Hard hammering for ebon playgirl hardcore blowjob

Hard hammering for ebon playgirl hardcore blowjob
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Krystal I was unemployed and really needed a job. My friend Zack saw me one day and told me his job, Bubba's Burgers on Jefferson and Fairbanks was hiring. I knew Zack for about three years. I met him when we worked at City Wide Taxi together. I tried to make it a point to talk to him whenever I could because he was cute.

He was slightly chubby and loved to laugh. Zack had perfect teeth and when he smiled, I had to smile too. When we were driving taxis, the main thing about him was he would help me whenever I got lost or needed directions to pick up a fare.

The dispatcher was really getting annoyed with me always asking the directions for different locations. Zack did not mind answering me even if I had asked twice before. I relocated here from 1,600 miles away and it was taking me some time to get acclimated to the many different streets I had to learn. I was always mindful of not standing too close to him because of my attraction.

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In addition, I did not want to invade his personal space. Sometimes during our conversations, I would feel myself getting hard. Especially when he told me he walked around his house naked and his wife nor kids would say busty latina gets huge dick in her cunt about it. Ok, the job offer was a no-brainer for me.

I went to work with him that night and was hired on the spot. Their need for workers was quite evident and I had a serious shortage of money. I received a uniform and began working third shift! I was not thrilled about that part, but working with Zack was a fair trade off.

About two weeks later, Kevin the General Manager, started working the third shift too. One thing I noticed about Kevin was that he really was cute and had a boyish look about him.

He was 23, three years younger than me, and about a head shorter than my five foot 11 inches. He had a southern drawl and wore glasses. Like me, he was playful.

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Kevin liked to laugh and at times he could be silly. If he had not told me he and his wife just had a newborn baby, I would have called him a classic gay bird. In light of all this, I hardly paid him any attention at all.

One night I had to use the bathroom and when I walked in, Kevin was at the urinal peeing so I went to the sink to wash my hands. While at the sink, I inadvertently glanced at what he was holding, since I had xxx jabordost rape sex fucking story pone fairly decent view. Nice, I thought. I had finished washing my hands and Kevin was still standing there holding his "nice piece." When I looked at him, he was looking at me with a half smile.

Our eyes locked and then I looked directly at his dick. He was still looking at me. At this point I no longer considered any of this a coincidence. While looking at him, I walked over to the urinal where he was.

Kevin stepped back granting me full access to his dick. I was seriously bugging out! I was in the bathroom with the GM's cock in my hands. Neither of us said a word. I knelt down and nuzzled up to his semi erect tool.

It smelled of Ivory soap, mmmm. I tasted his bulbous tip and began to take his manhood in my mouth. I was in heaven, it seemed I was in a slow motion sexually charged haze. I tasted every inch he had to offer and loved it.

The bathroom door did not have a lock on it but that was the least of my worries. Zack was busy making burgers so he was busy. My mind was wandering and I did not care about any thing else but Kevin. Would he stop me and say, "What the hell are you doing?" He had to be about six inches in his fullest glory. I enjoyed the size and taste of Kevin's showpiece and hungrily lapped up one side and down the other.

I looked up at Kevin and he was smiling at me. I could have passed out. I do have an overworked imagination but even I could not have imagined something this phenomenal peeping room at private life of japanese girl hiddencam and webcam.

Kevin's tool was so responsive to my touch. Perhaps he was starved for sexual attention. If so, I was glad to be of assistance. To enjoy this moment to the max, I took my eight-inch dick out and started rubbing it. I could not pass up a chance to bust a nut when it happens like this. Next thing, Kevin was leaning back moaning and gyrating. About another ten minutes and he was shooting wads of creamy cum deep into my throat.

It was all I could do to keep up with the geyser that was spurting this delicious creamy goo. I drained his cock until he was bone dry and there was no more to be had. That was unbelievable Kevin said but what if Zack had walked in?

My response was that I would have asked him to join us. We washed our hands then went back to work. Throughout the rest of the night, we kept winking at each other. Kevin later explained he thought Zack and I went together because of the way we played around with all the touching. There were two doors that led to the dining area and I would chase Zack in a circle at the very least, once a night.

Normally, it was three or four times. He was such a fast runner, I would reverse and catch him like that. Yeah baby. If I were passing by Zack during the night, all of a sudden I would reach my hand out and cop a quick feel on his man boobs. He would always say go on man, leave me alone while laughing wildly. In spite of this, he never got mad which gave me a glimmer of hope. We rode to work together and hung out together outside of work.

On the job we always managed to fit some kind of fun into whatever we had to do. Looking at all of this, I began to see why Kevin mistakenly thought Zack and I were lovers. At all times, I used to keep an eye on Kevin's whereabouts. If I saw him heading in the direction of the bathroom, I was not too far behind. Another night I saw him go into the bathroom and after a few seconds when I thought he had his dick out peeing, I went in.

Perfect timing, I just stood there and watched him at the urinal. He started smiling when he finished urinating then just stepped back and I advanced on his perfect little trophy piece. I started sucking on his flaccid dick. In no time at all, blood started to rush to his prick and it began to respond to my tongue thrashing around the root of his rod.

The moans from Kevin were making me increasingly hard like nails. This time I was more deliberate and took my time. I heard Kevin breathe deeply then sigh. His breathing began to escalate and his breaths were getting shorter and shorter. I was unrelenting in my voracious appetite on the love juice being produced in copious amounts from the tip of his cock.

I took his dick out of my mouth and began to explore his balls. They were slightly hairy. He had a thin patch of pubescent hair that was so soft and smelled of body wash. I licked his left ball then the right. I could not decide which one tasted better. Again, I devoured the left nut. By this time, Kevin was rubbing his nipples and it dawned on me that I had totally them. His chest was baby soft smooth and his nipples were already hard. I dashed my tongue over one of them then the other licking them hungrily.

Meanwhile, my hands were caressing his ass cheeks. Oh, I moaned. Feel soooooo good, Kevin. The sound of his moans went up an octave and were becoming ever so much more intense. I lifted him up shiori ayase spins some tasty dick into her wet cherry penetration housewife his ass pressing his body to mine. As I released him, I embraced him. Keeeeevin, I moaned.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Kevin was returning the favor and began working around my shaft. He was licking all the precum that was drizzling down my Johnson, damn! I did not know you were packing all this he said to me. The first time it had been all about Kevin but this time he was sharing the love. He lifted up my sack and licked them as if getting them ready for a detailed inspection.

Oh fuck, I moaned. This guy was invading every centimeter of my love tool. It seemed as if he did not know which spot to hit next, he was all over. He spread my legs apart further to gain access to my chassis. DAMN FUCKING SHIT Sexy and sexy year old luscious babe hardcore massage !

Was all I could manage to get out. He turned me around and started eating my ass. I was whipped. I knew I could not stand much more of this because my legs were turning to jelly.

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This guy was turning me out !!! This was my first time being eaten out by a guy and I was loving it. At this point I had to have Kevin. I turned him around and hungrily licked both sides of his ass.

More so the middle. After a few minutes of eating out HIS breadbox, I lined my cock up with the crack of his fluffy ass and eased my way through his back corridor.

Aaaaaaggghhhh, I had to go slow because I didn't want to come so quick. After a minute, I was able to take longer strokes. I could not believe I was doing all of this in the bathroom, but I was going for it! Kevin took me by surprise when he started saying fuck dat ass bitch.

Dig into the bottom of that barrel. I took up the reigns and started fuckin him like he told me. I was deep inside of him now and he kept telling me to fuck the hell out of him. I was really enjoying this action and was pretty hd quality analal action beautiful blonde ch to cumming. I started kissing Kevin's neck and got carried away. When I looked, he had two hickey marks.

Let him explain that to his wife I thought. Kevin's ass was too much for me and in my mind I could see Fourth of July fireworks going off in every imaginable color. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the stall and nearly fell on the commode. Kevin said that was the best fuck he ever had. I was too spent to comment. He washed up quickly and asked if I was ok. Mmhmm I responded. Still unable to move.

My thoughts were racing 100 miles an hour. Did I mind working third shift? HELL FUCKING NO!