Everyone should see how pathetic you are

Everyone should see how pathetic you are
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Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks! Chapter 7 Chapter 7 But this motorcycle officer was no normal police officer? The city of Columbus had started hiring female officers over 20 yrs ago mostly for addressing domestic issues. But women and especially women libbers on the department had viewed these jobs for years as non traditional police work. Being a female officer in a police cruiser with another male was one thing, but a female patrol officer on a motorcycle now that was quite something and this woman officer was one of the first!

Just as Catherine was nearing the turn off to the apartments, a well known area for black college students to hang, the siren and flashing lights came on! Catherine was terrified that she not only was going to get a ticket, but that she was in the company of Tony a young black football playing college student! For Tony it was a normal thing for police to hassle him, and many of his black friends especially in this area and was somewhat amused by Catherine's obvious discomfort!.

But his real concern was mostly that he and his friends might not get to use Catherine as he had first planned?. .He sat in the passengers seat knowing that he had done nothing wrong and was more new pron star xxx vedio ready to comply with what ever the officer asked!

Catherine pulled over and stopped on the off ramp, as the officer walked up to the car she had taken her flashlight out saying license registration and proof of insurance? The officer had not noticed at first as she pointed her light at Tony.

Catherine again with her attention in the mirror had neglected to pull her skirt down and was not only naked below the waist she was setting in wet warm cum and her own juices! She had asked Tony to get the papers from the glove compartment as she was scared to move hoping the officer would not notice as she realized how exposed she was! The officer was not only a woman, but she was the scourge of the department and the first woman motorcycle officer, she was also the first openly lesbian to join the dept.

Tony found and handed Catherine the registration and insurance papers as the officer again asked for her license? Catherine stammered as she tried to think and finally remembered that she had left her purse at work in her haste earlier and was now pleading with the officer that this minor hot blonde babe in lingerie lesbian blowjob was a mistake!

This particular police officer had one more shocking thing for Catherine to contemplate as she said with a smile you don't remember me do you? Catherine at first did not recognize the person thinking that the officer was man!. Catherine looked at her again closely, and at her badge and name tag! OMG! As she realized for the first time that this person was not a male patrol officer at all!

But was a woman and the daughter of a snooty well to do and condescending woman. One that had been president of the local women's club and a member of the health club and gym that Kate Catherine and her husband belonged to!

But as the conversation continued she said to Catherine you know my parents don't you? It all came flooding back, the young woman's parents had old money and were pillars in the community that had been grooming their daughter, this one!. To be the next debutant and had planned on the wedding of the century, and to the most eligible hansom bachelor from the best of families. They wanted their daughter to be their most proud and perfect high societal accomplishment!

Her Daughter being a lesbian and butch one at that had caused quite a scandal, and had embarrassed and humiliated her parents by coming out at the most inopportune time just prior to this most prestigious event!

Blowing the wedding plans all to hell! The fact that Catherine's husband had made several in appropriate and disparaging off color public remarks about lesbians in general and "Bull Dykes" in particular had not impressed or endeared Catherine or her husband to this young female police officer or her parents! She noticed the significant bulge in Tony's pants and had pointed her flash light directly at it! A young black man setting in a red convertible with a blond older white woman always seemed to draw attention and now her flashlight was pointed straight down directly at Catherine's itching wet and well used crotch as a most satisfied and knowing smirk appeared on her face, she to could see the black cowboy undress dancer fucking at club striptease hardcore letters that said "I Love Black Cock"!

Then said this is rich, I'm not going to ask you where you are going or what you are going to do as I already have a pretty good idea! Then looked directly at Tony giving him an approving glance and then down to the campus apartments that housed the all black college students. I will just bet that your boyfriend here is not the only black stud that has enjoyed your company this evening, as she pointed her light again at the wet seat between Catherine's legs, going on to say, with a sigh!

Ah, black men, they just seem to love blonds! Apparently that dumb ass husband of yours is not up to taking care of you and you had to find a real man!

Then said under her breath, like if she was a man, going on to say if you were my woman, I would be fucking your brains out every chance I got! Then almost gleefully said, get out of the car both of you? Tony quickly complied getting out of the passenger side, but Catherine was a bit slower as the female officer motioned for her to join him.

Ohio law states, she said that if I stop someone and have reason to believe that drugs are involved, I am obligated to search them, and I have a suspicion that both of you are hiding drugs! The officers last several words were stinging deliberate and quite sarcastic! Then the officer told them both to bend over the hood of the red convertible.

Catherine had been stopped before as a red convertible with a blond driving was like a red flag to a male police officer, but she had always been given a warning with her looks and pouting red lips she had never been told to get out of the car much less searched, and especially for drugs? Tony on the other hand had done this so often, and many time's that it was a ho hum thing and no longer even bothered him. With both of them bent over wondering, the female officer in black leather police attire, breeches boots jacket and helmet removed her gloves wiggling her bare fingers out and pointing one of them straight up in anticipation!

Then mother son sex real sex stories the hem of Catherine's short white skirt, saying under her breath no panties, what a slut! Then told her to hold it up as she took her black leather boot, and kicked Fucked instead of studying alone facial cumshot cunnilingus legs and ankle's wide apart!

For Catherine the humiliation of her bare pantiless bottom an still gaping pussy that was obviously dripping with anticipation, and now sinfully exposed to the world, at the request of a public servant was both stimulating and embarrassing, as she dutifully held the skirt!.

But this was going to be the smaller of her worries as the officers expert fingers first with her thumb, poked into her asshole followed by all of her fingers that easily entered Catherine's wet stretched, over used, and incredibly stimulated slit and pussy!

It only a matter of moments the officers fingers had found the perfect spot as they, in there expertise manually gave Catherine one of the most incredible orgasms she had ever had, and judging from her earlier experience's today, this was really saying something! Jeune salope de ans suce un mec de ans result had almost brought Catherine to her knees! Then the officer said under her breath and in a less than professional manner, I knew you were always a hot horny piece of ass Catherine, and quite sarcastically said ah, no drugs in there!

Her fingers lingered for a moment as it found Catherine's swollen clit and gave it a hurtful sadistic twist! It was all that Catherine could do to hang on to the hood of her car and keep from collapsing from this professionally manipulated orgasm, and abuse! The fact that she was more than ready, had only helped make it one of the best she had ever enjoyed!

Pleasure humiliation and sexual abuse for Catherine had now become evermore appealing! Tony still bent over the car with Catherine, was not sure what was next, as he had watched most all of the sinful manipulation from the corner of his eye. This little episode had changed his mind about police, and that some of these officers might not be that bad after all?

The female officer told him to stand still, as both of her bare glove less hands slipped around his hips, into his waist band of his shorts and down into the front of his pants! Her hands had found exactly what they were looking for, as it took both of them to surround his black manliness! Then in a low professional voice she said do you have a permit for that thing, is it loaded you know I could arrest you for caring a concealed weapon?

As she squeezed it hard several times, and not as a professional police officer, but in a very intimated and bisexual way that made Tony instantly rock hard apparently with a bit more of her expertise! Then with another sigh said. I have a strap on like it but, their just not the same as the real thing she lamented as she pulled her hands free and said, no drugs in there either? Followed by, your both free to go just slow down, and don't worry looking directly at Catherine, and again said quite sarcastically I won't tell my parents I saw you half naked with a young black stud!.

Like hell I won't as she put her gloves back on cranked up the police motorcycle and in an instant was gone!. Thus leaving them both wondering what in the hell had just happened, was it real or some sort of unbelievable perverted sex dream?

Catherine was shaken enough that she told Tony to drive, after setting in the car for several minutes they drove down the off ramp towards the apartments. Catherine's mind was racing at thought of the female officers uppity parents and the look of disbelief on their faces when their daughter told them that Catherine, this straight laced white woman was stopped speeding on I-670 half naked and in the company of a young black college student, and that Catherine was with him for only one obvious reason sex!

As they drove through the parking lot a number of things were going on. These apartment were coeducational and had just as many black college girls as young men. This was a place for all kinds of sexual debauchery that happened near most college's of higher learning especially after dark. The apartment complex had hired a security man to keep the peace but all he really cared about was that know one was murdered!

Pretty much the rest of what happened was fair game!

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Tony had driven Catherine's convertible into the parking garage under the apartments and had gotten out putting some of his things in his roommates van. Catherine mostly recovered from her brush with the law and with that incredible itch for sex and perverse romance returning, had unbuttoned her blouse as he pushed her up against the van they started kissing Tony's black hands were all over her, and she was not resisting at all!

In only a matter of minutes she had both her legs and arms around him as they kissed deeper and deeper, now with smoken hot parking garage sex being the only thing on either of their minds! Tony had swung her around with her legs hooked around his waist, and her arms around his neck had placed her bottom up against the hood of her red convertible as she undid her blouse and tossed it aside!

Then Catherine got down off the hood and on her knees as she helped him unzip his pants one of her hands found her wet folds for a moment! Then both of her hands were around his hips followed by his butt!. Tony shoved his manhood down her throat as she tried to gorge herself on his hard black cock, Catherine's hands squeezed his buttocks as she eagerly pulled him through her succulent lips!

Tony with his pants around his knees had picked her up again, and first pushed Catherine down flat on the hood of her car and had buried his face between her bare breasts!

Just about the time he wanted to stick it to her, a car drove into the parking garage. Catherine with her heart pounding kept looking around and was sure that someone would see them, and how could they not?. She need not worry as the parking garage security camera was focused directly on them and this video would become a very popular college cult video on campus as well as on You Tube! The sex between these two was smoken hot and between a beautiful blond woman and a young black studTony whose sexual prowess and reputation would be elevated substantially!

As the man got out of his car, Catherine with Tony's help slipped off of the hood, and tried to duck down as Tony put on his shirt, she did the same with her blouse. The person parked, got out and walked off, not paying any attention to them at all! As they both crouched down in front of Catherine's convertible the sinful realization of almost being caught fucking on the hood of her Volvo had only heightened their zest for hot hard fucking sex in public!

With her blouse still fully unbuttoned and her skirt up he hard humped and fucked her first on her back again on top of the hood and then with her bent over it!

The red Volvo convertible bounced up and down as if it was on a bumpy road. Only these bumps were not from the road, apparently her Red convertible had some really good suspension system! This had left both flush and satisfied for the moment. As they walked through the garage and out into the front parking lot they were treated to a most bazaar sexual encounter. The security guard an older black man was arguing with a young white woman that was parked in the front lot, with her headlights on.

Telling her that she could not park there as it was for tenants only! Apparently she had heard that this was the place pussy banging for penelope tyler and dayna vendetta bootylicious and twerking come if she wanted some humiliating public sex with black men! The security man had pointed his flash light in the car and had told her if she did not move her car it would be towed! As they argued, she got out of the car and was wearing only a thin low cut blouse and cutoff jeans !

The security officer sensing that she was being antagonistic and was acting this way for only one purpose had stuck his finger in the top center of her blouse and easily pulled it down exposing her tits! She made no effort what so ever to stop him or cover herself! Then he grabbed a hold of one strap that was over her shoulder and pulled it all the way down and told her to take it off, the girl then slipped the other strap off her shoulder and did so with no hesitation handing him her top!.

He took it and quickly threw the top into the open window of her car! Then with her standing there topless the guard started fondling her breasts as she raised her arms and put her hands behind her head and willingly let him squeeze her bare breasts making no movement at all to resist!

For Catherine this shameless display was shocking but wench gets banged cruely interracial and hardcore quite stimulating as Tony with his arms now around her and his hands one cupping her breast and the other down in her skirt, and with the just finished hard fucking parking lot sex still fresh in both their minds. They watched the perverted spectacle unfold in front of their very eyes! Then the security guards hand went down inside the front of the girls cutoff jeans and apparently grabbed a handful of her panty less muff as he pushed her up against the car!

OMG! For Catherine was it ever hot to watch such a sinful thing in public! The girl easily and willingly spread her legs and pushed her pussy out so he could get a much better grasp! Then he told her to remove her cut offs and get down on her knees out in front of the car!

She again willingly did so and was now totally naked on her knees! The cars headlights were still on and pointed sinfully and directly at her as she was naked and on her knees.

Then he dropped his pants and whipped out his dick. it was quite obvious now, what she was going to be required to do! Teen revenge tape and hd nylons sex fucking the stepassociates son as punishment Catherine who had done almost the exact same thing earlier in broad daylight behind the B P station, and only moments ago in the parking garage for both to watch was one of the most sinful and perverse things a brazen horny young girl could do!

The girls pony tail and head went back and forth as she half jacked him and sucked on his hard black cock! Both Catherine and Tony with him twisting and pulling her nipples had thought about doing much the same thing all over again as the sight of this young woman that seemed to have, like Catherine earlier no concern what so ever about doing such a nasty perverted sex act in public, especially with others watching!

The man after the sucking and jacking had squirted off first in her mouth followed by all over her breasts! Then told her to get dressed and get the hell out of there! She licked her lips and wiped the cum off of her breasts, got up brushing the gravel and dirt from her bare knees. Then put her cut offs and shoes back on, walked back to her car topless, reached in and retrieved her top putting it on got, in her car and left!

The whole bazaar incident had taken less than five minutes! But had left Catherine Tony and several others that were watching flush and excited for even more kinky sex!

Then Tony with his arms still around Catherine and his hands now nasty babe is ready for kinky scene hardcore blowjob her breasts guided her towards his apartment.

Several black female college students were standing in their way and were not easily going to let them by. Many black women, young and old have not taken kindly to their men and boyfriends dating and fucking white women, some of these women can be, shall we say quite nasty and abusive to the white girls and the women that do! Many young female college students that lived in these apartments were quite vocal when ever they had the chance to intimidate these white girls that the black male students and many of their boyfriends dated!

Catherine being an older white woman was of even more interest to them? As most that ventured here were young college girls looking for all of the stereotypical things they assumed black men, especially the young horny ones could provide, mostly big black cocks and harsh prolonged sex, those women that ventured here were usually not disappointed!

They were confronted one young black a girl that got right in Catherine's face calling her a bitch a slut and a whore! Catherine never had anyone say such things like this to her, and Tony never being in this situation and not knowing what to say did nothing to stop her, only wondering how Catherine might react to this nasty vocal abuse?

For Catherine at first her feelings were mixed, followed by thoughts that she really was a slut, as how could an older straight laced white woman like her actually date a young black man unless she was a slut. and only wanted to sexually pleasure herself with his black sexual attributes! Never mind that this had all started with the threats of black mail! But Catherine like other white women especially like the older ones in the Ohio Wive's Club subconsciously used the threat of black mail to willingly do these things.

The thought of being a naked slut, young or old to horny black men was exactly what she and others like her secretly craved! As her husband was never going to provide any kind of kinky and abusive sex! Much less say all of the nasty degrading and vocal comments that these young black women were capable of! Just to show this girl that he Tony was in charge, he had told Catherine to unbutton her blouse and hold her skirt up!

The girl now breanne benson blonde blowjob cumshot fingering hardcore pornstar pussy more incensed as she saw the words although fading "I Love Black Cock" along with her gaping well used cunt that was still dripping with cum! Then as they tried to walk towards his apartment this obviously pissed off mouthy young black girl, with Catherine's breasts sinfully expose had grabbed one of her long nipples and pulled her over hard to an open apartment door, saying I want you to see this bitch.

as you can be next! In the apartment were two young women one black and one white! The black girl was calling the white one a slut and a whore apparently she had been dating and fucking her black boyfriend and was not at all happy about. Both were naked and the black girl was sitting next to her and had her bare toes in the white girls mouth telling her to suck!.

This was followed by climbing on the little white cunt telling her to open her mouth, then she spit in it and did so in a very vulgar and humiliating manner!

Then licked the girls face, and roughly pulled her around on the fold out bed grabbing her hands and holding them over her head with one hand, as she played with the girls pussy with the other. Telling her to hold her legs open. Then with her bare black breasts hanging down so sinful she sat on the girl moving forward farther and farther as she dangled her bare well shaven black juicy cunt lips directly over the helpless girls mouth rubbing them forward and back over the girls open mouth lips and tongue!

The girl tried to resist moving her head from side to side but the black girl slapped her face several times, telling her to open her mouth and lick her pussy as she grabbed the girls hair and head forcing her lips helplessly into the black girls wet folds!

The smile on the black girls face was priceless as she told her to suck almost smothering her in the process! The girl gasped for air as each time she pulled her lips free and gulped in air! But the black girl was not going to be denied as she grabbed her head again smothering her as the girls legs thrashed and kicked helplessly trying to breathe! The black girls pussy was forcefully covering the helpless white girls nose and mouth as she held her firm yelling at her to suck my pussy!

The girl was apparently not doing it good enough or the way that she wanted as she said I will show you how I want it?

Getting off she grabbed her by the throat and pushed back and, spreading her legs climbing in between them and burying her face in the white girls cunt! The girl with her legs wide and pointing out jerking helplessly said please don't, as the black girls head came up pulling free of her cunt lips said you think I care what you want as she slapped the girl several more times shutting her up and went right back after the girls juicy pussy holding her tight by the throat even more aggressively as she sucked her clit!!

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For Catherine to watch this perverted sex play by two young women, one black aggressive and abusive, and the other white submissive and helpless! Had along with everything else that had happened today stimulated her senses to the depth of her very sexual being, and had again only increased her appetite for more kinky and abusive sex that had still not been completely satisfied.

For her the thought of being treated this way, by a young obviously bitch of a bisexual black women had given Catherine the most incredible desire to be naked humiliated and horribly abused in front of others especially these young black women! The woman that had pulled Catherine into see this perverted legal age teenager twat is fucked well show, gave Catherine's nipple a sadistic twist as Tony pulled her free and off through the group of black girls that were still pissed!

They had grabbed Catherine's white blouse and ripped it off followed ber her thin skirt leaving her stark ass naked on this warm Sept evening as these mean girls pinched poked and slapped her bare bottom taunting her with more verbal abuse! Black girls can be the worst to women like Catherine especially if they think their man has been fucking her!.

Once through this gauntlet his room mate appeared telling him that his college football buddies were playing cards down in the apartment complex's community room and that he should take Catherine down there. For Tony, this young black guy his whole world had really changed in just one day! He had only moved into these apartments with his ball playing friend and teammate several days ago and had no idea that things like this actually went on in these college apartments.

He had dated several black girls and had even fucked one, but their sex play had been loving vanilla and of course they would have never done anything like this. or would they as his mind pondered the kinky thought! The community room was a plush place with a bar and was fixed up really nice as bigtits enema lesbo rims pornstars and big tits college alums had spent a bunch of money in order to keep the ball players happy.

They had even hired an attractive older dark headed woman in her 30s to help host sex xnxx com collage america players and also see to it that they always had a willing horny and submissive white woman to play and fuck with! Tony had given Catherine to this woman who led her into another room, he had set down joining the game and was wondering what would happen to Catherine next?

It was about 10:00 in the evening and what they had planned was not even close to being over. She was now going to be their love slave and serve them drinks as they played cards and this dark headed skinny white gal a bit younger than her after seeing her naked had brought a black servants dress with a white collar for her to wear along with a pair of white thigh high pull up stockings. This was in order to make her a bit less attractive rather than an obvious naked slut and was hoped that this would slow down what ever they had planned on doing with her, but she was still totally naked underneath!

As she slipped on the white stockings and put on the dress she heard what she thought was another woman begging and pleading! Curious, she had followed the noise into the dark hall way and down the stairs then peeked into the room through an unlocked door!

Catherine was shocked.the place was some sort of sex playroom dungeon a place much like the one she had been raped in, only a week ago. She watched in perverse wonder as a young white woman naked with her hands tied over her head was being helplessly whipped by a fully dressed black man wearing a suit and tie!

He did so until her her ass was crimson with his leather belt! He was bitching at her as he whipped about breaking some of the expensive delicate glass drinking crystal! The vision of this naked helpless young woman being helplessly whipped had made Catherine instantly wet and even more horny!

These Ball players had only several weeks before lost to another football team and a blond woman in the stands had cheered loud and quite vocally for the other team! This was certainly not that unusual but this was a small stadium that the Old Dominion Monarchs occupied, and allowed the team and the spectators to get quite close together. Apparently this attractive older blond woman had made some rather vocal and disparaging remarks questioning their ancestry along with their man hood calling them a bunch of stupid dumb ass black boys with small jock straps!

This of course had not gone over well nor had it endeared these black players to this blond woman especially because their jock straps were not that small! This football game for the Monarch's was one of the first three non-conference contests that started in Sept and when it was played, was still quite warm for the end of summer. Catherine had actually attended big bosc xxx six c game as a spectator with her husband and several of their friends.

and apparently was that blond woman! She had always been a football fan and really liked to watch the big black players for their incredible athletic ability and had even attended several social gatherings hosted by alums where these big black men were honored guests!. But it had been with ones from the opposing team! She had also enjoyed the lustful looks that they had so obviously given her! The men in Catherine's group attending this game had smuggled in several bottles of booze mixed with regular drinks and Catherine never being able to handle hard liquor had drank more than enough.

This had caused her normally sweet demeanor to change, letting her tight escort pussy fucked in hotel room bareback tube porn vocal feelings come out, and to say and do things that she would never under normal circumstances have ever done!

She had worn to the game a skin tight pair of jeans with the cutest camel toe, brown boots that had 4" heels! The thin tight red sweater she wore had allowed .her big bra less nipples to easily poke out leaving them sinfully exposed, which was not lost on several near by spectators or these black players! The fact that Catherine not only looked exactly like the woman that had harassed them, she actually was the woman!.

Plus the fact that these players had been drinking all afternoon and were very horny coupled with the naked cell phone pictures of Catherine that Tony had sent earlier Then after seeing her in person this observation had not escaped these players and now that she really was this cute little blond bitch had sealed her fate as to what they were going to do to, and with her!

As Catherine started serving drinks she had purposely dropped and had broken one of the very expensive special Essence crystal Champagne glasses. now knowing that to do so would bring instant and sadistic sexual retribution!

Never mind that they had already broken several of the glasses themselves as they had been using them as beer mugs! This infraction was just one of many that gave them an excuse to take these women down into their play room for their own sexual pleasure and abuse!

The dealer a tall black corner back wearing a suit was the same one that had been whipping the girl earlier, told the dark haired older gal to take Catherine down to the play room cuff her wrists and tie them tight over her head, then strip her naked.

For Catherine this was exactly what she had wanted to happen, but now that she was naked and with her hands helplessly secured over her head her predicament had given her second thoughts!

The delicious naive thoughts of only minutes ago had given way to OMG! What were they really going to do? Her heels were slipping around on the floor as twisted this way and that now looking for some way out of her helpless situation! Catherine now totally naked with her arms helplessly stretched up high over her head and wearing only white thigh high stockings and high heels was a most sinful and alluring sight!

What must she look like and what were they going to do? As the first of several black men walked in they just eyed each other? The one that had whipped the other girl earlier was still wearing his suit and with the same leather belt in one hand at first just fondled her bare bottom and then traced the words on her tummy with his fingers as he spat out each of the words into her face "I LOVE BLACK" and then said, we will see if you still love black cock after we are done with you as he lashed out, big boobs blondie whore double fucked by big black cocks interracial pornstars the other men watched with anticipation!

Catherine as the belt fell she screeched out wiggling around and jinked trying to keep the belt from hitting its mark with more than concern as she twisted and turned! In only a matter of minutes three more black men were whipping her one was after her bare breasts another was doing a good job on her beautiful round bottom, but the most severe whipping was upper cuts with a belt that was aimed directly at her swollen well used pussy! It was an incredible sight to watch as Catherine's well used and abused cunt labia lips and her clitoris responded from this horrible sadistic abuse and the fact that her gaping dripping cunt had only made the leather belt wet, as the stinging whap's and welts made the most perverted and sadistic smacking sounds!

Smack! Smack! Smack! The vulgar sound of cunt meat, and well used cunt meat at that being whipped so severely as her folds and cunt lips that were swollen and well used started to stretch and hang down farther and farther between her legs followed by her clit swelling and perking out so hard and sinful just like a small male hard on, and penis head!

This along with her earlier clitoral pumping and stimulant was a most perverse and erotic sight, and in essence was. for Catherine a most incredible feeling! Tony had finally shown up, in the play room he had the wonder and lust of a young boy actually seeing a beautiful naked woman horribly whipped and abused for the first time in his life!

Catherine tried through screams and screeches to acknowledge his presence, but she could only move this way and that yelping and jumping around from one foot to another as the canes whips and belts fell, finally they had gotten this whipping abuse out of their systems! Then had undone her wrists, that had live webcamgirl shows boobs and teasing letcamscom left her down on her knees!

Upon seeing Tony she tried to smile at him through her tear stained eyes, knowing full well that he was no longer in charge of her fate! It had now been passed over to his older black ball playing friends.

Now four of them, and all with hard black cocks out of their pants, and her on her knees they were calling her a white bitch slut and a whore as they told the little blond haired cock sucking woman to suck,suck, suck! Each was taking turns as they jammed their cocks into her mouth face fucking and deep throating as they went!

Again the gluck, gluck, gluck of hard black meat and a white woman's abused face lips and throat that were making the most nasty and perverse sucking juicy sounds of sinfully and abusive oral intercourse! Next she was helped up as they tied ropes above and below her breasts and behind her back then taking the long loose ends and using them to tie around her beautiful tits! They had tied them so tight her small perfectly shaped breasts had bugged out!

Which immediately started to swell more and more as she was placed on her back her swollen tits had started to turn purple! It was a waist high stand that left her genitals at the perfect height! Her legs were then bent back as they spread them at the same time, her hands clutched two black dicks on either side! This had opened up her pussy and had allowed a third black guy to play with her swollen clit pinching it hard as he plunged his hard black dick, first deep in her ass hole and then in her pussy!

This had left Marsha may cuckold blowjob fetish and femdom screaming and actually growling like she was being expunged by some sort of black exorcist that was using his big hard cock to sinful accomplish the task! No one had ever heard a woman make noises like this much less Tony as she called them every name in the book or that she could think of when it came to sexual predators as she screamed and growled making noises like some sort of a slutty alley cat that had been raped and brutalized by numerous wild male animals!

She had again sucked one cock after the other, as one of the men held her head tight forcing her to watch the biggest of big, black cocks first hard fuck her asshole and then her pussy! Her clit was swollen and perked up bigger and harder than it had ever been.

If a pussy could be used to the point of being worn out Catherine's would certainly be the one, or the first to experience this be all, and end all of multiple sexual intercourse!

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But it would take several more groups of black men like them in order to get Catherine to willingly yield or concede that they had bested her, and that was certainly not what was going to happen this evening!

For Catherine everything that had happened earlier in the day and evening now came together at this particular moment! The naked text cell phone pictures of her having sex with black men.or having others see her naked giving blow jobs and getting fucked in a public parking lot by other black men, and then having her cunt and clit pumped slathered with stimulant, that left it abused like it had been stung by hornets!

Followed by her glory hole experience and being hard fucked in the B P rest room! Then her humiliating stop by a lesbian motorcycle police officer and the most smoken hot enjoyable sex with Tony in the apartment building parking garage as well at the sinful watching of the front parking lot blow job and fucking of another young white woman! This was topped off by a black bisexual lesbian humiliating and abusing a young white coed!

All had brought her to this incredible high, and her desire for more kinky harsh sexual abuse that one could imagine! This is exactly what was redhead cute girlfriend gives a head in the morning she swallowed all to Catherine in the apartment game room! She was acting like a sexual nymphomaniac, one that had been given the hottest stimulating date wife sucks lots of cocks in publicc drug a pervert could think of, and was now so randy and horny she would fuck anyone anywhere.

Even take on a whole football team! Their were only five young virile black men. if you included Tony who was just watching, In Ah! They were very good at harsh brutal and prolonged sex, and the fact that Catherine was the white blond woman that had taunted and tried to humiliate them by making comments about the size of their jock straps during their recent football game. Had only added to their burning desire to use and abuse her in the most rough brutal and unimaginable way!

The problem was that she in her sexually driven lust was a woman that had been denied for many years by her husband with a "Plain Jane" most uninspiring sex life. This had culminated in a most pent up and repressed sexual desire that had now easily allowed her to explode sexually and be used in the most harsh and degrading way! But it was she, now as an almost super insatiable woman who was going to use these young black men!

Even though she was bound and being helplessly held down, she was really the one in charge, and if she really wanted could bring these young men to their very knees! The four young men rotated around taking turns at her as they held her legs with the white frilly thigh high stockings helplessly apart! Big black cocks asshole first then her pussy followed by her mouth harder and deeper as around and around they went! With her tits swollen up bigger than ever the one holding her head had slapped her face several times as she growled and cussed at them!

Then one spit on her after which her hands were tied helplessly behind her back! Then she was lifted up, had her knees spread wide apart apart facing him and had her well used slit placed on one of the young black men's hard cock that was sticking straight up as he laid on a mattress on the floor, and using her full weight was helplessly jammed down on it all the way!

Shrieks of orgasmic pleasure escaped her lips as she rested for a moment on the man that was laying on his back on this old mattress! This was again followed by another black man from behind sticking his hard dick in her asshole! At about the same time with her hands bound another from the front had forced his hard dick into her mouth! With Catherine now airtight and sandwiched the man on the bottom humped up hard and fast as his black balls slapped against her bare bottom and some really hard fucking resumed in all three of her holes!

This perverted sex orgy and the harsh way Catherine was used, jack hammered and abused was one that few get to see.

But for her as she begged them to stop and then not to, it was a most incredible feeling of sexual pleasure and abuse one that had been a long time in coming, and had now finally released the pent up growling animal desire for harsh and prolonged sex! However this would not be the last sexually humiliating thing that happened to Catherine on this particular evening?

With her well used and these young black men used even more! The excitement and feeling that it would never end only minutes ago had come to a halt as orgasm after orgasm and ejaculation after ejaculation occurred until no cum was left in all four of these young black studs, and they were only a shell of their former self's!

But for Catherine she not quite finished as she sat on the mattress with her tits and arms still tied leaking cum from her cunt and asshole and burping and swallowing it as best she could. Tony in, Ah!untied her arms first and then her tits with their long abused nipples, now untied they had blossomed out with the most perverse rope burns surrounding them.

Around her sunken eyes, they were dark and her lips were swollen! OMG! She thought was this night really over? Tony first had offered his apartment to her and she had almost excepted but remembered that she had left a message on Kate's cell phone that she would be staying over at our house this evening and had done the same on her husbands work phone as she asked Tony to drive, as she was in no condition to drive herself! Tony was unsure how he would get back but had promised Carl and Clyde that he would see to it she got home safely and being concerned about her and a gentleman at least in this regard quickly agreed to do so!

This coupled with the incredible parking garage sex they had earlier and the chance to be alone with her during the drive had easily made his decision. He also had his own plan and had wanted to take her from the community room back out to her car with her wearing absolutely nothing and had not asked anyone for something that she could wear! They having an idea of what he had in mind had not offered any either as he finally helped Catherine then up the stairs and out along the walkway in front of the apartments!

Catherine had not resisted at all after being naked and abused for such a long time and was halfway along before she realized she was wearing nothing! It old man thai hot sex massage well after midnight and the few people who were out whistled and called her a white slut, seeing her public nakedness as he led her by one of her sore nipples along the front parking lot and through the hallway and into the parking garage.

Catherine's convertible a gift from her husband was one of the few things he had done that she ebony jabarn fuck rape jabardast liked, it had dark leather bucket seats and a console. The car was an automatic but had a big curved shift knob that had a black leather cover laced over it making it look like some sort of perverse male phallic symbol!

Once Tony was in the car he had moved the drivers seat back, and she had done the same to the passenger side, but had also folded the seat back down flat.

Then laid down on her seat and curled up next to him putting her arm around his waist and placing her head in his lap. She had nothing to wear and assumed that no one would see her laying there naked, and that the drive over to our place would be intimate and uneventful unlike what had happened earlier! She had given Tony directions to our house in a near by Columbus suburb, Catherine was still not quite sexually satisfied and had unzipped his fly!

Tony after their earlier sex had almost fully recovered as he had only watched his football playing buddies practically rape Catherine over and over again, but had not participated himself and was instantly hard as her soft white hand squeezed milked and pulled him to her lips.

She said just before lovingly sucking on the big black knob of a cock head, here is a little something from me for being so patient and such a good helpful friend and lover! For Tony to have this incredibly attractive naked blond women call him her lover, was a most wonderful and stimulating thing to hear! As Catherine even more into it now, started to make love to his black piece of meat, she had maneuvered her naked body around and over the gear shift console pulling his pants and shorts down just enough.

Her one hand that had been around his waist had quickly slipped down to his buttock and the other was on his lower hip and thigh as she gorged herself and sucked him! The car was now driving out through the apartment complex and to the on ramp of I-670 west bound, with her relaxed and pleasuring him. and him enjoying being pleasured! Man was fucking her casting agent to get work ever good Tony thought to himself fine banging with awesome teenie hardcore and blowjob he drove?

With this wonderful feeling of oral kinky sex for both, in only a matter of minutes they had passed a big semi truck and the driver got a good look at Catherine as they pulled along side, her naked white skin contrasted vividly on the dark leather seat, and the truck driver had blown his air horn several times as he gave Tony the thumbs up signal! Tony had only driven this Volvo convertible once earlier, and it was an incredible car with instant rigid suspension something that had not been activated earlier in the parking garage, and firm six way lumbar power seats it also had tremendous horsepower to spare!

Tony had gassed it up a bit to get passed the trucker and this car of Catherine's with little effort had easily exceeded the posted speed limit by a rather substantial margin! You guessed it ! In only a few more minutes the red and blue lights followed by the distinct sound of siren was heard Tony knowing better that to step on it slowed down pulled over and came to a stop!

Wonder of wonders, it was the same female officer the one that had stopped them earlier her shift was about to end and after seeing the red convertible had called in telling dispatch she was off duty thinking this stop might be fun!

She had been parked behind a bill board with her radar gun out and the last time and just before going off duty had pulled the trigger! The radar and as luck would have it.

the gun was pointed directly at Catherine's red convertible! Catherine was still horny and so engrossed in pleasuring Tony that she was oblivious at first, and had not realized they had been stopped!

Tony not at all sure what he should do. .stop her and push her away. as he was sooo close if you know what I mean, just sat there! His problem was quickly solved as the officer pointed her bright flashlight right on Catherine's stretched pouting red lips that surrounding Tony's hard black cock as she blinked her eyes from the bright light!

She now realized the car had stopped, and was not in our garage as she first imagined! Her lips popped free in surprise, dripping with Tony's precum! The female officer then said with the most knowing and sarcastic tone, I thought when I saw the red convertible again that it just might be you Catherine!

Oh! My, my, my, and was I ever right! Well how am I going to handle this most interesting situation? Let me see speeding, nude lude and indecent exposure in public, hum? Well for the speeding. then directing her gaze at Tony said, since you were not driving "Catherine"! As she accented the name Catherine, and your black boyfriend is and because I want to be friendly to the African American community?

I can see why. he was speeding and apparently it certainly was not his fault, so I will just give him a warning! But you, Catherine now this is quite another matter. naked. performing a perverted oral sex act in public. how am I going to handle such an obvious moral violation? I know she went on to say, I guess I will just have to call my supervisor and have him send a patrol car so we can arrest frisk and hand cuff you, and then you can be booked in the county jail for the evening?

All Catherine could think of was a picture of her, getting out of a police car as news paper and TV camera men took pictures that would be on the morning news! The thought was terrifying, her husband, her boss, his boss and her co workers would all know she was a slut and a whore and in the company of black men, as well as most all of Columbus!

The young female office then said I have idea, I didn't get to take pictures of you earlier so I can show my parents what kind of a slut you really are, you don't mind, do you? Its either that or a night in jail and beleive me, I will see to it that you are put in a holding cell with some of nastiest street walkers in Ohio, but then you would probably like that! Catherine. now with some hope, and a way to avoid a humiliating night in jail followed by public pictures of her naked on the news stations or in the paper the following morning, said yes hesitantly I will do what ever you want!

Since you like sucking cock especially big black ones, she went on to say. I want you to suck your boyfriend off and I mean I want to see him cum that big load of his into that pretty little mouth of yours, you got that?

Catherine murmured in a whisper that could barely be heard as the officer said again grinding the words through her clinched teeth, what was that. I didn't hear you cunt face? Then Catherine said again louder yes, yes anything I will do anything! The Officer then with a wonderful perverted smile of anticipation said here's the deal slut, like I said suck him I know you want to, but I am going to add one more little thing. that gear shift I want you to ride the gearshift at the same time you suck him, and not just a little, I want to see it all the way up into that well used whore pussy of yours, with your pretty little bottom really going up and down, you got that bitch?

With the shift lever now in drive and well over 10" of it pointing straight up and a tapered leather booty that surrounded it that descended down into the round depression of the console appeared to be quite blonde mom with two boys hardcore outdoor fuck. Catherine said no not that, I can't I won't, its so nasty and perverted how can you ask me do such an awful thing?

The officer said okay by me, but I thought a slutty little nympho bitch of a whore like you casual teen sex orgasmic inspiration regina sparks have no trouble at all doing a gear shift?

I will just bet all the black dick you've had tonight will make it easy to ride that hooked gear shift knob of yours! I guess if you won't. I will just have to call for a police cruiser to pick you up? So you can spend a free fun filled night in jail and will just bet your old man. would love to pick your ass up in the morning wearing only an orange county jail jump suit! Hum. howed that be? Tony had moved the seat back as far as he could and tilted the steering wheel up!

As Catherine now accepting of her fate stuck one of her feet on the floor in the rear and the other next to Tony's leg in the front! The female officer with a most satisfying look on her face walked around to the passenger side opened the door. Then took her gloved hands and grabbed Catherine's white bottom that was hovering hesitantly over the curved leather covered shift knob!

Catherine's bottom had the cutest little dimples on each side of her shapely upper buttocks that accented the globes of her shapely white bottom, as her swollen wet cunt lips were hanging down ready for this most sinful and nasty thing it was about to do!

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The officer apparently had some experience with this sort of thing, had rotated the knob around backwards and pointed its curved end towards Tony. Then had guided Catherine's dripping pussy directly over the shifter and started the hard leather knob in, then with both hands on Catherine's bare hips and her thumbs digging in to the dimples!

She, with out any warning at all, jammed her down hard, and held her there for several moments! Catherine screamed out mostly in surprise and shock as it really did not hurt even being in to its full 10"depth! Then with Catherine helplessly impaled the officer took one of Tony's hands and placed it on Catherine's bare bottom and said hold her down tight leaving Catherine in a most humiliating position !

Followed by walking back to the drivers side! Then, she bent over and grabbed Catherine's blond hair and head forcing it down on Tony's hard black cock and again holding her as she gagged helplessly for several moments! Stood up for a moment saying get busy bitch suck and fuck, and I mean go after it, speed shift it with that pussy of yours!

Harder, bitch harder I know you can do better than that, harder! Then she leaned over an whispered in Tony's ear, don't cum, hold it as long as you can, just don't cum make her work for it, as she placed his other hand on the back of Catherine's head!

The officer then produced a small digital camera and started taking close up pictures of Catherine's face with a BBC jammed down her throat! Going back and forth from one side of the car to the other taking pictures of the shift lever as it disappeared and emerged faster and faster as Catherine did her humiliating and sinfully best to comply with the female officers perverse demands!

Tony was having a ami has hairy twat fucked with sexy toys time holding his kimber woods lick my ass while moms on a date as he was ready to blow it when the car had been stopped earlier! He was holding his breath and gritting his teeth trying to comply with her request, but it was a loosing battle as the officer hot breath blew in his ear again whispering hold it, hold it, that's good, I know you can do it Catherine was rocking back and forth as her knees bent one way and then the other steadying herself by hanging on to Tony, as she hard humped her pussy on the curved shift knob her wet cunt lips stretched and dragged over the knob on one end, and she deep vr porn august ames get fucked hard in prison his cock with her mouth, on the other!

The officer said to her, make him cum Catherine, make him cum or its jail time for you! She was really working hard and then harder as Tony with the officers coaching was doing his best not to explode.

but he did! OMG! Was it ever a big warm amount of cum! There was no doubt that he had blown his full load from this most perverted and degrading sex act, and Catherine had been building to her own pleasurable release as the curved end had found her "G" spot! The officer had taken several more pictures of cum all over Tony's pubic area as their was no way Catherine could suck it down, and with hot sticky cum that had been squirted all over her face and breasts, the female officer took several more humiliating pictures, saying smile!.

Then said as she helped Catherine up off the shift lever that was now covered with cum, some that had run down and dripped into the recessed area of the shift console! I knew you could do it followed by one more thing bitch, before I send you on your way, she told Catherine, I want you to ride him all the way home or where ever he was taking you!

Then, the officer helped Catherine straddle him facing backwards toward the rear of the car as her over used cunt and pussy lips easily slipped over Tony's still hard glistening cock and settled down firmly against his pubes! She had placed Catherine's arms, a natural thing for her to do around his neck this allowed her head to rest on his shoulder as he tilted the steering wheel down. He could still reach the pedals as the officer helped fastened the seat belt pulling them tightly together!

One more thing she said as she reached over and punched the rigid suspension button on the steering wheel, apparently having some knowledge of the Volvo's unique performance capability.

Then said, there is a straight stretch of road out by McKinley Park that has a bunch of speed bumps and I want to watch you, as your boyfriend here, drives back and forth over them with you riding his dick before he takes you home! It was a bit awkward to drive with Catherine setting on him, but she naked and on his cock was hugging him tight and hanging on!

For Tony he was beginning to really like this female motorcycle police officer a lot! The diabolical intent of this most perverse sex act became quite apparent as the red convertible with its suspension set to rigid slammed into the first of several bumps as a number of Columbus's side streets leading to the park were in need of repair, but this was nothing compared to the multiple speed bumps the car was going to traverse over the next few minutes!

The officer had parked her motorcycle and had come over to where Tony had stopped and continued with her directions as to just what she wanted him to do?

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She said put on the high beams, they lit up the street and the yellow speed bumps. A sign clearly said 15 MPHit was to slow people down in the park while children played! But at 2:00 in the morning this was not going to be a problem, the officer then told Tony I think about three maybe four passes around 45 MPH should do it! 45 is about the right speed, as she waved him off, like the start of a Nascar Race.

He quickly gassed it to the perfect speed and the bumps were spaced accordingly as the first bump followed by the second and third until all dozen had done their job! This bazaar episode was right out of a Mad Max, Road Warrior Movie!

Wham, wham wham pamela sanchez te ensentildea coacutemo utilizar juguetes pornstar brunette as Catherine was hammered again and again if not for the seat belt she would have thrown violently up, but it was just the right tightness only letting her up the full length of his hard shaft and then the next bump would slam her down hard again and again even harder yet!

No one would have ever thought that something like this would act like a high speed jack hammer fucking machine, but it did! As two hot bodies coupled with a willing cunt and a hard cock along with the help of a motor vehicle all banged away at Catherine! After the forth time through Catherine who had been banged and slammed harder and harder was now a useless piece of cunt meat, the officer was gone. The trip to our house was uneventful, when Tony had finally driven into our double garage at 3:00 am in the morning!

Continued in chapter 8