Blond teen in stockings fingers and rubs

Blond teen in stockings fingers and rubs
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Taboo Pleasure Chapter Three: Rebecca's Bondage Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 October 14th, 2041 Rebecca Miller My stomach clenched while ice seemed to spill down my spine.

Everyone else at the breakfast table, my half-sister, my mother, Anya, and Ramona were oblivious to what Lizzie had just sent me. Lizzie, a black-haired girl of eighteen, had a grin on her face as she held her phone. She, along with Anya and Ramona, was my sister's friends. They had spent the night to celebrate Brita turning eighteen. Lizzie new the naughty things I had done. That my mother and I had sex last night. Wild, kinky, naughty sex. Lizzie had photos she texted Mom and me embracing, kissing, our naked bodies pressed tight.

There was a pic of me nursing from my mother's lactating breasts. Of my futa-cock slamming to the hilt in the pussy that had birthed me. It was proof of our incestuous relationship. "What do you want?" I texted back, struggling to control my panic. "So, what did you and my horny slut casey calvert in a interracial anal pounding do?" Brita asked, staring at Ramona. I just had sex with Ramona, the second one of my sister's friends that I had fucked this weekend.

"She busted out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold," Ramona said. "Kinky," my sister said. "Ooh, you're a futa-player, aren't you, Rebecca?" "Uh-huh," I said, staring at my phone while Lizzie casually texted with hers.

This weight crushed me and my half-sister was babbling away.

"It was hot," Ramona said. "She even licked my pussy clean after fucking me." "Wow," my sister said. "She did that to me, too," Anya said. My stomach squirmed. That was actually my mom both times. She snuck into my room last night while I was showering to devour Anya's deflowered pussy. It was how I learned my mom wanted to do things with me. Then this morning, when Ramona wanted to have a romp with me, Mom suggested the blindfold and handcuffs.

Ramona had no idea Mom was in the room doing things with her, and me. "I want you and your mom to come over to my house this afternoon and have fun," Lizzie texted.

"Relax. I'm not going to rat you out or anything. I think incest is hot. I want to share it with you." "You promise not to tell anyone.

Like my sister!" Brita couldn't know that I was having sex with our mother. After Mom had her one-night stand with my futa-mother, Becky Woodard, she married Vern. They had Brita two years after I was born. Vern passed away a few kelly hart takes a shower on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg ago.

He was a great step-father. "I promise," Lizzie texted back. "I don't want to ruin the fun." Some of the tension in my shoulders relaxed. I lowered my phone while my mom laughed at something Ramona said. I put my phone away and stared down at the chocolate-chip pancakes Brita and her friends made while I was upstairs having fun with Mom and Ramona. "So, when are you and Lizzie going to hook up?" Mom asked, staring across the table.

I shrugged. "I have homework to do." "Yeah," Lizzie said, "I got to get home soon. My parents want me to mow the lawn before they take off for their dumb office party.

They don't trust me not to do it after they leave." "I wouldn't trust you either," said Brita. Lizzie sighed. "If our yard didn't have so many bushes in it, we could have an auto lawnmower. But the AIs on those things just never do it right. Not good enough for dad." She smiled. "Maybe you can come over to my house this afternoon." "Uh, maybe," I said.

"You'll love it," Ramona said. "My boyfriend's going to freak when he hears I fucked a futa. I should have taped it." "I'm not interested in being in porn," I said, still feeling off-balanced by all of this.

My futa-mother, the world's first futa, had really changed things with her hyper-sexuality. Every woman she fucked had a futa-daughter, and she fucked up to a dozen women in a day.

I had thousands of sisters all around the world. Curious women were always wanting to have sex with me. It was fun, but now. Now I just wanted my mom. She was a lot of fun. The best lover I ever had. Not long after, the girls fled, gabbing as they head upstairs to dress.

Brita's friends had to get going. It left Mom and me alone. Swallowing, I leaned over the table. "Um, Lizzie knows about us." "Oh?" Mom said, her eyes widening. "You mean.?" "She caught us last night." I leaned back in the chair. "Why don't I close the door? I was so caught up with you and." I sighed. "What is she going to do?" Mom asked, her voice tight. She licked her lips, her features paling. She leaned down, her black hair slipping off her shoulders and spilling secretaries get drilled by their hung boss the front of her housecoat.

"She wants to have a threesome with us at her parents' house." I swallowed. "This afternoon." "Oh," Mom said. Then her eyes brightened. "Mmm, this time I don't have to hide and not moan out. That was hard when you were fucking my asshole while I feasted on Ramona." My cheeks warmed. "Okay, well, it seems like an easy, and fun, price to pay," Mom said. She stood up and began collecting plates like this was an ordinary Saturday morning breakfast. "You are a lot.

kinkier than I thought." Mom gave an earthy grin. "I was your age when I had you. Your generation didn't invent sex or anything. The things me and your father would do while you girls were sleeping." An aching emptiness stretched out the air around us. I shifted. I could feel the absence Vern left in all our lives.

I shifted on the table, my heart pounding in my chest.

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I swallowed, my fingers flexing and relaxing. "He'd want you to be happy," I said. "With you?" she asked. I shrugged. "Maybe he'd find it hot." Mom threw back her head and laughed. It was such a delight.

"I bet he would. He had a pervy streak in him." She sighed. "Please don't think I'm trying to replace him with you, Rebecca." "I know you don't," I said. "I'm glad to make you happy, Mom." "Mmm, you do." She set down the plates in the kitchen and came back in. She knelt before me. "You have no idea how much you do." I gasped as she shoved up my tennis skirt, exposing my panties. My futa-dick was swelling in them. I subtitled japanese ghost hunting haunted park investigation hear movement upstairs.

This was so wild. Then she jerked my panties down. Her mouth engulfed the tip of my girl-dick. My pussy clenched as the incestuous bliss shot down it. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. This wild passion surged around me.

My snatch clenched as a dizzying wave swept over me. It was incredible to feel. Her lips worked up and down my shaft. She sucked hard, with an intensity that made me clench my fist. My mother moaned about my cock. Her tongue swabbed it. This bliss flowed through me. My heart pounded in my chest. Juices dripped down my thighs. "Damn," I groaned, panting as she loved me.

"That's—" Footsteps thudded down the stairs. My mom pulled her mouth off my dick. I squeaked and struggled to pull up my panties, pinning my cock against my skirt as I spun around, putting my back to the dining room entrance.

"Hey, Mom," Brita said, my sister's voice sounding sweet, "I'm going to hang out at Anya's. Probably study for awhile then go to the mall to do some shopping." "Oh, sure, honey," Mom said, standing up as I played with the front of my skirt. "Um, what were you doing kneeling, Mom?" "Just. dropped my contact," Mom said.

She blinked her eye. "I found it." "Yep," I said, shoving my skirt down over my cock, my panties only half-covering it. "And that's why you're standing so weird, Rebecca?" Brita asked. I smiled at her over my shoulder. I couldn't let her see my bulge. "Yep." "Okay," she said, shaking her head.

"Well, bye, Mom. Rebecca! Thanks for the awesome birthday party!" "You're welcome, sweetie." I sighed a relief when she was gone. Once the house was empty, Mom finished that blowjob. It was amazing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Around 2 PM, Mom and I arrived at Lizzie's we are hairy milf fuck domestic disturbance call.

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She texted me the moment her parents left, begging me to come over. Mom was eager, too. She was wearing a sundress with nothing on beneath. "Why waste any time," she'd giggle. "We're here to get wild." She was like a girl, bubbly and excited as we slutty czech kitten opens up her yummy slit to the unusual up to the porch. My futa-dick throbbed in my panties. My dick twitched. Footsteps padded beautiful lady ki gand marne ki story the door, then it opened revealing Lizzie dressed in a leather corset of all things.

It cupped her small breasts, leaving her nipples exposed. It hugged the curve of the eighteen-year-old girl's waist.

She wore thigh-high boots to complete the look. My eyes fell on her pussy, her labia thick and thrusting out in a ridge of glistening flesh from her shaved mons. "Oh, my," Mom said. "That is. quite the outfit, Lizzie." "Did you know my parents have a sex dungeon?" the girl asked, her eyes bright. "I've brought a few girls down to play with when my parents weren't around, but never a futa.

This will be so much fun." "Sex. dungeon?" I asked. "Yeah, some bondage and little spanking," she said, grinning. "You're a big college girl. You can handle it." I swallowed. "Yeah, I can." I handcuffed Ramona, and she found it hot. "Okay, let's do it." "Mmm, this will be fun.

Your father used to handcuff me to the bed and have his way with me." Mom bumped her hip against mine. "Maybe next time you're home from college, we can convince Brita to spend the night at a friend's house and you can do the same to me." My futa-dick was rock-hard in my panties, my pussy soaking the crotch.

"I think I'd like that, Mom." "Oh, my god, you two are so hot together," Lizzie said. She may be dressed like a dominatrix, but she squealed like an eighteen-year-old girl at a boy band concert, like Latin Five or The Cross. They were big when I was in high school. Were they still? Lizzie grabbed milf tanya tate eating skylar madisons teenpussy hands and dragged us through her house.

I hadn't been over and hardly had time to drink in the modern ascetics. It was clean, with a lot of whites and beige. Before I knew it, we were at a staircase that led down to the dungeon. Of course, it was in the basement. My pussy became wetter, my dick throbbed harder, and my stomach grew tighter. Nerves and lust shot through hawt pretty playgirl dominated hardcore and bondage as we descended to a black-painted door.

Lizzie grinned and thrust it open onto a room painted black. No, it was covered in black acoustic foam. The carpet was thick beneath my feet. My heart raced as I saw a shelf covered in flails and whips and paddles.

Each one looked like they were set down with care, almost like paraphernalia on an altar. Another shelf held various handcuffs and small clamps. I blushed when I realized where those would go. From the center of the room hung a pair of manacles bolted to the ceiling and a sex swing right before it. I linked at that. I had never used a sex swing before. I heard about them. They were supposed to be. exciting. "Oh, my, this is impressive," Mom said.

"I had no idea your parents were into this." "Yeah, I'm pretty sure 'office party' is their code for BDSM orgy or something," Lizzie said. "But it lets us have their dungeon free for our fun." She grabbed a blindfold off another shelf, a black mask trimmed in red lace.

"I feel inspired by Ramona. Your turn, Rebecca." I swallowed and then shrugged. "Yeah, sure. Ramona loved it." "Mmm, she did," Mom purred. "She had no idea I was in the room with them." "Oooh, your mom is naughty," purred Lizzie.

"I love it." "Yeah, she's a kinky one," I said as Lizzie pushed the blindfold into my hands. Her fingers brushed mine. "Okay, get naked, then we're going to have fun." While I was still playing with the blindfold, Mom was unzipping her dress and slipping out of it.

She wiggled her shoulders and then her big breasts appeared. They swayed as she worked her dress over her hips. The fabric dropped it to the floor.

"Oh, you are gorgeous as I imagined, Mrs. Miller," moaned Lizzie. She grabbed my mom's breast and nuzzled her face between them. The naughty girl kneaded them, reveling in them. My pussy soaked my panties. Then Lizzie latched onto a nipple and suckled. As I finally started stripping, Lizzie popped her mouth off. "Oh, wow, you're lactating. That was breast milk." "I wanted to have a surprise for my futa-daughter when she came home," said Mom, flashing me a naughty look.

I shuddered, swallowing at the smoky quality of it. Lizzie dove her head back down, her black hair swaying, and latched on. The petite girl suckled. She moaned in delight, nursing from my mother's breast. I remembered that creamy treat, the result of a new medical procedure developed out of research into my futa-mother's hyper-sexuality and its causes.

I peeled off my top, my naked breasts coming out, round and jiggling. Then I peeled off my tennis skirt and panties in a single go, freeing my engorged futa-cock. It thrust from the shaved folds of my pussy. My pink lips wrapped around the base of my erect shaft.

It was long and thick, throbbing hard with my excitement. Lizzie glanced at me out of the corner of her eye as she nursed. Her cheeks bulged as she suckled, drinking down x ebony desi story com mother's breast milk. An envious rush shot through me. I trembled, my futa-dick throbbing while my hands gripped the blindfold. The girl popped her mouth off.

"Okay, put on the blindfold and then just let me guide you into place." She gave a girlish squeal, bouncing up and down. "Ooh, Rebecca, this is going to be so much fun.

I had the naughtiest idea for a game we can play with your mom." "Ooh, I'm intrigued," Mom said. "Go on, honey. I won't let her do anything too bad to you." The nervousness only seemed to fuel my excitement, like it made it more visceral.

I pulled on the sleeping mask; the world became black. No light bled through the velvet. The mask fit snug around my face. Suddenly, my heart sounded so loud, thundering in my ears, and my breathing noisy. I could hear them whispering and then a giggle.

Movement swept around me, the air currents caressing my naked body. A hand grabbed my left wrist. "Okay," Lizzie purred, standing right beside me, "just relax, Rebecca. This will be fun." "Sure," I said, the strain of fear making my dick ache more.

Being blindfolded enhanced my other senses. Her fingers felt wonderful on my wrist. She moved me a few feet to my left by the sex swing. Then she lifted my right arm into the air. I groaned at the brush of the leather cuff of the manacle. She wrapped it around my wrist, pulling it tight. I shuddered. I was about to be helpless. I could stop this. I knew I could, but. The fantasy of being at the mercy of Lizzie and my mother was exhilarating.

Helpless. Unable to stop them from doing any naughty, kinky things to my body. My tits. My ass. My pussy. My futa-cock. I groaned as Lizzie raised my other arm and brought my wrist up to the manacle. The leather was cool against me. I shuddered as she tightened it. Her body pressed against me, her small tits brushing my breasts. My cock caressed across her thighs. "Mmm, there you are," she said. "Now you've been a naughty futa, haven't you?" "I. I have," I moaned. SMACK!

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I gasped at the stinging impact on my rump. It sent this warmth through me. This delicious heat that made my futa-dick twitch. I shifted, the manacles rattling over my head.

I groaned at the pain melting down into my juicy pussy. "Ooh, I never spanked her as a girl," said Mom. "Maybe Dude fucks whores tight ass critical x should have. Then she wouldn't have seduced her poor, innocent mother." CRACK!

I gasped, knowing that it was my mom's hand that hit my other butt-cheek. My futa-dick bounced before me as this wicked heat swept through my body. I groaned, my heart racing in my chest.

My pussy ached, a line of cream dribbling down my thighs. "I didn't seduce you," I moaned. "Oh, who came to my door last night?" Mom asked. SMACK! "Ooh, yes, that sounds like seduction," purred Lizzie, her hand lingering on my rump. She squeezed me as the pain spread into burning warmth across my rump. "Definitely," Mom said. CRACK! I groaned as her hand landed on my left butt-cheek.

My rump clenched and my pussy ached. My dick twitched and throbbed with my heartbeat. I swayed. I couldn't see them, only hear them around me, moving, their bodies brushing me. A hand touched my hip. SMACK! A finger stroked across my stomach. CRACK! A digit ran down my spine. SMACK! They took turns spanking me.

They applied them one after the other, my ass growing hotter and hotter while their fingers stroked me. Caressed me. I whimpered and groaned, never knowing where the next naughty touch could be. CRACK! Across my areola, circling my nipple. SMACK! Running across the tip of my aching futa-dick, smearing precum into the spongy crown. CRACK! Caressing up my side to my underarm, leaving me gasping and squirming and whimpering. SMACK! The chains creaked over my head while my fingers flexed.

I shuddered and moaned, "I was such a bad futa, Mommy!" "Yes, you were," she purred. CRACK!

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Her hand landed on my rump, the stinging pain melting to my cunt. My juices ran down my thighs, tickling me. A finger ran up my inner thigh, gathering up my sweet pussy juices. I heard sucking. SMACK! I swayed, drunk on this moment. My shoulders ached, but I didn't beg to be freed. I liked being trapped and played with. This was exciting.

Exhilarating. CRACK! "Mmm, you were such a bad futa-daughter last night," Mom purred. "Weren't you?" "I was!" I moaned. "I fucked you so hard, Mom! I pounded you. Ooh, your pussy felt amazing around my dick!" SMACK! I gasped and thrust forward and. My dick nudged against someone's flesh. Leather creaked before me. Chains rattled that weren't my manacles.

A hand grabbed my cock. I shuddered as I was pressed forward. I brushed silky pubic hair and then a pussy was sliding over my shaft. Someone was on the sex swing. I groaned at the feel of a hot cunt engulfing my girl-dick to the hilt.

My ass burned at that wonderful feeling. It was incredible. I bottomed out in the hot cunt, the ticklish pubic hair brushed my labia again, teasing me. Then, as the swing swayed, the pussy slid an inch or two up my cock before sliding back down.

It was heaven. I groaned and shuddered. I stood there as the sex swing's chains creaked. The pussy slid up and down my cock again. It was an amazing experience.

Tight and juicy. This amazing twat that squeezed around my cock. Was it my mother's incestuous pussy or Lizzie's barely legal cunt?

"Who is it?" I moaned. "Guess," Lizzie said, sounding like she was right in front of me. "Oh, yes, who is on your cock," Mom said, her voice sounding like it came from the same place and.

One of them was pushing the swing, working that juicy pussy up and down my cock. My fingers clenched. My pussy drank in the heat as I had to concentrate. My ass burned from their spankings, my dick throbbing in that glorious pussy.

I struggled to think, to focus on whose pussy this was. It was tight and juicy around my big futa-dick. It felt incredible. Silky thighs rubbed against my hips as the sex swing creaked. It was so hot feeling her cunt sliding up my cock and then back down it, that ticklish bush rubbing against my pussy and. Bush.? "Mom!" I groaned in delight. That wonderful heat surged down my cock. "That's you, Mom." My mother let out a throaty laugh.

"It is. It's the pubic hair, right?" "Uh-huh," I moaned as her arms went around my head. She kissed me. That incestuous thrill shot through me as our tongues dueled. I kissed her with hunger. My hips thrust forward. The swing shifted, sliding her pussy up my cock an inch and back down before I pulled back. Our breasts pressed together, her nipples hard on mine. I shuddered, savoring that wonderful pussy working up and down my cock.

I was back in the pussy that birthed me. The incestuous bliss flowed through me from my juicy cunt. The swing moved and shifted as I fucked her. It was incredible. She didn't stay still as I plowed into her. It was so unlike fucking a woman either standing up or lying down.

The way she moved, her pussy sliding around my cock, was incredible, moving with a strange rhythm. "Oh, this is so hot!" moaned Lizzie as she watched. She giggled behind me. "Mmm, I have to play with you." I felt her hands brushing my burning butt-cheeks. She parted me. Then I groaned as she licked at my taint. I shifted my feet, spreading my thighs apart, letting Lizzie get in there and eat my twat as I fucked my mother's cunt. Her tongue darted through my folds.

She caressed me. My fingers twitched. I pulled on the leather cuffs, part of me wanting to be free, but another part of me loving being bound. I had no idea what they would do to me. Lizzie's tongue darted through the folds of my pussy. I whimpered in delight. She teased me, probing into my depths. She fluttered around inside of me.

That hungry tongue swirled through my snatch. "Oh, yes, you like that, don't you?" Lizzie purred. "I do," I groaned, my cunt clenching around the probing tongue as I thrust into my mother's pussy. That tongue swirled around inside of me over and over, fluttering and teasing. Lizzie's hands squeezed my well-spanked rump, adding flares of pain that shot through me.

I groaned, my futa-dick twitching in my mother's cunt. "Ooh, yes, yes, this is so hot," Mom moaned. "Lick her pussy." "Mmm," Lizzie purred into my twat. "You like that, don't you, slut?" I moaned, my hips thrusting forward into my mother's incestuous cunt. Lizzie moaned again into my twat as she feasted on me. Her naughty strokes and licks had my dick throbbing in my mother's pussy.

That silky flesh massaged me. My nipples throbbed, rubbing into my mother's soft breasts. She hugged me tight, the sex swing's chains and my own rattling. My arms burned, but I didn't care. This was incredible.

My dick ached and throbbed as I slammed into my mother's cunt. I reveled in it, the pressure building. I was teased from both ends. This wicked heat squeezed around my futa-cock. The ache swelled and swelled at the tip. I groaned, wanting to ram to the hilt into my mom's twat. To feel her pussy convulsing around my dick. It would be a treat. I pumped forward harder. Faster. I slammed into her juicy depths. The swing creaked and groaned.

My dick plunged into her silky delight. I shuddered, my nipples throbbing against her. I kissed my mother, moaning as we enjoyed this wild delight. "Oh, yes, you just love it, slut," Lizzie cooed. "Mmm, you're savoring that incestuous pussy." "I am!" I groaned as I broke the kiss with Mom, slamming hard into her depths.

Lizzie purred her delight into my twat. Her tongue was incredible. My juices flowed. I was coming closer and closer to cumming in her. Mom kissed and nibbled on my chin and cheeks. Then her lips found mine again, hungry. Her pussy clenched around my dick as I slammed into her.

Her silky pubic hair tickled my twat. I groaned, my heart racing. I couldn't take much more of this double assault.

My dick and pussy both pleased. I rammed into my mother's cunt, the swing creaking as it swayed back, sliding her twat up my cock. Lizzie's lips sucked on my labia. The pressure in my ovaries grew. The ache at the tip of my clit-dick reached a feverish pitch. I thrust forward hard. That silky embrace swept down my girl-dick. I groaned, stars bursting across my blindfolded world as I erupted. My cum fired into my mother's cunt. Our tongues dueled as we groaned. Her pussy spasmed, joining me in rapture.

My juices gushed out, bathing Lizzie's lips with my cream. Rapture soared through me as the eighteen-year-old slut licked my twat and my mother's cunt milked my futa-dick. She broke the kiss, moaning, "Oh, yes!

My futa-daughter's cumming in me!" Lizzie purred her own delight as her tongue lapped up the sweet cream flooding out of my twat. My back arched, my arms swaying above my head. The chains rattled as my futa-cum pumped over and over into my mother's convulsing pussy. "Mom!" I groaned as she milked me dry.

"Oh, damn, Mom." "Mmm, I know what you want, Mrs. Miller," purred Lizzie. Her lips pulled from my pussy.

The girl shifted away as my groaning mother's legs released me. She slid back, her pussy popping off my cock. I shuddered as the swing bumped into my thighs, empty. I could hear my mother beside me. "Yes, come lick my pussy clean," Mom purred. "Lick out all that yummy futa-cum." I trembled, shuddering, knowing Lizzie was in for one wicked, incestuous creampie.

My dick twitched and throbbed as I heard my mother gasp. Then the wet lick of a girl enjoying a cum-filled twat. I shuddered and trembled. I swayed there, my futa-dick only going half-hard.

Pussy cream leaked down my thighs as I shifted on the plush carpet. My breasts rose and fell. The sleeping mask felt so heavy.

I wanted to rip it off and see that naughty Lizzie eating my mother's twat and cleaning up all my cum. "Do you like it?" I moaned, my breasts swaying. "Do you like eating my futa-jizz out of my mother's twat?" "Uh-huh," came the muffled response. "She loves it!" Mom gasped.

"She's got her tongue up inside of me, Rebecca. Oh, yes, I've wanted this for a while. Ooh, lick out all that girl-cum. Just get your tongue in there and feast on me." I swayed, my breasts rising and falling. The sounds of Lizzie feasting were so naughty and loud. I pictured the girl's short, black hair swaying just above her shoulders as she nuzzled her face into my mother's twat. Feasting. Licking. Devouring her. My pussy clenched. My futa-dick, soaked in incestuous cunt cream, swelled harder and harder.

I groaned. The ache itched again at the tip of my girl-cock. That need to be touched. My hips thrust forward, fucking the empty air, my chains rattling over my head.

Mom moaned louder and louder. This wicked sound that had me shuddering. I licked my lips, my heart pounding faster and faster. This was so exciting not knowing what was happening.

I licked my lips, my futa-dick throbbing in the air. "Oh, yes, yes!" Mom gasped. "Oh, this is incredible. Oh, yes, get it all out of me. I'm going to cum so fast. This is so exciting." "Yes, yes, cream that little slut's face, Mom!" I moaned, my burning ass clenching. My pussy ached to be fingered.

I tugged on my cuffs. My chains rattled. "Devour every drop out of my mom's twat!" I moaned. "Make her cum again." "Uh-huh," Lizzie moaned, her voice muffled. "Oh, yes, yes," Mom gasped. "Right there. That's it and. Yes!" Her voice echoed through the room.

My mother was cumming. My futa-dick was fully hard, needing to be buried in her cunt any cunt. I needed hot pussy wrapped around me. I wanted to feel that wonderful delight of juicy twat massaging me towards my explosive eruption. I would fire so much jizz into my mother's twat. Into Lizzie's. I groaned as my mother moaned. Her passion screamed in my ear.

It was incredible. I knew Lizzie was licking her up, eating her with such hunger. "Oh, damn, that's good," my mother moaned. "Oh, wow, that was amazing." "Uh-huh," I groaned. "And look who's hard," Lizzie purred. "Someone needs more pussy." "Definitely," I whimpered. "After all, I'm such a naughty futa." Lizzie giggled. I heard footsteps rushing to me. Then the swing creaked. Lizzie must have just sat down on it.

Elli foxx is a cock hungry teen wrapped her thighs around my legs, one hand grabbing my shoulder, the other my futa-cock. I shuddered as she guided me to her juicy twat. I brushed a landing strip of silky hair then felt the smooth, juicy vulva of Lizzie's pussy. She pressed me into her folds. Into her hymen. I groaned. I didn't think Lizzie would be a virgin.

And yet there was her maidenhead. I shuddered as she kissed me hard, her left arm hooking around my neck. I tasted my salty cum and my mother's tangy pussy.

This wonderful thrill shot through me as Lizzie's legs wrapped around my waist and pulled. Her swing's chains rattled as she pressed her hymen against my cock. She moaned into my lips as her membrane stretched and stretched. Popped. I groaned into her hungry kiss as I sank into her deflowered pussy. Her hot flesh engulfed my futa-dick. She squealed into my mouth, trembling as her small breasts pressed into mine. Those small handfuls that Lizzie had. She kissed me with such passion as her once-pure snatch gripped my girl-dick.

I loved this. I wanted to hug her. I fought against my manacles as our tongues dueled. Her lips were soft and sticky with my mother's juices and lingering traces of my salty spunk. I shuddered as my dick twitched in her pussy's embrace. She was so tight. So hot. I broke the kiss, groaning, "Damn, Lizzie, you're tight." She giggled.

"Mmm, I'm not Lizzie." I froze at the voice. Then my blindfold was ripped away to see my little sister embracing me, her thighs wrapped around my waist, her pussy squeezing tight about my dick. Brita had this naughty glint in her brown eyes, her little nose twitching. "What?" I gasped as her hips moved, the sex swing sliding her pussy up my cock, her incestuous pussy embracing me.

"This is the best birthday present ever!" my eighteen-year-old sister squealed as she slid back down my cock. blondies love edging the d pornstars handjob, Mom arranged it all.

Isn't she kinky?" "I've been looking forward to her turning eighteen," Mom said. "All her friends were in on it." "Hey!" Lizzie said. She was standing by a naked Anya and Ramona. "Though we didn't know your mom was going to join you and Ramona this morning." "I almost exploded when I found out it was your mom licking my pussy clean," Ramona moaned, "and that you were fucking her up the ass at the time.

I had no idea." "Kinky, right?" Brita asked, her pussy clenching around me. "Mmm, Anya was the bait. She played her part perfectly." "So hard to pretend to be that tired," the Black girl moaned. "Ooh, but it was hot when your mom ate me out while you were in the shower." This felt so surreal.

I shook my head, groaning as my little sister's pussy squeezed around my girl-dick. She flexed her thighs, sliding her pussy up and down my dick. Then I glanced at our mother. "You. I." "Mmm, now we can have a lot of fun when you come home from college," Mom said, winking at me." "Yes!" Brita squealed.

"Incest is the best!" I felt dizzy, my ass burning from my spanking, the chains creaking above my head.

My shoulders ached from the strain while my dick. My futa-dick was in incestuous heaven. My little sister's twat euro harlots receive nailed by the pool hardcore groupsex incredible wrapped around my girl-cock.

I groaned and thrust ahead as she swung forward. Our flesh smacked together, our shaved pussy lips meeting. She squeaked a gasp of delight, her little titties quivering against my round tits.

Her pussy clenched around me. She grinned at me, her thighs flexing as she stirred her pussy around my cock. I thrust forward again, the swing creaking. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, birthday girl," I moaned, shock banishing pleasure." "Oh, yes, do that!" Lizzie moaned then gasped russian teen anal casting hd xxx pawnstar meets a rockstar Anya fell down to her knees and started licking her.

I shuddered, all these wicked sensations shooting through me. I thrust hard, savoring it. My little sister's pussy felt incredible about my girl-dick. I shuddered at her delicious pussy while our mother watched us with hungry eyes. Mom winked at me. threesome extreme with japan wife nana nakamura your sister." "I am," I groaned.

"Me, too!" Brita gasped. "I love having a futa-sister!" I thrust harder into my sister's twat. I savored her juicy flesh wrapped about my dick. That amazing treat burned around my cock. I groaned with each plunge forward into her hot flesh.

That wonderful treat surged around me. My heart screamed in my chest, pumping naughty rapture through my veins. Brita's small tits rubbed against mien. She had such a huge grin on her youthful face, her brown eyes glossy with delight. Her hips wiggled around my girl-cock.

She stirred her passion around me, making my dick's tip swell with pressure. "I'm going to cum so much in you!" I moaned. "Yes!" my sister hissed.

Her pussy squeezed around me. "Mmm, that sounds hot. Flood my pussy with all your spunk!" "Then I can lick your sister clean," Mom said.

"Yes!" I gasped, picturing mom licking out my half-sister's twat. I thrust harder and harder. I fucked her with abandon. My dick slammed into my sister's pussy. She swung before me, sliding her pussy up and down my cock. It was incredible. Our flesh slapped together. We both gasped, my tits heaving into hers. I almost swayed, the chains rattling over my head. My cunt grew hotter and hotter with every plunge into my little sister's twat. Her pussy gripped me.

Her deflowered snatch massaged me. That silky friction massaged the tip of my cock, sending rapture through me. "Yes, yes, cum in your sister!" moaned Ramona, the blonde fingering her twat. "Do it!" moaned Lizzie, her face scrunching up as Anya feasted on her cunt.

"I want to lick out all your futa-cum," purred Mom. That sent me into overdrive. My hips thrust forward fast and hard. My sister gasped, her body swaying. Her nipples grazed my nubs. She squeezed her thighs around me. Her arms clung to my neck.

Her eyes shone. "Cum in me, futa-sis!" she gasped and then kissed me. I moaned into my sister's lips. Her pussy convulsed around me. Her flesh writhed with an incestuous hunger.

My ovaries quivered deep inside of me. My cunt grew hotter. My dick throbbed, that pressure reaching its pinnacle. I thrust to the hilt in my spasming sister's twat.

I groaned into her kiss as the pressure passed what I could handle. My cum rushed out of my ovaries and out the tip of my girl-dick. I pumped my spunk into my little sister's twat. Brita broke the kiss, moaning, "She's cumming in me, Mommy! My futa-sister is cumming in my cunt!" "Yes!" my mom groaned. "That's wonderful. Oh, yes, yes! Milky you futa-sister dry!" "Uh-huh," I whimpered, my fingers flexing. My arms burned as my body bucked.

My futa-cum fired over and over into my half-sister's twat. Brita shuddered against me, her deflowered snatch wringing out every drop.

I swayed, panting, my body buzzing from the rapture burning through me.

"That was incredible," I groaned, my eyes fluttering. "Uh-huh," whimpered my little sister. "Oh, wow, futa-sis, you flooded me." I grinned at her and then kissed her. Our lips moved together. Our tongues danced. She clung to me as she quivered. Her pussy was juicy around me. Ramona and Lizzie gasped in the background while mom moved up to us, a big smile on her lips as she stared at us.

Her two daughters. As I kissed Brita, Mom undid the manacles. I shuddered, lowering my arms and grabbing my sister, my futa-dick softening in her pussy. I held her tight as Mom pressed her boobs into my back and whispered, "Let's lick her clean." I broke the kiss, moaning, "Yes!" Brita wiggled off the swing and my futa-dick, her lithe body bouncing with excitement.

The barely legal girl sank down to the black carpet and spread her legs. She had a landing strip of brown hair leading to her deflowered pussy. Her lips were gaping open, my cum already licking out. I shoved the sex swing to the side and fell to my knees before her. Mom joined me. She leaned down with me, our cheeks rubbing together. We pressed our faces into the incestuous heaven of Brita's pussy.

"Mom! Futa-sis!" she squealed as Mom and I took our first lick. Our tongues flicked up through my sister's shaved folds, tasting her tart pussy cream and my salty cum. I shuddered at the wild thrill of this. I was sharing an incestuous creampie with my mother. We were both feasting on Brita together. My sister moaned. She shuddered, her face scrunching up. Her thighs flexed as Mom and I licked at her pussy.

Our tongues caressed past each other as we licked up my salty cum and Brita's tart cream. It was an incredible treat to share. "Oh, I have the best mom ever!" Brita moaned. "And the best half-sister! A futa-sister!" "You do," moaned Lizzie. "Lucky you! My brother's such a dork and. Anya! Yes, yes, right there! Right fucking there!" I plunged my tongue into my sister's pussy. Mom's joined me. We wiggled around in Brita's deflowered depths, almost kissing each other as we devoured Brita.

She squealed and gasped, her little titties jiggling. The eighteen-year-old shuddered and trembled on the carpet. Her moans echoed through the sex dungeon. This was such a wild moment. I loved it. My sister's juices were sticky on my chin. I plunged into her twat, searching for more of my cum. Mom latched onto Brita's clit, sucking hard on her daughter's naughty button.

It was so incredible. This heat rushed through me. Pussy cream dripped down my dick as we loved Brita. Her moans grew louder and louder.

Her body shook as we feasted on her. This incredible passion burned across her face. "Oh, that's it!" she whimpered. "That's what I need. Oh, Mom! Futa-sis! Keep licking me. I'm going to cum again!" "Make that birthday girl explode!" Ramona whimpered. "Ooh, yes, yes, Mrs. Miller! Rebecca! Make her cream your faces." "Mmm, gladly," Mom purred. Our tongues caressed as we both fluttered up to Brita's clit. We batted her little bud, making her gasp and moan.

She shuddered on the floor, her face twisting with rapture. She whimpered. Her eyes scrunched up. Her orgasm approached. Mom and I would make her cum. Our tongue caressed her hot flesh. We lapped up her juices, all my cum now gone. We were giving my sister a birthday present she would never forget. Her fingers twisted her nipples. Her head threw back. She bucked and shuddered on the floor as her pussy juices gushed from her twat. She bathed our faces. Incestuous cream coated my cheeks and chin.

My lips turned, meeting Mom's, kissing her as Brita gasped out in rapture. "Oh, yes, yes, that's it! That's incredible!" she moaned. "Oh, Mom! Futa-sis!" It was such a wicked sound.

I kissed my mom with aggression, sharing Brita's tart juices with her. My sister fell onto her back, panting as her orgasm passed. My futa-cock throbbed hard. My dick twitched, eager for more fun. "I'm totally applying to go to your college," my sister moaned. I broke the kiss and purred, "And I am lucky dude gets threesome from two bffs kimmy granger and anya olsen coming home every weekend I can. And when winter break comes." "We'll all be cumming!" Brita squealed.

I nodded my head. This was so naughty what we did. My futa-cock ached. I wanted to have more fun. I glanced at the other girls.

They were having their bp-06 in chastity tonight femdom humillation free video tube porn, too. Lizzie was in need of a girl-cock.

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I bet my mom and sister would love to share her with me. Coming home from college was a blast. Such naughty love burned in my heart. I would have so much fun. I was glad the world's first futa happened. Whether through genetic mutation or some supernatural event, I didn't care. I was just glad of all the fun it brought me, and how close I was to my family. The END of This Story of the Daughters of World's First Futa