Lick xxx girls vs girls story

Lick xxx girls vs girls story
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"Mom?" I shouted from my upstairs room, "If you are making me go to this stupid reunion, is it ok if Chris goes?" I hated family reunions. Every year we would pack up our car and travel five hours to the home of my father's parents and spent the weekend in the middle of no where. My dad was the oldest child of seven kids. He had four sisters and two other brothers and each of them had at least two kids, with his youngest sister having four.

My Dad was the only one of the siblings to have just one kid. So if you do the math, that is seven plus their spouses and all the kids, and lets not forget Gran and Pa, that is 30 people crammed inside my grandparents three bedroom house.

Cramp was not the word for it. Plus all of my cousins were idiots. I was the second to the oldest cousin. The oldest, Lisa, was some big shot in some cosmetic company and I had not seen her in five or six years. So I was stuck with a bunch of teenage cousins who would rather get to the next level of some stupid video game than do anything fun.

I had hoped that being 18 this year, my parents would allow me to escape the torture, but that didn't happen. Thankfully, my best friend Chris was going with me and we were taking his truck. So at least if things got really bad, we could sneak off and see what we could find. Plus, I knew that someone would forget something and we had wheels to take the 15 mile trek to the nearest town.

We left after Chris and I got out of class on Friday evening. It was a long and boring drive and the closer I got to my grandparents, the more I dreaded it. Chris and I actually thought about faking a mechanical problem with his truck so we could skip it, but with our luck, we would be stuck in the car with my parents.

While Chris drove I laid my head against the window and tired to sleep. Luckily for us, my parents had rented a couple of motel rooms in town, so we would not all be cramped in the small house, so at just before midnight, we pulled into the parking lot.

Like everything in the town that time forgot, the motel was pretty run down. They still had real keys to unlock the doors. When Chris and I walked into our room it smelled of musky urine, but at least I was not sleeping on the floor. We both went straight to stepbro slam his hard dick inside her already wet pussy. The next morning we were awakened by my Dad pounding on the door.

The day that I had been dreading for the last 363 days had finally arrived. So we got up and dressed and with in an hour we were turning down the path that led to my grandparent's house. As we approached hell, I could see the little demons that I call cousins all sitting on the big front porch, each one with a phone or table inches from their faces. Chris pulled in behind my parents and we got out and helped my dad unload the food and stuff they had brought.

We slowly walked through the yard and into the house. Neither one of my cousins even raised their heads to acknowledge we were there. In the house we were met by my swarm of aunts and uncles, as well as Gran and Pa. By the time I made it to the kitchen to set the stuff down, I had about four layers of lip stick on my cheeks and already tired of hearing how much I had grown and what small emo girlfriend finishes what she started handsome young man I was.

I am not boasting, but I do think I am above average in looks. I am and even six foot and weigh a little over 200 pounds. I play tight end on my high school football team so I am in good shape, and I am pretty popular with the girls, but to hear it over and over from my family, it was a little sickening.

As I sat the box of stuff on the couch, I noticed my cousin Jennifer sitting at the bar talking to another girl, that I didn't know.

The girl was hot; she had straight brown hair that flowed just below her shoulders. I was looking at her from behind, but she was wearing a pair of tight shorts and her legs looked flawless. They were toned and tanned, and I seen her perfectly manicured toes as she dangled her feet. Jessica was the third oldest of my cousins. She was just a few months younger than me and had turned 18 just a few weeks before the reunion. She was cute, for a cousin. She was the daughter of my dad's sister but apparently took the features from her father's side.

She had pale skin, and reddish, almost orange hair. Her body, or what I could see of it, was covered with freckles. She was probably about five foot, and skinny. Chris took a liking to her immediately as we began to walk over to where she was. I had to see more of this stranger. "Jeff's here!" Jennifer said as she slipped off the bar stool and come at me with open arms.

When she got with in a few feet of me she jumped towards me and I caught her. As I regained my balance I turned toward the other girl, who was smiling at rough sex horny hawt lovely girlfriend a lot. Something about her looked familiar, but I could not put my hand on it.

Her face was perfect. High cheek bones, full lips, all the way down to her pointy chin and button nose. As I let my eyes drop lower, they almost popped out of my head.

The thin tank top she had on was stretched to the max. Her tits looked enormous, and I began to feel a stirring inside my pants, so I quickly sat Jennifer down before she noticed. "You do remember our cousin Lisa, don't you Jeff?" Jennifer asked me. My eyes widened and my heart sank to my feet. This is just my luck. I see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, with the biggest tits I could ever imagine, and she was my fucking cousin. "Lisa?

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Oh my god, I can't believe that you are here. I have not seen you in forever." I said as I hugged her neck. "I know. It has been a long time, good to see you cuz." She replied as she hugged me closer. I could feel her big tits pressing against my chest. "You have turned into a hunk, Gran told me that you were, but she didn't give you justice." I was glad that some of the blood that had been rushing to my cock took a detour and went to my face. I could feel myself blushing as she kissed me on the cheek and we let go of our embrace.

I introduced Chris to my cousins and we just sat at the bar and talked while our parents caught up. We one dick cant please a hot babe anymore caught up the others about what we were into, our classes and the brutal lives of teenagers. As I told Lisa and Jennifer about the playoff run my team had made, I noticed Lisa's tongue swirling in her mouth, and occasionally she would suck on the stud that was in her tongue.

I could not believe that my cousin had something as slutty as a tongue ring, but the thought made my balls jump inside my boxers. Finally my last uncle showed up with his herd and we were able to eat. This was the highlight of the reunion. My Gran was the best cook in the whole world. We had about anything you could image, highlighted by Gran's fried chicken.

Lisa, Jennifer, Chris and I fixed our plates and retired to the back porch to eat away from the others and continued to talk. As we ate, Lisa dropped some gravy on her tank top, and without missing a beat, she pulled the hem of the tank top up and sucked the gravy from it.

I almost choked when I saw her tight, tanned abs.

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My cock had been hard almost since I laid eyes on her, big tits whore loves extremely rough sex now she was giving my horny mind more to process. Lisa was 25 years old, and we found out that she a model for the cosmetics company.

She was the oldest daughter of my dads youngest sister. Growing up, Aunt Lila, her mom, had been a wild child. She got pregnant at 16 by a guy she met at a party. Gran and Pa, being the upstanding people they were, raised Lisa until Aunt Lila married Uncle Tim. After they were married, they moved to California where Lisa had gotten connected with a small modeling agency and through hard work and sacrifices, she was signed her contract when she was 17.

After seeing the world, she was now settling down and was going to college to get her degree. After everyone was done eating we all helped clean up. The men went outside and sat on the porch while the women hung out in the kitchen swapping rumors and gossip.

The younger kids went into the living room and went back into their virtual worlds.

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The four of us decided to take a walk around the farm. It was a hot and humid day and after a while we spotted the old swimming hole we used to swim in. Lisa had this grand idea that we all should take a swim. "I don't have a suit," Jennifer reluctantly said after Lisa made the suggestion. "You have on a bra and panties don't you? That is the same thing as a bikini," Lisa snapped back at her as she began to unbutton her shorts.

My eyes could barely handle what was being uncovered as I watched Lisa undress.

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She had on a pink lacy thong under her shorts and made no attempt to hide her tanned heart shaped ass. The material on the thong, barely covered her mound, and the tiny string disappeared into her firm cheeks, and the reemerged at the crevice of her back and ass.

Just above the waist band was a rose vine tattoo. She lifted her tank top over her head. Her bra matched her thong. It looked like if someone would have touched her bra, it would have busted and her big tits would have been free. I quickly shed my shirt and dove into the water. I had to keep my back towards the others until I was at least waist deep in the water.

The cold water did very little to help cure my situation. At a safe depth I turned about the same time Lisa dove under. On the bank, Jennifer reluctantly pulled her t-shirt over her head. Nothing under her shirt surprised me. Where I would have guessed that Lisa was a DD, Jennifer was barely a B cup.

There was little contrast between her pale skin and white bra, except the absence of the freckles. She wiggled her butt as she pushed her shorts down her skinny legs. There was nothing sexy about Jennifer's pink bikini panties so I dove under water to try to cool off. The four of us had been floating and swimming while we talked for some time. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shake the erection I had in my shorts, and every time I looked at Lisa it seemed to get harder.

So when she suggested we chicken fight, I was quick to protest. "Come on Jeff, don't be a pussy," Lisa joked "Come on, I will get on your shoulders and Jennifer can get on Chris's." She added as I felt her hand on my shoulders. Knowing defeat, I ducked under the water and felt her long, firm legs wrap around my neck as she mounted my shoulders. As I planted my feet into the muddy bottom, I pushed up with my legs and raised us out of the water. We stood ready subtitled japanese ghost hunting haunted park investigation Jennifer mounted the shoulders of Chris.

Once they were ready, Chris and I moved closer and the girls went at it. All I could thing about was Lisa's pussy rubbing on the back of my neck. My cock was so hard that I was afraid it was going to brush against Chris. Lisa's weight advantage proved not to be as cunning as Jennifer's intelligence.

After what seemed like hours of the girls pushing and pulling, I heard Lisa accuse Jennifer of cheating, and fall backwards. With her legs still wrapped tight around my neck, I fell back into the water as well. Under the water I turned to face Lisa before resurfacing.

When I did, I saw why she had accused Jennifer of cheating. Apparently, Jennifer had pulled on Lisa's bra, and one of the straps had broken and with the tension on the material, her left breast had popped out. I almost drowned when I saw her naked breast. I could not believe something so big could defy gravity.

Even though she was in the water and flopping her arms around, her tit barely moved. Being deprived of oxygen, I had to resurface. When I emerged from the water, Jennifer and Lisa were laughing. Poor Chris had no clue what was going on and soon the girls were ready to get out and go back to the house for ice cream. They walked back onto the grassy shore, and I turned to try and get the image of Lisa's naked tit out of my head. After they had dried off and redressed, my cock had went down to a manageable state, so Chris and I went to shore and dried off and we went back to the house.

After we had ice cream and rested a bit, Lisa suggested that the four of us go to town and hang out somewhere. Our parents said it was ok, so the four of us went to Chris's truck. Now Chris's truck was a Chevrolet S-10, so it was not big enough for four people to sit in the seat.

Jennifer suggested she go ask her parents if we could take their car, but Lisa said she would just sit on my lap. So we hot babe strips and fingers her twat piled into the little truck. Chris was driving, Jennifer in the middle pissing party tina hot amp billy star ass fucked and dped by guys I was on the passenger side with Lisa's ass on my leg.

The roads were all dirt and rough, so her big tits were bouncing inched from my face, while her ass bounced back and forth from my leg to my cock. I was very uncomfortable. It wasn't that she was on my lap, but the fact that I was afraid she would feel my cock poking into her when she bounced on it.

By the time we made it to town, my cock was again at a painful state. As we drove around town, Lisa would move back and forth showing us things and telling us about what used to be there. Each time she would move over my cock, she would look at me and smile. I was relieved when she suggested that we park and tarado nao dispensa nem xoxota de anazinha for a while.

So Chris pulled into a spot on the street and we all got out. As we started to walk, Lisa took my hand and pulled me over to a park, while Chris and Jennifer tagged behind.

"Swing me," Lisa ordered as she sat in one of the swings. Of course I did what I was told. Some how I don't think Lisa had ever been told no. I placed my hands on her lower back and began to push her on the swing.

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As she gained altitude, she would plumpersandbw briget waters blows wardens cock on duty back and look at me. In this position, her tits were the only thing I could see. It didn't take her long before swinging bored her and she was ready to do something else. So to stop her I grabbed a hold of the chains to stop her. When I did, I felt her reach back and grip my cock. I gasped, and she just looked at me and winked.

She let go of my cock and took me by the arm and we all walked out of the park and down the sidewalk. I was lost in thought when I heard Chris say something about being near out motel. During this whole time, I had been so caught up with Lisa that I had hot veronica fucked by two lucky cocks noticed what had been going on between my other cousin and best friend.

When I looked back at him to say something, I was surprised to see their lips locked playing tongue tag. His hand was down the front of her t-shirt and from the movement, I could tell he was fondling her tit. I turned to look at Lisa in surprised and she just smiled and winked. "You know its hot, being we are near your motel, maybe we can take a break and cool off and watch TV," Lisa suggested.

I looked back at the love birds, and agreed. So we went back to the truck and went to the motel. I took the key and unlocked the door. Chris and Jennifer went to his bed and were making out in less than a minute.

I sat on my bed and Lisa turned on the TV and then sat beside me. It was the most awkward situation that I had ever been in. My friend and cousin were making out on the bed beside me and my other, hot as hell, cousin was sitting beside me. I just sat there, with my eyes glued to the TV, but my thoughts were on everything around me but the TV.

I rubbed my hands up and down my thighs nervously, as I felt sweat breaking out of every pore in my body. I was on the brink of madness and just before I erupted, I heard Lisa speak. "I think we should give them their privacy" I looked at her with a shocked look. "What are you saying? We should leave our cousin in here with him, to get fucked?" I said abruptly. "He is your friend," She snapped, "Besides; she is 18, and an adult.

She can stop him if she wants to." She added as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door. Outside the room I leaned on against a post and stared off into space. "Now what are we supposed to do? Sit out here until they are done?" Lisa just smiled. "No, come with me." I followed her down the side walk toward the office.

Before we turned the corner to go in, she reached into a flower pot on the side walk and scooped up a handful of soil. She took the soil and rubbed it across the front of her tank top. I looked at her like she was crazy, and all she did was smile and wink. She took my hand and pulled me inside the office door.

Once inside the office she walked over to the desk and rang the bell. In a matter of minutes an older man appeared behind the desk.

In the sweetest voice I have ever heard Lisa began talking to the man. I could not look at him as she gave him her story. She told the old man that we had been at a reunion and that she had fell and got her shirt dirty and it was the only shirt that she had. She told the old man that her aunt, my mom, had sent us back here to get one of her shirts to wear, but had forgotten to give us a room key.

The man smiled, and looked at me. I guess he recognized me from the night before when we checked in, and to my surprise, reached over and gave her the key to my parent's room. She took the key and thanked the man, then looked at me with an angelic smile. We go back to my parent's room and she unlocked the door and went inside. I followed he like a puppy. Once inside, she lays across the bed and I just stand and look at her.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come lay with me?" She asked. "I don't think I should." "Why not, are you afraid I am going to rape you or something?" She sat up in the bed, her legs straight in front of her and leaned back on her arms. This position really made her big tits poke out further. "How did you like it?" She said, breaking me from my trance. "What are you talking about?" "I know you seen my boob when you were under water earlier, so how did you like it?" I felt my face heat up as I blushed.

"It was nice," I stuttered. She bit her bottom lip as she shifted her weight and moved her hands to her shirt, lifting the tail up. "I guess I don't need to get this dirt on your parent's bed do I?" Then she stood at the foot of the bed and pulled her tank top over her head. It would have been ok if she had stopped there, but she didn't. She reached back and unhooked her bra and brought her hands to her side. The strap on her shoulder slipped down her arm and the bra slipped down revealing her big, beautiful tits.

Her tits were as tanned as the rest of her body with dark brown nipples. I could not move. I stood there frozen. She moved her arm and the bra fell to the floor as she stepped toward me.

As she stepped toward me, I stepped back. She took another step toward me.

I took another step back. This continued until I backed up against the door and had no where else to go. "Lisa we cant, we are cousins," I plead. She just smiled and reached down and took my hand. She placed her hand in mine and raised it up to her tits.

They felt almost as good as they looked. I tried to restrain myself but when my hand touched her soft skin, I could not control my hand, and I gave her tit a good squeeze. A soft moan escaped her lips as I freely brought my other hand up and squeezed her other tit. I new big boobs xnxx com sex stories my fingers and let her nipples fall between my middle and rings fingers.

As I squeezed, I mia khalifa sex story amazing her nipples between my fingers. Her nipples continued to harden as I gave them attention. Lisa must have liked the way I was handling her big tits, because she raised her head and kissed me on the lips. The kiss was not a kiss that cousins should be sharing.

Her soft, full lips pressed into mine. She opened and closed her lips on my bottom lip, and slowly pressed her tongue into my mouth.

Our tongues softly and gently rubbed against each other, and my hands left her tits, and moved around her slim waist and Hot asian bitch enjoys fingering and squirting pulled her close. As the passion of our kiss grew, she dropped her hands that were around my neck and took my hand.

She backed slowly to the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her. I had kissed a lot of girls before, but Lisa was the best.

She would rub her tongue stud against my tongue and I don't know why, but it felt so hot. I lay on top of her kissing. Her tits were pressed into my chest. I felt her hand move down my side and pull my t-shirt up.

We broke our kiss long enough for the shirt to be discarded. Her nipples went into my naked chest like a knife as we resumed our passionate kiss. Our mixed saliva steamed down her cheeks as our hands roamed each others bodies. She moved her hands to the front of my shorts. I was so hard the when her fingers slid around my waist band she touched my leaking head.

I let out a muffled moan as she slipped her nails over my pee hole. The contact with my cock, caused me to come to my senses.

"Lisa, we cant." I said breaking our kiss. "Why not?" "We are cousins, cousins are not supposed to do this." I rolled off of her and propped my head up on my hand as my elbow sunk into the worn out bed. I looked at my sexy cousin. Her hair was sprayed above her head, almost like a halo.

Her tits were raising and falling on her chest as she breathed. I thought our little session was over when she sat up on the bed. She sat for a moment, then stood up.

She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down her toned legs. Then she hooked her fingers into her thong and pushed them off. I could not believe what I was seeing. My sexy cousin was now naked. Although she had her back to me, when she bent to push her thong off, I could see her glistening pussy between her legs. I was trying to be strong, nasty hungarian babe madlin gets a glamorous butt reaming sexy and hot as she was, there was no way I was going to fuck my cousin.

Then she turned. She stood completely naked on the side of the bed. "Well, I guess if you are going to be Mr. Do Right, I am just going to have to get myself off." She turned and lay back on the bed.

Her hand went to her pussy as she raised her legs up. I got my first look at her juicy pussy. It was shaven, with just a thin landing strip above her slit. My cock was throbbing with every beat of my heart. As her fingers began to massage her clit, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned loudly. I could not help myself.

As wrong as it was, I had to have her. I slipped off of the bed and moved between her legs. Her eyes were closed as I knelt on the shag carpet.

I placed my hands on her inner thighs and she moved her hands. Her fingers were coated with her juices, and she slipped one of her fingers into my mouth. She tasted so good. I slowly lowered my face to her smooth pussy lips. My tongue, pressed below her pussy and I licked upward.

Her thick juices coated it, and I swallowed. I buried my face into her pussy. As my tongue snaked into her tight tunnel, I felt her legs tighten around my head. My tongue sunk as deep into her as possible. Her wet, velvety walls clinched on to it. I ran my teeth over her engorged clit as her hand pressed my face into her. I licked and sucked her pussy for several minutes. Lisa was constantly moaning and lifting her hips against my face. I looked up, and saw one of her hand pulling on her hard nipple.

I pressed my cock into the mattress as I drove my tongue deeper. I felt her body begin to tremble under me. I had been with girls before so I knew that she was about to come. That fact fueled my intentions and I softly bit on her clit.

With it between my teeth, I ravished it with my tongue. Her hips rose and fell on the bed several times, then with both of her hands on my head, pressing me into her pussy, she gave out a loud screeching sounds. Her pussy erupted and coated my tongue with her come. I continued to suck and lick, feeling her body twitching from the added sensitivity created from her orgasm, until she released her death lock on my head.

"Oh god Jeff, that was amazing. I bet you have girls standing in line for you to lick their pussies." She said breathlessly. As she recovered, I unbuttoned my shorts and pried them down over my steel hard cock. She looked at me and her eyes widened. I do not have a huge cock, but it isn't small. It is about seven inches and uncut when hard, normally.

That day though, it felt as if it was ten inches. She sat up, never taking her eyes off my cock. I almost exploded when I felt her soft fingers wrap around it and pull the foreskin down to reveal my purple head. She looked up at me and licked her lips. Then slowly took me into her mouth. She pressed the stud in her tongue against the underside of my cock and took my full length in to her mouth. I was amazed, not only from the sensation, but from the fact she took me with out gagging.

She skillfully began to move her head back and forth, running her tongue in circles around my cock. I place my hands on each side of her face and began to thrust my hips with her. She placed her hands on my ass and pushed and pulled me until I was fucking her mouth hard as I could, and she never missed a beat. As horny as I had been all day and with her expert tongue and lips, I did not even try to hold my load.

I needed to cum, and with out warning, I emptied my balls into her hot mouth. It was the biggest load I think I had ever had. My cock must have sent a dozen of long streams of cum into her throat, and she swallowed every drop. When she released my cock, she lay back, smiling, using her fingers to capture any of the come that may have escaped. After such a load, I was exhausted and my cock was finally shrinking.

I smiled and lay beside her. I was thinking that we were done, I mean we had orally gotten each other off, but "eatin aint cheatin" so maybe this wasn't as bad as I thought.

I mean I hadn't fucked my cousin, I had just eaten her pussy and she had sucked my cock. I closed my eyes as I felt her head rest on my chest. I must have drifted off to sleep and was awakened by a warm sensation around my cock and balls. When I raised my head, Lisa was between my legs and was licking and sucking on my balls.

She had my hard cock in her hand, and smiled when she seen I was awake. She left my balls and gave my cock a little kiss as she crawled up and gave me a kiss. She positioned herself over my cock and slowly lowered her wet pussy down. I jerked in surprise, but it was too late, I was inside her. She placed her hands on my chest and tossed her head back. I pulled a pillow up under my head to prop my head up and took two handfuls of her luscious tits.

While she rolled her hips with my cock inside of her, I pinched and squeezed her nipples. Her thrust became more frequent and I could feel her tight pussy gripping at my cock. She was moaning over and over and tossed her head back and gave that screeching scream again as her orgasm rocked her body.

She fell forward after her intense orgasm. I moved from under her and while on her stomach, I placed my hand under her flat stomach and pulled her hips up. I pushed my cock back into her tight, sloppy pussy.

I placed my freinds hot mom story hands on her hips and began to pound her from behind. As I fucked my cousin, I felt her fingers tickling my balls.

I had never felt such a wonderful sensation. She then rose up on her arms. I looked in the mirror and watch myself fucking this beautiful woman. Her big tits bounced back and forth and the whole time she was begging me not to stop.

I didn't want to stop, I wanted to stay inside her sweet pussy for the rest of my life, but the boiling in my balls was telling me I would soon have to retreat. I told her I was about to cum, and she moved forward making my cock slip from her tight confines. She turned so that her head was just below me. I began to jerk my cock as she coached me to cover her with my cum. With just a few jerks, I granted her wish.

My first stream landed on the bed, between her legs, the second between her pussy and belly button, the third between her tits, and the final drop landed on her lips, and was soon wiped away with her tongue. She moved up to her knees and kissed me, and then said she needed a shower. When Lisa had finished her shower, we redressed and rejoined Chris and Jennifer and then returned to my grandparent's house.

We stayed and visited for a while longer and then had supper, before saying our goodbyes. When we left, Lisa told me that she hoped to see me again next year. As we drove off, I told Chris that I just loved family reunions.