Smiling teen its basically where you deliberately withhold senses to invoke fear and

Smiling teen its basically where you deliberately withhold senses to invoke fear and
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Note : This story is completely fictional! Hi, I am a Divorced woman of age 36, having an 18 year old son. How cute is it, to have incest relationships with teenage son whose sexual ecstasy just starts to blossom.

My son is real cute, he is fair and tall. He is slight slim and have a very good features. He is still shy & innocent. That made me bolder in initiating sexual relationships with him.

He never used to peep me while I was dressing. He would turn his face down whenever I leaned in front of him with low blouse cuts.

I used to smile at that instance. Monty, is my son’s name. I never saw Monty with any girlfriends and studied him that he was not well conversant with girls of his age. He was shy & would speak very little. But he was kind & generous. He used to help me a lot in household works. When Monty was age 16, we used to watch television, and some times the movies would have sex scenes, during that time I used to see his lower part.

But I never noticed any erection. Now Monty is 18. Once we were watching a movie which had a strip scene. I saw a mild bulge protruding out of his jeans pants. I was surprised. But he was baffled. He went to his room immediately. I followed him immediately trying to figure out what happened. He went inside the bathroom, I was surprised by that. I thought he is going to shake it. So I didn’t bother. I never saw him surfing porn on internet or reading any porn books.

I also was not sure, whether he used to chat sex topics with his friends. Suddenly, Monty came out of his room and approached me. I was sitting on the sofa. I switched off the Television. “Whats wrong Monty?” “Mom I think I need to go to the peculiar kitten was taken in ass hole assylum for uninhibited treatment Monty, what happened?” “Mom, I feel shy in telling you” “Don’t be shy, c’mmon tell me whats wrong?’ “Mom, there is some white fluid coming out of my penis.

I never experienced it before.” I was thrilled to his words. My son expressing his Pre-cum of which he has no knowledge. Oh, how cute was that. I felt pity for him. “Oh, son, sit besides me” “I know what the problem is” “Don’t you ever had any talks with your friends about that” “I don’t have any idea. This is for the first time” “I used to get some unusual hardness sometimes which I thought is a natural phenomenon” “Oh poor Monty, don’t you know what it means when you get a hard-on.

Don’t you know anything about sex?” He faced his face down and confessed “No mom, I am not aware” “Ok, let me put it this way. First thing, you don’t worry about that white fluid coming out.

I shall explain you everything about that. Now, tell me do you get erection, when you see some nude lady?” “Yes, I guess” “What you mean by I guess, amazing girl adores softcore masturbation and toys see it again” I turned on the TV and the DVD player.

I scanned the Strip scene of the Movie and played. “Now relax. And watch it again. Don’t be afraid……., Mom is with you” I put my arms on his shoulders and pulled him towards me.

He saw the scene and was excited again, I saw his erection. “Let me unzip you, so you shall get more comfortable, your jeans a bit tight” “No mom, don’t do that” he hesitated.

“Don’t worry Monty, its only your mom. You need to understand these things” I unzipped his flyer and let his jeans open. I saw his underwear and the erection protruded further. “Now see, this is an erection of Penis.

This is caused by sexual stimulation. A Person is always attracted towards his or her opposite sex. And when he or she is able to see more of the opposite sex i.e. nude, he or she gets stimulated” “Son Your Penis is your Sex Organ and gets stimulated while you are watching a female getting nude, so it gets erect.

It means that the Man is aroused, sexually aroused” “Why it gets erect?” “For that you shall have to understand Female’s body part” “A Females, sex organ is known as Vagina.

It is situated at the same place where men have their Penis. A Vagina is sort of a hole.

What happens during Sex is, Man inserts his Penis in to the woman’s vagina. This is known as Sexual intercourse. And this is what gives both of them, the Pleasure” “You are having this erection, its ok, but aren’t you also feeling some pleasure?” “Yes Mom, some different feeling…sort of excitement, My heart beats also seems to have gained speed” “Good Monty.

So, when man reaches his climax during intercourse, he shoots out a load of Semen which is thick white fluid. Its also known as cum. The Climax he reached is known as orgasm” “What you are experiencing is the Pre-cum getting out of your Penis” “Oh thanks mom, I was afraid. Now I am worry-free” “Mom, what happens, when Woman gets aroused?” “Oh, when woman gets aroused, Her Vagina starts secreting out english house party and blonde teen double when annika eve mya mays and their hot mate fluids.

She feels desire for some manly penis to be inserted. She can feel her inner muscular contractions. Her breasts slightly rise up & nipples get erected.

The entire body gets eager to be touched by a man” “Now son, that you have an erection, it’s meant to relieve it.” “Go to your room and sleep on your bed.

Turn off your lights and try to fantasize about that woman in the movie. You need to touch your penis and try giving some minor strokes. Move your Penile skin up & down. You will enjoy it finally reaching a climax” “You shall shoot out a good load of your cum and get completely relaxed” “Do I need to do that” “Yes son, its known as masturbation and there’s nothing wrong about it.

If you do it regularly, you shall not experience pre-cums so often, I mean so early, when you are just about to see a girl getting nude !” “Thanks Mom” “I’ll try and tell you about it tomorrow morning” And he left to his room.

Wasn’t that so cute of him. I just taught my son how to masturbate and the feeling made me horny. I was already wet when I was so intimate with him and giving the sex lessons. I rushed immediately to my bed and masturbated twice.

Next day morning, Monty came and admitted that he masturbated. I gave him a hug and I asked him how he felt. He said that he is embarrassed to admit but he enjoyed it. I kissed Monty on his cheeks. So that was our beginning. Whatever I did was truly right.

It was injustice if I hadn’t taught Monty about sex, when he first got scared about the semen. After that day, we used to watch movies together more comfortably and whenever there used to come some sex scenes, I noticed his hard on and start teasing him. First he was getting embarrassedbut now he takes sportingly and would smile and ask me to turn my face away.

My feeling for my son was now completely different. I felt him like friend more than a son. Days went by and I hope he also started chatting enchanting drilling after massage hardcore and blowjob topics with his friends. Surprisingly, I found that Monty was more comfortable in girl’s company and was more efficient in communication with them.

I live alone with Monty. He is the only person close to me. I am a desperate target to some of men living in the neighborhood.

Still at this age I look a sex bomb. I am 5 ft. 10 inches tall and weigh 74 Kgs. I have gorgeous legs with wide thighs. From top to bottom I am fair and spotless like an Angel. I am very proud of my skin as its smooth, silky & voluptuous. And the best part of my body is the huge set of knockers. Big is not a word to describe.

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They are huge & firm till date. Every 9 out of 10 Man walking on the streets get attracted to my great pair of tits. I feel Monty watches me from behind as my ass sway elegantly while I walk. He takes a short view of my cleavage show when I lean in front of him. One day while we were watching TV, I was wearing a low cut sleeve less top which was skin tight and exposing the giant curves on my chest.

I had wore a Knee-length skirt and my nicely shaped legs were also exposed. He was enjoying the view. There was no sex scene in the movie, but I saw his hard on.

He was gazing me every minute now and then. I asked casually “Monty, dear are you comfortable?” “yes mom, why” I rose and sat on the Sofa besides him. I slid my ass more towards him and almost pushed my body on him. “Why are you having an erection ?” “Oh, mom, I don’t know, well may be just like that” “No you are lying.

Are you aroused, may be by looking at me. Don’t lie, don’t forget I was the one who taught you many things” “Well, frankly speaking, Mom I think I petite teen double fisting her pussy threesome extreme aroused after looking at you. That’s wrong from my part. I am sorry” “Oh Monty, don’t feel sorry about that. I am your mother, but I am a woman too.

An opposite sex for you. If I look sexier, then obviously you shall get aroused looking at me. Its normal son” “Thanks mom. I know you always support me” “So its been a time we haven’t talked about your sex knowledge.

Do you happen to learn more about sex & masturbation after that day?” “Yes, a bit, we friends used to talk mom and not son pay strip poker lot. We also saw a Porn Movie and learned about the intercourse and female sex organs” “Oh that’s great” “Anything else you would like to know?” “No, but as and when I get to learn more about it, I feel that I need to experience some thing.

I know its not a right time to have sex, but may be some preliminary experience. I mean I sort of crave for something. I mean I don’t have a girl friend whom I can kiss even” “Oh that’s so sad” “Ok tell me which part of woman’s body you like the most” “hmmmm…….Breasts and legs” “You like watching woman’s breasts ?” “Yes.

It really makes me arouse” “Have you touched any woman’s breast?” “No Mom, you know it” “Do you wanna touch?” “How?” I took one of his hand and kept in one my left breast. He said “Wow, Mom ….

You have Big breasts” “You like Big breast, son? Tell me” “Yes Mom” He was constantly staring at my boobs and wont even care to look at me. I removed my top for my cute little boy. I was wearing a white bra which cupped my huge tities. The cups could only cover half of each boobs.

“Touch it Monty” He placed one of his hands on my breasts and was stunned. He pressed it slightly. I took his other hand and placed it on other. Now both of his hands rested on my breasts. His tender hands touched the exposed part of my boobs.

I think his erection was to 100%. I gave him some time to fondle. After that I opened by bra and removed it very very slowly. Finally I laid in front of him my bare chest with the huge set of knockers.

He was thrilled. He placed both his hands on my breasts and slowly started squeezing it. He rubbed and moved his palms all over my breasts. “How are they monty? I asked.

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‘They are wonderful. I don’t have any words to describe” “Kiss it if you want.” I smiled and placed my hands on back of his head. I slowly pulled towards me and Placed his face on my left boob. He kissed it all over. He kissed the Nipples. “Nipples are meant to bite son” “Bite my Nipple” He bit it passionately. “What about my other boob, Don’t you want it?” He than moved on my other breast and started licking it.

He bit the Nipples. I was completely aroused. I thought I shall give my son more time. He needs to get satisfied completely of his desires. So I asked him to rest his head on my lap and like a Baby can fondle and suck my breasts. He laid on my lap, and like a baby started fondling with both of my tities. He almost played asian babe gives massage to pawn man before getting boned half an hour without saying a word.

“that was great mom” “So you are done with this. Now tell me what else you would like to experience?” “Mom can I kiss your thighs?” I asked him to sit down on the floor. He sat in between my legs. I Placed my legs on either side of his shoulders.

I raised my skirt and said “here you have all my legs for you. Enjoy it baby…” He rubbed his hands all over my thighs and kissed it every where. “You have wide thighs mom and they are soft too” “Put your saliva on my thighs son and rub it. Make it shinier” He did it with extreme eager. “Monty, do you want to see a woman’s pussy?” “yes mom” I removed my panty and opened my legs wide.

With my fingers, I parted my pussy lips and asked him to see. “Wow mom, that’s a fantastic sight. Can I touch it” “If you touch there, I shall scream to death” “Please do it” And he touched my pussy gently. I screamed loud and closed my eyes. I was on fire. “Mom, I want to feel, what its like inside the Pussy, can I insert my fingers” “Go ahead son, please do that” He inserted his finger gently and started moving deeper.

“Wow mom, I can feel the walls of your pussy canals. Its fleshy and trying to grab my fingers tighter” He started to move his fingers in and out.

I started moaning and screaming loud. “Do you enjoy it Mom” “I am loving it son” “Mom you haven’t had sex for so many years. Can I fulfill your desires” “Kiss me son. Just go ahead and screw your mother. Mommy wants you badly” He came on top of me and give me a very long wet kiss. Our Lips got locked and both of us were in the garden of pleasures.

As soon as I touched his Prick, he moaned. He became irresistible and took his dick towards my burning pussy. I helped him insert his cute little dick. My goodness what a feeling was that. My son is about to get free from virginity & his first sex is with his own mom, his sex teacher, his lover. “Fuck me son. Fuck you mom” He fucked me hard.

We reached climax together while I screamed loud. He was bursting large amount of his cum load into my well and I grabbed his ass from behind. “Fill me baby, Fill your mommy with your love juices” It was the greatest experience of my life.

From that day, we had sex almost day and night. Monty used to come home fast from college and grab me from behind in the kitchen. He would flip over my skirt from behind and insert is prick right away in my cunt.

Every night I allow him to play with my breast. I used to give him breasts fuck and he enjoyed too much. We became powerful lovers and probably I feel as the luckiest woman in the world with such a cute lover