Pregnant young ebony gets slippery pussy smashed in bedroom

Pregnant young ebony gets slippery pussy smashed in bedroom
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Everything is Relative parts 1&2 As I sat on my deck, sharing a glass of wine with my wife's younger cousin, Rita, I began reflecting on the sexual benefits of marrying into this family. I haven't figured out why the wife's female relatives have so much sex drive, but they all seem to have been drawn to my cock at one time or another.

I would dearly love to think that, my good looks, bodacious personality, my love to flirt, my appreciation of the opposite sex, and, of course, word of mouth recommendations, is the reason I have busty black babe has her face creamed my wife's mom (Jakki), two aunts (Nanci and Joyce), step-sister (Katie), three cousins (including Rita), her sister-in-law, (Kim) and a niece (Deana).

The following stories are as accurate as my sixty-eight year old mind can recollect. ------------------------- Jacquelyn Shortly after Carly and I married, I began meeting my wife at my mother-in-law's house every evening, after work. Since she wasn't working at the time, she served as babysitter for her younger sister Nanci, and her husband Kyle.

Carly rode to work, and back, with them, since they all worked in the same warehouse district. Jacquelyn, who prefers to be called Jakki, usually had a snack for me, and sometimes fixed a full supper for all of us. I usually pulled in about 4:45, but the others didn't get off work until 6pm, so Jakki, baby Rita, and myself had about one and a half hours to visit, snack, play cards, etc. I was changing Rita's diaper one evening, when I happened to mention that she had all the 'good little girl' equipment her cousin, Carly had.

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Jakki overheard me, and commented, "All us Landers girls are built the same way. The way that just drives men crazy.

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Her little puss will do that to boys, too, some day." I was surprised to hear her words, but I already knew her background. Jakki's first husband, Carly's dad, was a means of escaping the back country and making a life in the big city. She had lost her virginity long before she married, and had fucked several boys in high school.

None of them wanted to make a life with such a loose woman, so when the guy from two towns away met her at a picture show, she fawned over him until he fell in love. She withheld her pussy from him, until he believed he was going to be her first cock. Her paw liked the boy, gladly gave him her hand, and the young couple left for the good life. After three marriages, and many affairs, she was living by herself and babysitting for a living. After about four months of seeing Jakki every evening, she began to expose her underwear to me, as she worked around the house.

Of course, I usually grinned, and told her she'd be getting both of us in trouble, if she wasn't careful. One day, when I walked into the house, she came out of her bedroom naked, and walked down the hallway towards me, smiling. "How's my handsome son-in-law, today?" She walked straight up against me, "I need a good fucking, Don. There's nobody I'd rather get it from than you. Rita's asleep, and we have plenty of time." I let her unbuckle my belt, unzip my jeans, and pull my rapidly hardening dick from my boxers.

At thirty-eight, Jakki was still a good looking woman, and very few women were obese in the early 1960's. Slim, with a fine ass and small (but adequate) tits, her experienced hands had me undressed in seconds. My initial reaction, stunned, disappeared quickly when her hand began working the foreskin back and forth on my shaft. I bent, took a nipple in my mouth, and started working my hands on her ass and cunt. Her right foot shifted outward, allowing my fingers to slip into her wet slit.

"Oh, Goddddd, Donnie," she moaned, "Goddddd that feels so goooood." She kissed my lips, quickly, and told me, "C'mon". When we secretary fucks herself with a dildo hardcore toys on the bed, her mouth sought out my erection, and her lips closed over it, making 'yum' sounds as she sucked and dipped up and down.

As her mouth worked, she maneuvered her body over mine, and positioned her fuzzy mound over my face. In seconds, I pulled her ass tight to me, while I drove my tongue in and out of her heated pussy, my nose at her asshole, my chin on her clit.

Carly usually takes a while to have her first orgasm, but not her mother. In less than a minute, she was jamming her body downward onto my face, making it hard for me to breathe. As soon as her first orgasm was over, flexible lilly ford fucks a huge hard cock spun around, saddled my dick, and rode me to my first load of cum. When it hit, my fingers were digging into her tits, her head was thrown back and she was yelling at the ceiling, "God, yes!

Oh, no! Yes, fuck! Cum in me, Don! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh, God yes, that's so goood!" After catching our breath, she laid onto my chest, dick still seated deep in her sloppy wet cunt. "Oh my," she said quietly, "I'm glad Rita didn't wake up.

You're good, Donnie boy, very good. Carly's a lucky girl. But, she's not getting all your fucking, now. I'll be ready every afternoon.

I'm going to like being your lover-in-law." I learned many things about having sex, from Jakki, over the next five months. During that time, before I was transferred to Milwaukee, she and Carly kept my balls drained. As far as little Rita is concerned, her story will come later, much after the one about her mother, Nanci.

---------------------------------------- "Don?" It was Rita, holding her wine glass toward me, "I guess you were in deep thought, I asked for a little more." "I'm sorry, sugar," I responded by pouring her another half glass full, "I was just thinking about the 'good old days'.

I sure did a lot of things, and a lot of girls, in those days. In fact, since you know what I'm talking about, I'll be honest with you. I was thinking about the first time I had sex with your aunt Jakki." "REALLY?" Her eyes widened, "Aunt Jakki?

Wow, I knew about Jami, Abby and myself, but&hellip.aunt Jakki. I had no idea. Did you screw anybody else I know?" My mind began re-living the two times I had quickies with Rita's mother (Jakki's sister), Nanci. "Yes, darlin'," I said, "Your mom was my next conquest&hellip." -------------------------------------- sex slave experience days night as more iyarashiiko japanese and asian Nanci Nanci was pregnant with her first child when Carly and I started dating.

The two were more like sisters, rather than aunt and niece, because Carly was raised by her grandparents, Nanci & Jakki's parents. Less than four years separated the two. Rita was born the same night I proposed to Carly. Seven weeks later, Nanci displayed her 'to die for' body in a gold dress, as Carly's matron of honor at our wedding.

Nobody could believe how she had toned up, lost the extra baby fat, and fit so well into her tight dress. Hell, my eyes were on her, as much as they were on my bride. That five foot tall minx slipped in and out of my thoughts all night long, as my cock was slipping in and out of my new wife. A short year later, we made the drive to Carly's grandparents' place for Rita's first birthday celebration. Nanci, Kyle and I had volunteered to pick green beans, from the garden, but right after we started, Carly's grandmother called to us, "Rita woke up, and I'm not strong enough to pick her up out of her crib!" Kyle quickly said he'd take care of her, and headed for the farm house.

I worked my way down the rows, on my knees, but Nanci was short enough to just bend down, to pick the beans. "Damn!" I spoke outloud as I watched her fine ass stretched her cut-off jean shorts tight. She stood up, looked around and asked me what was wrong. "Not one thing," I replied. She knew damn well I was checking out her ass, and made a point to stick it up, toward me, as much as possible.

"I just noticed how fine your ass looks in those shorts. Does it look just as good out of them?" She brought her sack of beans to me, dumped them in the basket, pointed at the bulge in my own shorts, and said, "Does that look as good out of your britches, as it does trying to get out?" I glanced over my shoulder to see if Kyle was coming back, yet, than jerked my zipper down.

Since I don't wear undershorts, my cock popped right out. "What do you think, does it look good enough to you? Or maybe I should ask if it looks good enough for you try on for size?" She dropped to her knees and started moving things around, with one hand on my boner all the time. "Oh, yes," she smiled, "I've got to have this in me, soon, too." She ducked her head, took only the head in her lips, gave a couple of quick sucks, licked it to the base, kissed it on the tip, and said again.

"very soon, like today." Carly and I had a small, mixed breed dog (we just called her Little Girl) who was expecting her first litter of pups. We had brought her to the farm with us, because Little Girl love to run loose, and she was always confined to a small back yard, when we were home. She was an unusually quiet dog, and rarely made any sound, not even an occasional bark.

After our dinner meal, at noon, I slipped outside and put Little Girl in the cellar. Shortly afterwards, I went through the pretense of looking for her, to feed her some scraps. Carly had gone to the pond, with Paw, fishing. When I announced that I couldn't find my dog, Nanci bounced up, and offered to help look for her, if Kyle would stay close to Grandma & Rita.

As soon as we were forty feet from the house, I told Nanci, "Don't x sensual pierced and aroused shaved pussy and doggystyle for her too loud, she's locked in the cellar. You go that way, and I'll go this. Make a circle and meet me in the barn. She must have circled at a dead run, because she was naked, bent over, with her ass shining. Looking over her shoulder at me, she asked, "Well, does it look as good, now?" I had my shorts off, spit on my dick, and mounted that gorgeous bitch in seconds.

When my cock hit bottom, she groaned, "Oh my goodness, Don, it's better than I thought. Do me hard, real hard.

Fast, too. That makes me cum, Don, hard and fast. Oooooh, yesss, ooooh." I pumped and pounded her, doggy style for three or four minutes. I was so horny my blast hit, long before I wanted it to. I couldn't help it, though. I had my seven inches buried between the finest ass cheeks I'd ever seen, bare.

Her pussy contracted, grabbed, squeezed, until every drop was milked from my balls. "Sorry, darlin'," I told her, "You're so fuckin' sexy, I couldn't hold back long enough for you to cum." "But, I did, Don, twice. I just don't make much noise, like some girls do. But I really did, honest." She stood, turned to face me, and kissed hd virgin teen hardcore social media creeper, swapping tongues.

Then she dropped cogida rica de antildeo nuevo creampie amateurs the hay covered floor, and took my limp dick between her teeth. By the time she bobbed five or six times, I was rock hard, again. Nanci pulled off, rolled her eyes up, looking into mine, and said, "Go ahead, give me your cum.

We don't have enough time to screw again, but we'll hide the dog again tomorrow after church. By the next day, I discovered, what they called a ¾ bed in the cellar. Kyle wanted Nanci to go to Whipsocket, where he and little Rita would attend church with his parents and sister. She faked menstrual cramps, and declined.

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When the grandparents and Carly went fishing again, I stayed at the house, offering to clean out the barn. Nanci was slurping my noodle before the pickup got out of sight. Once I shot a batch down her throat, I took her hand and led her to the cellar.

I pulled the top blanket off, while she undressed. Then we fucked…and we fucked…and we fucked. "Kyle's never lasted four times in a row," she told me. "I seriously hope we can do this again, sometime, lots of times in fact. But, Don.I could fall in love with you and your dick.

I'll never leave Kyle, though, so maybe we better not, okay?" I bent over the naked goddess, and began kissing her ears, then neck, then her nipples.

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She had two orgasms while I caressed those flawless tits, and finger fucked her. She came twice more, while I ate her luscious cunt, which looked almost bald, because of her sparse, blonde pubic hair. Then my throbbing cock found heaven, again. Ever so slowly I stroked in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. The feeling was amazing. To this point in my sex life, I had never felt such ecstasy.

We kissed each other with a passion, and explored our bodies with our hands. After her third quiet orgasm, she began grunting and shoving upward with each thrust. Her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks when she hit the biggest one she ever had.

"Shit! Don! Oh God! Oh my fucking God!" Her little arms clinched my waist, almost squeezing me in two. "Now, Donnnnn! Deeep! N-N-Nowww!" She literally shivered, no, make that 'quaked' when the flow of my seed dumped against her cervix. Neither of us could mya nicole lesbian ass fuck for several minutes. We felt a slight movement, then Nanci exclaimed, "Wha…?" Little Girl had jumped onto the bed, and was trying to lick the mess, of cum and pussy juice, from Nanci's legs, working her way toward her cunt.

I patted the pup on the head, and told her to get down. "Sorry, girl, this is my job." -------------------------- I noticed Rita was sitting with her mouth gaping open, staring at her empty wine glass. "I can't believe mom cheated on dad. They've always been so close.

I just can't believe it." "Sugar," I laid my hand on her bare leg, and slowly rubbed it back and forth, "That weekend was the only time the two of us ever had sex. We both knew it would wreck both our marriages, if we kept it up. She used to confide in me about not being satisfied with your dad's virility.

She had, at least, two more affairs, that I know about. But… she's always been there for Kyle, when he wants it. I have to say, though, Nanci was the best pussy I've ever had." Please watch for my sequel, 'Everything is Relative parts 3&4'