Petite cam babe with perky tits rubs her pussy and teases

Petite cam babe with perky tits rubs her pussy and teases
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Fbailey story number 386 Alaskan Indoor Water Park I had just graduated from college with a four-year degree in Business Administration. One of my friends said that his father was looking for Lifeguards to help out during the summer in Alaska.

When I faked a shiver blond babe double fucked by black cocks told me that it was an Indoor Water Park with heated water.

I sent his father my resume. I had been a Lifeguard for the past six years. Two years on a National Beach in New Jersey and four years on Fire Island Beaches on Long Island.

The first year I was actually a Junior Lifeguard because I was under eighteen. Now at twenty-three I just wanted to have some fun before I got stuck in some dead end job for the rest of my life. Anyway I got an offer and the job was mine if I could get to it. Well fortunately my old clunker got me there in record time.

When I arrived I found that his father owned a big hotel right next to the Water Park. The clerk behind the desk was expecting me and gave me a room key. The staff had rooms down in the basement. I dropped off my stuff and reported to the owner's office. I was not alone. There was a very well built woman waiting for him too. She was quite athletic with broad shoulders and muscular legs. Her hair was short and she was obviously a powerful swimmer.

She also had huge tits, probable 38-D. The owner called us into his office, introduced himself, and then asked us to tell him what we had been doing as Lifeguards. We both had some pretty good experience and he liked that. We were assigned to the four to midnight shift and we would be working with four other Lifeguards, one of which was in charge. Debbie had worked at mostly YWCA's with mostly women but she sure looked like she could rescue a man if she had too.

From his office we headed out to the Water Park to look the situation over. The head Lifeguard gave us the tour. Now normally a male Lifeguard wears a baggy pair of swim trunks and the female Lifeguards wear a one-piece.

Not there however. Males wore very skimpy red spandex thongs that went up the crack of our ass and just barely covered our 'package.' The females wore the very same bottoms with a tiny spandex tube top that would barely contain Debbie's nipples let alone her big tits.

I could even tell that the guys were circumcised and the girls all had camel toes showing. To top it off…one size teen dildo pussy xxx gina valentina gets her wish all.

We were handed six suits to start with and told to put them on. That presented another problem of sorts. There was only one changing room for the Lifeguards and I was the only male Lifeguard that summer. Debbie said, "Fuck it! I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I smiled and together we stripped out of our street clothes and into our Lifeguard uniforms. I had never felt so naked before but apparently Debbie was quite at home in a thong. The setup was for four Lifeguards to be on duty with the fifth one giving us breaks and allowing us to change position.

The sixth Lifeguard was our overseer and could rush in to help anyone of us in a time of trouble. I had never had a more comfortable chair before and it had a call button and of course a panic button.

My second assignment was at the bottom of the biggest slide. I quickly found out that the girl's tops could fly off easily when they hit the pool at the bottom and the force blair summers in her sauna sex tape the water would strip their tops off. Most of the girls were genuinely shocked to realize that they were standing up in three feet of water with their tits hanging out.

Then they scrambled to find their tops and hid their tits while their friends laughed at them. Then there were pretty babe mi ha gets her pussy stretched ones that were flirting with me and teasing me.

They would loosen their ties, undo the one around their neck completely, and then go down the slide headfirst on their backs.

That little stunt stripped them naked. That was when they jumped up and down shouting about what a great ride it had been. After a short while they seemed to discover their nudity and then casually find their suit and put it back on.

After my first hour at that station the head Lifeguard came over and called me the 'little babe magnet.' She said that I had more accidental nudity than any other Lifeguard.

She had counted six topless, two bottomless, and one completely naked. She then reminded me that they needed to be sixteen before I could stick my cock in them. I assured her that I had no intentions of fucking minors. Good answer! When Debbie caught up with me she too called me the 'little babe magnet' then she told me that she likes little babes and that if I help her get her tongue in one that I could fuck her raw.

I was assigned back to the big slide for the last hour of the shift. That little nudist was there and she was super nice to look at. I could imagine Debbie poking her tongue in her and it gave me a tremendous hard-on. She flirted with me constantly and offered to come to my room after I got off work. I asked her if she would consider a threesome with my girlfriend Debbie. She knew who Debbie was just as soon as I said that she had the big tits. The little babe said okay.

So I asked her to do her striptease slide right after the park closed and when Debbie was with me. She smiled and waited around to do her thing. I motioned Debbie over to me, told her that she was now my girlfriend, and that I had a little babe ready to for a threesome. Debbie was excited and her nipples hardened. I gave a wave to the little babe and down she came, head first and on her back.

When she hit the pool, the water stripped her and she just stood up proudly. Debbie checked her out for a moment and then jumped in the shallow pool to help the poor girl retrieve her bikini and put it back on.

Debbie took every opportunity to feel her up as she helped her get dressed. Debbie and I went into the changing room and found the other four girls in there already. They were just coming out of the shower and drying off when we stripped and went into the shower.

Nudity was certainly not going to be a problem.

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When we came out of the shower our little babe was sitting there still in her tiny bikini. She told us that the other Lifeguards had told her to come in and wait. Debbie walked right up to the girl, stuck her big tits in her face, and asked, "How old are you sweetie?" The girl replied, "Fourteen." Debbie asked, "And your name?" She replied, "Amanda." Debbie then asked, seductive mandy muse having a wet juicy cunt have you been in a threesome before?" Amanda replied, "No but I'm really, really interested." Debbie asked, "Have you ever had sex with a girl or a boy before?" Amanda said, "No ma'am." I snickered at the ma'am part.

To a tiny fourteen-year-old like her, a twenty-two-year-old well-built woman like Debbie was kind of overwhelming. Debbie reached out and slipped a hand into Amanda's top to cup a small bare breast. Then she said, "I really like young girls. Are you sure that you are fourteen?" Amanda blushed and confessed, "No ma'am.

I'm really just thirteen. I became a teenager last week." Debbie just got dressed and took the little girl by her hand.

I followed then to Debbie's room. Once we were inside and the door was securely latched Debbie removed her clothes and then she helped Amanda out of her bikini. I was left to undress myself. Debbie took Amanda to her bed, sat her on the edge, and pushed her back.

Debbie got between her legs and buried her face in her little crotch. Amanda had her eyes tightly shut and Debbie was not looking so I took a couple of pictures of them on my cell phone before I put it back in my pocket. After a few minutes of watching Debbie devour Amanda I knelt behind her and slipped my cock into Debbie's moist pussy. She wiggled back at me to make sure that I had it all in her.

Amanda opened her eyes and smiled at me. While she got eaten and I fucked Debbie, Amanda told me that she thought that I was the most handsome man that she had ever seen and she asked me if would take her virginity. She practically pleaded with me. Debbie overheard our conversation and lifted her head up. She turned to me and said, "Why don't you deposit that load in her sperm bank so that I can make a withdrawal." When Debbie got out of the way I slipped my bbw big bras focking story hard cock into that tiny little babe and quickly flooded her womb.

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It was the most exciting fuck that I had ever had. Debbie pushed me aside and went back to work. As Debbie slurped, Amanda thanked me for fucking her.

I watched Debbie give that girl two terrific orgasms before getting on the bed herself and pulling Amanda's face into her crotch.

Amanda was tentative at first but quickly cell pack sexy full story the taste of it. Once she latched onto Debbie's clit, Debbie went wild. With me cheering her on Amanda gave Debbie two terrific orgasms too. But then I rolled Amanda off to the side and slipped my cock into Debbie again. In the missionary position with her legs clamped together the feeling was too much for me and I cum too quickly again. The girls took a shower together, Amanda dressed, and then we kissed her goodnight.

I slept with Debbie that night and we made love again in the morning. When we finally got out of bed we found an envelope that had been slipped under the door. The note read: Thank you guys for making my first time so memorable. If you're ever in Florida look me up. Then Amanda gave us her name, address, and phone number. Debbie said, "God I'd give anything for a picture of me eating that little babe." I smiled, pulled out my cell phone, and showed her the two pictures that I had taken.

I also told her that I had copies of Amanda loosing her bikini on the big slide from the security camera. Debbie gave me a hug and a kiss as she pressed her big tits into my chest.

We reported for work a little early and found the other girls locked in a Daisy Chain on the shower floor. Debbie joined in and I just watched. Sylvia the head Lifeguard lifted her ass in the air and offered lots of solo girls and one dick to milfs-like-it-black-double-duty-with-double-d-milfs clip3 01 tube porn and then she sank her face into another Lifeguard's pussy.

I couldn't pass up the chance to fuck my boss so I got right in there and slammed into her for all I was worth. I was really going to love my job.

Just before we went out to relieve the first shift Sylvia asked, "Would you consider fucking some of the teeny bopper's mothers? Two of them approached me yesterday asking me if I thought you needed help with your erection." I smiled and patter her pussy as I said, "I like older pussy.

That little babe last night was way too young for me. Sure, go ahead and pimp me out if you want too." A couple of hours later Sylvia relieved me and told me to take care of the lady in the dressing room. When I got there I couldn't believe my luck. It was the woman that kept giving me the hard-ons. She was incredible beautiful, she was tall and slender, and she looked like a fashion model. She was also naked. Sylvia had taken her bikini so that she couldn't change her mind before I got there.

Way to go Sylvia. The woman became the aggressor. What to hell I didn't care either way. She pulled my tiny G-string off with her teeth, sucked my cock deeply into her mouth, and sucked like a madwoman.

She wanted me to cum so that when I fucked her I would last longer. After she swallowed my cum she had me get on the changing bench on my back so that she could get over me. When she lowered her pussy onto my cock I could not believe how tight she was.

Fucking her was just about the same as fucking the little babe from last night. Just as I cum into her I reached up and grabbed a hold of her nipples just as hard as I could and squeezed them mercilessly. She let out a scream as her orgasm consumed her. I thanked her for helping me out and went back to my station so Sylvia could give the woman back her bikini.

Later that evening I was again relieved by Sylvia and sent to the changing room. I had to smile as I looked at the overweight robust woman that Sylvia had set me up with.

I removed my G-string and walked to her. I hugged her and kissed her like I had the sexy woman earlier. I could feel her big droopy breasts hanging between us, I felt her overhanging belly touching the head of my cock, and I could feel some real heat emanating from her crotch. After our kiss I had her straddle the bench and lay back.

I watched her belly flatten out like a fried egg and her breasts slip off to the sides of her body and rest under her armpits. Her big hairy pussy opened up to brazzers alli rae knows how to win the argu me some pink. I too straddled the bench and sat down between her legs. I then lifted her legs up and had her rest them on my shoulders as I slipped my cock into her big wet flabby pussy.

I was pleased that she was wet, there was very little feeling, and she did very little to excite me. That way I lasted in her for an incredibly long period of time. When I finally did cum in her she shook all over in her own orgasm. It was comical to see her flesh shake and to think of an earthquake. She was so thankful that she had me sit on one of her chins and feed my cock into her mouth so that she could clean it off. Afterwards I just put on my swimsuit, kissed her goodbye, and thanked her the sex as I left the changing room.

When I got back to Sylvia she was laughing her ass off but I thanked her and told her that I had a great time and that it took me forever to cum. She wasn't gloating so much then. After I relieved her she went to the changing room.

A few minutes later she came back and said that the large woman was very thankful. I smiled and she thanked me for being such a good sport. That night after work Sylvia let me fuck her again while she licked the other four girls to orgasms.

Fucking her was really nice but then again Debbie had great tits. When I suggested a threesome she was all for it. That summer was so good that I stayed in the area and got a job near the indoor Water Park.

Both Debbie and Sylvia moved in with me. Life was very good. The End Alaskan Indoor Water Park 386