Luscious babe lena paul straddles hung boss

Luscious babe lena paul straddles hung boss
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My name is David. I am at the end of my last school year with me already being 18 it was nice. I am not your ordinary type of guy. I like things that some normal people shun. I am what you call a sex freak.

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Okay maybe not that bad but I do love sex and every associated with it. My mom has had her suspicious for some japanese leather ladies jerking cock group sex and handjob now that I might be up to some naughty things.

I hide it pretty well, it helps being a computer nerd. I myself am a bit shy in person so doing face to face conversations isn't the easiest of achievements. I looked in the mirror at myself. I had brown scruffy hair with dark brown eyes. Sometimes I call them my stalker eyes. I only had on my boxer seeing as it was scorching outside this time of the year. I wasn't very muscular but I wasn't fat either. "I need to get a girlfriend" I said to myself as I closed my closet door heading over to my pc.

I sat down with a glass of orange juice. I was logging onto my favourite adult chat site. I had found a few girls that were willing to talk a little dirty but none of them ever stayed.

I was mulling about in the one chat room when someone new joined. Her screen name was "Badkitty77" and she immediately asked if there were any naughty boys around.

I decided to reply to her message. My screen name was "Shaggy". Badkitty77: Hay there bad boy. Shaggy: Hay yourself kitty. Badkitty77: Are you a naughty boy that is going to spank me? Now I wasn't one of those people with a fetish but I have always wondered why people loved to be dominated.

I didn't have anything else to do so I decided to go for it. Shaggy: For you I could be anything Badkitty77: I am looking for a naughty boy to tease me as he teaches me a lesson. We started going into detail about being naughty and what we would do to each other.

While I waited for her reply my hand was slowly stroking my cock up and down. She was making me so hot and she kept on talking about her curvy body. I kept thinking sex old man xxxx hot xx in bathroom putting my hands on her ass while I penetrated her sweet pussy.

We kept on going until she stated that she had an amazing orgasm which at that moment I blew my load all over my chest. Luckily I had something to clean up because it would be quite awkward if my mom found sunny leon new sexy story 2019 hard fuck like this. Badkitty77: Wow that was amazing bad boy; maybe we should do this in person. Shaggy: I would love to see that hot little body of you in person.

She gave me her number and signed off of the site. I slowly crawled into bed after switching off my pc. I heard my phone vibrate. I checked and saw that it was a message with a picture of her curvy body. I nearly blew my load for the second time there. She was amazingly hot. She had on a purple bra with light purple panties that hugged her sweet body like a glove.

"That's a little something to keep you busy with until sexy spanish milf betty foxxx fucks the taxi driver see me next time" She said after the image came through. I decided not to reply to that message, maybe leave it hanging in the air.

The next day was pretty uneventful. I went to school like normal except I couldn't wait for the one subject. Physical Science was one of the best subjects at the moment. There was a new teacher there. She was very young looking. She had deep brown eyes with hair to match. She had on a tight little skirt with a white button up shirt and a jacket to match but yeah like I said it was scorching so the jacket was optional.

She started to give us class about 2 weeks ago when our previous teacher went on sick leave. We always wondered how old she was in our group. Some of us had our suspicious that she was 24 and fresh out of college. It was later confirmed that she was 24 by one of the popular guys asking her in front of the whole class. Like I said it was scorching hot so the teacher decided to unbutton one of her shirt buttons. She didn't have much cleavage but what she did show was enough in my eyes.

She would usually walk and check our work. She would bend over and look closely at our work. Luckily I sit at the back of the class so every time she would bend over she would show her nice curvy butt to me.

I have dreamt some many times of just running my hands over them while kissing her full on her lips. My phone vibrated in my pocket just as she was returning to her seat. "It's so hot today I wish I could just go for a skinny dip in the pool" Badkitty77 said. "I know right and my teacher isn't helping with the situation" I replied and my teacher looked up blushing.

I didn't find it strange seeing as how warm it was outside. The rest of the day was uneventful. I did steal a few more peeks at my teacher's nice behind though.

That night Badkitty77 and I chatted on the site again and I told her about what happened with my physical science teacher. She really got turned on by that and said that she wanted to meet me in person. We agreed to meet on Saturday at a little coffee shop just down the road from my house. Luckily mom didn't have to drive me there because it would have been very awkward to explain to her that I was going to meet up with a girl because she knows that I struggle with girls.

Saturday couldn't come fast enough and I stood in front of my mirror looking at myself. I wondered if I would be good enough for Christina, she gave me her real name during the week saying that we should call each other by our real names. I put on a nice comfortable golf shirt and some slacks with loose fitting shoes as I headed out. I made up some story for mom that I was going out with my friend for some drinks. I was getting more and more nervous by the second as I came closer and closer to the coffee shop.

I stopped at the coffee shop and looked around and didn't see anyone by her body description. Well the photo did show some features but it was very difficult to judge it sex com desi sexyindiya sexy in real life.

I decided to take a seat at one of the tables and waited for Christina to arrive. I was sitting maybe five minutes when I turned to look at the door and my physical science teacher was standing there. I turned back quickly in my seat. Why would she be here? She came into the shop and walked past my seat. I tried to hide myself but she looked like she was searching for someone and saw me.

She smiled and walked up. I couldn't help but look at her curvy hips as she walked up. "Hi David didn't fancy seeing you here" She said and sat down on the chair opposite me. "I am just waiting for a friend here mam" I replied and she slapped my hand playfully. "Oh please call me Christina" She replied and I froze up at that moment. I slowly took my phone from my pocket and messaged Christina. "Where are you?" I asked her and I looked up at my teacher and I heard her phone vibrate and she took it out and looked at the message and then at me.

I was holding my phone and flipped it around and she saw the message I sent her. Her eyes instantly brightened and japanese xxx story milk kiss blushed bright red.

"Shaggy?" She whispered and I nodded my head. She stood up and dragged me out of the coffee shop. We went around the corner into an alley and she pinned me against the wall. "David, explain to me what is going on here." Christina said looking at me deeply into my eyes. I looked into her brown eyes. For a moment in my life I was really scared except really turned on by the excitement. "I guess I am the naughty boy you have been talking to" I said with a sheepish grin and she put her hand over my mouth.

"Not here" She whispered and leaned closer to my ear. "Somewhere more private naughty boy" Christina whispered. She grabbed me and dragged me to her car and I got in at the passenger side. We took a quick drive a few blocks and stopped at an apartment complex. We barely made it up the elevator when she was already tearing herself at me. She clawed at my back with her nails and bit my bottom lip.

I grabbed her curvy back and squeezed it. She gave a moan into my mouth jumping onto me putting her legs around me. The elevator doors opened and we walked into the corridor. She climbed off of me leading me by the hand to her room. I was already sporting a hard on in my pants that could have been seen a mile away. We got into the apartment and she lured me to her room. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed onto me.

"Time to show you what I am made off but first I have something for you" Christina said placing her finger over my mouth. I smiled at her and she got off of me shaking her ass as she walked to a separate room. I lay on the bed and took my shoes off. A few minute passed and Christina came back into the room wearing a red mini skirt with a tight white button shirt.

She had long white socks and school shoes on. She put her hair into two ponytails. She walked up to me and took out two pairs of cuffs; before I knew it she had cuffed me to the bed. I shook the cuffs and she put her finger on my lips. "Shh bad boy just watch" She turned around and slowly lifted her skirt. She had on a pair of lacy black panties. She slowly lowered herself onto my pants and rubbed herself all over my hard on.

She was driving me crazy. "Wow your cock feels so good. It would feel so good inside me. Inside every little hole I have." Christina said in a seductive voice and she turned around and kept on grinding on me. She began unbuttoning her shirt slowly and it revealed her black lacy bra underneath.

Her hands moved up and she rubbed them over her boobs and moaned while she ground herself against me. I felt her wetness between her legs. I so wanted to break out of these cuffs and pin her down just there.

Christina finished unbuttoning her shirt and unlocked my cuffs. "Come take me naughty boy" Christina said as she went onto the knees on the ground opening her mouth. I took that as the hint and unbuckled my pants. I dropped my pants and boxers to the ground. Her eyes grew big as she looked at my hard cock. "Oeh is that for me? Please can I have it David I have been a naughty teacher" Christina said and I grabbed her ponytails and shoved my cock into her mouth.

She gagged a little before she started to suck on my cock as if it was the last thing she was ever suck on. I moaned hard and she continued sucking on my cock rubbing my balls with her one hand as her other hand was rubbing her pussy through her panties. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock like an ice cream. She was a pro at cock sucking and I kept fucking her face. She would moan loudly when I abused her.

She didn't kid around the whole being dominated thing. I knew that I had to have this girl now. I pulled her onto the bed leaving her legs dangling over the edge. She wiggled her ass in my direction. I put my hands on her curvy butt and spanked it once with hand. She whelped biting her lower lip so seductively. "You're such a naughty little teacher and naughty little teachers need to be spanked hard" I said and Christina whimpered.

I slowly reached underneath her skirt and pulled her lacy panties down to see that she was soaking wet. I slowly rubbed my cock along her slit giving her butt another spank. She gasped and moaned between her janeth rubiteresa ferrer madrastra e hija parte 2. "Oh please David do me so hard" Christina said grabbing the sheets and I pushed into her tight pussy slowly.

It enveloped my cock like a perfect fit. I just gave my virginity to my physical teacher and I don't regret it for a single second. I kept pushing into her pussy until I bottomed out. "Oh yes David do me harder and harder. Show me what you do with naughty girls" Christina moaned and I obliged her.

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I pulled back slowly and pushed into her hard making her butt jingle. I kept going in and out, back and forth. She was screaming at the top of her lungs by now and I slapped her ass. She whimpered but started moving in rhythm with my thrusts. I knew it was my first time and that I wouldn't last for a long while but I kept out for as long as I can.

"I can't hold it any longer Christina" I said and Christina moaned. "Cum inside me now! Full me up" Christina demanded and I obliged her again by shoving my cock deep inside her sending my cum into her tight pussy. Hot streams of cum went out of my body like a wash of energy just flowing out of me into her body. She started shaking all over before going still.

"Christina, are you okay?" I asked and she just passed out. I crawled onto the bed and pulled her into my arms. She was breathing very slowly. I was worried at this moment but before I could move to do anything she slowly opened her eyes. "Hay you. Wow that was awesome" Christina said looking into my brown eyes. "That was something beyond words" I replied and she blushed. "I am not done yet David.

We have the whole year ahead of us" Christina said with a wink as she grabbed my growing cock.