Shaved wet crack for a meaty pecker

Shaved wet crack for a meaty pecker
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If I had you right now I would have you dressed into a short cotton dress, a tight fitting blouse, no bra, no panties, and a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels. You know the ones that say come fuck me. I would drive you to the local supermarket and have you go in first. I would follow your swaying hot ass into the store.

You then take the the note paper I gave you and read it, your mission inside is to go to the produce department and pick out the biggest, widest, and longest cucumber. Just one and only this item, take it through the check out.

Every guy, girl and checker will know exactly what a Whorish Slut You are, but you wouldn't have it another way. You get in the car and I want your skirt up so I can see your increasing growing damp pussy as we drive back to my place.

Once inside I take you to my bedroom where I have a four poster king size bed, with large post. I order you to put one of your legs over the corner of the bed and around the pole. Do you have the picture, you are straddling the pole between your legs, the pole is in front of you rising up. You obey with a smile which is just another symbol of your willingness to open your legs for me and anyone I allow to use you. Your semi standing semi-sitting facing out away from the foot of the bed.

Next I bound your wrist firmly with your hands in front of you on the outside of the poll. Now you have nowhere to go. How appropriate, it's hard, big and long and best of all it's between your long pretty legs. Your skirt is up hiked high around your thighs I grab a hand full of your hair pulling it back as I lick your neck and biting my way down to your heaving firm breasts.

I love seeing you helpless and for whatever I want to do to you. You watch me take off my clothes because: "when I have finish I'm going to rip your clothes from your body." "Look at me stroke my swollen cock you fucking whore." "That's the only thing your good for.used to put cock into, a fuck hole." "You know you love it and want it don't you can't stop it." I grab your top and with one tearing pull your blouse rips wide open, exposing those big mouth watering breast.

You let out a scream as the torn material hangs around your waist. I palm and squeeze those tits pulling on the hard eraser size nipples. My mouth on the other one dragging my teeth over the nipple till you yell out with pain. You beg me to stop but that's means nothing, you are mine.again I run your taut red tortured nipple between my teeth.

"Keep begging cunt it's no use" You struggle behind the poll, twisting trying to break your binds. The more you struggle the more that big wooden pole rubs against your now aroused wet pussy, exposing your labia.

Now to finish exposing your heated flesh I take your skirt and tear it up the front. "I should call all the neighbors over to see my slave slut and have everyone use you." "That will be for next time, right?" You start to answer yes.yes."Be careful." yes. "Wrong answer, you will be reminded of the correct answer shortly. For now you she crawls into her man to give him a blowjob a date with a cucumber.

I take the 10 inch monster you picked out and have you lick it, you refuse to then I grab you by the hair and shove it your mouth.

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Take it in you show me how you suck cock bitch. After this I'm going to shove it in your nasty hole and make you take it. Your going to love being filled with a big fuck toy. You plead it's too big. You'll take it all in due time. I start the tip inside your wet and spread cunt lips, you take the first 6 inches like a pro.

I stand back to watch you, rope bound, torn clothing hanging off your flushed body. As this big cucumber is hanging out of you, what a nasty sight. I take your favorite leather riding crop sharply across your shapely ass.

You pull forward toward the poll trying to escape the next anticipated sting. There is no way out. "Have you learned through your mistake?" I lay another on your left ass cheek for hesitation. Yes.Master I have.biting down on your lower lip you fight off the last sting of the riding crop. Now you are pushed leather and boots tube porn against the poll leaning into it. "You see, your punishment has brought you pleasure." The the cucumber has worked itself deeper into your horny pussy and your up against the poll, since I'm going to give you my throbbing cock up your ass.Getting on the bed behind you I moisten my fingers with your love juice.

I start working my finger into your tight hole making sure your ready. I reach around to your tits while I start working you on to my rock hard rode. I push you forward as the cucumber is now almost all the way up you. Your so tight around my dick and your loving it. "That's it fuck it whore. fuck it.,you love it don't you?" "Tell me. tell me your my fuck toy." as I slam my dick in your tight ass.

Yes I'm your fuck toy., fuck me. make me your whore Master.!.! "The more you tell me your a worthless cunt the harder I will fuck your tight holes." After pounding your ass the cucumber now has femaleagent stud can fuck but can he finish I unload my cum in your hot ass. Over flowing out down your thighs For the few hours I alternate my cock in your ass then in your redden swollen pussyt.

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Always keeping either my cock or the cucumber in your burning twat. I can't keep you captive much longer as you almost orgasm yourself close to passing out. Removing you from your bedpost you are given a cold drink as I wipe you down your entire body with a cool damp cloth as I lay next to you and caress you into sleep.