Stranger bangs cute luscious cutie girlfriend and homemade

Stranger bangs cute luscious cutie girlfriend and homemade
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For the last few years I have been a boy scout. I go on a camping trip every once in a while with my friends and their dads. Usually we go hiking, fishing, boating, what ever we feel like. This trip started no different. We got in the cars and headed towards the campsite, the only difference is that George's dad couldn't make the trip so his mom Caroline had to come.

I had only seen her a few times at meetings but never really spent any time with her.

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She was young, sexy slut victoria sweet calls her love for steamy fucking her early 30's I think and still looked like she was in her twenties. I never thought of her sexually because she is my friend's mom and it would just be weird, but she is very attractive. We set up camp just before nightfall and managed to get a fire going. George and I volunteered to go get some firewood.

So we took our flashlights and head out into the woods. Even though we said we were looking for firewood we really just wanted the chance to goof off and talk with out the little kids around. We were seventeen years old and the oldest in the troop. I wasn't looking where I was walking and I fell into a ditch. As I fell I could have sworn I heard a cracking sound. I was sure I had broken my leg or twisted my ankle.

George was able to carry me back to camp were the adults could take a look at my leg. Thank god one of the dads was a doctor.

He said my leg would be fine if I didn't but too much strain on it. This meant that the hike up the mountain I had planed was off for me. Caroline said she would stay back from the hike in order to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't hurt my self further.

I should state that there are rules about scouts being alone with adults, but seeing as how my eighteenth birthday was next month and no one else wanted to miss the hike they just decided to forget the rule for a day or two. The next morning I sat by the campfire with my leg elevated on a log while the new scouts got my breakfast and water; it kind of felt like I had servants waiting on me hand and hurting foot. After a while they had to say goodbye so they could start the hike.

I told them I would be fine and for them to not worry about me. Caroline and I sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes looking at the fire. She broke the silence, "Would you like to play a game of cards to pass the time?" "Sure," we played for a while but eventually I told her that I was getting bored of cards and wanted to do something else.

She told me that there was still one more game we could play to entertain ourselves. She said, "we could play a few rounds of poker." "Yeah but poker is only fun when you have something to gamble with and I don't have any money." "You have clothes don't you?" "What?" "We could play strip poker, this way could play and still have something to bet." I just starred at her in disbelief. I had never expected my friend's mom to suggest a game of strip poker to me. She responded to my shock, "What?

You don't want to play strip poker with me?" "No, I mean I do, I just wasn't expecting for you to…" "What you didn't think an old woman like me knows how to have a bit of fun with guy like you?" "Well, to be honest I didn't think you would ever want to play that game with me." "Don't sell yourself short.

You are a very cute guy and I would not mind seeing more of you, or you seeing more of me." "Really? You want to see me naked?" "Only if you lose." With that she dealt the first hand and the game was on. I lost the first hand took of my jacket. She lost next and lost her jacket. We went back and forth like that; I lose a shoe, she lose a shoe, I lost a sweet teen knows how to satisfy a dick she lost a shirt. Eventually it was down to our underwear, me in my boxers and her in her bra and panties.

Even though she still had her clothes on the sight of her in her bra and panties was enough to give me a huge boner. She looked like and underwear model. As I was dealt the last hand I felt excited, I had a pair of queens and knew that could be enough to see her pair. I put my hand down in triumph, "Pair of queens Caroline, now let's see some of your goodies shall we." "Not so fast little jack horny, pair of aces beat your queens." I couldn't believe I lost, but on the other hand I was about to show this sexy woman my rock hard dick, so it was sure as hell not a lose.

I stood up and walked hairy amateur blonde in the shower charlotte cross gets the plumber to neat her pipes in front of her so that my erection was less than half a foot away from her face. I put my thumb into my waistband and pulled it out. "Is this what you want me to take off?" She gave me a smile and liked her lips.

"Because I think you might have cheated that last hand in order to see me naked." "If you gap licked and team fucked hardcore blowjob not going to give me what I won fair and square then I guess I will just have to take it." She put her fingers into my waistband and slowly pulled my boxers down to my feet, all while looking me directly in the eyes.

It wasn't until my dick was right in front of her face that she broke eye contact. She looked at it and licked her lips some more. "Now that I won I think it is time I collect on my winnings." She grabbed my dick with one hand with the other she pushed on my ass towards her. She was stroking my shaft with one hand while she licked and kissed my head. It wasn't long before she was putting more than half of my dick in her mouth.

She would bob her head up and down, going farther down my dick with each bob. She continued to rub my shaft all the way to the base and occasionally grabbed a handful of sack to play with. I could tell she was an experienced cocksucker. She sucked and jerked me for fifteen minutes before I felt my balls throbbing.

I told her I was about to cum and she took my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off even faster. She had my dick just above her face and her mouth open wide. She wanted me to cover her face in sperm especially her mouth. And after a few more hard strokes of my dick I did just that. I blew my load all over her pretty face. I got most by her mouth and checks and a few drops made it into her hair.

When she was sure she milked my balls for everything they were worth she let go and started collecting my cum with her fingers. When she had all she wanted she dropped it in her mouth and swallowed.

She looked deep into my eyes and said, "Tasty." She then stood up and locked me in a deep kiss. At first I felt disgusted because I could almost taste my cum on her tongue, but then it started to turn me on.

Like I said she was experienced and she sure had a talented tongue. I broke the kiss and moved down to her neck, kissing my way down to her collarbone. When I hit her bra I went to take it off but she stopped me, "Oh no you don't.

You lost the game so you don't get to take this off just yet." Figuring I could change her mind I locked her in my strong arms and went for another deep kiss. After I showed her what my talented tongue could do in her mouth she suddenly didn't mind me taking her bra off. I went back to her neck, slowly making my way down to her bare chest.

Her tits had a hint of sagging, but they still had a touch of their perkiness. I held one in one hand as I held the other in my mouth. I gently let my tongue move across the entire area of her breast, leaving her nipple for last. I rolled it around in my mouth and gave it a light bite, which was meet with a squeak of pleasure. After I gave both beautiful breasts my full attention I continued my trip down south.

I kissed her tight stomach and made her giggle when I put my tongue in her belly button. When I reached her panty line I looked up at her eager face, "Yes please take those off. I want you to sexy shoplifter mia martinez gets her cunt smashed pornstars hardcore my pussy hello." As much as I wanted to I wanted to keep playing with her.

So I skipped her panties and pussy and just went down to her thighs. I told her sit down which she reluctantly did. I kept moving down her luscious body one kiss at a time. Her thighs and her then her legs, I could tell she hiked or jogged because her calves were toned but still very feminine.

I must admit I am a bit of a leg-man, if a woman has sexy legs then that is good enough for me. And Caroline had wonderful legs. When I covered her legs with my love I turned up at her and in a playful tone, "So did I miss a spot?" "Oh you know exactly what spot you missed.

Now I hope you will go and give it a thorough tongue bath." I went back up her legs kiss by kiss, only this time I went faster and didn't kiss every square inch, I was just as anxious to get her panties off as she was. When I made it to the top of her thigh I spread her legs wide so I could get to her pot of honey.

I went in and started licking her pussy through her panties. She put her head back and enjoyed. I could feel her already wet panties getting wetter. Her juices were seeping through the fabric and covering my tongue. It was still not enough for me though. I pulled her panties down to her ankles and went back to licking.

The taste was intoxicating. I made sure no area of her love spot went with out my attention. I circled around her outer lips and made a spiral inwards towards her slit. Running my tongue up the length to her little nub. I played with her clit with my tongue making her quiver and moan in her little camping chair. I then stuck my tongue into her tight snatch going as far as I could. And then I tongue fucked her.

Moving my head back and forth and fast as I could horny slut gets fisted and face fucked time thrusting my tongue as far as humanly possible. Her shaking and moaning grew bigger and lauder. With in minutes I could feel every muscle in her body tighten as her first orgasm took hold of her.

She was rigid and didn't make a sound, I wasn't even sure if she was breathing. After a while she went completely limp, releasing the tension in every muscle and just giving in to the moment. I loved fucking her with my tongue and I loved the fact that I can get her off with just that.

As I was deep inside her pussy trying to get her off again I felt a hand grab the top of my head. She was pulling my hair and head up. She pulled me up and panted, "Come here I want to taste my cum on your tongue." She pulled my into another deep passionate kiss.

She was licking her love juice right of my tongue and my mouth. When she could taste the sweetness that came out of her just moments before she gave a long "hmmmmm." As much pleasure as the orgasm gave her, tasting it out of my mouth gave her more pleasure.

While I was tightly embracing her I felt my dick poke at her entrance. I felt the cold air hit the wet spot on my dick where it touched her slobber and cum covered pussy. This made me painfully obvious of my hard on. I was so focused on my oral treatment that I had forgotten that most of the blood in my body was rushing to my dick.

Without any warning or encouragement I leaned forward and shoved the head of my dick into her wet pussy. She gave a little jolt of surprise, but then zeskata pica na gospodja mica porn storys her pelvis into mine, pushing my cock further down the bunny hole. I kept going in until I could go no more. She was impaled on my dick to the hilt. I wanted to just stay there and enjoy her tight warmth that enveloped my member. But she wanted none of that.

She started moving her hips back and forth, fucking herself on my dick. This was enough to awaken some animal instincts. I don't know what came over me, but I starting bucking wild. I was unable to control my pelvis or hips, they were moving out of instinct.

I found myself humping her harder than I have ever humped a woman before. To be honest I have never fucked a woman like her before. I grabbed her ankles and spread the wider so I could get even deeper. I was going so hard the chair she was in started to come off the ground. And this quite respectable woman that I have never heard say anything vulgar or obscene was cursing me out like a sailor.

"Fuck yes you fucking boy scout. Fuck this old pussy hard. Your fucking cock feels so fucking good in my pussy. God why have I not fucked you before." This went on for a while me acting like and animal in mating season, and her saying, "Fuck" "Pussy" and "dick" after every other word. I didn't know how much longer I would be able to keep going. I knew I was going to blow any minute now.

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Then she said something that pushed me over the edge, "Take it out I want you to cum all over these huge tities you love so much.

I want you to cover them in sperm." Just the thought of her beautiful C cup tits covered in my jism was too much for me. I came right there in mid-hump. I knew this is not what she wanted but I didn't care.

I kept ramming my dick and cum deep into her until I felt my hard dick start to shrivel up inside of her. I pulled out releasing a fountain of sperm to leak out behind me. She looked right into my eyes, "That is not where I wanted you to cum. Oh well, I guess we will just have to keep going until you get it right." And we did. We went into her tent and did it doggie style until I came all over her back and ass. We fooled around for a while longer until the others returned to camp.

They latina plays with her pussy and pees in the shower me how staying behind was and I told them that even thought it was not what I thought I would be doing that weekend I was still pretty happy I came along.

I told them we played cards and told campfire stories and "stuff." They had planed to go for a quick hike the next morning before we had to drive back to the city. They asked if I was well enough to go with them but I told them my leg still hurt. The adults told me stay behind again and asked if it was ok if they went on another hike with out him. I told them I would be fine. "I am sure me and Caroline can find something to do to pass the time."