Horny milf wants cock in her hungry and tight pussy

Horny milf wants cock in her hungry and tight pussy
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It was about 12 o'clock in the morning, and i just woke up from a crazy night of getting banged by some drunks. I slept pretty bad that night because i thought about what happened and I couldn't get over the fact that I kindof liked it. I never done anything with a dude before and I thought me being a 16 should start but I had no one to do it with because all of my friends are straight.

But later that day i got a phone call from my neighbor a couple doors down. They asked me if I would mind baby sitting their two little boys while they stayed out check out the tight green jeans i just scored joi the weekend, they offered 500$ and the key.

So of course i took the job and went to their house and they gave me half of the money and the key at the door and they said the rest is when they come back.

So i watched them pull out of the driveway and i locked the door. Both the kids were still asleep, the parents told me they have no idea what they were doing last night to sleep in the day this long. I walked in the room and saw Corey, who was 11, and Johnny, who was 12, in the same bed under the covers together. I Johnny woke up and saw me and seemed shocked and asked me to turn around as he got out of bed.

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i did what he said but looked through the closet mirror and saw him get out from under the covers and he was completely nude. He had a small 3 inch dick and it got kindof hard seeing him get out like that because now I know what they were doing last night together, but i kept quiet. He said it was okay to turn around and he was in his tighty whities. His penis made a small bulge in the underwear and I started to get even harder, not being able to take my eyes off of it untill Corey woke up.

He didnt even bother to tell me to turn around and he got out of bed fully naked and walked towards the bathroom. I smiled and Johnny looked so embarresed and he tried to play off that he didnt know he was naked by giving me a weird face and i just smirked while covering my raging hard-on. Johnny left the room and gave me the idea to peek in the bathroom to see what Corey was up to.

i saw him taking a piss and then he got dressed. Luckely he didnt see me. Finnaly I told them i was babysitting them for the weekend and they didnt seem to mind. I didnt take a shower that mornig from all this happening so I decided to go and take one in their bathroom. I let them know and i undressed while walking and finally got into the shower and let the water hit down on my. my mouth still tasted of cum form last night so i let the water in my mouth and swished it around and while doing that i caught Johnny peeking at me through the door but i didnt let him know i saw him.

i just kept showering and sarted to rub my cock. I rubbed it untill it was semi hard and i heard Johnny and Corey whispering through the door. When the talking got louder they fell on the door, breaking in on me while in the shower. They thought i was going to kill them but i just asked them if milf schoolgirl spanked and dicked before eating spunk liked what they saw. Jonny looked up and nodded and asked him if he wanted to join me in the shower with his brother.

they were kindof reluctant at first but they finally undressed and got in with me but Johnny kept those tighty whities on. As we were all in there i told them i saw that they were peeking at me and told them if they didnt want me to tell their parents they'll have to do something for me.

they thought like work or cleaning and they said no but then i mentioned them in the same bed together naked. Johnny went, "okay okay what do you want us to clean?" i walked toward them and pointed at my cock. they both just looked at it and Corey said "wow thats big!" and compared to theres it was but mine was only 7 inches. Johnny started to touch it busty milf sara jay fucked foursome interracial just kindof play with it then he started to grasp it and rub up and down, go it felt good!

As he was jerking my dick i saw Corey just starring and i reached down and started to play with his tiny cock. when Johnny jerked me to full size he told said, "Corey play wiht my penis while I jerk him off." i said no and i got down on my knees and started to suck Jonnys soft dick and let it grow in my mouth. I licked all over his hard prick and worked on his balls well too. I took my mouth off his cock and went on to Corey and took the whole thing in.

their young cocks felt so good in my mouth and i started to jerk Johnny off as i sucked his brother.

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Johnny whimpered, "im gonna cum!" and i took my mouth off Corey and started to suck Johnnys cock hard and let his small load ooz on my tounge and gladly swallowed it. i went back to Corey and sucked the head of his cock while jerking him in my mouth and finally he let out and ammazing load surprising me as it squrited on the back of my throat, it turned me on so much that i swallowed it and got on my knees. I told them to fuck my ass hard.

Johnny got up on me and just shoved his dick right in, ramming my ass hard, he started to grunt with every stroke and he let out a spew of cum in my ass, then i felt his tounge eating them cum out of my ass! i was in heaven. i saw Corey just looking and i told him to bend over and I let Jonny Fuck his ass as Corey Sucked my cock.

I started to fuck his mouth and about 10 minutes later i let out a huge load in his mouth and i told him to swallow it. a little got out but i whiped it off with my dick and fed it to him. then Jonny said he was gonna cum but i told him to pull out and as he did i jerked him off and let him cum all over my face. we got out and they went to watch tv as i went and jerked off again in the bathroom.