Amateur anal sex after a super hot sex show scene

Amateur anal sex after a super hot sex show scene
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This is my first story EVER and I hope you like it. Warning, these people are entirely fictional and nothing I describe in this story should be done in real life. This is fiction, dont do this shit. It's science fiction so guess what, YOU CANT do it.

The Pills George's POV Let me introduce myself and my family before I tell you this incredible story. My name is George, and I'm in the best shape in my life at a healthy 44 years old. With a full head of hair, a body that I take great shape of, and an impressive cock, I couldn't be happier.

I have four beautiful daughters named Stef (who is 22), Emily (who is 19), Rachel (who is 16), and Gillian (who is 15). Me and my wife Dianne (who is 43 now) got a divorce about five years ago and I've recently re-married to my co-worker Helen (who is 34) this past year. She has her "baggage" too, with a son in the marines, Anthony (23), and a daughter Abby (who is only 9).

When me and my wife got a divorce, we decided that it would be best for the girls if I stayed near by so that they can still have a father in their life. So I live a town over with Helen and her hentai anime forced tswallow cum5, but my girls stop by randomly all the time. Whenever it doesn't interfere with school, or they're doing something that requires the use of my house or they just want to see me, they sleep over. We're a pretty happy family I must say, but daughters absolutely don't care for Helen.

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They think she just wants me for my money (which I do have a lot of), and they say she's kind of a bitch…at least that's what my oldest Stef tells me all the time. But I think the girls just can't get used to the idea of a new mom.

My ex has dates too but she has had no luck getting herself a new husband. But other than all that.we're happy and normal. Until………& all changed one weekend. I was on my way home from work getting ready for a relaxing weekend of just me and Helen, since Abby would be at her grandma's. So I stopped at a sex shop on the way home to pick up some "supplies" for the fun weekend. Me and Helen have an extremely healthy sex life.

We fuck whenever we get a chance, and we definitely get kinky from time to time. Whips, role play, anal, whipped cream, whatever, we're pretty open. I told you that she works at my firm, and actually she's my secretary, and that definitely has its advantages. While I'm in the store I grab a few things and go to the counter to pay for them when I notice a display on the counter with bottles labeled "pills" on them.

I grab a bottle trying to understand what they are when the guy behind the counter says, "Those are the pills, man.

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They're the craziest thing I've ever had in this shop. You take one pill and all of a sudden your body gets super horny, super fast, and when I say super horny, you can't even contain yourself. And the sex xxx mom and son is that after it wears off, they don't remember a THING." That sounded like the stupidest shit ever, but what the hell I figured they'd give us a laugh at least.

So I pay for my things and head home. I get in the house and notice no ones home yet. So I take all of my "supplies" and put them in my room and I take the bottle of pills to the kitchen so I can read the instructions. Here's what it said" The Pills are a magic. Real life magic. Take one tablet and your body will become so overcome with the urge for sex that you see how this large pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade not be able to control yourself.

Each tablet lasts an hour, and as soon as it wears off, you fall asleep and the next morning don't remember a thing. I just rolled my eyes when all of a sudden I feel two hands cover my eyes. "HEY DAD!" I realize its my oldest daughter Stef. "Sorry to pop in like this but Gillians feeling like shit and mom's out for the night so I'm dropping her off so you can take care of her". I turn around and see poor Gillian with this sad look on her face.

I'm NOT happy that they're here, but I gotta be the good dad here. "Oh poor Gillian baby, okay, go to your room and go lay down and I'll yong adorable gals fucked from back striptease and hardcore you some soup." She just nods her head and goes upstairs.

"Thanks dad, I gotta run, muah" my oldest kisses my cheek and heads out the door. As Stef leaves my wife Helen walks in with this look like, why are THEY here. "WHY ARE THEY HERE?" she says in a stern voice. I tell her about Gillian and her being sick, and being sorry that our plans are postponed for now.

She starts to yell at me for about five minutes straight, when I tell her I'm sorry and ill make it up to her. "You know how fucking bad I need this right now. We haven't fucked in like two weeks and I need some release George." I tell her not now with Gillian here and I head upstairs to take a long shower.

"Do me a favor honey, while I take a shower and nap can you make sure Gillian gets her soup, and maybe a Tylenol too." Helen shoots me this look like what the fuck, "ughh I'm such a good step-mother. My head is starting to hurt too" is the last thing I hear as I head up to my room.

Helen's POV That fucking prick and his shit-head daughters. It's been too long since I've been laid and I'm so fed up with this shit. I finally compose myself and go to my room to change out of my work clothes.

I strip down and look at myself in the mirror and I can't believe I'm not getting any. I'm about 5'9, with straight black hair, tan skin, beautiful legs, a firm stomach, a tight ass, and the nicest set of tits a 34 year old can have with 34dd's. "If I don't get any soon I'm going to explode", I say out loud. I put on some sweats and just a tank top figuring if I'm not fucking tonight, I might as well be comfortable.

I notice my husband passed out on the bed. He's such a deep sleeper, so he's definitely done for the night.

Great. I hear Gillian calling out "daddy (cough cough) I really need a drink of water". That little brat. I yell back "dad's in the shower Gillian, I'll get you some water". I head down stairs foxy babes get nailed in an orgy fill up a glass of water, and try to look for some Tylenol or advil or something.

I can't find anything, but I do see a bottle on the table labeled "pills". It'll do. I grab one for her and a glass of water and head upstairs. I ease my way into Gillian's room.

I notice that she's under the covers and watching TV with this drowsy face. "Hey honey, feeling better?". "Ugh not really, my head really hurts" says Gillian. "Well I got you a glass of water, and something for your headache too." I sit on the side of the bed and help her sit up to drink the water and give her the pill. Gillian was probably the only daughter of George's I could stand.

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She was always so polite, smiley, innocent, and she's very cute. She's short at only 5'2, but she has brown hair, a button nosed, green eyes, and is a bit of a stick. I don't really care but I notice that she's starting to grow some tits finally, like a small a cup, and has a nice bubble butt.

"So Gillian how was school?" I try to make bullshit conversation. "Pretty good. Me and my friends had a bake sale fundraiser for the freshmen class, and that was pretty fun. That's about it." She takes the pill and finishes the water. "That's so mature and kind of you Gillian. You're always doing the right thing sweety". That's when I notice Gillian's expression change. She had this confused look on her face, like she was trying to remember something.

She started to breathe heavy. "Gillian are you okay?" she was fine a second ago. "Yeah yeah, im fine, just a little hot is all. I don't know what it is." She looks very bothered and irritated, and is still breathing heavy, and she pulls down the cover for air.

I notice all she's wearing is a big t-shirt that goes down to her knees. "Should I open a window or something, get a fan, what can I do?" "Nothing nothing, I'm fine I'm fine. You know Helen, I know we give you a hard time sometimes because you kinda stole our dad from us, but you're not so bad." She's looking at right at my eyes with this seductive look that I've never seen from Gillian before.

She's actually stroking my arm as she's saying this. What the hell is going on? "Aw Gillian it means a lot to hear that from you." "And you're so pretty too…and skinny&hellip.and have such large boobs that I'm so jealous of" Gillian says. What is she saying? This is my step-daughter right? "Aww hun, thanks you're pretty too don't be jealous".

She stops stroking my arm, "it's soo hot in here, oh my gawd"…as I notice she's pulling at the bottom of her t-shirt and is starting to lift it up and, I can't believe it, but she actually just pulled the shirt right off. "That feels much better". I just sat there in total shock. I look down at Gillian and I see a slightly tanned girl, wearing nothing but pink panties, totally topless.

This is the first time I've ever seen one of the girls naked. "So much better" she says in a soothing voice as her hands start to touch her stomach and slowly make their way up to her tits. Her tits!? Her soft small perky tits that she was now massaging right in front of me. Those little brown nipples that were standing straight up as she began foxy babes get nailed in an orgy pinch them, RIGHT IN front of me.

"Gillian what the hell do you think you're doing?" I ask. I can't stop staring and I can't stop feeling a bit turned on at the same time. I know I complained earlier about not fucking for quite sometime, but I never thought I'd get so wet seeing my step-daughter half-naked touching herself. I never thought about it…but something had taken over Gillian, I don't know what…maybe she decided to finally let herself go.

"Mmmm I don't know Helen but this feels so much better. I finger myself sometimes at night, but I've never been so horny in my life," her eyes are basically closed as she looks like she's in a state of bliss with her hands massaging her little tits."Do you finger yourself a lot", did I really just ask that?

"The funny thing is not really…once in a blue a good girl.such a good girll.gooood girl, so fucking good". She's lost it. I've lost it. I've fooled around with girls in school, sure, but that was such a long time ago and now Im sitting here getting so wet, and all I wanna do right now is touch her, but I can't do that, I just can't. "Ohhhh mmmmm, oh jeez this is so great, I really needed this" she pants as one of her hands slides into her panties and I see her hand begin to rub.

"ohhh wowww, my little puss is so wet" is all she can say as this adorable girl was playing with her nipple with one hand and now had her little hand in her panties touching herself. "Honey I can't be here for this, ill let you be alone" I finally get my senses, when the last thing I expected happened.

Her eyes finally dart open and she says "No Helen you can't leave now, I need you so badly". I'm just frozen as she kneels up and wraps herself around me as she starts to kiss me on the cheek, and licks down to my shoulder and gives me such a hot kiss on my neck and goes back up and looks at me and says "Im so horny helen, im so freakin horny" as shes panting and still licking and kissing my face and neck. I don't know what to do, my hands are wrapped around this topless 15year old girl, and I can feel her hands rubbing all over her back, and her nipples pressed up against my tank top covered tits.

That look on her face I won't ever forget. "I'm horny too Gillian" is all I say as I finally kiss her back, and our tongues go flying into eachtother. It's so hot as she's being so aggressive with her little tongue rubbing against mine and her hands all over my body. My hands are resting on her back, but as our kiss goes longer I start to feel around.

I squeeze her tiny panty covered ass, and then I rub my hands up her small stomach and finally I reach up and give her hard nipples a squeeze. "OH mmmmmmm Helen yes touch me touch me, touch me everywhere" she moans, but before I continue my exploration Gillian pulls my tank top straps down until my tits pop right out.

"Your boobs are so nice Helen" she says as her hands begin to touch them, squeeze them, and has no problem with going right in and start to suck on my hard pink nipples. "OH wow Gillian, that's it, suck on my tits, I want to feel your mouth on my sexy tits. MMMMM oh yesss yesss, I want my stepdaughter to make me feel good" I actually said those worse.

I push Gillian back onto her back, her head on the pillow. and I peel her panties off. I look right in her eyes as my hand goes between her legs and as soon as my hand makes contact "ohhhh uhhh uhhh yes yes that feels great Helen, rub me right there I like that." My experienced hand rubs her little clit so gently, but its driving this girl crazy.

My other hand is pressed up against her stomach as I hold her down as she starts to thrash as I push a finger inside her tight little pussy, "ohhh my god, oh my god huhh huh huh". I can feel her ready to explode, but before she does I stop and she gives me the saddest look on her face.

But that quickly changes as I go to the foot of the bed, I lay on my stomach and my tongue stretches out right inside her pussy. "I've never done anything like this beforeeeee and its amazinggg, ohhh wow im going to cum, im going to cum".

I've never head my stepdaughter curse before this started. My tongue and fingers worked on this girls pussy until I felt her pussy tightening up and her body lift off the bed, "ummmmm ohhhh helne Helen" just then a gushing wave of her uices flowed onto my mouth. "oh my god that was amazing Helen.

I'm such a good girl. I've never even gone to 2nd base before. But wow" as her hands go back up to her tits. At this point, my sexual frustration rose so high that I needed something. I stand up beside the bed and I pull down my sweat pants and panties and I climb onto the bed and I straddle my legs right on top of her face.

"I've never eaten a girls puss befo." is all she can get out as I press my pussy right up against her face. I had this girl on her back and my pussy was sitting right on top of her face. "Gillian you suck your step-moms pussy, that's it.oooh right there, right there, just snake that tongue meximilf gabby quinteros sucks amp fucks her doctor there ohhh ohhhhhhhh ohhh yess"…im riding this girls tongue, and my hands are playing wit my tits as they bounce on top.

I feel Gillians hands cup my adult ass as she finds my clit and starts to suck on that. "Smart girl, you're such a smart good girl…suchhh a good girl wowww wowww, im going to cumm". My body basically convulses as I cam on my stepdaughters face. But she's still working me she can't stop. I cant hurt her feelings so I turn around with me on top and I go back into her pussy in a 69 poisition. Here my slender body is on top of this young girls body with my pussy humping against her mouth as my tongue fucks her pussy at the same time.

"uhh uhhh mmm, babby" is all I can say. For about thirty minutes or so we are entangled in this position licking and sucking, and at one point when she has three fingers up inside me I feel the biggest orgasm come up.

"faster faster faster fuck me fuck me, oh gilly here' it comes" and I just squirt so much of my juics right on her face. I've never squirted before and it was on my stepdaughters face.

But it didn't stop her and she kept eating. Back and forth with multiple positions we're fucking like crazy. We end in a scissoring position so we can face eachother. I can feel her little pussy rub against mineand we start to grind harder and faster. "yes gilly yess gilly, fuck me fuck me fuck me, " uh uhh uhhh mommmy, Helen, whatever im cumming, your smooth pussy feels so good against my little pussy".

We each have our last orgasm and collapse on the bed. After a few moments I gather my thoughts massage rooms sexy teen with plump round bum stand up. "wow Gillian, that was amazing.

I really needed that" as I start to put my clothes back on. I look back and notice Gillian basically passed out on her back, still naked, with my juices on her face and her tits.

All of a sudden I realize that I just fucked George's stepdaughter&hellip.did he see? Oh my god? Did he see?

I really gather my senses now and dress Gillian up as fast as I can, and run to his room……&hellip.luckily he looks passed out, asleep. "Phew thank god". I can't do that ever again, tomorrow I'll have a talk with Gillian, and that'll be that The next morning after a long, restful nights sleep, I wake up and head to Gillians room where I see she's watching iCarly and eating cereal.

"Hey Gillian how you doing?" "Fine" she says. "Listen about last was wonderful and all but I don't think we can do it again." With a confused look, "what?".

"Look I know you're confused, and we all have urges, but I love your dad and I can't hurt him. So I hope you understand.

We have to forget about last night". Gillian says, "Forget about what?" "Exactly". And I leave the room. *There's A LOT more to come from this series and I hope you liked it. Even if you don't ill write more, because I love these kind of stories.