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Gang bang de presente para sra quent xvideoscom
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I woke refreshed after a good and long nights sleep, Sue was going of to do some work, as I set about cleaning up a bit after my trip, Kim and Stu were still in bed, as I had breakfast.

I got a sms from Ken the flight attendant, saying hello and was there any chance we might meet today, I sent back a yes, this afternoon would be good, did he know any janet drinking some cum and opening all who would want to join us, as I might be able to bring some one too, and asked for his hotel and room number. I told him 1pm would suit me, and I would meet him then. Stu walked in while I was sms Ken, I asked him if he wanted to join in with us.

so I told Ken I had an extra butt to fuck. I then sent of a few more sms with the details saying turn up if you can. Stu and I got ready, and left for the hotel, I took some poppers and toys as well, Ken opened the door with just a towel around him, as the door shut I introduced Stu and went down slipping his cock in my mouth, Stu got naked and went for my butt, as we all moved to the bed, clothes fell to the floor, and by the time I was kneeing Stu had stuck his cock deep in my butt, Ken still happy for me to suck his cock.

Then I said all change and Ken slipped his member in my used hole, as Stu took my mouth, Ken's cock felt good, he was ramming me nice and hard, his cock had recovered from our last fuck.

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Just then a knock on the door, Ken put his towel back on and opened it, I heard Fank ask if this was the right room, I called out "Yes" and Ken let him in. he joined in, playing with Stu's butt, then fucking him as Ken fucked me once more, then I said lets do a dp, and slipped Frank under me, then told Ken to join him in my arse.

Stu was fucking my mouth a Ken started in, his cock going in fuly and he began to pound me harder still. My orgasm were coming on hot and strong.

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Just as we got a good speed going, again a knock on the door, Ken knew this guy and let him in, I told Ken to put his cock back in me, while the other guy could fuck Stu. This was I'm sure Stu's first all male orgy, but he was enjoying himself, the new guy fucking him hard, as Ken started to make noises behind me, I told him unles he can cum again soon to hold off, as we have lots of time to go yet, as he gripped my waist and let his cum fly, he said, he had plenty to spare, so here was his first load, his cock gave me a good long orgasm too, like he did on the flight.

Frank's cock soaked in cum stayed hard and he kept going, as Ken slipped out, I told him to let me suck him clean, Frank and I took turns licking his cock dry, while Ken knelt by us. The new guy asked if he could dp me to with Frank, of course I said Yes, and his cock slipped in my cum filled hole with ease, I told Ken to fist Stu, if he wanted.

Ken looked puzzled, but with his fingers at Stu's brown eye, he slipped a couple in, Stu let him play for awhile, then grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand fully into his own butt, Ken was shocked, but smiled. The new guy also started to shake, his cock jerked and shot reams of cum in with Ken's, setting me of once more into orgasmic bliss, Frank as always kept going, until newbie pulled out.

I then told Ken to try fisting my cum filled butt, he was around and shoved his fist in quick smart, I told Frank to stick his cock back in too, Ken looked shocked as Frank pushed in next to his wrist an began to fuck me once more. Newbie, just stared, not knowing if he was seeing correctly or not, I then told him to fist Stu and get a feel for it, Stu lay him down then sat over his fist, pushing down he took his fist in past his wrist first go. Frank was close to cumming, his cock roos mother sin xxx com inside, Ken also said it feels like he's about find out what a cock inside a arse feel like when it cum's.

Frank then growned, his cock seems to swell a lot when he has a good orgasm, I could feel Ken playing in his cum, as both kept me high, my orgasm's going strong, then Ken fisted me harder, like a piston pmping extreme sexy teen gets both holes nailed and out with speed, sent me well over the top.

I had as always, been taking some poppers, so after a good long sniff, I told Ken to double fist me, he asked if I was serious, Of course, do it.

Ken eased more fingers in, his second fist going in further each push, then with another huge sniff of the poppers I pushed back hard, both fists now fully inside my butt.

Ken and newbie both let out a wow, as I had an almighty orgasm, shaking like crazy on Ken's fist's, then I shocked them more.

I told Stu to try and get his cock in too, by standing over my back, he could slide his cock in with Ken's fist, as Stu lined up, I took a huge huge sniff of the poppers, my arse opened up and Stu started in, by now the guys were in awe, watching my arse devour two fists and Stu's cock, that was it, Stu also let out a moan as his cum joined the others in me, then it was time for me to rest.

I got Ken to suck all the cum out of my butt, and like before drop it in mouth, I then gave it back to him, by kissing him and sharing the cum, I sucked Stu's cock clean too. We sat talking, and Ken introduced Mike to us, saying he was a guy he knew here and met some times.

Mike was a but stunned that Stu was my son,and I had let him fuck me and sucked his cock, I told him we do more than that too. I said we might have more guys turn up, but wasn't sure at such short notice, Ken said he had a second guy possible coming along too. Stu and I started to suck some cocks back to life, as another friend of ours turned up, Gary soon stripped and joined in. We got them hard and one by one they fucked us both, taking turns dp'ing either one, or fisting us, Frank had the strap on and dp me with his cock and the huge dildo, then fisted me, causing loads of anal orgasm for me.

The afternoon went well, Stu took a few loads of cum, including one from Ken,as the guys enjoyed his young butt, then I fisted him, playing in the cum, we also did a double ended fisting, him fisting me, while I fisted him, and sucking cock's amateur couple have sex in front of camera the same time, then seeing as my balls needed to be emptied, I sat over Ken's fist, and aimed my cock at his mouth, a few hard yanks and my white juices shot over his face, he opened his mouth and took them.

The guys fucked us both for some time, then as they were ready to cum, I lined Stu's butt up for them, one after the other, they stood over him, fucked his butt while it was held skywards, and left their sticky loads inside him, four nice large cum loads went in, followed by my fist, then I sucked the cum from his hole, went over to Ken and shared it once more with him, then he gave it back, cum dribbling between us both, he licked my face clean as cum smeared over us both.

I kissed him, Stu was a bit shocked as I dont normally kiss guys, but with Ken it seemed ok. Then I said to Frank and Gary, did they want a shower, and smiled, they knew what I meant as we all walked into adorable adrianna has her trimmed pussy plowed hotel bathroom, I knelt down with Stu, Frank and Gary began to bombshell aubrey black sucks big cock of stud over us, Ken and Mike looked on, as I grabbed Ken's hand and pulled him close, he looked very nervous, I got him to piss in my butt, and then over my face, I opened my mouth and took his cock, drinking some down before aiming it back over my face, Mike was now doing the same to Stu, as we all looked on.

After a shower, we said our goodbyes, and I thanked Ken for a great afternoons fun, driving home Stu asked how come I kissed Ken, I said, I rewarded him on the plane after he fucked me with a cum kiss, and it felt good. That night as we played some more, we told them about today's orgy with the guys, but Stu and my cock were fairly dry, so the girls had to make do with toys and a bit of fucking.

But Stu thanked me for a great day, saying he knew now why I liked all guy orgies too some times, and hoped we could do it again soon.