the store blushing, Lynn rolled her eyes, "I'm glad I'm a lesbian.

Boy's are stupid!" *** The party would be hard to describe, especially if you were as drunk as half the teens there, luckily for Lynn, however, her years of teenaged-angst had finally payed off, and she was more than capable of taking care of herself, and instead focused more on Drew, who was now completely wasted. Lynn was dancing in a group in the living room of the house, and had started grinding with another girl front to front, when she felt and arm grasp her shoulder and pull her back, it was Drew.

"Drew! What the hell!" "Anna wants to meet you. She'll be going to your school when you start next semester" "So?" Lynn yelled back, "I'm dancing-" "Also, she's kinda been eyeing you, and the word on the street is that she's-" "Don't care, I want to laid tonight, let's go!" Lynn immediately followed Drew through the crowd until she got to the kitchen, were numerous intoxicated party goers stood and laughed.

"You must be be Brook!" On such drunk teen said, extending her hand to grab onto Brook's shoulder. "Yeah, and are you Anna?" "Yeah!" Anna responded sloppily. Lynn smiled, it was obvious Anna was drunk, and she knew just how to manipulate the situation. Giving Anna a once over, Lynn was pleased. Anna was very skinny and feminine looking. She had long black hair, blue eyes, and ample breasts, a solid b-cup, Lynn guessed. And in Lynn's case, Anna had a nice, firm ass, slender legs, and was over all drop-dead gorgeous.

Smiling, Lynn grabbed Anna's hand and pulled her from the room, leading her out of the kitchen, and up the stairs. Drew ran after them yelling, "Lynn! Lynn you might regret what you're doing!"
 "I'll be fine!" She yelled back, as she gently shoved Anna into a spare room upstairs, locking the door behind her. Anna laughed when Lynn turned around, "I know you're a lesbo! And it's funny cause I can tell that Drew likes you!" Lynn rolled her eyes and knelt down next to Anna. Smiling, she ignored the girl's last comment as she bent forward and kissed Anna on the lips.

Anna closed her eyes as she accepted the kiss, returning it with one of her own, this time, surpassing the gentle kiss, and inserting her tongue into Lynn's mouth, wrapping her tongue around Lynn's.

The two girls passionately kissed, sucking each-other's necks and fondling each-other's breasts and wrapping their legs around one another as they fell back groped ass bus metrtrain public amateur the couch.

Lynn sat on-top of Anna and pulled her shirt and bra off as quickly as possible, shaking her upper body slightly to show off her tits. Though she was asian, Lynn was well endowed with large tits, and a firm round ass.

She was, like Anna, a b-cup, and growing. She leaned forward and pulled Anna's shirt from over her head, and removed her bra slowly. She leaned down once more, and began to suck on Anna's nipples, going back and forth on each one with her tongue until both stood up erect.

Anna moaned, as she began to move her hips back and forth, slowly weaseling out of her skirt and underwear. Noticing what Anna was doing, Lynn stood up for a minute, and removed her skinny jeans, panties and shoes, throwing them in the corner before leaning over Anna, and spreading her legs apart. "Anna, has anyone every eaten you out?"
 "NO!" Anna replied overjoyed, sitting up on the couch to kiss Lynn on the lips again, resulting in Lynn laying back on top of Anna, squeezing her breasts and massaging her erect nipples with her thumbs.

As she kissed Anna, Lynn moved one hand down Anna's body, making sure to feel s much skin and possible before she felt the lips of Anna's snatch on her finger tips.

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She started out rubbing her lips, but next inserted two fingers inside to spread them apart. From there she pulled on Anna's clit, rubbing its tip with her thumb, while she began to insert two fingers into Anna's vag. Moaning, Anna let her tits rub up against Lynn's face.

Lynn next started to lick her tits again, paying extra special attention to the erect nipples, which she let her tongue dance around. Anna's moaning grew louder, and Lynn began to finger her harder, taking big tits jun enjoys fingering her ass fingers from her snatch, and rubbing her clit, rolling it in her fingers, while every now and then quickly rubbing her pussy lips and kissing her tits. "Oh.OH.OH!" She moaned, bucking her hips as she closed her eyes and twitched her body, "Fuck me!

OH!" Lynn was now on the verge of an orgasm, and reached down to rub herself as she continued to finger Anna's clit.

"OH! OH! YES!" Anna began to shout, suddenly letting her body stiffen and her hips thrust forward, as she screamed with pleasure from her orgasm. Anna's shouting, and powerful orgasm pushed Lynn over the edge, and in a less provocative manner, she moaned and fell back on the couch, breathing heavily from the quick and rapid rubbing of her twat.

Anna laughed, and crawled up on top of Lynn, kissing her on the lips while reaching down and feeling her tits. Lynn laid her head on her hands, while she kissed Anna, wrapping her legs around her waist, and letting her tongue glide through Anna's mouth as the two passionately kissed for what seemed like centuries. "That was great", Anna whispered into Lynn's ear, licking around the rim of it as she smiled.

"Good", Lynn responded. *** Lynn woke about an hour later and shook her head.

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It was now about ten, and she could hear the party from down stairs. Rubbing her eyes, she picked her clothes off the ground and slowly dressed herself, all the while smiling and watching Anna sleep on the couch, her naked tits facing Lynn.

Lynn looked around the room for a pen, and seeing one on a near by desk, grabbed it and scribbled her number on Anna's arm.

"See you later!" She said quietly, kissing Anna on the forehead before quietly slipping out of the room.

On her way downstairs, Drew ran up to her an smiled, "Did you guys do it?" "We were in there for an hour, duh?" "Nice", Drew said, giving Lynn a high-five, "Well Sarah's going to give us a ride back, so we better go see how drunk she is" "Oh lord", Lynn said, following Drew as the two walked into the crowd.