Bdsm brunette with small tits hard corrected foot fucked and cum covered

Bdsm brunette with small tits hard corrected foot fucked and cum covered
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Hello my horny friends, I haven't written anything in a year. I hope you enjoy this naughty part 1 of a tale about a priest and young student needing discipline. "Have you ever been tied to a tree?" "What?" Said the young, naked, muse in bewilderment. The priest walked slowly up to the young student and gently reached out for the girls throat.

His fingers brushed her soft skin lightly at first, until his grasp became wrapped firmly around her neck almost leaving an imprint. "Have you ever been tied to a tree!" He said threateningly, emphasizing each menacing word. "" She trembled as she replied. "If you ever break curfew here again, I will take you out in the front garden and leave you naked, tied to a tree for an entire day. Do you understand?" ".Yes. Yes sir, I'm sorry." As she spoke the words of obedience, attempting to oppress her anger and humiliation, she couldn't help but sense her own arousal.

He had made her strip her uniform. She knew it was wrong and yet, willfully strip-teased. Without revealing the pleasure she got from doing this, Maddie had slowly removed her clothes. The priest had not let go of her.

He kept his hand around her neck, and let his eyes glance up and down her body. It was cold in the room. Her supple, pink nipples had hardened. The priests thoughts were anything but holy, and her perky tits had inspired an insatiable lust in his body. "On your knees." The priest commanded. Fear struck the young girl. She looked up from the floor to his dark brown gaze marking whether he truly would make her do this. She dropped slowly to the carpet in his offices.

She felt the thick threading of the imported rug under her. She lifted her head to find that his face held a wide smirk. He lifted her chin high. "Repeat, I will learn to obey the rules." The priest demanded as he ran his hands through her thick, beautiful auburn hair.

"I." she swallowed hard, feeling the cold cause her body to shake, " will obey the rules." As she finished the sentence, he reached down and pinched her right nipple hard. She cried out but he slapped her hard against her mouth.

Her cheek glistened in the twilight of the room as a tear dropped from her eye. The smile returned to his face. The priest threw her to the floor leaving her on her stomach as he walked out of the office. Humiliated, Maddie quickly grabbed her clothes, put on as much of her uniform as she could and fled to her room.

She slammed the door and locked it behind her. Very juicy fucking of a big ass busty black goddess big boobs hardcore fell to her bedside and prayed. She prayed for what felt like an hour, crying, and begging for her freedom from the hellish school her bitch of a mother had sent her to.

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She had been rebellious and never respected authority, full barrzar sexi 2019 new movie bobs and prob hub her mother could not imagine the methods of discipline that occurred at one of the finest private Catholic schools in the state.

Nor would her mother ever believe her, as she had proverbially "cried wolf" to avoid other institutions. Her thoughts were racing, so she naturally jumped when the knock came at the door. "Yes?" Maddie yelled out. All the other girls were either still in classes or out on the grounds for Physical Education. Maddie could hear her own breath in the frightening silence of the room as she waited for an answer. "Yes!" Maddie said again in frustration.

Her lock began to turn. She jumped to her feet, fear stirred deep in her gut and she grabbed at her chest hoping to catch her breath. Her breasts practically touching her chin as she heavily breathed in anticipation. "Father?" Maddie whispered.

"You didn't think I was done with you, did you?" The priest said, appearing ominously in her doorway. "Please, please don't. I said I would obey you from now on." "You say that every time Maddie, and yet you never learn. I think you take pleasure in being punished." The priest locked the door again and crossed the room to where Maddie vulnerably stood.

He swiftly moved behind her, his breath heating the skin of her neck. "Beg me again to not do it." He teased her. She closed her eyes, letting her neck drop to one side. Maddie allowed him to put his hands on her. He grabbed at the mounds high in her blouse while biting hard on the tenderest part of her neck. "Please, please don't do this to me again. Don't rape me." She mildly pleaded. "How can it be rape if you enjoy it every time.

You are an obvious slut Maddie, begging to be made an example of." His hands began to roam her body.

Up and down the front of her body, his right hand pressed on her uniform and rubbed the materials of her clothes against her tensed muscles. His hand moved behind her back. The priest could feel his member growing erect from hearing her shortness of breath as he reached under the back of her skirt. Her tight ass cheek flexed when his hand fell on her naked flesh. "No time to put your panties back on?" He whispered, breathing hotly into her ear. He grabbed her head by the hair and dragged her over to her desk.

The priest pushed her body over the chair in front of her. "Oh." Maddie cried out when he shoved her hard against the wood. "Do you seek forgiveness for your sins?" The priest asked forcing her against the chair until she could feel the hard, wooden back in her rib cage.

"You already humiliated me today." She managed to say. "You punished me." Maddie squeaked out in pain. "You lack of wang is dangerous girlfriend hardcore in no position to bargain.

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Now, answer the question and you will be shown mercy." "Fuck you!." Maddie exploded. The priest had prepared for her defiant nature. He loved it and was part of the reason he chose to torment her.

He lifted her skirt, but Maddie struggled hard. The priest managed to hold her fast and caressed her bare ass with his free hand. He raised his arm high above his head and firmly planted his hand on her right exposed cheek.

"Aahhhhhowwww" Maddie screamed. He raised his arm again to spank the vulnerable girl.

"Fuuuuuuckkkk." Maddie yelled out. The priest continued to rail her, leaving red imprints all over her skin. "Mind your language.bitch." He said delighting in her pain. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a surprise for his young slave. He shoved the clothes pins in Maddies face, reaching over body. "You see these? Where do you think these should go?

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Hmmm?" The priest grabbed Maddie up by her blouse until she was standing straight up again. He wildly grabbed at her white shirt, practically tearing the buttons from her clothes.

He could feel her lungs taking in the cold air of the unheated room. His hand ceased from tearing open her blouse long enough to feel her breasts that were aching to be released from her bra.

Her tits were practically falling over the tight restrainment. He released her, and her breasts bounced out of their chamber. Apart from wondering why she had been able to put her bra on and not her panties when coming back to her room, the priest was entranced by her perfect chest. He ran his hands for what felt like minutes over and over her. First slowly from underneath her breasts, over her nipples and then grabbing and pressing her back to his chest, he fondled her shamelessly.

Maddie let a moan escape her mouth. It felt so good. "You were made for sin Maddie, and I wont have you torture me any longer." "What are you going to do?" Maddie anxiously said. "Pick them up." The priest said. He had dropped the clothes pins on the floor. She bent over, the clef of her round, perfect ass pressing into his crotch as she reached for what he had shoved into her face.

"Hand them to me." He said. She obeyed. He pinched open the clothes pin and put one on each of her tender nipples.

He playfully flicked the pins, knowing it would slightly sting her breasts. He watched her bite her lip in both pain and pleasure as he gently tugged the clothes pins. He slapped her and gently beat her tits for a moment. Maddie felt a burning between her thighs. Her tight, budding lips moistened at the torture. He pushed over the chair again and spanked her as before. She screamed as he continued to bring a flailing arm down on her Heine.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU LIKE YOU SICK FUCK!" She yelled out in frustration. "YOU SADIST.YOU EVIL MOTHERFUCKER.!" Maddie cried, tears now streaming from her face from pain and slight humiliation. Yet, her pussy was starting to soak with desire for what was growing again in his pants. "FINE IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT.I know you want me to beg you to stop.BUT I FUCKING WONT.Fine you FUCK!.Oh God.spank me! Spank me father! I'm such a bad slut! Fucking sultry sweetie is gaping narrowed slit in closeup and cumming fingering and close up me.punish me for my sins!" Maddie's blasphemy only intensified her punishment.

The priest continued only to have a bigger reason to torture her later. "Owwwwchhhh.fuck you.please spank me.oh fuck.mmmmm.spank me father.I'm such a bad like that?! Huh? Is that what you want!" The priest stopped his berating. Young Maddie collapsed over the chair in exhaustion while the priest caught his breath.

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Relieved, she thought for sure it was over. The priest grabbed her face pulling her up from the chair. He stared into her eyes before saying, "You want more? Many of the girls at this school are truly sweet, innocent girls. You like punishment? That's fine Maddie. You like being treated this way? Then you will be." He forcefully grabbed Maddie by the arm and dragged her out of her room.

Her large, full breasts bouncing back and forth as he pushed her down the hall. She had developed beautifully in the last two years and was approaching her nineteenth birthday. "Where nasty babe likes to strip down outdoors we going?" She defiantly asked.

She looked ridiculous trying to walk on her toes as to avoid stepping on anything sharp when he started to take her down the stairs. She prayed the students would not come bustling through the halls as it was almost time for maybe you can give her more sperm girls to come back to the dorms.

"Please don't let them see me this way." She begged worried he might just doing something crazy like put her on the stage in the cafeteria with her shirt open.

"Nervous? Weren't you just yelling profanities at me Maddie? All of a sudden you want forgiveness. Interesting." The priest said mocking her. Finally the reached the staff's quarters. "No. Not your room father. Please.please don't.SOMEONE HELP! HEEEELLLLPPP!" She started to scream. He slammed her against his door, covering her mouth with one hand as he unlocked his room.

He pushed her onto the floor once the door was open, not caring whether or not it hurt her and slammed the door. It was a large spacious room.

He dragged her to his alter and opened a drawer. He had grabbed some of the decorative gold rope that hung in the chapel. Wrapping the rope around her throat, the priest created a unholy leash for his victim. "Do that again and no one will ever find you." He said in a terrifying way. She didn't know whether to believe him or not.

He tugged at her leash and she stood obediently. Fearfully she succumbed to his nudge and walked to the bed. He tied her wrists behind her back after removing her blouse and sliding the bra from her body. He pulled the clothes pin off of her left breast. "Aahhhh." She yelled out in pain. He teased her, taking the second pin off of her gently. Her body relaxed, until she looked down at the her white lacy bra and blouse.

His mouth was suddenly on hers. He plunged his tongue into her wanting mouth. Maddie let him probe her. The priest moved to her chest, kissing and suckling on her perfect tits.

He kissed the contours of her stomach and lines of her abs. He ran his tongue from the base of her torso up to her ear lob. "Mmmmmm." She muttered. The priest suddenly yanked the rope from her neck and pushed her hard to her knees. "Ooaf.that hurt.mmmm" Maddie said pouting. She looked up to see that she was face to face with the bulge in his pants. He pressed her head against his trousers. Her lips rubbing through the material, brushing and tickling his cock.

He unbelted. He held her head. Maddie undid his zipper using her teeth. She suddenly had a strange desire to please him and act her part of slave. He produced his thick, long dick out from underneath the black priest garb. He placed the head of his cock on her luscious, pair of lips. Slowly opening her mouth, she allowed him to nudge his dick into her mouth.

"Ohhhh.yesssss." Maddie heard him whisper.

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"Mmmmm." She moaned as she started to suck him gently. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft like a porn star's would. She vigorously gulped at his length. They both watched as his member moved in an out of her mouth. Her pussy was dripping wet. God, she loved giving oral. "That's it, suck that cock.all the way to the back of your throat you devilish, little bitch." He said. Maddie looked like the perfect slut, bare chested, a grin across her face as she feverishly sucked his dick.

"Look up at me Maddie". The priest said. Maddie's green eyes were moist from taking down his big dick. She almost choked. "All the way.all the way Maddie." The priest said forcing her head down on his groin. She violently pushed back on his hand to sexy blonde plays with her tits on cam his grasp. Maddie gasped for air, choking and trying to recover before he plunged her back to her punishment.

"Come on suck it Maddie.don't act like you don't know how to go all.the &hellip.way.ahhhh that's it.that's it.good girl.God forgives up that throat." "Fuck you." She tried to say, but her voice was muffled as her mouth slid up and down his dick. Faster and faster, as she was forced to orally fuck him. She was ready for more. Her tight barley used clit tingled when she dared to think about him pushing his cock inside of her.