Rikki six and nikita von james orgy in the livingroom

Rikki six and nikita von james orgy in the livingroom
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Dear Diary, Lying in bed last night was rather interesting. Seems the House Leader (never got his name, damn.) is more than people think. I'd never quite had it like that before, I couldn't help but rolling those memories over in my blindfolded babe takes a good dick telsev. Although I couldn't do it too much or I'd never get to sleep without going hard!

At least in my mind I had my next target lined up. Dan Ryan, Daniel Taylor Ryan, nicknamed "Pretty Boy" by those he's well known by. I've only heard the name spoken, never really seen him in the light. He must be a sponge for gossip then. So this guy has been leaking stuff about me; should I thank him for letting me have my.encounter with the House Leader?

Or should I punish him for being a snitch? We'll see tomorrow when I get to see what he's like. The hammering rain woke me the next day, a downpour, no sports today then. There goes my eye candy for Psychology. As I was up early, for once, I made an early start in finding out about this Dan bloke. By breakfast, I'd managed to stir up basically what subjects he did, and very little else.

As I sat down at the table in my usual place, one of my "Just Friends" gave me the run-down "Dan Ryan? Yeah I know him" when I asked Phil. "Not the brightest bulb in the box, he's in the lower sets, probably why you haven't been seeing him much. He's also a bit of a show-off, likes his gossip I'd say, probably why he snitched on you" "Could you point him out?" I asked "Yeah he's." "Subtly this time, I don't want last Tuesday all over again" "Erm.

you see the mantelpiece?" he asked. I looked in the wall mirror in front of us "Yep" "He's the one underneath the old picture of the school" When a boy turned to look at the mirror, Phil removed his glasses and cleaned them hastily with his shirt.

"That one there" When he looked back, I distracted myself from my cereal to see who I was up against. "You're joking, right?" "I thought you'd react like that, and no.

He's the one who snitched on you" and with that he shovelled in his bacon. In the reflection, what I saw was a complete contrast to my friend on my right. I couldn't think of a more fitting word than beautiful, he really was immaculate to every detail. Thick brunette hair, dazzlingly blue eyes, slim face, toned, soft brown tan, just some of the details that made my knees shiver.

He even made me feel like a slob. It was only when he glanced over towards the mirror that I realised that my tongue was outside my mouth. I shiftily went back to my cereal. "Hey, Phil. Can you get me some things?" "If it's anything like the last time I "got you things" you can forget it" "No it's not like that this time" "Fine, what do you want me to get?" Night came earlier than I expected and the lounge was filling up with boys and the chatter got louder.

Normally, this would be quite a turn on, lots of guys in the same room, getting rather hot, all getting bunched together. But this time, tonight was personal. I sat alone in my lounge chair, focusing jamming huge titties asian pretty chick japanese hardcore what needed to be done, when Phil ran in panting for breath. "Did you get them?" "Yes, just as you asked." "And the drink?" "I wasn't seen" "Good" I got up and started my usual games in the lounge.

The night got late, and it was ages before Dan turned up. He looked cheerful when he eventually entered, and started chattering with his friends. I watched from a distance hoping my plan would come into effect. Which it did. His usual chatter got weaker and weaker until his limbs were giving way. His friends rushed to help him, when something when horribly wrong.

As he fell back he happened to knock a rather.large lad on the head. This obviously angered him in a usual bullying way. I couldn't help but watch on in complete shock as my plan went into complete meltdown.

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One punch let to another and in the end I had to run out of the room. I slumped down against a wall left only to think where it went so wrong.

A teacher came to calm it all down eventually, and the boys filed off to bed. All except Dan walked by me. Maybe there was a chance of salvaging some glory. I peeked back sex xnxx com collage america the room. "Phil!" I called after "Oh God, it was hell in there Gabriel! I should've followed you!" "Never mind that, where's Dan!" "He's in here!

I said I'd take care of him!" "Oh Phil, you are brilliant!" I ran back into the room to find Dan lying on the floor. A black eye would hurt in the morning, but his pretty face could do with at least one mark against it!

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"Right Phil, I'll need your help!" "Oh but Gabe, I'm knackered! Can't I go to bed?" "You can after you've helped me with this" He woke up with a groan, no amount of aspirin would get rid of the headache he had. It took him a while to gather up his thoughts.

One thought that must have been in his mind was that he was standing up. No, not standing up, lifted up? He could see the floor, but he couldn't move his arms.

Had he broken them? Or had he. "Hello Daniel!" I stood up out of my chair. "Who's there?" girlfriend gives blowjob and shows her ass perfect voice called out. "I'm surprised you don't know me, Danny boy!"I paced slowly towards him. "Oh no you don't." he struggled. He knew "Oh yes, you know now!" I stood in the light.

"I'm the one who's been shagging all the boys!" I grinned "And don't you know it!" His brow got sweaty as I held out my hand. And out fell the end of a whip, he gasped. Fright? No, I don't think so; I've heard that gasp before. "So, why don't we start at the top? You obviously know I've been.having some fun. How? I haven't told anyone, no-one else has said anything.

So how do you know?" A bead of sweat dropped to the floor as I paced around where he was chained. He gulped. "I." he started, but never finished "Let me help you a bit there" and I ripped off his rough trousers.

Another surprise, he wasn't exactly wearing, manly underwear.

"Oh, so you're a fan of thongs too? Kinky boy!" I grinned again. I could tell I was going to enjoy this! "So, where were you?" "I.I.I know because.I." "I'm going to have to force this out of you aren't I" I recoiled and gave his ass a huge crash with my thick whip. He softly gasped, and squirmed, but little else. I'd got worse reactions.

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"I.was.I was watching.you." "Oh, so not only are you a kinky boy, you like seeing me having it off with other fitties then? Not that I blame you, it is pretty hot!" I smirked again, and he started gasping for breath. Interesting.

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"OK then, let's take this a step further. Why were you watching me then?" "Because." "Can't you afford magazines? Or are you too embarrassed to say?" I whipped him again, harder this time, and a squeak came out.

He was enjoying this, I knew it! "Holy. I was watching you because.because." "Spit it out, pretty boy!" "OK!" he came out before I cracked his ass again. "I was watching you because I think everything you do is so hot and sexy, you make my knees go weak every time you talk like that and your eyes make me melt, I think the way you have sex with guys is so rebellious it's fucking hot, and I bloody ll want you to whip me again!" he blurted out. For a few seconds he was panting for breath, and was just staring at him in amazement "There we go, that wasn't so hard was it!" I gave him my cutest smile, and he showed me his gleaming white teeth too.

Just when he least expected it, he felt another glorious crack from my whip. And I whipped him harder, and harder over and over again, and he felt he could express his joy now, screaming in joy.

Never thought this would be possible from suck a posh jock like him. Eventually, I couldn't bear his gorgeous face any longer and threw down my whip, "What are you doing?" "Something we both need" and I threw a huge kiss straight at him.

With no anal freaks carmella bing and trina michaels to restrain me caressing every bit of his body, it felt every bit as good. He enjoyed it too, his tonguing was dreamy! He'd probably never had it as good as this, or even had it at all.

At the first chance for breath he gasped: "Take my shirt off" he was almost begging for it. "I promise you'll like what you see!" His shirt was on the floor in seconds, I was in a rush to receive this promise. Inside the shirt was possibly the best body I've seen on someone of his age, and not on the internet.

"How you've kept that one away from me I don't know" "You like it then?" "Fucking hell I want it." I couldn't control myself; I was already going for his hugely toned abs and nipples. The gasps got louder the more hungry I got. "Go lower" I kept hearing him say. "You'll like it there too" "I think I know what I'm doing!" "I just want to get your hot lips on it; it looks so good when you do it!" And I went to find out what "it" was.

"It" was huge, "it" was thick, "it" was caked in precum already, "it" was just begging for a mouth like mine! And a mouth like mine dreams of a cock like this. In it went and out flew the screams. In and out, louder and louder, wetter and wetter. Sadly it didn't last long, for a virgin he obviously couldn't take it. It reached a point where the screams of joy translated into me almost drowning as his load shot white hot into my mouth. Sweet stickiness poured into my mouth, and Danny boy was panting like hell above me.

He fucking well loves blowjobs then! Mental note to self. "Holy." "Fuck?" "Yeah, that! Bumsen bist es es nicht mehr geht need to that again some time!" "I don't know, will you snitch?" "Depends, would you want me to?" "I'd rather my antics were kept under wraps to be honest. Don't get me wrong, it's hot, but my parents might eventually hear, and we know what might happen there then." "Well at least yours know about which way you swing" "I'd tell them quickly then!" "Why?" he asked finally as I got up "Oh, just a feeling." I grinned and winked at him.

His cock twitched, I knew it would. God, this guy's predictable, but oh so gorgeous! I switched off the light as I left. "Erm, Gabriel. What about these cuffs."