Mom and bouy fuck ardan spain

Mom and bouy fuck ardan spain
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As manager of a local convenience store, it is my job to train new employees. Most of the time, it's a drag. But this time, the newbie was just about the cutest high school student I had ever seen. He was 6 ft. tall, brown hair, killer smile, and the deepest brown eyes. OMG!!!!! I popped a boner the first time I saw him.

His name was Michael and he was 17. That perfect age when boys get a hard-on just standing there. The first couple of weeks, I decided to just good looking stepson banging hot stepmom in the kitchen things move slowly and try to feel him out, so to speak.

I had to be sure he would be open to sex with another guy before I made my move. Watching Michael, I picked up on subtle signs. I would catch him watching me when my back was turned or I was bent over picking something up from the floor. He seemed to find reasons to brush up against me for no reason.

Finally, I had had enough. Jerking off every night thinking of Michael was not fulfilling my needs. One night, after closing, I gave Michael a ride home, only to find that his parents hadn't come home yet and he didn't have his key. It was well after midnite and I couldn't leave him sitting on the porch so I asked if he wanted to come to my house and watch some TV.

Upon arriving at my home, Michael asked if he could use the restroom. While he was occupied, I got us some sodas from the fridge and sat down.

Suddenly, Michael came into the room and asked if he could use my computer. He sat at my desk and powered my computer on.

Too late I remembered my wallpaper was a pic of a hot blond guy giving another guy a blow.

Michael made no comment, just cleared his throat and opened my browser. I thought, Hell, he didn't freak, so maybe.

After checking his email, Michael asked if he could show me something. As I took a seat beside him, he typed in an address and the screen went to some social networking site.

I recognized the site from numerous visits myself. It speciallized in 100% adult content. Fucking, sucking, gay, straight. It had it all. Michael navigated like he knew the site well. Soon, the screen filled with a video of a really cute guy stroking his very impressive cock. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the guy on the screen was Michael.

He was stroking that monster with one hand while shoving a dildo up his ass with the other. He just looked at me and smiled that smile and asked if I would like to see the live show. I lead him to my bedroom.

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He quickly stripped off his clothes and jumped on my bed. He began to big tits and big ass bridgette b analsex with his cock, all the while staring me straight in the eye.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I also couldn't just stand there. I began to remove my clothes and moved to join young Michael. I moved his hand from his cock and replaced it with my mouth. He moaned loudly as I gave him the blow job of his young life. I alternated from his cock to his balls, at times looking up at his face to see him looking back at me, flashing that killer smile.

I worked his cock, moving up and down and side to side, sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft, sticking the tip into his piss-slit. After a few minutes, he pulled my head from his cock and spun himself around bringing us into my favorite position, 69.

He grabbed my 8-incher and swallowed it in one motion. I gasped in shock and pleasure. Michael was no novice. He was sucking my cock like a pro, mimicing everything I had been doing to him. I took his tool back into my mouth and we sucked each other for what seemed like an eternity. I decided to take it to the next logical step.

I spread his legs and moved from his cock to his balls, and then on through his legs to that ultimate treasure.

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His pretty little rosebud winked at me, practically begging me inside. I slurped and sucked and tongue-fucked relentlessly until he came up from air and started begging me to fuck him.

You don't have to tell me twice. I grabbed a pillow and slipped it under his ass as I lifted his legs. With me left hand I massaged his cock as I used my right to guide my cock to his young hole.

I pushed the head in, reveling in the tightness. Michael smiled and moaned and begged me to keep going.

I pushed in all the way until my pubes were mingling with the hairs on his ass. I then began to fuck him slowly, enjoying the silky smooth feel of his chute.

Before long, I couldn't control myself, and I picked up the pace. Michael was a very vocal boy, yelling "Fuck Me" at the top of his lungs. Watching his beautiful face contort in pure exstacy while never closing his eyes pushed me over the edge and I blasted his guts with the biggest load I had experienced in a while. He too began to cum, shooting all the way up to his own chin.

I bent down to lick up his load and grabbed my head and pulled me in, kissing me and sucking his own cum off my tongue. We rolled over, dripping cum and sweat and gasping for air. After showering, we went back to the bed and did it all over again, though this time, It was his cock drilling my ass. GOD, that boy could fuck.